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  1. /Healing\
  2. Username: @minty-moon
  3. Password: ullzangs
  5. /Boom Boom\
  6. Full name: Shin Mina
  7. Age: 19
  8. Birthday: 21 October 1998
  9. Height: 170cm
  10. Weight: 50kg
  11. Blood type: O+
  13. /Swimming fool\
  14. Slot: Kitkat
  15. Backup:wine gummies
  16. Personality: She is a nice and fun coworker who likes to be neat. She likes jokes and therefore is a funny person. She is kind of outgoing, but likes to lounge at home too. She is a person that is good at giving advice and doesn't judge people, so many come to her for any kind of advice. She is smart and knows what to do in each situation. She may seem relaxed and laid back, but gets competitive when needed. She wants to keep this store one of the best in the area.
  17. Background: She was born and Raised in a foreign country and therefore can speak many languages. Growing up in the Netherlands, a land with a lot of cultures, made here an accepting and non judging person. She can Speak French, German, Japanese and Chinese a little and is fluent in Korean, English and Dutch. She always had a lot of friends and had a good childhood with no major bad things happening.
  18. Family: mom: 50, very close. She tells her mom a lot
  19. Dad: 49, close. She tells him a lot of storues, but not everything that happens
  20. Brother: 15, not close. She is his sister and that is all. They are too different
  21. Sister: 22. Kinda close. They are getting closer overtime. They don't tell each other everything, but they do talk a lot
  22. Likes: -learning languages
  23. -taking walks
  24. -the beach
  25. -photography
  26. -eating
  27. -going to the gym
  28. -getring soaked by the rain
  29. Dislikes: -cold weather
  30. -wet socks
  31. -bugs and insects
  32. -people who don't trust her
  33. -meatballs
  34. -small spaces
  35. Hobbies: -working out
  36. -taking pictures
  37. -drawing
  38. -cycling/walking
  39. -shopping
  40. -her work is sort of her hobby
  41. Habits: - she twists her hair when she is nervous
  42. -bites nails
  43. -wears a lot of black
  44. -likes to dye her hair
  46. /Highlight\
  47. Love interest: Xu Minghao
  48. Backup: choi Seungcheol
  49. His personality: He is a bit of an odd person. He has a weird sense of humor which Mina kind of likes. He is a bit weirs, seeing as he being a janitor, cleaning up being his job, he leaves his own trash behind. Mina likes that about him though. He can be a very sweet and caring person, but should learn a bit what romance is and how it works. He is cheesy.
  50. His first impression: Beautiful. Wanna take the trash out with her (see? Weird humor). She looks like I want to get to know her.
  51. Your first impression: A bit messy for a janitor huh? What even is his humor called? I like him. He is odd, i like that.
  52. Crush scenarios: -(fight me) A scene in the janitors closet.
  53. -them drinking after work
  54. - them taking a walk in  the park
  56. /Still lonely\
  57. Group scenarios: -Having a Employee party
  58. -playing truth or dare and spin the bottle with the whole group
  59. Why you want to be in this fic: It seemed like a fun fic and there are not much seventeen centred apply fics here.
  60. Something she always says: AUCH! When she walks into something, drops something or bumps someting into a wall or door.
  61. Jesus. When she had a annoying customer or is frustrsted (like her sentences begin with that)
  62. Note to me: She swears a little. Is that okay? Also I feel like this fic is gonna be good! KEEP IT UP GURL
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