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Session Nine: Indecision (Fixed Class/Ramon confusions)

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Jan 8th, 2013
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  1. <CJ> Right, everyone here?
  2. <CJ> I have been sorting out a character for this session for Freespace
  3. <Freespace> YAY!
  4. <Helpax> ...
  5. <Helpax> This is going to be one of those days isn't it?
  6. <CJ> I thought unlikely you were leader of the Liberal Party of the UK. OK can you try again, my email is [Redacted]
  7. <Freespace> As I said the email was just a letter of intent. My name is Dave BTW.
  8. <CJ> Hey Dave, nope just me trying to email you your character sheet for this session
  10. <CJ> We will sort you a wizard for next if you enjoy playing with us. Welcome!)
  11. <Silas_> Aww it would have been nice to have the leader of a political party run an Ars magica session...
  12. <Helpax> (It would have been quite a thrill)
  13. <Makara> in the meantime, be one of calpurnia's imaginary naked dancing makara
  14. <Silas_> (lol)
  15. <Ramon> (back)
  16. <Calpurnia> stop scaring Calpurnia, Makara
  17. <Makara> Scaring make Criamon stronger!
  18. <Makara> ...I think
  19. <Helpax> (...Next time, I get to play the crazy person...)
  21. <Calpurnia> (Okay time to listen to thriller)
  22. <Freespace> (I prefer "smooth criminal")
  23. <Ramon> (Beside Ramon offered to take you all on his Pegasus except the Necromancer)
  25. <CJ> Freespace, ok, you should have character. Once read it change nick to Gustbran and join us :)
  26. <CJ> (You an announce your arrival at the cave)
  29. =-= Freespace is now known as Gustbran
  31. <CJ> Everyone is gathered at a cave in the woods near Stonehenge. It's about 11.30am by now, in fact approaching noon
  32. <CJ> A pegasus, a group of new magi, Baruch and Desiderius the Necromancer are all in the cave, but from the distance you can hear wagons moving
  34. [Ramon remove the saddle from Silas]
  36. <Baruch> "I feel we should make our way back to the covenant. Who knows how the situation develops from here; I would rather not be here if dragons the like of which I saw are emerging all around."
  37. <CJ> Desiderius is dancing happily, with a fixed smile on his hideous skull like features
  38. <Calpurnia> (What form is Class in, may help if he is in owl form)
  40. [Makara continue the dance of great trilling]
  41. [Class is in his heartshape and try to sleep]
  43. <CJ> Only Silas is not with you. He and his mouse, (eyed hungrily by the owl?) had walked off to check on events at he stones.
  44. <CJ> Silas are you returning?
  45. <Silas_> Yes, to tell them of the dead magus
  46. <CJ> You all hear someone approach the cave
  47. <CJ> (Gustbran you ready?)
  48. <Gustbran> “Well, What have we, here!?”
  49. <CJ> A burly man in armour enters, speaking English at you
  50. <Helpax> "Loiteres. Don't worry, we'll be going now."
  51. <Baruch> "What does he want, Helpax?"
  52. <CJ> He is in scale armour, carries a shield and a spear.
  53. <Helpax> *He want's to know why we're here. I told him we're leaving*
  54. <CJ> (Freespace, sorry Gustbran speaks Latin at 2 as well. add that to sheet)
  55. <Calpurnia> *Well it is true is it not*
  56. <Helpax> (Awww...I speak English...)
  57. <Makara> (I guess my Breton can't understand it...)
  58. <CJ> (Makara, nope - English is a Germanic language, Breton a Brythonic one)
  60. [Silas_ enters the cave, slightly out of breath]
  62. <CJ> (Desiderius to Gustbran: "The bloody thing won't stop talking, and even Corvus can't make the ravens go away. It's so nice to be here and away from Voluntas")
  63. <Helpax> (It's that asuffolk accent, I tells ya, it canna be too haird)
  64. <Ramon> "OK so you all want to travel home?"
  65. <Makara> (k)
  66. <CJ> Gustbran, you have just had nonsense babbled to you in Latin by a decayed looking man who looks like he is undead (Desiderius)
  67. <Gustbran> "Sorry, I thought you'd understand me, What are you doing here?"
  68. <Baruch> "Hiding, mostly, and pondering our next move."
  70. <CJ> (Desiderius to Baruch "The bloody thing won't stop talking, and even Corvus can't make the ravens go away. It's so nice to be here and away from Voluntas! What a jolly time us friends are all having!)
  72. [Silas_ looks at the armored figure to Desiderius to the rest of the group]
  74. <Baruch> "What would you be doing here?"
  75. <Baruch> To Desiderius: "Ah. Yes. Which bloody thing was that again?"
  76. <CJ> "Running away from the dragon obviously!" chimes in Desiderious the decayed
  77. <CJ> Baruch Communication + Guile versus difficulty 9
  78. <Silas_> *Who is this?*
  79. * Silas_ frowns
  80. <Gustbran> "Laying low, mostly."
  82. [Baruch make a decent roll]
  84. <Helpax> "Quiet, you crazy old man." Directed at Desiderious
  85. <Ramon> (Slowly the cave becomes really crowded)
  86. <Baruch> "No need to be rude, Helpax. We are all in the same bit of trouble, yes?"
  87. <Silas_> *Actually, that was what I wanted to say...*
  88. <Makara> "Yes, come dance your troubles away!"
  89. <CJ> Desiderius says "why Bran's head of course!" The moment he says it a look of dismay crosses his features, and he suddenly looks nervous. He apologizes, says "I am talking nonsense - drunk on mead and good company!" and prepares to leave the cave
  90. <Ramon> "If more people get this idea in hiding in this cave we won’t have place any more"
  92. <Baruch> (Do I get a lore roll on Bran's head or anything?)
  93. <CJ> Sure, what Lore you using?
  94. <Baruch> (Order of hermes lore is the only one I have, alas)
  95. <CJ> (That won't help Baruch, sadly)
  97. <Silas_> *I found some magi hugging eachother at the center of Stonehenge, one of them had died*
  98. <Calpurnia> *Well Baruch said we are leaving so my guess is you should get prepared to leave*
  99. <Silas_> (It was Immanola of Ex Miscellanea, but unsure if my character knows :p )
  100. <Ramon> "Ohh before I forget it, there where 3 people remaining at Stonehenge where 2 performing a ritual on this old women"
  101. <CJ> (Yes he knows who she was, saw her enough at Tribunal)
  102. <Baruch> "Any sighting of the dragons, Silas?"
  103. <Silas_> *None, also... the dead magi was Immanola the Primus of Ex Miscellanea"
  104. <Helpax> *So...are we staying here or are we following the madman?*
  106. <CJ> Desiderious has wandered in to the woods
  107. <CJ> Gustbran, these magi are all really creepy, but at least the necromancer has gone
  108. <CJ> Right, so time in again
  109. <Baruch> "Are you with some of the magi, Gustbran?"
  110. <Calpurnia> (Wait does he not have parma, if so then he feels my blatant gift)
  111. <Ramon> (beside there is a white horse with wings!)
  112. <CJ> No he doesn't, so Gustbran the little girl Calpurnia is bloody horrible, terrifying and weird as hell
  114. <Gustbran> "You could say something of the sort..."
  115. <CJ> (mr Shades: Makara's last session report for you.)
  118. <Ramon> "Are we hoping that this 2 Mage with their ritual on the old woman will manage to stop the dragon from rising or leafing?"
  119. <CJ> The snow is falling more heavily now
  120. <Baruch> "Well, Silas did say things seemed to have calmed down."
  121. <CJ> and then you all hear wolves howling in the distance
  122. <Baruch> "Who knows what they are capable of."
  123. <Silas_> *Oh, a mage?" Silas beams Gustbran a smile *Sorry, I'm Silas, and you are?" He holds out his hand
  124. <Helpax> "If we stay here, we won't be able to leave."
  125. <Calpurnia> *We aren't hoping anything. As we aren't personally linked to this land we can leave it and yeah*
  126. <CJ> (gustbran, as silas holds out his hand you hear a weird squeaking coming from his sleeve)
  127. <Silas_> *oh!"
  128. <Gustbran> "You can call me Gustbran! HAHAHA!" Though refuses to shake hands while laughing.
  129. * Silas_ takes a gentle hold of the mouse from his sleeve
  130. <Silas_> *This is Aedith"
  131. <Baruch> "Yes, perhaps we should. Is anyone opposed to leaving right now? I apologize for all the hummbug, Gustbran, we haven't quite got our bearings after the dragon business yet."
  132. <Helpax> "Aedith is a mouse now? I've got to stop drinking..."
  133. <Silas_> *Shouldn't we... stay and help a bit?"
  134. <Calpurnia> *I'm not opposed. I can carry Class as he is in owl form*
  135. <Calpurnia> *Why Silas?*
  136. <Ramon> "In my humble opinion we should then leave as soon as possible if you don't trust in the doing of this 2 mages"
  137. <Helpax> "NO I am happy to leave."
  138. <Makara> "But we haven't brought souvenir!"
  140. <Silas_> *... I've never seen such a place, and now everything is breaking down. Shouldn't we help?"
  141. <Calpurnia> (I'm just going to carry Class with my arms and robes, trying not to disturb him)
  142. <Baruch> "I am quite torn, frankly. On the one hand, there is the business with the dragons and the tribunal case against me. On the other, we might be able to be of assistance."
  143. <CJ> OK, everyone just introduces what you look like to poor Gustbran who is probably really confused right now!
  144. <Baruch> Baruch is a crouched, thin, bald man. His constantly worried expression has etched his face with a zig-zag of thin lines. He is accommodating to the point of submissiveness and attempts to avoid conflict whenever possible.
  145. <Gustbran> (maybe just a little. ^^)
  146. <Ramon> "If I rember right all of you where just adepts till today morning so what can you do in helping if elder Dragons are rising?"
  147. <Calpurnia> *I don't understand your reasoning Silas. Baruch's yes in a way we should though what help will we be>*
  149. [ Makara is a messy dressed male of House Criamon. He's currently dancing as he talk.]
  150. [ Class is a Eagle Owl right now]
  152. * Silas_ is a somewhat thin youth with short blond hair and blue eyes. His gift is gentle.
  153. <Calpurnia> (eastern eagle owl?)
  154. * Silas_ sighs
  155. <CJ> (So Gustbran, Silas is not a weirdo and creepy like the rest. Apart from the mouse)
  156. <Baruch> "Yes, perhaps we cannot be of great assistance here. Well, you are all full magi now, anyway, so you can make up your own minds."
  157. * Helpax is dressed in finsh robes, but they seem to be a bit ragged and dirty now. He also seems to have some sort of clay collar around his neck, like from a large pot
  159. [ Ramon is a high growth noble looking Man in the begining 20 of clearly noble stature]
  161. <Silas_> *I guess you are right, Ramon. But... I don't like just leaving them while we run off"
  162. <Silas_> *Especially now that things have calmed down a bit"
  164. [Class is the variant that is spread trough germany called there Uhu]
  166. <Calpurnia> (Calpurnia is female. Pale though dusty skin. Short blackish red hair. And is carrying a eagle owl in her arms)
  167. <Baruch> "By the way, does anyone know what the necromancer meant by Bran's head not shutting up? Just being curious, it's not likely to be significant."
  168. <Calpurnia> *Calmed down here. The dragons are probable even more wild. No idea.*
  169. <CJ> Gustbran, you can hear maybe twenty wolves approaching the wood across Salisbury Plain, howling in their angry form. As a warrior you know wolves never attack unless starving, but something about their howls suggest anger and hunger
  170. <Baruch> "Were you familiar with him, Gustbran? He seemed to bee addressing you."
  171. <Ramon> "So you want to wait till the dragons are out yea. But don't expect me to wait till then"
  172. <CJ> (Gustbran has never seen him before but can tell he was clearly evil - he looked like an undead horror)
  173. <Gustbran> "All right! Listen up, we've got a small problem here!"
  174. [Silas_ sighs]
  175. <Helpax> "just one? oh good."
  176. <Baruch> "Well, that does settle it though - I believe our only mode of transportation is Ramon's."
  177. <Baruch> "What problem would that be, Gustbran?"
  178. <Makara> "Everyone not dancing!"
  179. <Silas_> *See this? Not helping each other meant that a Primus had to sacrifice herself for the rest of us!"
  180. <Ramon> "When the dragons are out it will be to late for Sedala to become big enough to carry you all"
  181. <CJ> **FX:
  182. <Gustbran> "We've got a pack of wolves out there! I can hear them and from their cries I'd say that they're not out to play!"
  183. <Gustbran> "Not that I can't handle a few, but.."
  184. <CJ> :)
  185. <Calpurnia> *Correct, so shouldn't we be off? And be quite Makara*
  186. <CJ> Edith "squeak!"
  188. [Makara don't understand english]
  189. <Silas_> (oh, lol, thought * * were latin and "" english?)
  190. <Makara> (* * is foreign lang)
  191. <CJ> (assume all conversation in Latin unless noted)
  192. <Calpurnia> I'm confused now which one is which
  193. <Baruch> (I would vote for * being English or whatever non-lating language is at stake, because that's our normal latin expression)
  194. <Makara> (okay)
  195. <Silas_> (kk)
  196. <Ramon> (OK then we turn it around)
  197. <Helpax> (Agreed, I keep confusing myself)
  199. <Baruch> "Well, all the more reason to be on our way. Gustbran, I fear you must join us for the time being to be safe."
  200. <Ramon> (If I rember right we are on a island within a river in a cave)
  201. <Helpax> *It's very sad...had she held more esteem within her house, they would have provided ample aid."
  202. <CJ> No river or island - you are in a small wood, about 500 yards from Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain
  204. <CJ> The landscape is covered in snow
  205. <CJ> The wolves are getting louder still
  206. <Silas_> "It's just..."
  207. <Gustbran> "I suppose that might be the best, Mr...?"
  208. <Baruch> (Gustbran know latin at level 2, CJ said)
  209. <Ramon> "Ok as it is setled now thta we go then Sedala should start to grow"
  210. <Makara> (someday... we will have a translation spell)
  211. <Calpurnia> "Ramon start upscalling your flying horse probably now."
  212. <Silas_> "Ergh... wolves?"
  213. <Baruch> "Baruch ex Bonisagus, excuse me my manners."
  214. <CJ> The pegasus leave the cave then, unless you all want to be crushed to death?
  215. <Baruch> "Yes, Sedala, please."
  216. <Ramon> in Catalan <Sedala would you be so nice to grow?>
  217. <Baruch> "Let us all follow to make sure she is safe."
  218. [ Baruch follows the Pegasus]
  219. <CJ> Edith: "squeak!"
  220. [ Calpurnia goes out to Sedala with Class in her arms]
  221. <CJ> ok
  222. [ Ramon get his short spear and shield so he can defend Sedala if needed]
  223. <Silas_> [to the mouse] "Whats wrong?" [To the others] "Do we have any of that cheese left?"
  224. <Gustbran> *the wolves are getting closer, can't you hear them?*
  225. [ Helpax follows after the pegusi]
  226. <Baruch> "Yes, well, we will have to deal with them somehow, won't we?"
  227. <Calpurnia> "None for your honey Silas!"
  228. <Helpax> "I think we'd be better served just leaving"
  229. <Baruch> I'll be the fist to peek out of the cave carefully
  231. <CJ> OK, as you step outside the snow falls through the trees, and Gustbran, you have about two minutes know until those wol;ves arrive
  232. [ Makara dance out of the cave]
  233. <CJ> Baruch, no sign of the wolves yet but they are heading straight for the wood
  234. <Calpurnia> "Baruch should I start a fire around here?"
  235. <Silas_> "..." "Just be glad that she doesn't eat as much now"
  236. <CJ> Makara dances past you
  237. <Ramon> (2 Minutes and a turn is just a vew seconds? then Sedala is size 7 by then!)
  238. <CJ> Yep
  239. <Baruch> "Yes, that seems like a fine idea."
  240. <Silas_> "Ergh... do you suppose the wolves might be headed for Stonehenge?"
  241. <CJ> Edith: "squeak, squeak, squeak!" - she is running in circles, and now bites Silas
  242. <Silas_> "ov!"
  243. <Gustbran> *They'll be upon us pretty soon, you should all prepare yourselves!*
  244. <Silas_> "Seriously, food? Anyone?"
  245. <CJ> The pegasus grow and grows, a huge winged white horse. Soon it will be as high as the trees!
  247. <Calpurnia> (Okay CJ Calpurnia is going to cast palm fire and start touching trees around the place)
  248. <Calpurnia> !roll 1d10+9
  249. <Naked_Bot> Calpurnia: 10 :1+9
  250. <CJ> OK Calpurnia. No need to roll, but the snow is stopping them burning - too wet!
  251. <CJ> Actually you rolled really well - roll again
  252. <Makara> (calpurnia will get her divine punishment soon)
  254. [Calpurnia make a good roll]
  256. <CJ> OK, a few small shrubs are now burning as Calpurnia touches them!
  258. <Baruch> I'll cast circle of beast warding around us
  259. <Helpax> "I'm kind of hungry. What's up with Edith?"
  260. <CJ> OK Baruch roll for the spell
  261. * Silas_ picks up Edith
  263. [Baruch make a good roll]
  264. <CJ> OK, what’s your Penetration Baruch?
  266. <CJ> She bites you again, and squaks so loudly you fera her eyes will pop out of her head!
  268. <Silas_> "ov! Edith! Calm down!"
  269. <Calpurnia> Oh didn't add aura
  271. [ Silas_ moves a bit away from Calpurnia]
  273. <CJ> Aura is 1 here
  274. <Baruch> "I have warded us against normal beasts. Please stay inside the ring."
  275. [ Calpurnia I walk into the ring]
  276. <CJ> Baruch has draw a large circle in the snow
  277. < Makara>"Yay, dancing ring!" Makara dance inside the ring
  278. <CJ> Gustabran how you reacting to all this weirdness?
  279. <Baruch> (Its' penetration is 5 but only works against normal beasta anyway)
  280. <Ramon> "I fear Sedala is already to big for a circle sized spell"
  281. <CJ> Giant growing pegasus, trees being set fire to, magic circles? :)
  282. [ Silas_ stays just within the ring]
  283. <Calpurnia> "well hurry the fire will probably stop them"
  284. <Ramon> "and se breaks it immedatly as soon she will touch it"
  285. <CJ> Edith: SQUEAK!
  286. <Helpax> "Fine....
  288. [Silas make a good roll on mind reading touch on Edith]
  289. <CJ> (Silas, 15 is enough I think. But you are sponting, so no luck)
  290. <Makara> (You can always ask makara :D )
  291. <Silas_> (never! :p)
  293. <Gustbran> *This is getting interesting* As he walks into the circle and prepares himself.
  295. [ Ramon put his equipment on the back of Sedala and try to get it somehow fixed]
  297. <Silas_> "Baruch, do you have some food left?"
  298. <Baruch> "Yes, here you go."
  299. <CJ> Edith: SQUEAK!
  300. <CJ> Edith ignores the food, and runs round frantically
  301. <Gustbran> *what's wrong with your mouse!*
  302. <Ramon> (Remember size 7 is small Dragon and that’s what is curently Sedala's size)
  303. <CJ> The Pegasus is now the size of a drake. Immense. It's wings send the snow flying, luckily beyond Baruch's carefully drawn ring
  305. [Calpurnia stares annoyingly at Edith]
  307. <Silas_> “ I don't know”
  308. <Silas_> *She maybe is scared of the wolfs"
  309. <Helpax> !roll 1d10+18 (Posing the Silent Question InMe 20, not counting aura, aimd at Edith)
  311. [Helpax make a great roll on Edith!]
  313. <CJ> (Edith to Helpax: it is my friend Polandus, and wolves he has sent! Don't harm them! He is the guardian of Saint Edmund's head"!
  315. <Silas_> (Hm do you use Mentem or Animal when reading minds of a human-mouse?)
  316. <CJ> (mentem as really human)
  317. <Class> "Whats all this romuculus? I trying to sleep"
  318. <Silas_> (how often can I cast those mind reading tricks? ^^')
  319. <CJ> as often as you like but unless you wait two minutes you are fatigued
  320. <Calpurnia> "Wolves so I suggest try to ignore them"
  321. <CJ> Helpax, you lose a level of fatigue and your spell works
  322. <Baruch> I'll take to flight and look at where the wolves are
  323. <Class> "We are leaving?"
  325. [Helpax make a good roll at failing Magic Addiction]
  326. <Makara> (…roll again for triple)
  327. <Helpax> (your kiddin...)
  330. <Calpurnia> "Unfortunately yes as the situation appears to give us no chance of success"
  331. <CJ> (Gustbran, if you are confused, don't worry so am I. Will all make more sense soon!)
  332. <Helpax> "The wolves are allies! Don't hurt them!"
  333. <Gustbran> (OK)
  334. <CJ> (see above Helpax)
  335. <Silas_> "Allies?"
  336. <CJ> OK Baruch, you grab your talisman and rise in to the air
  337. <Makara> (someone better stop the fire)
  338. <Calpurnia> "......well what are they doing then?"
  339. <Helpax> !roll 1d10+7 (Magic addiction roll cont.)
  340. <Calpurnia> (One momment)
  342. <CJ> you can see the wolves now, led by a truly beautiful large wolf, heading straight for the woods. You have a feeling you have seen that wolf before, eating fish with a cat!
  343. <Calpurnia> "Helpax tell ask her what they are doing."
  344. <Silas_> (That was Class, wasn't it? seeing the wolf and cat?)
  345. [Class swop down over the head of this wolf and say "good hunting"]
  346. <Gustbran> *Don't hurt them!? They sound awfully hungry!*
  347. <CJ> (Class and Baruch: Class was in boat, Baruch flew over)
  348. <Baruch> (Yeah, I remember that)
  349. <Makara> (would the fire turn to forest fire?)
  350. <Calpurnia> (Wait who's seeing this CJ?)
  352. <CJ> Class, the wolf looks at you and says "three crowns lost, and now the head"
  353. [ Class return]
  354. <Helpax> "The wolf's name is Polandus. The rest are his friends. Something about St Edmund's head."
  355. <Class> "He mentioned something about three crowns lost and now the head! But I don't understand this"
  356. <CJ> The owl has taken off and left the circle. A huge Pegasus called Sedala is in the circle. Gustbran is waiting to defend you as the wolves pad in. Helpax is talking to the mouse. Everyone else is in the circle
  357. <Calpurnia> "... fine I'll stop the fire" (1 moment as I choose the right spell)
  358. <CJ> Calpurnia, the snow is stopping the trees burning much
  359. <Calpurnia> (Might as well make it colder)
  360. <Class> "We the night dawns I will try to give edit the ability to speak but for now I get rest again"
  361. <Silas_> (including the necromancer?)
  362. <CJ> (Gustbran: my apologies; This must be the most confusing introduction to a game i have *ever* seen)
  363. <Baruch> (Haha)
  364. <Makara> (yet so familiar to the rest of us)
  366. <Baruch> I'll land in the circle again; I heard the bit about allies back then, so I won't try any measures for now
  367. <Silas_> (hehe yeah, it would only get better if Helpax had been twilighted)
  368. <Makara> (Helpax should keep casting for his addiction?)
  369. <CJ> Gustbran, you can see the shining eyes of wolves, now circling the wood, skulking among the trees
  370. <Gustbran> (hehe. I'm mostly here for the ride! I'll survive)
  371. <Gustbran> *I don't trust these wolves! I think they're looking for dinner!*
  372. <Calpurnia> "... who asked you?"
  373. <Baruch> "Calm down, please. It seems we are familiar with the leader of the pack; it is not an ordinary wolf."
  375. <CJ> The wolvbes appear to be making a circle round you, at the perimeter of the wood
  376. <Ramon> (After Ramon talked a bit with Sedala she try to put out on of the fires with her cold breath)
  377. <CJ> Sedal extinguishes the fires them, as does Calpurnia - no need to roll, Calpurnia is a real ice maiden :)
  378. <Calpurnia> "You have come for a purpose state it!" I yell in latin to the wolves
  380. <Silas_> (Foresooth! Me thinkest thou no ordinary talking chicken!)
  381. <Silas_> (I couldn't help it)
  382. <Gustbran> leers at it with every ounce of precaution
  383. <Makara> "Foresooth! Me thinkest thou no ordinary talking wolf!
  384. <Makara> (because I can.)
  385. <Silas_> (hehe)
  387. <CJ> OK everyone, a magnificent silver wolf walks calmly towards the circle
  388. <CJ> Edith "squeak!"
  389. <CJ> calmly towards even
  390. <CJ> Class, make a personality roll – just d10+3 for your Heartbeast
  391. <Silas_> "..." Helps Edith approach the wolf
  392. <CJ> The wolf is 15 paces away and closing
  394. [Class make a decent roll]
  396. <CJ> Class is just resisting the urge to eat that mouse -- by one! :)
  397. <Silas_> (lol)
  398. <Makara> (wolf resisting the urge to eat group -- by one!)
  399. <CJ> The wolf stops, and eyes you all
  400. <Helpax> (why do I drop out when I attempt to cast
  401. [Class is above the pegasus on the sadle Ramon try to fix somehow)
  402. <CJ> (if a problem Helpax I can roll for you)
  403. <Helpax> (Did the spell work? i kinda missed it)
  404. <Silas_> (hmm which spell?)
  405. <Baruch> (Which spell?)
  406. <Silas_> (I have a feeling we were all scrolling up there :p )
  408. <CJ> Wolf Polandus: "Gustbran of Nigrasaxa, your uncle is dead, and Edith is his daughter - your niece. Yet you have allowed her to become a mouse! You must now take on the family's terrible duty Gustbran!"
  410. [Class makes a great roll to enlarge the leather of the Saddle on the now enlarged Pegasus]
  412. <CJ> Suddnly Sedala's saddle becomes huge, and now fits the immense Pegasus
  413. <Calpurnia> (yeah you used the right symbol)
  414. <Silas_> "Wait..."
  415. <Gustbran> (What symbol am I supposed to be using then?)
  416. <CJ> The wolf eyes Gustbran with a curious expression
  417. <Helpax> (I was trying to continue reading Edith's mind, to find out what the wolf was upto. He just told us)
  418. <Helpax> "She won't stay a mouse."
  419. <Silas_> "Edith is of the Nigrasxa covernant?"
  420. <Class> (roll was without aura as I don't know how strong it is here still)
  422. <CJ> Edith to Helpax "Gustbran is a cousin or something. Dad is dead. He guarded the crown, but Stephen took it!"
  423. <Makara> (still 7)
  424. <Calpurnia> "... wait what didn't we find her in Liberlias?"
  425. <Helpax> "...I thought she was from Libelles?"
  426. <CJ> She is from Libellus. they are 28 miles apaprt
  427. <Gustbran> "Oh, This can't BE!!!!" As he stares at the mouse in disbelief!
  428. <Calpurnia> (what a twist)
  429. <Silas_> (DUN DUN DUNNN!!)
  430. <Makara> (I am your father moment)
  431. <Silas_> (or.. uncle)
  432. <Makara> (I am your mouse daughter moment)
  433. <Silas_> (Luke! I am your uncle!)
  434. <Calpurnia> (Later we learn Makara is Calpurnia's brother yet at the same time her father)
  435. <Makara> (Path of walking backward, hurr hurr)
  436. <Helpax> "Who's Stephen and tell me more about this crown he took..."
  437. <Silas_> (Stephen was the arch magus of Liabelles, not sure if Helpax knows tho)
  438. <Calpurnia> (Nope 3.... DUN DUN DAHHHH)
  440. <Helpax> "This Crown stuff is that promise thing, isn't it?"
  441. <Makara> "So we need to get the head to put the crown on it or something?”
  442. <Baruch> (Silas & Helpax: Silas told us the last time that Stephen was going to kill Edith and thus mousefied her. This is apparaently the reason.)
  443. <Helpax> (WHAT?!? No one messes with our pet grog!)
  444. <CJ> (Gustbran, you were from a village called Long Melford, but had to leave because of a misunderstanding. Your uncle was a kind man, a soldier. He had a baby daughter called Edith when you left. After you left you joined the wizard's at Nigrasaxa)
  445. <Gustbran> (For the purposes of speaking with the other characters, I should be using " not * right?)
  446. <CJ> (yep, cos you are using your Latin)
  447. <Gustbran> (wouldn't that make me a cousin rather than a niece?)
  448. <CJ> (Yep, sorry - you are Edith's cousin)
  449. <Ramon> (me need to look up the difficulty again for giving Edith her voice temporary)
  450. <Silas_> (and back)
  451. <CJ> (OK, anyone got magic lore the ability???)
  452. <Helpax> "And Archmagus Stephen backstabbed you something fierce"
  453. <Calpurnia> (But he has latin 2 which is broken latin)
  454. <Baruch> (nope)
  455. <Makara> (nope)
  456. <Calpurnia> (no)
  457. <Ramon> (Huh Ramon have it)
  458. <Ramon> (Dont remember if it was on intention or by mistake)
  459. <Baruch> (Roll, Ramon)
  460. <CJ> (Ramon has Magic Lore? Anyone else?)
  461. <Silas_> (no lore, my character like me is clueless in most areas :p )
  463. <Ramon> (what atribute? INT?)
  464. <CJ> INT
  466. [Ramon made the weakest roll]
  468. <Ramon> (Ok not with this roll)
  469. <CJ> It is now clear the wolves are guarding you. Polandus has retreated and is growling orders to them in wolf. They silently sit facing the edge of the woods
  470. <CJ> nope ;)
  471. <Gustbran> is in shock from the revelation.
  472. <Calpurnia> (Oh yeah I forgot the skyies darkened)
  473. <Ramon> (OK it was on intention because Magic Creatures is in this as well)
  474. * Silas_ holds out Edith to Gustbran
  475. <Baruch> "Polandus, does something seem to be the matter? We are leaving for our covenant soon."
  477. <CJ> (Gustbran, you have no idea of any family secret, but your grandfather was quite mad, spending all his days in the woods near Bradford St George, mutterring to himself. He became a sort of mad hermit after his won father died)
  478. <Makara> "What should we do now, Mr.wolf!?"
  479. <Gustbran> "What secret is it that you speak of, wolf?"
  480. [Helpax follows Edith]
  481. <Gustbran> whist looking at edith "I know of nothing"
  482. <Helpax> "We could use your help on this one. Your cousin's not as well versed as you"
  483. <Helpax> !roll 1d10+18 (not including aura, posing the silent Q)
  485. [Helpax make another great roll on Posing the Silent spell]
  486. <CJ> OK Helpax you cast it
  487. <CJ> Edith to Helpax "Dad guarded the sacred silver crown buried in Haegisdun Wood near Bradfield. it's our family duty. Stephen persuaded him to let him did it up, somehow. But I made Stephen promise that if anything bad ahppened, or dad died, he would bury it again! There is a curse on it!
  489. <CJ> Polandus returns, and looks at you Makara. "Three crowns from sanctuary unearthed/ the head ripped from Tower's sacred turf/ the chains that bind the dragons are now rent/ and the kings of England's time is now spent"
  490. <Silas_> "Curious"
  492. [Makara ponder the enigma terms]
  494. <Silas_> [musing out loud] "The kings of England's time is now spent? - they are about to be overthrown?"
  495. <CJ> Polandus turns, and walks wearily away
  496. <Silas_> "Wait! Ergh- mr. Wolf?"
  497. * Silas_ moves to follow Polandus
  498. <Helpax> "SO Stephen has this cursed crown still? Let's get it back! Hey Polandus, you coming?"
  499. <CJ> The wolf is running, east at speed. The other wolves stay around the wood, watching intently
  500. <CJ> Anyone flying?
  501. <Ramon> "What’s up? We are now suddenly not returning to the covenant?"
  502. <Baruch> (Nope, no-one flying at the moment)
  503. <CJ> Ramon, make a Per + Awareness roll!
  504. <Helpax> "We've got an Archmagus to declare Wizard's War on!"
  505. <CJ> You are sitting on top of giant Sedala the Pegaus yes?
  506. <CJ> :)
  507. <Silas_> "so much for asking him where those prophesy came from..."
  508. <Ramon> (Yes as Class do but Class probably try to sleep)
  509. <Calpurnia> "Uhh isn't there a huge legal thing we have to do first Helpax before we can attack?"
  510. <Baruch> "Helpax, yes, well, if we must, then I would rather prepare for a bit and wait out these dragon problems."
  511. <Makara> "Better get that out of the way~"
  512. <Ramon> !roll 1d10+2 (Ramon Awearness +1 if Body Language)
  514. [Ramon makes the weakest roll]
  515. <CJ> OK, you don't notice anyone
  517. <Silas_> "Helpax, why a wizard war? And cursed crown?"
  518. <Baruch> "I say we leave at once, this is getting more troublesome by the minute."
  519. [ Helpax rolls his eyes]
  520. <Gustbran> "I... I agree."
  521. * Silas_ cast Edith a sympathetic look
  522. <Baruch> (Oh yeah, right, I didn't hear the discussion with Edith)
  523. [Calpurnia climbs onto the giant Pegasus]
  524. [Baruch climbs on as well]
  525. <Helpax> "We need a Wizard's War to make it legal. Fortunately we have a good excuse: they slanded us. Plus, this Crown's curse is linked to the dragons!"
  527. <CJ> Who speaks Breton?
  528. <Makara> (I speak Breton)
  529. <CJ> Makara Int + Breton
  531. [Makara makes a great doubling roll]
  532. <CJ> Makara, you know the ancient Breton poems sung by the Troubadours. I have messaged you
  533. <Makara> (ahhhh cj spamming the whole wikipedia on me ahhhh)
  534. <CJ> (yep!)
  535. <CJ> (You can summaries the important bits if any Makara here!)
  536. <Makara> "Brân the Blessed ("Blessed Raven") is a giant and king of Britain in mythology. Long story short, his head got cut off, but it For seven years the seven survivors stay in Harlech, where they are entertained by Bendigeidfran's head, which continues to speak. They......later move on to Gwales (often identified with Grassholm Island off Dyfed) where they live for eighty years without...
  537. <Makara> ...perceiving the passing of time. Eventually, Heilyn fab Gwyn opens the door of the hall facing Cornwall and the sorrow of what had befallen them returns. As instructed they take the now silent head to the Gwynfryn, the "White Hill" (thought to be the location where the Tower......of London now stands), where they bury it facing France so as to ward off invasion.
  539. <Silas_> "None of this makes any sense to me... it may be best if we found a safe place to gather our thoughts - so, yeah"
  540. <Helpax> "WHich means, they just put the whole tribunal at risk!"
  541. * Helpax laughs\
  542. <Calpurnia> "And how does winning the crown back stop the dragons?"
  543. <Helpax> "They killed a primus! We are so going to crush them"
  544. [Silas_ stares at Helpax like he didn't understand a word he said]
  545. <Silas_> "What?"
  546. [ Helpax laughs again]
  547. <Calpurnia> "ALL ABOARD!!!!!"
  548. <Helpax> "The Crown that Edith and Gustbran are supposed to protect."
  549. <Silas_> "-Why- would you want to declare war on him"
  550. <Helpax> "The one the magic wolf told us about."
  551. * Silas_ looks at Calpurnia
  552. <Silas_> "Right.."
  553. * Silas_ puts Edith into the sleeve and joins the others on the Pegasus
  554. <Calpurnia> (Is Class on the Pegasus?)
  555. <Helpax> "It's cursed. According to that prophecy, there is three of them. And if they aren't delt with propperly, Dragons get out."
  556. <Baruch> "Would you please climb on Sedala, please, so we can leave? Worry about wizard wars later?"
  557. [Class sit on a wood plank of the sadle]
  558. <Silas_> "Three what? Make sense!"
  559. <Makara> "Oh oh I know a poem about this!"
  560. <CJ> (Someone explain Sedala to Gustbran!)
  561. <Helpax> "Stephen of Libelles stole one. He's kept it from it's rightful guardians"
  562. <Silas_> "Three crowns?" [recalling the prophesy]
  563. <Ramon> (There are some wood parts to keep the backpack stable)
  564. <Calpurnia> "And what proof do we have of this?"
  565. <Helpax> "Then he had the balls to blame us, slander us in front of the whole tribunal..."
  566. <Makara> (I will just post the info on the forum later...)
  567. <Silas_> "..."
  568. <Silas_> "Helpax"
  570. <CJ> Ramon, another Per + Awareness please
  571. <CJ> Gustbran, please test your Perception + Awareness too
  572. <Baruch> (I'm on Sedala too, now, do I get to roll?)
  573. <CJ> Yep, Baurch, sure
  575. [Ramon makes the weakest roll]
  576. [Baruch makes the weakest roll]
  577. [Gustbran makes the weakest roll]
  578. <CJ> Everyone is rolling badly today
  579. <CJ> but by now you can all hear wolves whimpering form the direction of Stonehenge
  580. <CJ> They sound scared, intimidated, defeated
  582. <Calpurnia> "and"
  583. <Helpax> "WHILE putting EVERYONE at risk."
  584. <Calpurnia> "Again where is your proof Helpax?"
  585. <Helpax> "He's as bad as she is. I am going to kill him."
  586. <Silas_> "Archmage Stephen, while he may be a bastard of a brainless goat, didn't blame us or slander us at the Tribuneral"
  587. <Helpax> "Oh? So why were we charged with destroying his covenant's resources?"
  588. <CJ> Edith is squeaking now, but happily
  589. <Ramon> (Sedala is a snow white horse with feather-wings for the people don't know about her so fare)
  590. <Helpax> "And that doesn't change the fact he endangered everyone. He brought the dragons."
  591. <Calpurnia> (helpax it was Fabricor)
  592. <CJ> Class is looking hungrily at her? :)
  593. <Silas_> "I don't know who charged us, maybe it was that crazy pyromaniac that Calpurnia hung out with! - But Stephen didn't know what had happened"
  594. <Calpurnia> "Those dragons were already here"
  595. <Helpax> (He brought the news. And I'm Tytlas, remember? I want conflict)
  596. [Class already try to sleep again beside he haved something to breakfeast]
  597. <Helpax> "But they were sealed. He let them out."
  598. <Calpurnia> "But again what actual proof do you have Helpax. With out solid proof you are the one who is being the aggresor"
  599. <Helpax> "How many Magi are dead, for his pride, his arrogance?"
  600. <Helpax> "Because he knew better?"
  601. <Ramon> "everyone on Sedalas back who want to the covenant?"
  603. <Baruch> "Come, now, everyone! Let us be off already! Discuss all this later, will you!"
  604. <Helpax> "And that is not counting the ungifted."
  605. <Calpurnia> Whispering "Baruch, he isn't going to leave."
  606. <Helpax> "So be it, but England's fate lies dying while Stephen lives!"
  607. * Ramon is put something in his bowl and a needle above it
  608. <Calpurnia> "He will die with it then"
  609. * Helpax charges through the door
  610. <Calpurnia> (what door?)
  611. <Helpax> (Sorry tired)
  612. <Silas_> "What was with the wolves?" [looking to Baruch] "did something happen?
  613. <Gustbran> "It sounds as though the wolves may have run into trouble..."
  614. <CJ> East North East Ramon
  615. * Helpax charges after the wolves
  616. <CJ> Helpax, you see the wolves have fallen back
  617. <Calpurnia> "... can leave"
  618. <Helpax> "Well then, who's up for saving a country?"
  619. <CJ> You then see Iudicium, the chief Quaesitor approaching, apparently having warded the wolves away from him
  620. [ Silas_ slumps on top of the Pegasus]
  621. [ Calpurnia stares at Helpax with a stare even Makara couldn’t obtain]
  622. <CJ> The dragon tattoo on his cheek spirals weirdly
  623. <Silas_> [to himself] why? I just want some rest...
  624. <CJ> He sees you, and looks worried
  625. <Ramon> (Ohh man so thanks to helpax we didn't get away)
  627. <CJ> "Stop Helpax! Stay there, and explain yourself!" the Queasitor shouts
  628. <Calpurnia> (We can still fly away)
  629. <CJ> he sounds deeply menacing
  630. <Silas_> "We can't let him go alone..."
  631. <Calpurnia> "He chose his path"
  632. <Helpax> "Bloody hell, Ice Princess. I'm not letting Evil win again."
  633. <Calpurnia> "As all of us must do"
  634. [ Silas_ dismounts and moves towards Helpax, at a somewhat slower pace]
  636. <CJ> Right apart from Gutbran I think still standing on floor, and Helpax, everyone is on pegaus - oh and Silas too now
  637. [ Makara is still dancing on the ring the whole time!]
  638. <CJ> Makara, you can see the queasitor Iudicium too
  640. [ Ramon looks worried at Silas]
  641. <Helpax> "He may have chosen his path, but I won't let others suffer because of it."
  642. <Baruch> "Quaesitor! What is the situation back at Stonehenge?"
  644. <CJ> OK, Silas, Gutsbran, Helpax can all see Iudicium
  645. <CJ> He has a spell he is concentrating on
  646. <CJ> the wolves stay thirty paces from him, snarling
  648. [ Helpax goes to Iudicium, but holds where the wolves are]
  649. <Helpax> "We need to talk."
  650. <CJ> "Helpax, I hereby command you to surrender to justice!" shouts Iudiciusm
  651. [ Silas_ follows, casting a worried look to Helpax]
  652. <Silas_> " [whispering] what did you do?"
  654. <CJ> OK, roll Quickness + weapon skill Initiative modified, or just Quickness + dice folks
  655. <Gustbran> (how do you do that in character action?)
  657. [Everyone rolled high on Initiative!]
  658. <Silas_> (loads of high rolls just now)
  659. <Helpax> (Just wait until we start spellslinging)
  660. <Helpax> (and yes)
  661. <Makara> (we are clearly just self defense)
  662. <Silas_> (aye, then we'll be back in the gutter)
  663. <Baruch> (Well, you should consider that blasting him would probably get us in trouble, and he's not likely going to go against all of us and the wolves alone)
  664. <CJ> Ouch, Iudicium botched his initiative
  665. <Makara> (KILL HIM)
  666. <Ramon> (^^)
  668. <CJ> Sorry, Gustbran you first - what you up to
  669. <CJ> A wizard you don’t know but who is clearly hostile has ebntered the woods :)
  670. <Silas_> (you can wait if you want, to get a feel for what happens)
  671. <Makara> (Do it one-shot character!)
  672. [Gustbran throws caution into the wind and goes for the kill physically]
  673. <Makara> (ahhh! that was a joke!)
  675. <CJ> The wolves have fallen back from him
  676. <Helpax> (I'm holding my action until Iudicium. Helpax still thinks they can talk this out. Mental conflict and all that)
  677. <CJ> Gustbran charges with spear and shield!
  678. <Ramon> (Ohh my)
  679. <Baruch> (haha)
  680. <CJ> OK GUstbran you make an attack roll at +9 please
  681. <Makara> (Oh well, screw hermetic law)
  682. <CJ> I'll roll the magi's defense
  683. <Gustbran> (come on lady luck!)
  685. [Iudicium rolled weakly]
  686. [Gustbran rolled decently]
  688. <CJ> So Gustbran scores 12, I score 4. Attack advantage of 8
  689. <Calpurnia> (ow)
  690. <CJ> Damage +7
  691. <Makara> (head on a plate)
  692. <Silas_> (not as bad as that snowball though)
  693. <Gustbran> (You guys better help me out here!)
  694. <CJ> = 15. Iudiciusm Terram gives him a soak of 2, -1 for his stamina
  695. <Helpax> "Try not to kill him Gustbran. We need to sign off on the War."
  696. <CJ> So final damage is 14. He falls to the snow, screaming in agony with a heavy wound.
  697. <Baruch> (You wouldn't have time for that:)
  698. <Calpurnia> "He isn't a magus so yeah"
  699. <CJ> The spear has run straight through his stomach
  700. <Gustbran> "No guarantees in this sort of thing"
  702. <CJ> Makara, your action please :)
  703. <Makara> ehhhhh .....
  704. <Helpax> (Damn, You really did a number on him.)
  705. <Makara> (what's the plan guys?)
  706. <Calpurnia> (I'm surprised he lived)
  707. <Silas_> (haha!)
  709. <CJ> (Gustbran has just run through the chief judge of the whole country, the Presiding Queasitor of Stonehenge Tribunal)
  710. <Helpax> "...ok then, anyone know first aid?"
  711. <Calpurnia> "nope
  712. <Makara> (oh god, the tribunal we have to work for the next seven years!)
  713. <CJ> OK, Makara your action?
  714. <Calpurnia> (F it all makara kill him since you know he would kill you remember the warning
  715. [ Makara ask the nearby wolf what their leader would do.]
  716. [ Ramon is sure the Concentration based spell is now broken]
  717. <Helpax> (And one of the few higher authorities is dead. Yay....)
  718. <CJ> The wolf looks at you hungrily, but says nothing - the wolves are now creeping towards the bloodied screaming man, his spell broken now as he has ceased to concentrate
  719. <CJ> Helpax, your action please
  720. <Calpurnia> "Leave him, it's over for him"
  721. <CJ> (Calpurnia the Merciful! lol!)
  722. [ Helpax rushes to the dying Magi]
  723. <CJ> Helpax, your action?
  724. <Makara> (A gift to our fine necromancer?)
  725. <Calpurnia> (You can't save him and he will probably stab you)
  726. <Helpax> "I still don't know what he planned to charge me with. I'd rather not have him die"
  727. <CJ> You reach him, and he is clearly in a very bad way. He looks at you and says "You traitors will all die for this!"
  728. <CJ> Baruch your action please?
  729. <Makara> (He's like our co-worker :s )
  730. <Calpurnia> "Hmf again let the wolves handle it."
  731. <Helpax> "Not traitors, bongo here is one of Stephens men and didn't understand the situation."
  732. <Baruch> I'll run over to him and cast the wolf circle around him
  733. <Makara> "Oh dear, oh dear..."
  734. <Helpax> "Now shut up while I try to save you."
  735. <Ramon> (baruch your on sedalas back you probably dont make it)
  736. <Baruch> (Oh yeah, forgot about that)
  737. <Makara> (bleed out~)
  738. <Baruch> I'll fly over to him and cast the wolf circle, should make it like that maybe?
  739. [Calpurnia swings head away at the idiocy displayed here]
  740. <Helpax> (I don't have medicine, what can I do to save him...or buy him time?)
  741. <CJ> Baruch just roll to cast :)
  742. <CJ> Silas your action please?
  744. [Baruch make a good roll]
  746. <Silas_> Run to his side "He needs some aid, quick!"
  747. <CJ> OK cast successfully. The wolves back off from Helpax, Gustbran and the fallen Iudiciuum
  748. <Silas_> If I can squeeze in a spell too ^^
  749. <CJ> Silas you jump the circle and get in to him.
  750. <CJ> Yep cast your spell!
  751. <Makara> "Should we take him back to our convenant?"
  752. <Ramon> (Ohh man so he now he even is saved to kill us all in the next day)
  753. <Calpurnia> "no"
  754. <Gustbran> "Leave that Necromancer be! You heard him! He'd kill you given the chance!"
  755. <Makara> (he's not the necromancer~)
  756. <Gustbran> (whoops)
  757. <Makara> (Now I see why you attack)
  758. <Helpax> "I'd rather not, I don't think he'd last that long anyway."
  760. [Silas rolled highly on Perception of conflicting motives spell]
  762. <CJ> He is looking for evidence of a conspiracy, and believes you all involved. He wants justice, nay vengeance, on Gustbran and you all. He has no mercy in his soul
  763. <Helpax> "He's not the Nercomancer, he is a Judge. The highest ranked in this part of England."
  764. <CJ> Ramon, your action please? (and Sedala's)
  765. [Gustbran backs up and goes pale!]
  766. <Ramon> (Good its just a oneshoot char as he will not survive this for sure. If he was killed then he might survive depending on the action of the withnesser but so he is dead)
  767. <Calpurnia> (yep he is as dead as dead)
  768. [ Ramon look surprised and hold of action]
  769. <Makara> (But he supposes to bear some sort of important task or responsibility according to prophecy)
  770. <Silas_> "He thinks we had something to do with a conspiracy, something including Gustbran?" [looks at the man, not really trusting him]
  771. <CJ> CAlpurnia your action please?
  772. <Gustbran> (secretly hopes the hostile mage dies anyway!)
  773. <Silas_> (As long as it is secretly ^^)
  774. [ Calpurnia look down at Class "This can only end one way, someone dies"]
  775. <Makara> (People can summon his ghost and we are screw)
  776. <Helpax> "By the way, Gustbran...You're coming with us. For now, until we find another Judge."
  777. <Calpurnia> (I'm delaying it)
  778. <Gustbran> "Well, what was I supposed to do!? I think he'd have killed us regardless from how he looked at us!"
  779. <Ramon> (btw just to reminding Class was helping the wounded at the Libelas but have his eyes closed)
  780. <Helpax> (Can I attempt an unskilled medicine or chirugy skill roll)
  781. <Calpurnia> "No, as he has commited a crime if we help him we are considered with him."
  782. <Helpax> (Please? He ides, and we're screwed...)
  783. <Silas_> (If Silas doesn't make it I am going to have to do a character with a bit of rego and muta and corpus, cause divination is only driving me so far ^^)
  785. [CJ make a decent roll]
  787. <CJ> So that's 12. Iudicium tries to cast a spell, but needs 15 as wounded so badly for his concentration roll to cast. he fails, as his agonized cries ruin the spell
  788. <CJ> OK, those of who held your actions, do you wish to act now? Ramon and Calpurnia?
  789. <Calpurnia> I'll keep holding it
  791. <CJ> OK, back to Gustbran!
  792. <Silas_> (stab him again! :p )
  793. <Gustbran> (What are my options here!)
  794. <Ramon> (OK Ramon don't know healing so he let handle tha mages this but write down what he see!)
  795. <Makara> (lick his wound like a cat)
  796. <Helpax> (Or fix him up, whatever)
  797. <Calpurnia> (Kill him)
  798. <CJ> Anything you want. What you doing?
  799. <Makara> (tell him a bed time story)
  800. <Helpax> (Either way, I get a kick out of this)
  801. <Silas_> (if you want a spell then try saying what you intend, the clever people likely know what you are going to need)
  802. <Calpurnia> (Run for the hills)
  803. <Makara> (commit seppuku)
  804. <Calpurnia> (agreed with Makara)
  805. <Baruch> (He's not a mage, Silas :)
  806. <Ramon> (yes killing him off and then run is your only chance as the magus maybe will let you go)
  807. <Silas_> (need a sword for that though, not a spear)
  808. <Calpurnia> (hey you saying you can't kill yourself with a spear?)
  809. <Makara> (He doesn't seems the type to run)
  810. <Silas_> (I'm saying it wouldn't be seppuku)
  812. <Gustbran> (I'm not running, and I thought you needed the injured mage alive)
  813. <CJ> (you do have Chirurgery which is surgery skill - and plenty of weapon skills too!)
  814. <Makara> (use that~~~~)
  815. <Silas_> (also, wasn't Gustbran a mage? /facepalm I need to read more carefully)
  816. <Helpax> (Helpax needs him alive. And he might be useful. The guy is an arse though)
  817. <Calpurnia> (No he wasn't)
  818. <Makara> (gustbran a warrior or something)
  819. <Ramon> (No he is a unGifted)
  820. <CJ> OK Gustbran, what you doing?
  821. <Calpurnia> (And wants to kill you)
  822. <Gustbran> "I humbly apologize, ser mage, but you clearly looked to kill us all" goes to chirurgery.
  823. <CJ> OK, Dex + Chirurgery. You get a 1 as your specialty is binding wounds
  824. <Makara> (botch it botch it)
  825. <Silas_> (lol)
  826. [Helpax sighs]
  828. [Gustbran make a weak roll]
  830. <Helpax> "He didn't get a chance to talk it out..."
  831. <Makara> "He is casting a spell..."
  832. <CJ> Gustbran tries but fails to stabilize the wound
  834. <CJ> Makara, your action/
  835. <Makara> (is blood a pure element?)
  836. <CJ> (Nope!)
  837. <CJ> (Consists of four humours hence not pure element)
  838. <Makara> Welp delayed action then
  840. <CJ> Helpax
  841. <CJ> your action?
  842. <CJ> Actually the threat is over, so back to normal now
  843. <CJ> OK, what are you all doing?
  844. <Helpax> "Is there a way I can help, or should I just leave you to it then?"
  845. <Helpax> (Gimme a moment, looking up aid another)
  846. <CJ> Iudicium is beeding to death despite Gustbran's attempts to bind the wound he just made!
  847. <CJ> Everyone, actions please?
  849. [ Class fly down to the wounded and use Restoration of the Defiled Body ]
  851. <Silas_> I'll try a calming spell, just so he doesn't make it worse for himself - and to ease the passing if he does
  852. [Gustbran is panicking over what a crappy day he's having!]
  853. [ Calpurnia sits on Pegasus staring at idiots]
  854. <Makara> "ahhh I only know how to heal animal! Anyone can turn him into a mouse or something?"
  855. <CJ> As the Owl lands on the feet of Iudicium, make some strange Owl sounds and something very strange happens...
  856. <Calpurnia> (You have it active already remember you talked to Calpurnia)
  857. [Ramon and Sedala fly up a bit to have stonehenge in view]
  858. <CJ> His wound stops bleeding completely
  859. <CJ> The pain leaves him
  861. <CJ> But he still has a gaping hole in his stomach!
  862. <CJ> Iudicum sits up.
  863. <Silas_> "..."
  864. <Gustbran> "..."
  865. <Helpax> "Are you going to be ok?"
  866. * Silas_ takes a step backwards
  867. <Calpurnia> (Oh the miracles of modern magic)
  868. <CJ> "I don’t know what you are doing, but I will defeat you all!" He says. "Your conspiracy will fail!"
  869. <Makara> "No, no, we are not the conspirator"
  870. <CJ> ***Woomph!****
  871. <Ramon> "What conspiracy?"
  872. <Helpax> "What Conspiracy?!?"
  873. <CJ> Iudicium vanishes
  874. <Ramon> (Ohh man)
  877. <Calpurnia> -_-
  878. <Calpurnia> (And NEVER EVER RETURNING HERE!!!!!!)
  879. <Silas_> (holy shite)
  880. <Makara> OR WE CAN FIND HIM NOW
  881. <Silas_> (makes you glad you have a flying city to return to huh?)
  882. <Class> "We need to decide what to do with this one" pointing at Gustbran
  883. <Calpurnia> (Unless of course if the Dragons destroy the place)
  884. <Helpax> (back)
  885. <Makara> "Take him with us, he's part of the prophecy”
  886. <Calpurnia> "No"
  887. <Calpurnia> "His duty remember requires him to stay here"
  888. <Class> "You realy want to take someone trying to murder a magus with us?"
  889. <Makara> "He's Edith's great father's son's consin's brother's mother's sister's friend
  890. =-= Ramon is now known as Class
  891. <Helpax> "We're tied to him now. Might as well stay and sort this crown stuff out."
  892. <Gustbran> "It wasn't a Murder!" he retorts! "It was self defense!"
  893. <Silas_> "..."
  894. <Makara> "Well, he is casting a spell..."
  895. <Gustbran> "And besides, he lived!"
  896. <Calpurnia> "As he is the law here it's what he says it is"
  897. <Class> "That dont mater much as you are a mundan"
  898. * Silas_ sits on the ground
  899. <Helpax> "Even if we don't take him with us, we're getting blamed for what he did."
  900. <Gustbran> "..."
  901. <Calpurnia> "Either way don't forget we are not to interfere with the mundane"
  902. <Makara> "Oh right."
  903. <Helpax> "If we help him, we might be able to clear our names."
  904. * Helpax laughs
  905. <CJ> (back)
  906. <Silas_> "Gustbran was tied it Nigaxxis though, right?" [looks to Gustbran]
  907. <Makara> "But we already break some law anyway, I think?"
  909. <Helpax> "We're not. We're trying to undo the damage done by someone who has."
  910. * Gustbran sighs in slight despair.
  911. <Silas_> "Nigrasaxa" "niggi.."
  913. <Gustbran> "All because of some stupid silver..."
  914. <Baruch> "I suspect we would be best off staying. This is too grave an offence to flee from; members of the Order would surely find us."
  915. <Calpurnia> "AnD YOU WANT TO MAKE IT WORSE!!"
  916. <Silas_> [small voice] "stop shounting!"
  917. <Class> "I leave it up to you to sort this!" says this and fly up to sedala
  918. <CJ> (Note: finding the city is far from easy!)
  919. <Baruch> "We must return to the tribunal and explain ourselves."
  920. * Calpurnia still on Sedala "And be executed"
  921. =-= Class is now known as Ramon
  922. <Makara> "Destiny won't leave us executed... yet"
  923. <Makara> "Maybe one or two of us... maybe"
  924. <Silas_> "Calm down, please. Everyone" [looks exhausted]
  925. * Makara keep mumbling
  926. <Ramon> (Anything happening at stonehenge?)
  927. <Silas_> "too much is happening"
  928. <Calpurnia> "Destiny is not a linear path. As we have seen things do change and things we once thought could be something else. Hell this destiny you are talking about may not even be talking about us"
  929. <Silas_> "Would any of you really return home now and tell them we were responsible for starting what may lead us to war?"
  930. <Makara> "So we shall split path?"
  931. <CJ> Ramon, looking over the treetops you can see many magi have left, but the others are clustered around the centre of the stones deep in discussion
  932. <Calpurnia> "Yeah as it wasn't me who attacked him"
  933. <Ramon> (Calpurina you cant talk with the others right now except for shouting as Sedala have fly up a bit)
  934. <Silas_> "With a gaping hole in his stomached I don't think he much cares who was or wasn't present"
  935. <Calpurnia> (I've been shouting basically the whole time, might as well make that shouting too)
  936. <Makara> "But he's a reasonable judge... right?"
  937. <Helpax> "It wasn't me either, Calpurnia"
  938. <Helpax> "And I don't think so Makara."
  939. <Calpurnia> "True, though aparrently he thought you were something *smiles*"
  940. <Makara> "We could be subjected to a true spell in court and all will be clear"
  941. * Gustbran has somehow wound up holding edith, looking sad.
  942. <Ramon> (Any sight of the dragons as the tail was broken trough when we left)
  943. <Calpurnia> "uhh you forget you did steal from you know who Makara so yeah"
  944. <Helpax> "I am something" Helpax pause for a moment and flashes Calpurnia a smile. "I'm a Magus."
  945. <Makara> "Hmm, I was just keeping it for them until they ask it back actually."
  946. <Silas_> "Listen, we need to explain ourselves. We also need to... wrap up this issue with archmagus Stephan - and there are these riddles and... propheses.."
  947. <Calpurnia> Looks at Ramon "Your thoughts?"
  948. <Helpax> "We should see if we can find any other Magi. We may need allies in short order and any infomation could be helpful."
  949. * Silas_ nods at Helpax
  950. <Calpurnia> "Ahh but allies for what Helpax?" smiling
  951. <Makara> "We might had make an enemy of nigraxia already, so their rival?"
  952. <Ramon> (Calpurina either your up in the air with Ramon then you can only talk with him or on the ground and then you cant talk with him)
  953. <CJ> RAmon, you notice a group of grogs have left Nigrasaxa's encampment - three armed men, dressed as Gustbran. They are carrying a coiled noose, and seem to be tracking something
  954. <Calpurnia> (I'm yelling and am in talking distance of Ramon)
  955. <Gustbran> "uh oh"
  956. <CJ> Shouting is heard anywhere in the wood :)
  957. * Ramon land again
  958. <Calpurnia> (smiles)
  959. <Gustbran> "Anyone but him! Not NOW!"
  960. <Helpax> "Take your pick Calpurnia. Take your pick."
  961. <Silas_> "What is wrong?"
  962. <Calpurnia> "Hmm Ramon you still haven't answered"
  963. <Ramon> to Gustbran "looks like some of your Friends are searching for something here in the woods"
  964. <Gustbran> "Look! You've got to do something!"
  965. <CJ> The grogs are now walking towards the woods, purposefully, hefting their spears!
  966. <Helpax> "I think we need to move now. Unless you don't want to live long enough for a trial Gustbran."
  967. <Gustbran> "I agree!"
  968. <Helpax> "Which way"
  969. * Silas_ rises from the ground
  970. <Helpax> *?
  971. * Helpax gets up
  972. <Makara> "Maybe to Stonehenge?"
  973. <Silas_> "I don't think that is the best way..."
  974. <CJ> Baruch, what you up to?
  975. * Silas_ is too tired to argue
  976. <Gustbran> "Anyway but to that stupid Maximum Anus! Please!"
  977. <Ramon> "Yes after what happend here its maybe the best to get this offender soon into the hands of the justice"
  978. <Silas_> (<- didn't get to sleep before the wizard exam and is still walking. Almost as impressive as Freespace still being awake ^^)
  979. * Ramon makes agains some notes
  980. <CJ> the grogs seem pretty grim as they carry their noose and walk towards the trees, c;early looking for someone
  981. <Makara> "Should we go home and wrote a lots of letter to the red caps to explain the situation?"
  982. <Calpurnia> "Either way Helpax you can go to stonehenge and explain our situation. Gustbran you MUST go to stonehenge. I'll wait here"
  983. <Helpax> "You realise you have to explain that now Gustbran. Calpurnia...I think I might need you, but if you want to stay, can you stall them?"
  984. <Silas_> (... who calls their child Max Anus? really..)
  985. <Calpurnia> "Stall who........."
  986. [ Helpax grabs Gustbran and starts off toward Stonehenge.]
  988. <CJ> (Silas Int + Order of Hermes lore roll
  989. <Ramon> "Wait I thought we allo fly to Stonehenge?"
  990. <CJ> Gutsbran, Helpax is trying to grab you, do you want to resist?
  991. <Silas_> !roll 1d10+2 (no lore)
  992. <Baruch> (If you don't have lore, you can't roll)
  993. <Gustbran> (is he dragging me in the direction of the other grogs?)
  995. <CJ> Class, please make a Perception + Awareness roll
  996. <CJ> Yep
  997. <Ramon> (Huh Class?)
  998. <CJ> Yep, still half awake!
  1000. [Class make a decent roll]
  1002. <CJ> Class, you recognize a crow watching in a nearby tree as Corvus of Voluntas
  1003. <Ramon> (I alread removed my -1 for daytime)
  1004. <Baruch> I will follow Gustbran and Helpax
  1005. [ Class take off to the crow]
  1006. <CJ> OK, Gustbran Helpax and baruch walk out of the woods. The grogs see ypu and run towards you
  1007. [ Silas_ watches Baruch go, hesitating a bit, but ends up following]
  1008. <CJ> Corvus to Class: greetings brother! I fear you are all in grave danger!
  1009. <Gustbran> (this is gonna be funny, I think.)
  1010. <Silas_> (Gustbran still has Edith right? :) )
  1011. <Class> "Hello yes I suuspect so after what just happened but what can we do now?"
  1012. <Gustbran> (Yeah, it seems so)
  1013. <Silas_> (poor guy)
  1014. <Silas_> (what is that 7th? 8th time?)
  1015. <Gustbran> (I lost count)
  1016. <CJ> OK, let's deal with the scene with the grogs and the unfortunate Gustbran!
  1017. <Calpurnia> "We wait"
  1018. <Calpurnia> (oh sorry)
  1019. <Class> "Even with me able to save his live I doubt he will see this in our favor"
  1020. <CJ> The chief grog looks at Baruch and in halting Latin says "CHIEF! You catch prisoner heinoius most. Silver reputation of us grogs is tarnished"!
  1021. <CJ> "he big scum ball. hang him we will now."
  1022. <Helpax> (what did I miss)
  1023. <CJ> "tree to must we go"
  1024. <Baruch> "Ah. What do you accuse him of?)
  1025. <Calpurnia> CJ The chief grog looks at Baruch and in halting Latin says "CHIEF! You catch prisoner heinoius most. Silver reputation of us grogs is tarnished"!
  1026. <CJ> "He silver took Maximianus from. Called rude him name"
  1027. <CJ> (Latin 1 is not very good)
  1028. <Baruch> "Ah. That sort of thing. Well."
  1029. <Silas_> (You are doing fine Maximus Anus! No worries)
  1030. <Gustbran> "it's not my fault he's an anus"
  1031. <CJ> "Maximianus dismiss him, Now hang we must him"
  1032. <Baruch> "Did you do these things, Gustbrand?"
  1033. <CJ> "thief common he is. We tree hang him good"
  1034. <Gustbran> (I'd like to roll a guile lie here)
  1035. <CJ> Go for it! :)
  1036. <Baruch> "He also has some other charges to address, so I suggest we take him to the Magi and discuss all of the charges together. Yes?"
  1037. <Silas_> ('Cause it had to be linked : )
  1038. <Helpax> (Wait, we're still there? I thought I started to drag you away from these guys!)
  1039. <Silas_> (you dragged him towards them :p )
  1040. <CJ> :)
  1041. <Gustbran> (so that would be -1 int+1 for guile so it's just a 1d10?)
  1042. <CJ> They saw you and ran over
  1043. <Ramon> (They did came direct in your direction why do you think I asked why you did this?)
  1044. <CJ> Yep
  1045. <CJ> Yep roll that d10
  1046. <Gustbran> !roll1d10 I did no such thing!
  1047. <CJ> Helpax, the guards look at you respectfully
  1048. <Ramon> (need space )
  1049. <CJ> "we disturb sorry the biog cheese of you"
  1050. <Gustbran> !roll 1d10
  1051. <Naked_Bot> Gustbran: 4
  1052. <CJ> Gistabran makes unconvincing noises of innocence
  1053. <CJ> "should Maimianus we ask hang before?" to Baruch
  1054. <Gustbran> (lol)
  1055. <Baruch> (Do I know this Maximianus character?)
  1056. <CJ> (The grogs are scared of Helpax and Baruch)
  1057. <Baruch> (Order of hermes lore?)
  1058. <CJ> (head of Nigrasaxa, a very pompous archmage of House Bonisagus, specialist in Corpus, renowned for his books)
  1059. <Helpax> *I am taking him to be tried for the crimes he has commited.* (In english of course)
  1060. <CJ> No need you know his rep already
  1061. <Helpax> (Do I need to roll guile)
  1062. <CJ> *Ah! We apologise Sir!" We will return to camp then!* - the grogs hand you the noose, and then almost run away
  1063. <CJ> they are retreating to Stonehenge now
  1064. <CJ> Nope, they are scared of you anyway Helpax
  1065. * Gustbran looks sheepishly at helpax.
  1066. <CJ> (and Gustbran, Maximianus dismissed you, but said nothing about hanging you!)
  1067. <CJ> OK, where now?
  1068. <Ramon> (CJ you saw my talk with the crow)
  1069. <CJ> to Stonehenge, or back to otrhers?
  1070. * Gustbran also quietly plans revenge!
  1071. <Makara> (Who have more power than the judge?)
  1072. <Baruch> "To Stonehenge, shall we, friends? And may luck be with us."
  1073. =-= Ramon is now known as Class
  1074. <CJ> Corvus to Class: "Quick, you must all come to Voluntas! Julia will protect you!"
  1075. <Helpax> "Might as well head to Stobehenge. We need to go there anyway and I didn't buy that much time."
  1076. * Silas_ follows, hardly awake
  1077. <Class> "Can you lead us?"
  1078. <CJ> Corvus to Class:" Blackthorn will slay you all!"
  1079. <Helpax> "You ok Silas?"
  1080. <Silas_> [mutters] "tired"
  1081. <CJ> Corvus "it is on the Yorkshire Moors, three hundred miles northof here"
  1082. <Class> "OK"
  1083. * Class fly down
  1084. <CJ> Right I need to wrap up for this week in 5, 10 at most
  1085. <CJ> OK, please decide what you all doing next?
  1086. <CJ> :)
  1087. <CJ> So I can at least prepare for next week :D
  1088. <Class> over the head of the other "We have to retreat to Yorksihre Moors!
  1089. <CJ> Class flies overhead yelling that
  1090. <Calpurnia> "Can we trust they won't kill us?"
  1091. <Class> "Blackmoor is after all our heads"
  1092. <CJ> Silas, Eith has crawked up your leeve and is nibbling on your ear now
  1093. <CJ> Edith even
  1094. <Helpax> "Well that is better than what we've come up with. Of course not sure telling Everyone about that was clever."
  1095. <CJ> Edith (chew!) SQUEAK!
  1096. <Makara> (In case you don't know, Nigrax and Voluntas are rival)
  1097. <Gustbran> "OW!"
  1098. * Helpax smiles broadly and starts heading to the giant pegaus.
  1099. <CJ> (deadly rivals - Libellus and Voluntas are opposed to Blackthiorn and Nigrasaxa)
  1100. <Silas_> [breaks some dried cheese from his sleeve and hands it to Edith]
  1101. <Makara> (very heated rival that really hate each other kind)
  1102. <CJ> (iudicium is from Blackthron, Desiderius from Voluntas)
  1103. * Gustbran degectedly follows helpax.
  1104. * Class land on the Pegasus
  1105. <CJ> Edith eats cheese
  1106. <Makara> (TO MY NECRO BUDDY VOLUNTAS!)
  1107. <Class> (bether sayed on the storagebox)
  1108. * Baruch follows Helpax, has no idea of what the hell is going on :D
  1109. <CJ> Everyone on the pegasus then?
  1110. <Calpurnia> (is helpax at pegasusu now?)
  1111. <Silas_> (weren't we walking?)
  1112. <CJ> Corvus lands on Ramon's shoulder
  1113. <Makara> "Then we shall go to Voluntas for now!"
  1114. <Helpax> "So Class, point the way!"
  1115. <CJ> Yep, helpax just crawling up tree to clim on Calpurnia
  1116. * Calpurnia stares at Helpax "Well why aren't you saving everyone and stopping the dragons and stopping stephen"
  1117. <CJ> :)
  1118. <Class> to Ramon "its 300hunderd miles from here and I fear you also dont count as neutral any more"
  1119. <CJ> Ramon, everyone is I think on Sedala now?
  1120. <Calpurnia> "I thought you were going to be a hero."
  1121. [Ramon let sedala Fly up]
  1122. <CJ> The great pegasuis flies up in to what is now fast becoming a blizzard.
  1123. <Makara> (I like how our transportation seems to be getting better)
  1124. <Calpurnia> "Or have you realized your foolish notion and as such crawled back here"
  1125. <Ramon> (What roll of Sedala or Ramon if he know the way?)
  1126. <CJ> Perched on his back are an owl, a raven, a mouse, and a group of snow covered mago with one very cold and upset Gutsbran
  1127. <Helpax> (I started walking back to the pegaus)
  1128. <CJ> all of you ar eon the pegasus...
  1129. <Calpurnia> (wait gutsban is back?)
  1130. <Ramon> (Oh he come with us then its no problem)
  1131. <Helpax> "Nope, things just got messier."
  1132. <Makara> (yep, can't leave him dead)
  1133. <CJ> Looking back you see th emagi still gathered around the body of Immanola
  1134. <CJ>
  1135. <Helpax> "New Plan: Head North. And it was Class's idea."
  1136. <Calpurnia> (.....if he is still alive and as such still wanted I'm most liley going to kill him)
  1137. <Ramon> "No it was the idea of the one took over the role as my Parent for the Gauntlet"
  1138. <CJ> And so you fly north, just as the sun reaches it's noontide zenith, leaving a scene of chaos behind you...
  1139. <Gustbran> ( :( )
  1140. <CJ> And there i must leave the story for this week
  1141. <Ramon> Next week I have latest break at 18:30 GMT
  1142. <Silas_> mhm
  1143. <Baruch> Thanks everyone! Haha, this must have been the weirdest session yet :)
  1144. <Makara> it sure took a whole session to decide
  1145. <Ramon> but Saturday works
  1146. <Calpurnia> (This major skip has skipped something important. I would have after a discussioin attack Gustbran)
  1147. <Helpax> ciao all
  1148. <Ramon> Thanks for todays session
  1149. <CJ> You might want to discuss what you know now on the forum
  1150. <Silas_> Was fun :)
  1151. <Ramon> Everyone up for next week ?
  1152. <CJ> Corvus of Voluntas is now flying haed of the pegasus leading you
  1153. <Gustbran> (I need a plan to survive!)
  1154. <Silas_> I got exams coming up but should be no worries
  1155. <Calpurnia> (PS I'm going to kill Gustbran and I will have the law on my side)
  1156. <Silas_> (survive or die! - rebirth is an option ^^)
  1157. <Makara> (or undead()
  1158. <Makara> (with necromancer help!)
  1159. <Silas_> (true that..)
  1160. <Calpurnia> (necromancer stole the head Makara)
  1161. <Makara> (I guess we had picked their side now...)
  1162. <Silas_> still...
  1163. <Silas_> I'll be heading off. Take care everyone, and thanks for the run :)
  1164. <Baruch> (Was the Stephen guy of Voluntas?)
  1165. <Makara> (So let's destroy nigraxia)
  1166. <Gustbran> (Be careful calpurnia! You might wind up with a hole in your tummy too! :) )
  1167. <Silas_> Stephen was of Liabelles
  1168. <Baruch> (Yeah but weren't they voluntas' allies?)
  1169. <Makara> Good we can deal with that then
  1170. <Silas_> ah true
  1171. <Baruch> (So this may easily be a trap)
  1172. <Calpurnia> (By the end of this I'm probably going to kill everyone for idiocy, Baruch for letting Gustbran back on, Helpax for not turning him in, Ramon for letting him escape with us, ett.)
  1173. <Makara> or you finaly go insane
  1174. <Makara> like a proper criamon
  1175. <Ramon> Final Twilight looks like a nice escape now for the Criamon ^^
  1176. <Calpurnia> (more like everyone helping a blasted criminal wanted for stabbing a hole in the head law enforcer)
  1177. <Gustbran> (bahhahaha!)
  1178. <Makara> (screw the law, we have vis!)
  1179. <Calpurnia> (The law has vis...)
  1180. <Calpurnia> PS we are going to the faction we stole from, aka LUCIDIA
  1181. <Makara> keep your lies going, lucidia is dumb
  1182. <CJ> OK I'm off, just updatuing forum
  1183. <Calpurnia> Also Stepehn, the Necromancer, meles, and etc. I'm probably going to fly away at this rate.
  1184. <Makara> the necro love us
  1185. <Calpurnia> And stole the head from the wolves
  1186. <Makara> at this point, it seems like everyone stole a head from the wolves
  1187. <Makara> both side seems like bad guys regradless
  1188. <Calpurnia> "not really, stephen stole a crown. law enforcer did nothing we know of, and Necromancer stole head
  1189. <Calpurnia> 2 other crowns were stolen
  1190. <Makara> the 2 other could be the other side
  1191. <Makara> maybe 1 from kind's men
  1192. <Calpurnia> Indeed thus saying we can't ally with anyone. As they all having something we want.
  1193. <Makara> we can USE them though
  1194. <Makara> politically~
  1195. <Calpurnia> or be used.
  1197. <Makara> dun dun dun
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