Nov 18th, 2018
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  1. Name: Soft Talon
  2. Gender: Male
  3. Race: Griffon
  4. Class: Tracker
  5. Combat Talent:[Spreading Spirit]:(Passive) Soft Talon always felt the rush of adrenaline as he caught his prey even to today much so that it spreads to those near and around him, allies get +1 when attacking an enemy who is under the effect of Trap
  7. Noncombat Talent: [Voracious] Growing up Talon has had an aqired taste growing in harsh conditions consuming metals, trash, and rodents. Talon has an immunity to harm from items he ingest.
  8. Alignment: chaotic good
  10. Skills: 2.5
  11. (Free Racial) Griffon flight:Griffon Flight: Griffons can fly and have a +1 bonus to melee divebombing attacks from high altitude. This is about as taxing as running at full speed.
  12. (Racial) Surveyor:Surveyor: passive; You have keen eyes when flying on high. While flying you can give either an ally or yourself +1 to ranged attacks and skills
  13. (Free Multiclass)
  14. (Class)reflex shot:Reflex Shot: recharge 1, requires ranged weapon; Deals double damage as well as suffers double counterattack damage. Can be used while helpless, but on fail while helpless recharge is set to 3.
  15. trap:Trap: recharge 1; Starting next turn, first enemy to attack is helpless for 2 turns
  16. survival:Survival: spot check rolls +3. Can create and forage for basic supplies like rope, bandages, tents, torches and low-quality meals. Can see far into the distance and can see if dim or night light.
  17. (Class)
  19. Inventory: crossbow, backpack, little knick knacks one can consider trash
  21. Traits: socially unaware
  23. Description: Red feathers, red eyes, ill-fitting and unmatched patchwork clothing, cuts on the talons, scrapes on the knees, unkept feathers, red eyes, splotched with dirt
  25. Franklin the 3rd
  26. (A long haired cat with a white front and black back, switching about partway up his legs, giving him the appearance of wearing white boots)
  27. Basically, the general idea was that he is an Aos Si, a spirit beast with moderate intelligence (hence William's translations) but no ability to speak Equish. His "racism" was played up as a gag, but really he's just prideful, as cats tend to be. As an Aos Si, he considers himself a superior being to mortals, and so made fun of the party often in the spirit language for being weak, fleshy beings
  28. He's capable of eating both spiritual and material matter, indicated when he ate that ghost and when he ate the millipede. He's often hungry. His teeth drain energy from their victims, and when they do, he absorbs it and grows bigger and stronger
  30. Big Appetite for
  31. Likes: Bugs, whiskey, grass
  32. Dismissal
  33. Dislikes: smoke, beer, discount cat food
  34. Here is what I have so far.
  37. 64 bits on person.
  39. The Cleansing
  40. Tempered Dagger: +1 to all attacks with this weapon
  43. Waterskin, 2 rations,healing potion, 12 ft of rope, 50 bits.
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