Royal Stud

Apr 10th, 2020
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  1. >All mares are horny buggers, but none take the cake like Cadence
  2. >The alicorn's libido is beyond legend
  3. >She's not only a goddess of love, but of sex and lust
  4. >She might as well be in constant heat times ten
  5. >Her lovely wife, Gleaming, does her best to help
  6. >The unicorn is one of the fittest and most striking creatures in Equestria, but even she needs to rest
  7. >Both mares had tried bringing in stallions to help, even a gryphon or two, but it usually turned out terribly
  8. >Most meant well, but honestly they couldn't keep up
  9. >Many would leave within the week, some almost running out the door
  10. >That was where you came in
  11. >Due to your biological nature and durability--especially after some training--you were the prime candidate in a stud program
  12. >A bit of a pre-tribal term, and sorta crude even to you, but it was a pretty sweet gig
  13. >Hours were kinda long, but it had a pension, and those sweet, sweet benefits, as well as a lot of holidays off
  14. >Kinda like a mailman, but with fucking
  15. >A lot of rights groups got pissy when they found out about the whole thing
  16. >Apparently, this was a super demeaning job that took stallions' right back five hundred years
  17. >But, honestly, you really didn't give a shit
  18. >When not "seen to", Cadence could be pretty miserable, so making sure she was clear-minded and happy was not only gratifying but it was important for the state and government
  19. >The princess couldn't rule to her utmost ability if she was dripping like a facet everywhere she went
  20. >You weren't gonna lie, the first few weeks were rough
  21. >Cadence needed seen to multiple times a day, and throughout the night
  22. >Nothing was helped by the fact that you gave off pheromones which the alicorn seemed particularly susceptible to
  23. >But, with Gleaming's coaching and some zeeb potions, you got used to it
  24. >Even enjoyed it
  25. >Your favorite part of the job was waking up sandwiched between the two in the mornings
  26. >The least favorite was walking into Cadence huffing your underwear
  27. >She did it all the time
  29. ~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~
  31. >Be Gleaming Shield
  32. >Lady-Consort of your lovely wife, and Commander of Equestria's armed forces
  33. >Today was a big day
  34. >Honestly, you were pretty nervous
  35. >Today was Anon's--your hyoo-man chum and fellow HyperSpace HyperWars enthusiast--test
  36. >A couple months ago, he had been let go from his job as a secretary
  37. >Apparently, his boss got a bit too hoofsie and got her muzzle broken for her troubles
  38. >He had come to your local game shop complaining about it
  39. >That job had been hard enough to get, he had said
  40. >You could sorta understand that
  41. >Not many places liked hiring creatures without a cutiemark, especially in the empire
  42. >This was doubly true if they were male
  43. >It was during turn three on your 4k Flam Helms vs Slugoid battle--you kicked his flank by the way--when you brought up studding
  44. >There was a lot of work for a colt in that business, especially amongst the nobility
  45. >It was honest work, good pay
  46. >If you wanted, you could do a lot of traveling too
  47. >That and a whole bunch of screwing
  48. >Sweet Celestia, if the tables were turned and you could go around banging good-looking colts pre-married Gleaming would have done it in a heartbeat
  49. >The issue was that most wanted actual stallions, not a green giant that wore socks in public
  50. >But you had a suggestion for that as well
  51. >The issue was that the job would be... harder than what a normal stud would have to do
  52. >By harder you mean a lot harder
  53. >By that you mean it had a hundred percent turnover rate
  54. >Royal Stud for the Imperial Throne
  55. >Nopony but you could withstand the sexual onslaught that was Cadence
  56. >You were a randy rascal, but she was something else entirely
  57. >Like dead of heat horny pretty much every second of everyday
  58. >You were drowning in so much pink puss your tongue had abs
  59. >You needed help; you weren't too proud to admit it
  60. >You loved Cadence with all of your heart, but you wanted to get more than three hours of sleep at night
  61. >Just once
  62. >Anon was confused and hesitant at the offer
  64. >Bucker called you a cuck
  65. >Thankfully, among your many, many talents was the art of the sell
  66. >You managed to convince him to at least try it out
  67. >It might have taken buying him a box of Alpha Slugs and a Eviscerator to get him totally on board but you did it
  68. >The hyoo-man was pretty fit, but he needed to get certain rutting muscles trained
  69. >He had a scent about him as well
  70. >You remember your lil sis saying something about him producing a lot of pheromones
  71. >Like a lot, a lot
  72. >He had to use special shampoo and soap so he wouldn't make mares' tails flag when he walked outside
  73. >Him forgetting to shower one morning might have been why his old boss acted like she did...
  74. >You had him stop using it
  75. >Maybe that would help him out?
  76. >There was also a diet overhaul
  77. >More fruits, nuts, vitamins, stuff like that
  78. >He took to the training well, and before you knew it you brought the idea to your wife
  79. >She had no issue with it, and scheduled a "test"
  80. >Aka a rut-fest of the highest order
  81. >Cadence liked to put the colts through the ringer
  82. >Better to scare them away before any paperwork was signed
  83. >And she didn't pull any punches either
  84. >The filly went buckwild
  85. >Some cases, stallions ran out of your bedroom screaming
  86. >But you believed in Nonners
  87. >You trained the bucker yourself after all
  88. >...Still, you couldn't help but feel just a teeny bit of doubt
  89. >Cadence was Cadence after all, and your wife was a fuck-machine
  90. >It had been a few hours since you had given Anon a pat on the butt and pushed him into your bedroom
  91. >It was time to check up on the two to see how things went
  92. >The castle hallways were pretty quiet
  93. >A servant or guard would pass buy with a hello
  94. >You'd stop and chat every so often, or tear into one of your guard about their messy uniform
  95. >All of it to delay the inevitable
  96. >But, eventually, you found yourself in the royal wing of the castle
  97. >There were two guards on either side of the door
  99. >They were day shift, so they had been here since you had left Anon
  100. >Both looked bewildered as they stood there, which had you concerned
  101. "Report. How are things going?" you asked
  102. >Both mares saluted
  103. >"They just stopped," one of them said
  104. >...
  105. >Wat?
  106. "Excuse you?"
  107. >"They, um, just stopped, your highness," the other said, looking at the door like it was about to bite her.
  108. >"There have been brief pauses, your highness, but they were on and off until around ten minutes ago," the first guard told you
  109. >You cocked your head to the side, brow furrowing
  110. >It had been hours
  111. >HOURS
  112. >You and Cadence had had marathons, but even during a test she wouldn't make it an all day affair
  113. >There was usually no need...
  114. "Alrighty then... Return to your post, ladies. I'm going in."
  115. >Both mares saluted, stepping away from the door while eyeing it cautiously
  116. >Opening the door, you were immediately hit with a wave of sex
  117. >Musk, sweat, the sweet scent of your wife's cum
  118. >It was so strong it made one of the guard's cough
  119. >Okay...
  120. >Good so far...
  121. >You poked your head into the bedroom
  122. >Your bed was trashed
  123. >There were pillows, sheets, and clothes everywhere
  124. >Lying in the middle of it was Anon and your wife
  125. >The naked human was splayed out, back propped up on some pillows
  126. >Cadence was between his legs, dick draped over her face as she licked his balls
  127. >As closed the bedroom door behind you and made your way toward them, you saw both were covered in frothy sweat
  128. >Cadence's tail was still flagged, allowing you to see thick, white cum slowly oozing from her marehood
  129. >Her wings were giving off little jerks and twitches like they always did after a really good lay
  130. >Anon looked pretty okay, all things considered
  131. >You could see a pile of empty water bottles next to the bed, but he wasn't dead, or in pain, at least from what you could see
  132. >He did look a bit tired, petting your wife as she cleaned his groin
  133. >His dick had foam on it as well
  135. >A thick, cummy mess that your wife was cleaning with a gusto
  136. >Anon looked up as you approached
  137. >Cadence didn't seem to notice, lost in her own little world
  138. >You couldn't blame her
  139. >Anon's scent was already making your tail flag, and his dick was on par with some of the bigger toys you had underneath the bed
  140. >Made sense though; he was twice your size...
  141. "Soooo... how did it go?" you asked
  142. >You looked at Anon, then at Cadence, stopping at the edge of the bed
  143. >Anon just nodded
  144. >Cadence hummed, sucking one of his balls into her mouth
  145. >Anon grunted, his half-hard cock spurting a bit of cum onto her mane, which had your wife wiggling
  146. >It was the I'm-almost-ready-to-fuck-again wiggle
  147. >You leaned forward, eyes narrowed
  148. >Cadence had little hearts in her pupils
  149. >A sign that he passed if you've ever seen one
  150. >You pumped a hoof into the air
  151. "Buck yeah!"
  152. >Now you could actually get some bucking sleep!
  153. >And with Anon living here you both could nerd out all day
  154. >Win-bucking-win as far as you were concerned
  155. "Hey, you two mind if I join? I wanna see if those hands are as good as I think they are..."
  157. ~_~_~_~_~_~_~
  159. >Be Gleaming
  160. >It was a pretty crappy day today
  161. >An all day hike out in the tundra to toughen up the new recruits
  162. >A pack of Yeti ambushed the group
  163. >Nothing you couldn't handle, but one mare got a pretty nasty bite, and needed to be carried back
  164. >You were half-frozen, tired, and hungry as you made your way toward your royal bedroom, barely acknowledging the guards at your door as you made your way into the room
  165. >There, you saw something that put a smile on your face
  166. >Cadence and Anon were in your bed
  167. >The hyoo-man was fast asleep
  168. >Your wife had her hooves wrapped around him and his head placed against her furry chest
  169. >It was cute, and would have been wholesome, if not for the fact that she was stroking his cock with the tips of her wings
  170. >There was a strict no pants rule in this bedroom, and Cadence took full advantage of it
  171. >How she hadn't woken him up yet was beyond you--Anon was a pretty light sleeper--but that was Cadence for you
  172. >Seeing you, she smiled, waving a hoof
  173. >You slogged over, kicking off your horseshoes and pulling off your armor
  174. >Usually, you'd toss it all into a heap, but this time you made sure to be as quiet as possible
  175. >Anon might not have been a bear, but you knew now to suddenly wake up predators
  176. >"So, how was training?" your wife asked as you
  177. "Crappy. How was your day?"
  178. >"Good," she said with a nod. "There were some meetings, the Gryphon queen and king are visiting next week."
  179. >Buck
  180. >You hated those turd burglars
  181. >Cadence giggled as you made a face, dipping her muzzle down to nuzzle the human's head
  182. >He shifted his body slightly
  183. >You watched as his cock twitched, sending a spurt of pre onto your bed
  184. "He's leaking all over your wings," you pointed out
  185. >"I know. Whatever you've been feeding him is working VERY well," your wife replied. "We've gone ten rounds today and he's still rearing to go."
  186. >You whistled
  187. "Sweet harmony. Are you sure you got anything done?"
  188. >Cadence snorted, sticking her tongue out at you
  190. >Teasing aside, you knew that Cadence had been more productive than ever
  191. >So much stuff was getting done that the two of you were starting to have downtime
  192. >Anon was proving to be the perfect royal stud material
  193. >"Gleaming?" your wife said, breaking you out of your stupor
  194. "Yeah?" you replied, giving your head a shake as you climbed onto the bed
  195. >"You picked a really good stallion."
  196. "You're darn right I did."
  197. >"He played with my wings for two hours today. I was cumming so hard I thought my heart was going to explode."
  198. >That made you grin
  199. "I'm sure we did worse last night," you said
  200. >You and Nonners here were a tag team duo for the ages
  201. >You both were fucking your wife so thoroughly that she was starting to sleep all through the night
  202. >In fact, you almost got eight hours of sleep last night
  203. >Eight hours!
  204. >You had to fix the broken windows after Cadence screamed right before she passed out, but still
  205. >You laid down next to Anon, resting your head on his shoulder
  206. "You hear that, big guy? You got nice hands and a GREAT cock."
  207. >Anon didn't seem to like when you compliment his dick
  208. >He got a bit weird about it
  209. >But why wouldn't you?
  210. >Even the meanest noble knew to encourage a stud, and he did have a really nice dick
  211. >He always made Cadence come back for seconds, and feeling him hilt in you would make your eyes cross nine times outta ten
  212. >You also liked to feel that log going down your throat
  213. >Cadence did too, but she preferred him cumming all over her face
  214. >He got weird about that too
  215. >Said cumming on a girl like that was disrespectful
  216. >Whoever taught him that was a dyke of the highest order
  217. >And not the good kind
  218. >Cadence giggled again
  219. >"Yeah, he does have a really nice, big cock," she said, grip tightening around him. "I think I'm going to rut him in a bit before we go to dinner
  220. "Yeah?"
  221. >"Yep. I've been edging him for thirty minutes. I want filled to the brim."
  222. >You nuzzled Anon's face before lightly biting his nose
  224. >He let out a snore, face scrunching up as he leaned away from you before going still
  225. "You know, maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to let your aunts borrow him. I know they've had d--"
  226. >"No!" your wife interrupted just a bit too loudly
  227. >She blinked, just as surprised as you at her outburst
  228. >"No. I think it would be better if he were just for us," she said. "Having a stud spread out like that is good for nopony. Besides, they don't get like I do."
  229. "Yeah, you're right," you said. "They can have their pick of the next hyoo-man we find. This one and his cute lil butt are ours."
  230. >Cadence puffed her chest out
  231. >"Yes. Yes he is."
  232. >The room went silent for a few moments
  233. >Quiet enough you might have fallen asleep
  234. "Hey, you wanna see what he does when he wakes up and sees his dick down my throat?"
  235. >Your wife grinned
  236. >"You're darn right I do."
  238. ~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~
  240. >Be Cadence
  241. >It was late
  242. >You had just come from a trip to Yakyakistan
  243. >A diplomatic mission
  244. >The yaks needed lumber for housing but had been too stubborn to accept Equestrian aide
  245. >The dummies kept destroying everything for no reason
  246. >It took a lot of arguing and some subtle manipulation, but you managed to talk them into taking two hundred freshly hewn logs
  247. >Luna hated when you gave them anything, wanting to let them rot in their own stupidity, but you weren't that heartless
  248. >No matter what, you should strive to help your fellow creature
  249. >Dumb or smart
  250. >Their society is what happens when you let males run the country for hundreds of years...
  251. >Still, it was all over, you were back in your nice, warm castle, happy to be back
  252. >You were so excited that you didn't feel particularly tired, even though you must have gotten around ten hours of sleep in the past week
  253. >You wanted to see your wife and your cute lil stud
  254. >Hopefully they hadn't gotten into too much trouble while you were away
  255. >Not that you were holding your breath though
  256. >Gleaming said something about building scenery and a gaming table before you left, so there was a good chance half the castle was in pieces
  257. >The thought made you smile as you quickened your pace
  258. >Other than a few guards milling around, the hallways were empty
  259. >This was one of the reasons why you left when you did
  260. >Less fanfare
  261. >No parades, or cheering crowds, just peace and quiet
  263. >Your little ponies would be a teensy bit upset with you in not letting them do any of these things, but you had dealt with enough yelling the past few days to last a lifetime
  264. >The guards at your bedroom door saluted
  265. >You gave them both a smile and asked them how things had been getting on around here
  266. >Their reports were heartening
  267. >Gleaming didn't burn down the castle, nopony tried to invade, no world-destroying threats
  268. >It was just a slow, boring week
  269. >Three of your most favorite words
  270. >You gave the two mares the rest of the night off, something which they seemed to very much appreciate as they hurried down the hallway
  271. >You opened your door, stepping into your bedroom
  272. >"Aw, buck~ Just like... n-not the horn! BUCK!"
  273. >Your nostrils flared as the smell of sex hit you
  274. >It was thick in the air; you were surprised it hadn't seeped out into the hallway
  275. >Clicking your tongue, you shook your head, setting your bag down by the door as grunts and groans filled the air
  276. >Gleaming might have teased you about your libido, but she was just as bad, if not worse
  277. >At least you could control yourself
  278. >If that mare didn't fuck at least three of four times a day she couldn't spell her name
  279. >That was why the trips she couldn't come along were the hardest
  280. >Thankfully, with Anon now around to help, that was no longer a problem
  281. >Poking your head into the bedroom proper, you could see the two in your bed
  282. >Your wife had her muzzle buried into the sheets and her rump in the air
  283. >Anon was draped over her, slowly thrusting
  285. >That was one--of many--things you really liked about your hyoo-man
  286. >You and Gleaming were big mares; dwarving most ponies, but next to him you were small
  287. >He big and flexible; far more than he had any right to be
  288. >He was able to move and twist himself so that you were engulfed in his body
  289. >There wasn't any part of you that he couldn't touch, squeeze, tickle
  290. >You bit your lip, watching as Gleaming fat plot jiggled each time his hips connected
  291. >Anon had his arms wrapped around her barrel, fingers running through her chest fluff
  292. >There was a far-off look in his half-lidded eyes
  293. >Sweat covered both of their bodies, and Gleaming's belly was heaving
  294. >Celestia knows how long the two of them had been going at it
  295. >Probably hours
  296. >You flapped your wings as heat rushed through your body, kicking off your horseshoes
  297. >Tilting his head up, Anon dragged his tongue up the length of Gleaming's horn
  298. >The unicorn's moan rose in pitch and volume
  299. >Her horn crackled with power as her eyes crossed and her body shook
  300. >Anon didn't seem to notice the sparks of magic, licking her horn like it was an ice cream cone
  301. >They would sting like Tartarus for you, but you weren't resistant to magic
  302. >"Oh buck, oh buck. You dirty slut. Why areyoulickingthatitfeelingsobuckinggoodI'mgonnabuckingcuuuuuuuum!"
  303. >A bolt of magic hit your roof as Gleaming let out a scream, shaking like a leaf as she came around your stud's cock
  304. >Anon continued to slowly lick while he fucked her, making the unicorn squirm underneath him
  305. >She twisted her head around, kissing him hard
  306. >His eyes shut, face scrunching up as he hilted, body tensing
  307. >Gleaming cooed, leaning back into him
  308. >You watched a spurt of cum fall onto sheets, and you licked your lips
  310. >With one last groan, Gleaming fell onto her side
  311. >She closed her eyes, and letting out a shaky exhale
  312. >You giggled
  313. "Well, it looks like you two kept yourselves busy."
  314. >Panting, Anon looked up, eyes widening when he saw you
  315. >He rolled out of your bed, half-hard cock bobbing and swinging as he walked over and sunk down onto one knee
  316. >You rolled your eyes
  317. >Most studs were professional, but Anon seemed to enjoy teasing you with how far he liked to take it
  318. >The kneeling, opening doors for you and Gleaming, kissing your hooves, when you ate he'd make sure you and Gleaming had first choice
  319. >Thankfully, he only did this in the privacy of your bedroom, because if anypony saw him doing any of it you'd be getting angry letters for years
  320. >You gave his forehead a kiss
  321. "Did you miss me, stud?" you asked
  322. >Anon nodded slowly, looking up at you
  323. >His eyes weren't focused, and he was still panting
  324. >His cock, coated with your wife's cum still hadn't fully softened
  325. >In fact, you could see that he was starting to get hard kneeling there
  326. >He sometimes got like this when he was fucked long enough
  327. >His lower head started making all the decisions
  328. >Love drunk, Gleaming liked to call it
  329. >You kissed his nose
  330. "Did you have fun fucking my wife with your big cock?" you asked. "Did you make her squirt hard while I was away?"
  331. >Anon's cock twitched
  332. >Grinning, you dragged your tongue across his throat, shivering as you tasted his sweat
  334. >Big dick, hands, salty sweat, addicting scent, flat faces to sit on and short but sweet tongues...
  335. >If anypony finds out how to get to Humanland the stud market is going to collapse
  336. >Anon tilted his head up, allowing you to lap at his chin and his neck
  337. "I missed you," you said. "I had nopony to play with my pussy. Just my cold, hard hooves."
  338. >You kissed him again, this time on the cheek
  339. "It helped some when I imagined Gleaming between my legs, or your dick inside of me, thrusting away until my eyes rolled into the back of my head."
  340. >Anon was ready for the next kiss, his lips crashing into yours
  341. >His tongue tried to force itself into your mouth, but you leaned away
  342. "Did you miss me too?" you asked, brushing a wing against his cock. "Did you miss moaning like a slut when I fucked you? I bet you did."
  343. >You watched as goosebumps erupted across the hyoo-mans body
  344. >He could smell you
  345. >You know his nose wasn't wasn't as strong as yours, but he could smell your arousal
  346. >You stuck your tongue out, giving your rump a wiggle
  347. >That was the straw that broke the Breezies back
  348. >In the blink of an eye, Anon stood
  349. >He leaned down, picking you up like you were a foal
  350. >You chuckled, tail swishing side-to-side as he carried you over to the bed
  351. >He placed you down next to Gleaming on your back
  352. >Your wife had one eye cracked open, watching the two of you
  353. "Hey honey," you said, as Anon buried his face into the nap of your neck
  354. >"Hey yourself," she said, sounding exhausted. "Looks like you got your hooves full, huh?"
  355. >Anon's hand found their way toward your plot, giving each cheek a squeeze
  356. "I know, this is just what I needed after--eep!"
  358. >You twitched as his teeth sunk into your coat
  359. >You could feel his canines as he bit down, not hard enough to hurt, but enough that you could feel it
  360. >His hands left your butt, making their way up your back
  361. >You could feel yourself winking as his fingers teased your wing joints
  362. >Buck...
  363. >He must have missed you more than you thought...
  364. >Your eyes widened as he began to massage
  365. >All the tension, all the aches and pains and stress you had felt these last few days evaporated
  366. >It was replaced with heat, a pleasant tingling sensation, and pleasure
  367. >Your mouth opened in a silent scream
  368. >You would have started squirming if Anon hadn't decided right then was the time to press his weight down on top of you
  369. >Holy hayseed...
  370. >The colt knew just what you liked...
  371. >From beside you, Gleaming let out a chuckle
  372. >"You're on your own, sis. He's been like this ever since you left," she said.
  373. "B-Because he misses this puss--"
  374. >You grunted when you felt his fat mushroom tip press against your marehood
  375. >He always insisted that there was nothing big or fat about his stallionhood, saying that he was just average
  376. >First off, there was nothing average in what he did to you or your wife, and even if that was the case, you were nervous just thinking what hyoo-mans considered big
  377. >Slowly, he pushed himself inside of you
  378. >It was a tight fit
  379. >You could feel a tingle in your hooves as you were filled
  380. >Celestia above, how had you left this for DAYS?
  382. >A knicker escaped you when he finally hilted
  383. >You could feel him twitching inside of you
  384. >You were so full
  385. >It felt so wonderful
  386. "Do I feel that good?" you whispered. "You gonna cum already?"
  387. >Anon shook his head
  388. >You could see his eyes were shut tight
  389. >He pulled back a few inches before thrusting again and again before he stopped
  390. "You sure?" you teased as he panted. "You're not gonna unload inside of me like the good little colt you are?"
  391. >Again he shook his head
  392. >You tsked, kissing his cheek
  393. >It took a minute or two of slow, jerky thrusts, but eventually your stud once again got used to the royal pussy
  394. >Soon he was giving you the pounding you had been eager for
  395. >Tip to hilt, hips a blur
  396. >That sweet sweat was soon pouring off him as he grunted and whined
  397. >You wrapped your wings around him, holding him tight as you could feel the pleasure building
  398. "You're gonna make me cum, stud," you said. "You're gonna make me cum all over that nice cock of yours."
  399. >You squinted, back legs twitching as that familiar ticklish sensation began to build
  400. "You better be right there w-with me. I want stuffed like a turkey."
  401. >Anon's pace quickened as he pressed his face harder against your neck
  402. >You hugged, him as the pleasure boiled over
  403. "M-Make... me a... mommy~"
  404. >You came
  405. >Hard
  407. >A moment later, with a groan, Anon did the same
  408. >He did as you asked, shooting rope after rope inside of you
  409. >Exhausted, the colt slumbed on top of you, breathing hard and already half-asleep
  410. "Thank you very much, Anon. That was wonderful," you said, patting him on the head as Gleaming snuggled up beside you both
  411. >He nodded, giving your muzzle a kiss
  412. >"G'night," he muttered
  413. "Goodnight," you replied back
  414. >"Love you," you heard him say as well, which was immediately followed by snores
  415. >Your ears perked up
  416. >...What?
  417. >Looking over at Gleaming, you saw her smiling from ear to ear
  418. >She kissed the back of Anon's head, then your cheek before laying her head down
  419. >You just laid there for several minutes, staring at the ceiling
  420. >Your brow furrowed, before you smiled
  421. "Love you too," you murmured, kissing him
  423. ~_~_~_~_~_~
  425. >Be Anon
  426. >Not long after your wedding with Princess pink peetzer and and gleaming nerd
  427. >Gleaming was out doing guard things, leaving you and Cadence alone
  428. >You and the alicorn had just finished another rigorous round of lovemaking
  429. >You had described the mating press, and she insisted you try it
  430. >Honestly, you didn't think she would bend like that, but it seems like ponies are made of bubblegum and rubber
  431. >Out of both girls Cadence seemed not only willing but excited to try new things
  432. >Anything you wanted
  433. >You've had her wear thigh high socks and lingerie that would give her subjects heart attacks
  434. >You've had her wear lipstick--also a stallion thing here--and go to down
  435. >You've fucked her a thousand feet in the air
  436. >She also had you experimenting
  437. >The mare loved fucking in public
  438. >Undertabled, behind curtains, in the middle of court
  439. >Once, you were under a desk for two hours worshiping her bottom half while she spoke with some ambassadors
  440. >She's had dozens of different cock rings around your willy that had different spells on them
  441. >Spells that would create a mini-glory hole so she could suck and fuck on the go
  442. >Spells that would simulate you
  443. >Spells that would turn you into a sex-starved lunatic
  444. >A couple times you both nearly got caught; once or twice you swore ponies saw you fooling around
  445. >Thankfully, most ponies knew their princess well enough to know what kind of horndog she was, so you never had any issues
  446. >It was... nice
  447. >Trying different things
  448. >Cadence never pushed you into anything
  449. >She encouraged, sure, and sometimes explained how and why you'd want to allow yourself to be tied up and blindfolded, or eating ass
  450. >She was never disappointed when you refused, and always supportive whatever you wanted to try
  451. >Hell, sometimes you swore the mare would read your mind sometimes when bringing something up
  452. >When she knew you really liked something she'd go out of her way to do it too
  453. >Like dirty talk
  455. >When you were her stud and she found out you liked that she became the filthiest horse in the continent, saying things that would make Gleaming blush
  456. >"I looooove your big dick," she whispered, holding you close as she nuzzled the top of your head. "You bucking stud, turning a royal alicorn into your slutty lil sock sleeve~"
  457. >One of her hooves was fondling your gunk
  458. >You were still soft, but if she kept it up with that honeyed voice of hers you wouldn't be for long
  459. >It was like she was using a spell or something
  460. >That husky, needed, mouthwatering voice
  461. >She hummed, gently biting your ear
  462. >"You know, you'd ruined me for stallions," she continued. "Them and their little cocks. Why do back when I got a fat human dick to play with~"
  463. >You couldn't help yourself
  464. >Rolling over, you buried your face into her chest fluff as you grabbed her rump
  465. >She let out a coo as you began kneading her cheeks like dough
  466. >"I bet you can't wait to knock me up with a foal, make all those colts that wanted to be a prince watch while my belly and teats get big~" she said, wrapping her hooves around your neck
  467. >You kissed her throat
  468. >She giggled, licking your cheek
  469. >"Gleaming would look cute with a foal in her belly too, but you need to do me first, okay? Can you knock up your slutty wife?"
  470. >You nodded, feeling yourself harden
  471. >Cadence giggled as your cockhead poked one of her teats
  472. >"I bet your human girls never treated you like this, huh stud?" she teased
  473. >You looked up at her
  474. "I, um, wouldn't know," you replied, voice a bit breathy
  475. >The fuckeyes Cadence was giving you disappeared, replaced with curiosity
  476. >"Oh reallllllllllly? Were you fooling around with a bunch of boring bimbos?"
  477. "...No."
  478. >You looked up at her again before looking away
  479. "I didn't get a whole lot of female attention back home."
  480. >"Then that was where mistake. Who was the lucky mare that made you swear off anything but pony pussy?"
  481. "You actually."
  482. >Cadence blinked
  483. >"...Wat?"
  485. ~_~_~_~_~_
  487. >Be Cadence
  488. >You weren't sure you were hearing Anon right
  489. >You couldn't be...
  490. >For a moment, you thought he was just egging you on
  491. >Trying to a bit of role playing to get you fired up
  492. >But he never got that sheepish...
  493. >"I... you were the first one I ever... did anything with," he said.
  494. >Your ears perked up, then flattened against your skull
  495. "But... But Gleaming said--"
  496. >"I told Gleaming some things. I bit of a habit from my world," Anon told you. "You get a lot of shit for being in your twenties and not even kissing a girl."
  497. >He smiled a small smile
  498. >"I was scared that I'd be horrible, but Gleaming's training really helped out a lot."
  499. >It was getting hard to breath
  500. >You wanted to rush to your window to get some fresh air, but you also desperately wanted to keep holding your stallion
  501. >He was a virgin before you had gotten to him
  502. >A sacred thing, a treasured thing, and he had given it to you without a second thought
  503. >The thought both warmed your head and terrified you beyond measure
  504. >Not even Gleaming had been a virgin when the two of you started dating, and even if she was it was different for mares
  505. >In Canterlot virgins were with their weight in salt
  506. >Most stallions had arranged marriages when they were young
  507. >Having somepony as old as Anon, holding onto his purity...
  508. >...
  509. >You came all over his face for his first time
  510. >You jammed his face between your legs and came all over his cute little face
  511. >You bucking monster...
  512. >With a knicker of panic, you hugged Anon tighter
  513. >Sex was completely gone from your mind
  514. >You just...
  515. >Just wanted to...
  516. >Sweet harmony, you could have taken this colt's virginity and kicked him to the curb if he had been subpar!
  517. >Like trash!
  518. >If Gleaming wouldn't have helped him he's have awkwardly fumbled around--like a bucking virgin did--and you'd have told him to leave!
  519. >How messed up is that?!
  520. >Bucking dodged a thrown spear their sis!
  521. >"...Cadence? Are you okay? You look freaked out," Anon said
  522. >You just let out a neigh
  524. >You had been given a kingdom, and even that didn't feel as impactful as the bomb that had just been dropped
  525. >It wasn't even a bomb
  526. >It was bigger
  527. >Waaaaaay bigger
  528. >Anon just dropped the SUN on your head
  529. >Had he been worried about doing that?
  530. >Was he still worried?
  531. >Did he think about it sometimes, how hard and rough his first time was
  532. >All the things you did to him?
  533. >He seemed to like it at the time, but was he just trying to put on a brave face?
  534. >You hoped not
  535. >You loved this big alien
  536. >Like, a lot
  537. >A lot-lot
  539. ~_~_~_~_~_~_~
  541. >Be Anon
  542. >Be confused
  543. >Two minutes ago you were about to do a mating press two electric boogaloo to candy horse
  544. >Now she looked like she was on the verge of a panic attack while climbing on top of you
  545. >Maybe it was a bad time to drop the virginity thing...
  547. ~_~_~_~_~_~_~_
  549. >Still be Anon
  550. >It had been a few days since you told Cadence you had been a never-held-hands-with-a-girl virgin before becoming her stud
  551. >Cadence still hadn't calmed down
  552. >Hell, she hadn't wanted any funny business for days
  553. >DAYS
  554. >You were a little concerned
  555. >You tried talking about it, but she'd always neigh and scurry out of the room, especially if Gleaming was around
  556. >The unicorn didn't know what was going on
  557. >She eventually had had enough, promising that she was going to make Cadence tell her what was going on
  558. >That had been thirty minutes ago
  559. >You were just sitting there at the edge of the bed, twiddling your thumbs
  560. >Honestly, you were getting a bit freaked out
  561. >Was being a virgin bad here or something?
  562. >Were Cadence and Gleaming going to have to divorce you or something?
  563. >It sounded dumb, but you didn't know horse laws
  564. >They could drag you out in the streets and whip you for not getting your dick wet by a certain age for all you knew...
  565. >There was a bang on the bedroom door, hard enough to make the frame shake
  566. >You jumped, looking over
  567. >The door was ripped over a second later, revealing Gleaming, wild-eyed and sporting a bloody muzzle
  568. >"Anon!" she shouted, rushing over to you
  569. "Are you alright, Gleaming?" you asked. Did you slam into--"
  570. >"Forget about that! You were a VIRGIN when I sent you into the fuckfest interview?!"
  571. >She jumped onto the bed, still bleeding
  572. "Yeah. Is it really that big of a deal?"
  573. >"Big deal? Big bucking deal? You bed your horseshoes it's a big deal!"
  574. "...I don't have horseshoes."
  575. >"You're weird not-metal shoes then! Celestia's sake, Anon, if my mom found out that were a delicate lil' snowflake when I threw you in he fire she'd knock my bucking teeth out."
  576. >She hugged you close, eyes darting around like she expected her mom to pop out at any moment
  577. >You had met Velvet once
  578. >Really nice mare
  579. >She wanted a lot of grandchildren
  580. >"We need to get married again," Gleaming whispered fearfully. "I don't want my butt kicked..."
  582. ~_~_~_~_~_~
  584. >"Oh, Anon, sweetie. You didn't have to bring these! Please, sit down, have some tea."
  585. >"Yes, have some tea. It is wonderful. I shall have one of these DELICIOUS looking cupcakes. Please don't tell my sister. Luna gets grumpy when she knows I've had sweets."
  586. >Be Gleaming
  587. >Be sweating like a donkey at a charity fundraiser
  588. >You don't know how it happened, but Celestia and your mother found out about the whole Anon-being-a-virgin-when-Cadence-was-making-him-lick-her-butthole thing
  589. >A letter had been sent directly to you and Cadence from Celestia
  590. >It was a royal order to come to Canterlot
  591. >She didn't ask
  592. >ORDERED
  593. >Your mom's signature at been on it
  594. >Major General Twilight Velvet of the Royal Guard
  595. >She had never signed something like that to any letters she sent you
  596. >Ever
  597. >When the three of you had stepped off the train you had been teleported to where you were now
  598. >In Princess Celestia's personal office
  599. >It was a nice room
  600. >You had been here many times
  601. >Unfortunately, it now had greatswords placed everywhere
  602. >The princess, looking calm and collected, was cleaning one sword as she sipped her tea
  603. >You mom was right next to her, a club floating near her head
  604. >She had a smile on her face, but you could see a vein bulging from her forehead
  605. >The look she gave pretty much everything other than Anon made you shiver
  606. >Anon was given a cup of tea
  607. >Neither you or Cadence were offered any
  608. >It was just as well, since if you were given any liquid you might have peed yourself
  609. >Cadence, who was looking very pale, cleared her throat
  610. >The club in your mom's magic snapped in half
  611. >She let the pieces of wood drop behind the chair she was sitting at
  612. >Taking a sip of her tea, she magicked up another one
  613. >This one was bigger, with nails in it
  614. >Rusty nails
  615. >"Anon, honey, I'm sure you're wondering why I sent for you," Celestia said with a motherly tone
  616. >Your husband nodded
  617. >"Yeah, kind of. If you want to tell me that is."
  618. >"Oh, of course I will, you polite, darling colt," the alicorn replied
  620. >Flames began to ignite all over your mother's mane
  621. >She was staring at you
  622. >In her eyes promised nothing but pain
  623. >If you could have, you would have made for the door
  624. >Or the window
  625. >But all you could do was sink deep into your chair
  626. >"I was told by a very reliable source some very disconcerting news," Celestia said, taking a bite out of the cupcake that Anon had brought for her
  627. >They were good
  628. >The icing was the best
  629. >You didn't know what he put in it, but they were amazing
  630. >She hummed, looking over at Cadence
  631. >Some of the swords around the room began to glow cherry red
  632. >The temperature in the room rose
  633. >You heard Cadence swallow, eyes darting around the room, looking for escape
  634. >"You see, Anon. From what I've been told my darling niece has done something quiet..."
  635. >"Bad," you mom said
  636. >"Yes... BAD. She did something very bad, something a mare who I raised shouldn't have even considered doing. In fact, its something no mare with any manners or common decency would want to do."
  637. >Your mom broke another club
  638. >Again, she magicked another one
  639. >This one had nails and small thunderclouds tied around it
  640. >The thunderclouds spat tiny lightning bolts
  641. >"Velvet and I thought, before doing anything hasty, that we would ask you about it. If you would be so kind."
  642. >She took another sip of her tea, eyes promising far worse than a banishing to the moon
  643. >You are dead...
  644. >So very, very dead...
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