Captive [Finished]

Oct 26th, 2014
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  1. >the only light in the room came from the crack under the door
  2. >I huddled in a corner, feels safe having walls at my back
  3. >they don't actually help me any, but they make me feel better temporarily
  4. >I think it's some sort of basement, there's no windows to look out
  5. >I've lost track of time since I had been captured after being forced into this strange world
  6. >laying on my side, I could see if anyone came to the door
  7. >it gives me time to brace myself for when she comes
  8. >how long had it been since her last visit?
  9. >was it 6 hours?
  10. >no, it was 10...
  11. >or was it-
  12. >I stopped, eyes widened as I saw a shadow blocking some of the light from the crack
  13. >the instant the door flew open, I was blinded by the light from the outer room
  14. >my captor galloped into the room, excitement rising in her voice
  15. >I turned my face to the corner and covered my face to block the light
  16. >there was nothing for me to grab on to
  17. >resistance was futile
  18. >I felt the floor beneath me fall away as I was once again lifted into the air by her magic
  19. >she was still babbling on about something
  20. >it wasn't anything I could understand
  21. >I heard the voice of the little dragon saying something to her
  22. >she stopped and looked at me curiously, before almost embarrassedly responding to the small dragon
  23. >I was still floating in the air, her magic enveloping me
  24. >she kept me just out of reach, she learned the first time she picked me up with her magic, however long ago that was, that I'd strike out at her
  25. >punched that bitch in her stupid horse nose when she found me taking refuge in a cave
  26. >I don't know what happened after that, just that I woke up in this room, with the door locked
  27. >since then she would come in every day
  28. >every single
  29. >god
  30. >damn
  31. >day
  32. >she would prod me with her magic in various ways
  33. >she even took a blood sample once!
  34. >and she would sit down in front of me and attempt talking to me
  35. >that wasn't the case today, though
  36. >she looked me in the eye and her horn glowed brighter than ever
  37. >I don't think she was expecting the results she got
  38. >for a split second I saw a look of shock cross her face
  39. >the force of the magic threw me against the wall behind me, stunning me for a few seconds
  40. >I pushed myself up, my hands and feet starting to feel numb
  41. >I only managed to get into a sitting position
  42. >across the room the unicorn was in much the same position as myself
  43. >she didn't hit the wall, but she landed on the floor
  44. >she got up and ran over to me, seemingly concerned
  45. >she was talking rapidly and looking me over
  46. >my legs and upper arms started feeling slightly itchy and it felt like someone was pulling on both of my ears
  47. >probably that damn purple horse
  48. >I looked up at her to see a concerned look on her face, her horn wasn't glowing
  49. >which means she wasn't actively doing it, must be that spell she cast
  50. >she urgently issued a command to the little dragon
  51. >she said something about a book
  52. >wait, what?
  53. "Did you just-"
  54. >I was cut off by a pain shooting through my face
  55. >I grasped for my face with both hands only to find I no longer had hands
  56. >instead I was prodding my own face with two new hooves complete with silver-grey fur
  57. >I managed to glance at the purple unicorn who was already frantically flipping through the pages of a book
  58. "No, no, no. This shouldn't be happening." she worriedly groaned
  59. >even with my jaw slowly extending outwards into what I can only assume is the muzzle of a horse I managed to shout something at her
  60. "What did you do to me?!"
  61. >I was caught off guard by the slightly feminine sound of my own voice
  62. >both the unicorn and the dragon looked at me, then at each other
  63. "Well, at least we can understand him now." The dragon stated nonchalantly
  64. >the horse glared at him for a moment before turning her gaze back to me
  65. "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean for this to happen! The spell was only supposed to make you understand our language!"
  66. >I felt a pulling sensation at the base of my spine, the same kind of feeling you get when you pull your finger
  67. >an appendage was growing and it was uncomfortably pushing against the ass of my pants
  68. *RIIIIP*
  69. >I turned to see a tail of navy blue hair flowing out of my pants
  70. >my feet had already turned to hooves as my hands had, but my legs were still changing
  71. >What used to be my ankles rose higher and higher on my legs, all the while my pants ripping along the way for my new, thicker, ridiculous horse legs
  72. >my ankles stopped just above where my knee used to be, which itself had risen above that
  73. >by my recollection, my entire lower half, as well as arms and head were that of a pony by this point
  74. >the clothes were becoming increasingly constrictive, I started biting and pulling at them almost instinctively
  75. >as I was just about done pulling the tattered remains of my shirt off, which was still being ripped as my torso started forming into the barrel-like body of a pony, I felt a shock through my entire body
  76. >the air itself felt as though an energy was flowing through it, into me through a spot on my head, by my hairline
  77. >I felt an awkward rubbing feeling, coming from that spot
  78. >reaching up with a hoof, I felt the area to find a horn that had just finished forming
  79. >I still had a warm, shifting, feeling in my gut
  80. "Uhh...is it over?" I tentatively asked
  81. >the unicorn, having given up on her books trying to solve the issue, looked at me sympathetically
  82. "I-I don't know...That wasn't even supposed to happen." she replied
  83. >I looked over my new equine form, noticing I began to tremble
  84. >the warmness migrated from my gut to my crotch
  85. >within seconds, the feeling exploded into powerful sensations flowing over my body in waves
  86. >my new legs gave out beneath me, dropping me to my knees
  87. >I shuddered and moaned, before I reached down to rub myself before I remembered I no longer had hands
  88. >I looked down, only to see my dick shrinking
  89. >I jumped up, shocked at what I had seen and started shouting
  91. >the unicorn who shared the room with me jumped back, startled
  92. >her horn began glowing, as did I in the same colour as her magic
  93. >I felt a surge of energy briefly, but it passed quickly as the glow faded
  94. >no change
  95. >my legs buckled again and I fell into a laying position
  96. >the sensation became overwhelming
  97. >I won't lie, it felt amazing
  98. >unable to resist the urge, I reached down with a hoof again and rubbed myself
  99. >my dick had vanished by this point, it was awkward trying to rub my new clit with a hoof
  100. >but it got the job done, not to say the change itself was responsible
  101. >I shuddered and moaned again as I came, getting my hoof damp
  102. >I looked around the room to find the purple unicorn had vacated, probably when I started masturbating
  103. >I breathed a sigh of lazy contentment, exhausted from the transformation
  104. >too tired to deal with the changes right now, I dozed off
  105. >at least if I was stuck in this world, I was gonna fit in
  107. --The Next Day--
  109. I awoke in the early morning on a rather comfortable bed, with the sun shining in my eyes. She must have moved me after I fell asleep and covered me with a blanket. As I sat up I noticed my hooves and the rest of my new body and jumped in shock, having forgotten the traumatic events of the previous afternoon. I groaned and flopped back onto the bed, covering my face with a hoof.
  110. It wasn't a horrible dream, she really did turn me into a fucking horse. A moment later, I heard a knock at the door to what I can only imagine was a guest room. I'm sure it's her and I'm sure she cares more about my well being now that I'm one of them.
  111. I sighed "Come in" I groaned.
  112. The handle glowed purple briefly and the door opened slowly and she poked her head in looking at me before fully coming into the room, her head warily lowed.
  113. "I suppose I should introduce myself before I apologize for...Yesterday." She looked sheepishly looked up at me.
  114. I sighed once again. "Yeah-" my voice caught in my throat when I heard it again. "...Yeah, fine."
  115. A nervous smile crossed her stupid horse face. "I-- My name is Twilight Sparkle. I never meant for this to happen to you." She paused for a moment before continuing. "I only wanted to communicate with you, I've never seen a creature like you before. I-I wanted to learn all I could about you."
  116. She seemed to genuinely feel bad about her mistake, but that doesn't change the fact she kept me locked up in a darkened room for what I assumed was 22 hours a day. "Okay..." I started, before thinking a moment on where I'd take this. "Mistakes happen, I understand that, I guess...I'm still not particularly happy about this situation. Here I am, on an alien world, in an alien body and suddenly a girl."
  117. This seemed to pique her interest. "Alien? How do you know? Maybe you're just from a far away land with no knowledge of Equestria?"
  118. "Trust me, if there were a land populared by magical horses on my planet, we'd know." I replied. Somehow, I had managed to stay calm. The question was burning in my mind and I had to ask it. "Why did you keep me locked in a lightless room for...however long it was you kept me there?"
  119. This seemed to catch her off guard. "Err...I had assumed it was your natural habitat. I observed you coming and going in the night for weeks before I approached you. Besides, I only had you here for three days."
  120. I didn't even know how to respond. I guess that's how it might have appeared to her, if she was really watching me for that long. There was an awkward silence before she spoke up again.
  121. "Despite that it's my fault you're a pony now, I hope we can still be friends. I would absolutely love to learn about your people." She held out a hoof to me, seemingly as their equivalent of a handshake. I hesitated a moment, then held out my hoof and shook hers.
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