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  1. [Earth]
  3. The voice continues snapping at Squesh's sanity. His self-destructive warpath had always been silenced by the cries of energy screaming across the earth, but not this time. He could hear these discarnate voices still roaring in his head, screaming for release. They were unpleased, they were all unpleased and together, their confluence tolled the bell for Earth's survival. Squesh's body ripped its self a new layer of skin and distorted the wavelengths of light and space its self, a nuclear cry enveloping all of Earth in a dim vignette of orange, purple, green and other rapidly flashing colors.
  5. The lands would burst with energy like postules and the seas would heave as the tectonic plates themselves shifted, cracking slowly but surely, much alike the rattling cage that keeps Squesh's psyche intact.
  7. No, killing wasn't enough to sate these voices this time. They demanded a larger tribute for reprieve now. All the legendary-super-saiyan thought for, was the complete annihilation of Earth.
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