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  1. [21:43] Michael Blue: Sup
  2. [21:44] Nicole Fletcher: Hey big Blue.
  3. [21:45] Michael Blue: Hows it going?
  4. [21:46] Nicole Fletcher: Same old shit, you know.
  5. [21:46] Nicole Fletcher: Horny, desperate.
  6. [21:47] Michael Blue walks in, pulling his shirt off over his head before hitting her couch.
  7. [21:47] Michael Blue: Your lucky day then I suppose, I haven't had much luck all week.
  8. [21:48] Nicole Fletcher juts her lower lip out, all mock-sadness and sympathy as she leans across the sofa and starts pulling at his buttons. "Naw? Are you kidding? Thought you had a harem of cuties bangin' at your door at all hours."
  9. [21:49] Michael Blue: Everybody's got a life I guess.
  10. [21:49] Michael Blue snorts
  11. [21:49] Michael Blue: Except you.
  12. [22:05] Nicole Fletcher: Yep.
  13. [22:05] Nicole Fletcher: I'm always available.
  14. [22:09] Michael Blue: Yeah yeah, you're a skank and you know it. How about you get to doing what you know best.
  15. [22:10] Nicole Fletcher unzips Michael's jeans with a sudden jerk, then fishes his dick free with her other hand. "What's that, blowing you off, or being a drain on social support?"
  16. [22:11] Michael Blue: Yes
  18. [22:19] Nicole Fletcher shrugs her shoulders, patting his dick's fleshy tip against her lower lip a few times to get the blood running. "Man of many words." she murmurs, sealing lips around the glans to taste his skin and cave her cheeks in. "Ommmph-" She sinks down a few inches, and on retreat leaves a hot film of spit.
  20. [22:22] Michael Blue takes a look around, stretching his arms over the back the couch as he watches her work. He grunts when she sucks her cheeks in, his cock showing it's first signs of life as her lips drag over his skin. "When's the last time you fucked someone? I might be down after this." He pushes his hips up, forcing her to take a bit more and using the opportunity to shove his jeans and boxers down.
  22. [22:27] Nicole Fletcher pulls at the turgid rope of his dick in her fist, a gentle pump from wet bellend to veined base, each stroke lubricated by runoff from her messy eating. There's a look of thought in her eyes as she sucks away, lips popping briefly to answer. "Monday-" before she's right back on it, swirling her tonguetip under the ridge of darker meat.
  24. [22:30] Michael Blue pumps his hips back and forth against her hand. "Yeah ok." Moving a hand down to the back of her head before pulling it away with a sigh, wiping the grease off on the couch cushion. "Maybe after you shower and I raid your fridge." His cock soon rock hard, her fist pumping out a trickle of hot, runny precum.
  26. [22:32] Nicole Fletcher slurps the prefuck down with glee, a soft hum of appreciation leaving her nose as the salty, slimy liquid touches her tastebuds. Lips pop and reseal as she scoops some more of his dick into her mouth, grinding the blunt head into the warm pit of her throat with an encouraging gag. "Gllurk-glk- Mmph!" Her hand's a mess now, spit foaming between her fingers as she gets him drenched.
  28. [22:38] Michael Blue sighs, going for her hair after all, taking a big handful and helping her get at those last couple inches, grinning as the gagging sound intensifies, filling the air. "There you go..." Slowly working to pull his shoes off using only his feet before hooking his toes in to the front of her sweats, tugging it downwards until his foot can slip between her legs. "Fuck you're messy, you're gonna clean me up after this right?" One socked toe rubbing against her cunt. (panties or nah?)
  30. [22:42] Nicole Fletcher squeezes her eyes shut as the pressure builds and her throat's tight ring yields with an organic slurp. "Glrk-" Her hair's not the best, but it's not greasy like the bottom of a Happy Meal bag, just obviously unwashed and a little tangled. She nods as best she can with his ramrod holding her throat straight; she'd lap every last drop of precummy foam and slime from his junk if he told her to. She'd even lick his feet clean, as he finds out just how hot n' wet blowing jerks off gets her. ( Naw. Not for lazing around her pad. Commando top and bottom. )
  32. [22:50] Michael Blue grins, feeling her pussy begin to soak through his sock at the same time she yields to his entire length. "Thinking about this piece of fuck meat all up in your cunt already aren't you?" He works his socks off as well before wiggling his big toe against her slick lips, the thick digit pushing her folds aside as he runs it back and forth. "So who'd you fuck on Monday?"
  34. [22:52] Nicole Fletchere gets a few shivers of disgust roll up her spine as she feels the hard cap of his toenail fidget against her clit, hips pulling back a fraction to dislodge it. "Mmngh-" But after a few moments she nods in agreement, heaving her head up and down whilst keeping the round head of his cock shrouded in the heat of her throat. "Gllrp-glk-ggnngh-" wet, nasal noises rise up from her mouth, lips now partially peeled back with the effort.
  36. [23:02] Michael Blue laughs when she pulls away from his toe, his hips thrusting up to meet her mouth eagerly. Between the noise and the slop she has him on the edge in record time, the top of his glans dragging deliciously against her hot, wet throat. "Fuck. Yup. fuckrightthere"He lurches forward, grabbing her head in both hands as he buries himself as far as he can go, just in time for that familiar shudder to run through his body. With a loud, satisfied sigh he begins to throb in her mouth, the first hot, slimy burst splashing against her throat before sliding down like so much phlegm.
  38. [23:49] Nicole Fletcher lets her soaked fingers uncoil and lift away with webs of liquid hanging from them, lips awkwardly sealed around the distended, pulsing breadth of his dick. She swallows like  good girl, gulping each hot shot into her tummy with no real choice in things, save for whether or not she should sniff the mucus and backwash oozing from her nostrils - she chooses not to, of course. Other hand dutifully cups his taut ballsack, caressing slowly as he drains the top layer off in her belly. "Gllrp-glp-glp!"
  40. [23:57] Michael Blue waits until he is completely finished as Nicole massages his sack. Pulling her off of his cock with a wet slurpy sound he stands up, the mess that had collected at the base of his cock now succumbing to gravity once again, cum and drool running down his soft shaft and stringing down towards the floor. "Guess that's a start." He shuffles forward until his shaft is resting against her forehead, messy balls straddling her nose. "Hey, you never said who you fucked on Monday." He spreads his legs a little wider, waiting for a cleanup.
  42. [00:00] Nicole Fletcher unglues the inside of her mouth, showing beams of creamy white studspunk stretching between palate and tongue, before deftly swallowing the lot. "Glp!" She clucks her tongue, licks her lips and starts to caress the underbarrel of Michael's dick to clean the spit away. "My boyfriend." she murmurs, taking care to mop her mess up, as promised. She even scoops stuff up in her palms and drinks the foam down in noisy slurps. "He wash in towhn, sho he hidt me uhp."
  44. [00:06] Michael Blue nods, watching as she tongue-washes his fat cannon of a cock as she casually mentions her boyfriend, grinning as she slurps down the mess from her hands. "Makes sense." He swings his leg over her when he feels she's done, casually making his way to her kitchen, cock and balls dangling between his legs at half mast. "You got anything to eat? Could use a little sugar before I beat that pussy up." He helps himself to the last can of Mountain Dew in the fridge, standing up with a blech and cracking it.
  46. [00:09] Nicole Fletcher shakes her head as she sits back on the floor and touches her cunt absent mindedly. It leaves hot threads hanging from her fingers, and she's momentarily surprised just how messy she'd got from that. "Not real people food. There's some grated cheese in the fridge door, and some crackers in the cupboard. I need ta' shop." she admits, glancing over at the pile of laundry on her bed. "Where d'ya wanna fuck?"
  48. [00:14] Michael Blue shrugs, finding the crackers and grabbing a few before pointing towards her bed. "Bedroofm." He swallows the dry crackers and chases it with some soda. "You can think about what a lazy slut you are while you get fucked into that pile of laundry." He sees her toying with her messy slit and grins, his cock beginning to drool again. "Donck have anmfy confoms soo..." He shoves another cracker into his mouth and heads for the bedroom.
  50. [00:21] Nicole Fletcher defends herself with a little whine in her voice. "Heey! I'm trying really hard, okay? That shit's all clean, I just haven't put it away yet." That is ignoring entirely the unwashed, scattered stuff that takes up the rest of the apartment's floor space, however. Nicci stands, sloping over to the bedside drawer to search through its contents. "I got a couple. You want?"
  52. [00:28] Michael Blue rolls his eyes "I don't care" and curves his hand at her, "yeah, gimmi" catching the condom she tosses over. A couple of quick strokes has him back at attention and rolling the condom down his turgid length, pinching out the air bubble that ballooned at the tip and eying her pile of laundry. "You wanna look at me while I drill you or what?" He steps up, reaching one hand out to pinch one of her nipples and pull it towards him.
  54. [00:33] Nicole Fletcher nods in agreement. "I like the look you give me. It makes me feel like trash." she back-peddles towards the bed, even if it means pulling Michael along by her stretched nip, turning it cherry red by the time it's free of his fingers. She wipes her face 'clean' with the back of her forearm, and shuffles back onto the duvet, pushing herself into the centre of the remaining open space with her heels. "I could really go for some choking and slapping too." she murmurs, looking the slab of muscle approaching over.
  56. [00:43] Michael Blue crawls on to the bed with her, kneeling between her legs and shoving her ankles to either side. "It's because you are trash." He slaps her clit with his cock, nodding at her requests. "Yeah, whatever, just don't pass out on me like last time." He grabs a shirt from the pile and wraps it around her neck, making a simple noose that he could tighten by pulling on both ends, giving it an experimental tug to see her breath catch at the sudden pressure before letting it relax. "Last thing I want is to wait around waiting for your bitch ass to wake back up." The head of his cock slips between her slick lips, popping his oversized glans through her greedy hole with a hard shove.
  58. [00:48] Nicole Fletcher scoffs as he lines himself up and rigs a loop up around her neck. She pulls at it softly to unravel the cotton killer and put it to one side. "Better not then, cause I've been smoking and I'm gonna go out like a light. Jus' smack me around a bit instead?" Her requests were usually pretty simple, and shit Michael was wont to do anyway. That creamy, hot slot's almost palpably wet through the thin layer of latex sheathing, a hot squelch sounding as he lodges himself inside. "Ugh! Mh. Always forget how fuckin' thick you are." She pants, despite having levered her jaw around it minutes earlier.
  60. [00:58] Michael Blue backhands her hard at her outburst and shakes his head "Fucking pothead, I was just down your throat and you're suprised?" He pushes in a couple of inches before pulling back out and thrusting back in experimentally, slowly wetting his cock with each repeated cycle, fighting her tight little pocket until his balls were up against her ass. Grabbing one leg and pulling it up against his shoulder, Michael pulls all the way out before hammering himself back in with one stroke and a growl. Another slap, this one open-handed, landing heavy against her cheek before he gripped her chin in his hand and pushed a thumb into her mouth, working his way up to a quick pace, feeding her half strokes that had the air filled with the smacking sounds of balls on ass.
  62. [01:02] Nicole Fletcher 's head spins internally at the first smack, chin jutting out and eyes rolling back as the dizzying sensation's compounded by the sensation of her cunt getting torn open in deep, digging thrusts. "Ugh! Unnh! Nnh-nngh!" She presses her tongue against the barrier of clenched teeth, only expanding those guttural sounds once he worms his thumb inside. "Unngh-lnngh-ugh! Guuh!" No real words for Nicole at this stage, just dumb, spinning bliss as she's filled and fucked.
  64. [01:12] Michael Blue picks up pace, eventually letting her leg go in favor of having both hands free, raining heavy opened handed smacks down on her tits and cheeks. "I dunno why I keep coming back, literally throwing another load in the trash every time I throw you another pity fuck." He looks at her, lips turning up into a sneer. "Don't fucking answer that." He slaps her again the second he sees her open her mouth to speak."Just say thank you." He speeds up, barely noticing when her little snatch manages to suck the condom off his dick, the smell of sweat and pussy hitting his nostrils hard, his eyes glazed with lust, mindlessly pounding her out.
  66. [01:19] Nicole Fletcher goes to protest - he didn't have to visit her, nor did he have to wear a rubber if he wanted a more genuine experience with her for a change. It certainly didn't seem as though she was harbouring any sort of sexual-nasty if she banged her boyfriend on the regular. The hits make her cheeks turn red, and soon enough patches of purple blossom where his knuckles meet her cheekbones. Her lips are swollen, eyes watering -- pussy watering too, oozing a slick layer of cervical mess that snaps in hot ribbons from her gooch to his nutsack. "Nngh! Omph-Mmh! Ugh! Nnh!"
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