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  1. Shinjo Kurosawa  9:04 PM
  2. ==============================================================
  3. So what had Shinjo Kurosawa been up to today? After shooing away the Yoritomo but thanking him profusely for not letting him die in his sleep, he had to prepare for the day. A bath, hot tea, and now he wasn't a complete trainwreck. He had a wicked hangover that was splitting his skull though. But he had a duty today; coincidentally, it was to teach a tenet of bushido to the kids while Kairi went out for something. So here he was now, seated on the floor in a room surrounded by wide eyed children who were staring at his strange hair and dress. He resisted the urge to channel his sensei and put the fear of the Dark Moto into them, and instead began.
  5. "Jin. Compassion. Through intense training, a samurai becomes quick and strong. He is not as other men. He develops a power that must be used for the good of all. He has compassion. He helps his fellow men at every opportunity. If an opportunity does not arise, he goes out of his way to find one." He nodded. "A great example of compassion, is Asahina-sensei. She is an incredibly compassionate woman. She takes care of you children, tends to the wounded soldiers, and heals the sick. She does not have to do these things, and yet she does so selflessly, without a single complaint." He folded his arms across his chest. "She will teach you many things, but of them all, her honorable upholding of Bushido should be one of the most important lessons and examples to take away. Remember them well." He covered his eyes while the kids nodded, somehow not exploding into chaos due to his excellent animal handling skills.
  7. "Now practice writing Jin in your best calligraphy. And do not make too much noise; a samurai is silent unless it is necessary." He sat back and poured himself more green tea, drinking from it to try and send his hangover away, because holy shit this hangover was going to kill him.
  8. ((TN15, animal handling 31 w/ void))
  9. Tsuruchi Yashiro  9:19 PM
  10. Yashiro leans against the doorframe. "Shinjo-san, I hope you're well." He turns to the students, "And once you're done also write out Mercy, an important tenant of the Wasp Code."
  11. Horiuchi Temujin  9:23 PM
  12. Temujin sits across from Kurosawa, with the children. He looks very intently at Kuro's calligraphy before adding to what Yashiro said.
  13. "Also Vengeance. Thats a good one."
  14. Shinjo Kurosawa  9:26 PM
  15. Kurosawa's blood was thick with tea, and yet it wasn't enough. He turned away so the kids wouldn't see the sorry state of their substitute teacher, took a deep breath, and hopped to his feet, bowing to the Wasp in the doorway instead of blasting it with raid like normal people did when discovering a wasp indoors. A nod towards the kids- god damn it Temujin. "Continue your writing practice children. Horiuchi-sama and Yashiro-sama all have very... important business to tend to. Jin until we return and then we can discuss Mercy and Chudo." He would walk towards the doorway, hoping the other two would come with him to the hallway and not impress anything unfortunate into the young minds he was taking care of at the moment.
  16. Tsuruchi Yashiro  9:28 PM
  17. "Remember, Mercy!" Yashiro says as he heads after Kurosawa.
  18. Horiuchi Temujin  9:38 PM
  19. Temujin grins mischeviously at the children as he rises, a pine among saplings. He steps carefully around them as he leaves to follow Yashiro and Kurosawa.
  20. Shinjo Kurosawa  9:43 PM
  21. Now in the hallway, he shut the shogi door and whirled on his two visitors. "Yashiro-san. Cousin. What can I do for you today? Please nothing involving loud noises. Or bright lights." He rubbed the side of his forehead but refrained from wincing.
  22. Tsuruchi Yashiro  9:47 PM
  23. Yashiro pulled out a few scraps of bark and passed them to Kurosawa. "Chew on these. It will help your head. I wanted to check up on you after last night."
  24. Horiuchi Temujin  9:47 PM
  25. "What has gotten into you? Too much celebration last night cousin? I'm simply here to check up on you."
  26. "Well, and to speak with you on that other matter. You know the one."
  27. Temujin pats the handle of a shiny new Scimitar he is wearing, across from his Daisho.
  28. Shinjo Kurosawa  9:53 PM
  29. Bark. He wondered if Yashiro had scored these off of the beautiful trees in the garden or something. If it was an elaborate poison plot so be it, but he knew bark did help with such pains. "I got to my bed safely. The Yoritomo explained that it was your idea. I am grateful I did not end up in a tree or alley somewhere, so I must thank you for that." To Temujin he replied: "A celebration gone awry. I drank more than you did in the poetry contest at a bar last night, but I do not hold my sake nearly as well as you." At the sight of the scimitar he froze for a moment, eyes widening. He had brought that into a kids dojo? "What is the matter, again, exactly?" He didn't get to touch the sword so he had no idea what it actually was, but the memory of that mission was not the most pleasant anyways.
  30. Horiuchi Temujin  9:58 PM
  31. Temujin eyed Yashiro for a moment. "I'm still not getting the restful slumber I used to be accustomed to. I need my beauty sleep. I wanted to ask you who your contacts were among the Shugenja and Monks."
  32. Shinjo Kurosawa  10:03 PM
  33. Now he was puzzled. "I have slept wonderfully since... last week. Asahina Kairi-sama, my cousin, is my main contact when it comes to questions of... sleep. Another is Agasha Aiko-san. She is a powerful shugenja who can see... good sleep." Those two were pretty good, he'd witnessed both in action. One as a healer, one in combat though, but he would vouch for their skills. "Have you not been sleeping well? I thought we had resolved the issue of... sleep." He would pop the bark into his mouth now and chew it thoughtfully.
  34. ((Both of you roll TN15 animal handling to see wtf the kids are writing when kuro returns btw))
  35. Tsuruchi Yashiro  10:11 PM
  36. Yashiro got the odd feeling he wasn't exactly welcome here. But that's why he wanted to hang out.
  37. Horiuchi Temujin  10:17 PM
  38. "I wouldn't quite call them nightmares. In fact I find them rather nice. But the dreams are reoccurring, and sometimes I slip into daydreams."
  39. He lets a silence linger for a few moments.
  40. "Asahina-sama, neh? I'll have to have a talk with her. Get some remedy."
  41. He turns to Yashiro.
  42. "Do you know any historians? For the castle and surrounding lands?"
  43. Tsuruchi Yashiro  10:23 PM
  44. Yashiro thinks a moment, "I had a tutor, Asako Norinaga, he was well rounded. But he left many years ago. I have some old scrolls of his. Is there something you're looking for specifically? Some tsuruchi courtiers could probably help, but it may  be more trouble than it's worth if I have something you need."
  45. Shinjo Kurosawa  10:24 PM
  46. Kurosawa chews that bark, nasty as it is. As someone once said, they would strip naked in the moonlight to get rid of their headache. Kurosawa would not do that, but some nasty ass tree he would chew to try to alleviate it.
  47. Horiuchi Temujin  10:25 PM
  48. "Uhhhh..."
  49. You can almost see the gears turning inside Temujin's head, as he formulates exactly what it is he wants to search for, at only this moment.
  50. "Big...Unicorn...Bushi? Famous Unicorn Bushi from around here? Famous Unicorn Bushi who died around here? Or maybe just famous battles from around here that involved Unicorn forces?"
  51. "Reports of missing Unicorn?"
  52. Tsuruchi Yashiro  10:27 PM
  53. Yashiro thoughta moment. (highs or lows)
  54. Horiuchi Temujin  10:27 PM
  55. (Dizzying Highs)
  56. Tsuruchi Yashiro  10:34 PM
  57. "Actually I may have something just for you. I remember reading a scroll on battles. I'll see if I can find it for you and send it over. I hope it will be helpful. " (don't know if you want it to be actually helpful. But Yashiro will send it over soon)
  58. Horiuchi Temujin  10:40 PM
  59. Temujin gives a polite nod to Yashiro.
  60. "Thank you. I'll try to return it as soon as I can."
  61. Shinjo Kurosawa  10:41 PM
  62. Kuro's mouth is so, so full of bark. There was no longer any bite as he internally struggled with the wad of undigestible material.
  63. Horiuchi Temujin  10:42 PM
  64. "...I believe you can remove the bark now, Cousin."
  65. Shinjo Kurosawa  10:43 PM
  66. Kurosawa swallows like a good girl samurai instead of spitting it out or pulling it out. That would be unsightly. He chokes down the hard lump, thumping his chest as it goes down.
  67. Tsuruchi Yashiro  10:43 PM
  68. Yashiro stares in open shock as Kurosawa swallow the bark clump.
  69. blink blink
  70. Horiuchi Temujin  10:45 PM
  71. Temujin simply looks at Kurosawa in confusion.
  72. "...but why?"
  73. Shinjo Kurosawa  10:46 PM
  74. God it hurt. His eyes watered and he kept pounding at his chest. At least he didn't choke. "...Do you guys not swallow it?" He stared back, just as confused.
  75. Tsuruchi Yashiro  10:47 PM
  76. "No! You just chew it! It takes sometime to work."
  77. Horiuchi Temujin  10:48 PM
  78. "I'd recommend not digesting all of that, Cousin. The ramifications could be...dire."
  79. Shinjo Kurosawa  10:49 PM
  80. "I've never had issues. It's not as if I do it regularly." Well now something was gonna be regular after this.
  81. Tsuruchi Yashiro  10:50 PM
  82. "I knew a man once. Ate too much. Tore his stomach up from the inside. Blood everywhere."
  83. "I am sure once Asahina-San returns she will be able to take a look at you."
  84. Horiuchi Temujin  10:52 PM
  85. "I had to eat bark to survive once. They had to strap me to my horse for days."
  86. Shinjo Kurosawa  10:53 PM
  87. He scowled and waved his hand. "Nothing of the sort will happen to me. I have survived eating way worse during my training."
  88. Tsuruchi Yashiro  10:54 PM
  89. Yashiro shook his head. "I thought I had weird training. At least there was no eating contest for weird dishes."
  90. Shinjo Kurosawa  10:56 PM
  91. Neither of y'all would survive with Dale Gribble-sensei. "It's not strange. We learned how to survive eating whatever was available in any environment."
  92. Tsuruchi Yashiro  10:57 PM
  93. "Rocks are always available, I would not eat them"
  95. Horiuchi Temujin  10:57 PM
  96. "Cousin, please, they already look at us Unicorn as oddities."
  97. Shinjo Kurosawa  11:00 PM
  98. Pfft. "Rocks have no nutritional value, eaten. Some have salt and you would lick it for flavor to fend off starvation, but only if you have a supply of water around."
  99. Tsuruchi Yashiro  11:03 PM
  100. Blank stare he was trying to be accepting and learning from this but he wasn't sure how to gain wisdom from licking rocks.
  101. Horiuchi Temujin  11:05 PM
  102. Temujin fully turns away from Kurosawa as he addresses Yashiro.
  103. "Should we check on the children's hard work, Tsuruchi-san?"
  104. Tsuruchi Yashiro  11:06 PM
  105. "Yes!" He says too quickly.
  106. Shinjo Kurosawa  11:06 PM
  107. The youngest Unicorn is the True Survivor, regardless of what polite company thinks.
  108. The children are hard at work; some indeed had been working on writing out the calligraphy for Jin as instructed, but now some also wrote Mercy. And still others wrote Vengeance on their papers. The kid's skills varied from okay to terrible though.
  109. Tsuruchi Yashiro  11:14 PM
  110. "A good lesson. Asahina-San will be proud ."
  111. Horiuchi Temujin  11:24 PM
  112. "Indeed. Fine work, children. Hold these lessons close to your heart."
  113. "Now then, I should be off. It was a pleasure, Tsuruchi-san. Cousin."
  114. He gives a polite bow to them both.
  115. (Got to go to bed, gnight)
  116. Shinjo Kurosawa  11:27 PM
  117. The Shinjo bows; it was nice to hear that the kids were really taking his lesson to heart and that Temujin and Yashiro approved. Maybe he should become a teacher as well. "Goodnight cousin."
  118. And then he peeked into the classroom, covering his face after he realized what the kids were writing.
  119. Tsuruchi Yashiro  11:31 PM
  120. Yashiro smiled at Kurosawa's distress, "They'll be fine."
  121. Shinjo Kurosawa  11:33 PM
  122. He stared into the classroom and waved at a small samurai child who waved back. "I have to undo at least the vengeance portions before Kairi-san returns and finds out." He said through smiling teeth.
  123. Tsuruchi Yashiro  11:34 PM
  124. "Oh I am certain you can manage that. I wonder where she is. I was rather hoping to see her."
  125. Shinjo Kurosawa  11:36 PM
  126. "She is the last person I want to see right now." He whirled on the Wasp. "What's the Wasp Code tenet that cancels out Vengeance?"
  127. Tsuruchi Yashiro  11:43 PM
  128. " Mercy: There is no sense in killing those that do not deserve it."
  129. Shinjo Kurosawa  11:45 PM
  130. Well that made sense. "Go enlighten the children about Mercy. Properly."
  131. Tsuruchi Yashiro  11:47 PM
  132. Yashiro nods, "Perhaps you should go take a rest while I educate them. I'm sure I can handle a few children."
  133. (29 on his lesson as he begins to teach the children the importance of Mercy.)
  134. Shinjo Kurosawa  11:49 PM
  135. The Shinjo returns to the classroom and takes a seat in the back, letting Yashiro having center stage. The man was surprisingly good with kids. A thought clicked into his head- but then he remembered that Yashiro was already spoken for. But... "How is your vision, Yashiro-san?" He would ask during a break in the man's lesson.
  136. Tsuruchi Yashiro  11:50 PM
  137. "my vision is pretty good I'd say, good enough to hit what I shoot most of the time, why do you ask?"
  138. Shinjo Kurosawa  11:54 PM
  139. "Just wondering." He leaned back against the wall. "Pretty strong as well?"
  140. Tsuruchi Yashiro  11:55 PM
  141. "Strong enough. The bow needs strength to be a truly effective weapon."
  142. Shinjo Kurosawa  11:58 PM
  143. The white haired man shook his head. A terrible idea surely. "Forgive my intrusions, Yashiro-san. Your lesson was going quite smoothly before I interrupted." Yet he still looked thoughtful.
  144. Tsuruchi Yashiro  11:59 PM
  145. Yashiro's eyes narrow, "You cannot leave it there Shinjo-san."
  146. Shinjo Kurosawa  12:01 AM
  147. "You do not happen to have a twin brother, do you?"
  148. Tsuruchi Yashiro  12:03 AM
  149. "No, I think I would have noticed. And likely someone else would have as well. Which seems to defeat the whole purpose of a twin. Half the work, twice the chaos."
  150. Shinjo Kurosawa  12:03 AM
  151. A sigh. So close. "Then it is of no concern."
  152. Tsuruchi Yashiro  12:06 AM
  153. "Well if there comes a time when I can be of help let me know." He offers helpfully. Then after a moment. "Speaking of helpful, how would you like to hunt some bear. Seem to be bothering local peasants where I am hoping to set up a farm and bees.
  154. Shinjo Kurosawa  12:10 AM
  155. He raised an eyebrow at that. Well finding Kairi a man who was like Yashiro but not Yashiro was out, but now the prospect of a hunt was brought up. The children were hanging onto their every word. "If we are hunting bear I will warn you; it tastes awful, unless they eat mostly honey. But if I may bring Shiro then I would gladly join your expedition, Yashiro-san. You can finally witness my bow skills in action; perhaps I will land more arrows on the bear." Kids loved it when teachers went off tangent, right?
  156. Tsuruchi Yashiro  12:13 AM
  157. Yashiro nods, "Good, and Shiro-Sama is most welcome to join us." his use of the honorific for the horse causes the children to giggle quietly and he winks slyly at Kurosawa. He turns a mock severe eye back to them, "Now then let see if I shall have mercy on you!"
  158. Shinjo Kurosawa  12:18 AM
  159. The kids freeze like deer in headlights, while Kuro observes wondering what Yashiro had in store exactly.
  160. Tsuruchi Yashiro  12:21 AM
  161. "Of course, I will. It is the right thing. As the code says, a samurai must do what he thinks is right even if it goes against the code, but he must also be prepared to face 'Judgement' for his actions." He indicates that they should write Judgement down as well. "Meditate on that."
  162. Shinjo Kurosawa  12:30 AM
  163. "Yes, yes, children; the lessons of today are Compassion and Mercy, and that Vengeance is bad." mkay "Please carry these lessons into your heart and mind when you return home today. Meditate on them as well." He hoped to Kami that they did not repeat everything they heard today. "Any final words for the children, Yashiro-san?" He'd let the Wasp dismiss the kids, since they seemed to be hanging onto his every word.
  164. Tsuruchi Yashiro  12:34 AM
  165. "If it is not right do not do it, if it is not true do not say it. Now class, dismissed, go out into the world and make it better as only you can" he gives them a little military-esque salute and sends them on their way. "Well that was enjoyable. I should probably get going myself too. I hope you feel better soon Shinjo-san, hangovers are nasty things"
  166. Shinjo Kurosawa  12:41 AM
  167. The Shinjo was exhausted. This was just one day of teaching. And not even a full day. Granted most days he was not hungover as FUCK but this was not his field. He gently corraled the kids into a nice orderly fashion and had them stream out the door very respectfully, each bowing to the Wasp as they left. "I'm going to return to my quarters and sleep the rest of the day." He held a hand to his forehead as he spoke wearily. At least most of the hangover was gone now. "Take care of yourself Yashiro-san. Tell the bees hello for me, I have not had much opportunity to see them lately." He would bow to the Wasp before making his own exit, to find his bed and sleep.
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