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Oct 12th, 2016
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  1. Hi, I listen to your show regularly, it's how I stay current on a broad variety of technologies without needing to intimately follow each one (even if I had the time).
  3. I wanted to relay my recent experience with a minimal DigitalOcean droplet ($5/month, 1 CPU, 512MB ram). I posted about it on my blog.
  5. Was I expecting too much from a minimal droplet? Does it look like there might be problem in the droplet infrastructure? I wanted to offload basic management to DigitalOcean, but not if it means I have to rebuild a new server and migrate everything every year or so if I follow -RELEASE.
  7. On a separate note, the (new) server is behind a Hitron internet over cable adapter. The internal NAT/router gets one IP address and serves my local LAN (wired and WiFi), and I'm passing a second IP address through the Hitron to the FreeBSD server. It seemed initially that at least as often as every 12 hours I wasn't able to connect (ssh or http) from my laptop on the LAN to the FreeBSD server. Rebooting a bunch of stuff restored operation, but I'm not sure what fixed things. I had been running ipfw in basic workstation mode (specifying ssh and http only), but have switched it to "open" for the time being. Anyway, the system is stable now but there still seems to be periodic weirdness. Just now Safari on my iPad at the local coffee shop reported "server stopped responding", but then Chrome loaded. WTF?!?! Fwiw, I also added No-IP's DDNS client, and wondered if I'm benefitting from a side effect of the updating that's now happening (if it does update even though the IP hasn't changed). Anyway, I was just curious if you've ever heard of any issues related to router/NAT cable adapters that might sound familiar.
  9. Keep up the great work!
  11. Regards,
  12. Dale
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