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VG Hunter builds - LEVELING

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Dec 26th, 2014
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  1. Beast Mastery
  2. Endurance Training 5/5 – increases your pet’s maximum health by 15%. A very good talent – with it a pet becomes hardly dying at low levels ( Note : at low levels means 10-20. At these levels , pets have health almost equal to a fat non-elite mob of their lvl and , what's important , similar dps. With this talent , pets become more tenacious than mobs of equal or +1-2 level with same / higher damage and more health. Thus , a pet can easily solo a single mob if you get lagged / afk etc. Pet also overcomes 2 mobs of -2-3 levels. )
  4. Improved Revive Pet 2/2 – a really useful talent. If a pet gets killed , it’s almost equal to death at low levels cause a beginner hunter won’t be able to kite and gradually kill mobs due to lack of experience and abilities. With this talent one can wing-clip a mob , run at a maximum distance and resurrect a pet with 45% health in 4 seconds.
  6. Thick Hide 3/3 – increases your pet’s armor. This leads to reduction of physical damage your pet receives and makes him even more survivable.
  7. ( Note : with this + Endurance training , pet is comfortably healed through WC , Deadmines , SFK bosses' damage. These percents rise pet's armor right up to "treshold" values - from that values and on , obtaining 1% damage reduction requires much more armor than before and it's a tank's job. Due to stats scaling , at VanillaGaming pets with this talent have more armor than proto warriors up to lvl 40 or so. Normally armor would be equal to warriors or sligtly below them. )
  9. Bestial Swiftness 1/1 – increases your pet’s speed by 30%. After patch 1.9 , it’s the only way to stir your pet up cause all pets today have the same default speed. And waiting till your pet gets close to a mob is wasting your time.
  11. Unleashed Fury 5/5 – increases your pet’s damage by 20%. No comments.
  13. Improved Mend Pet 2/2 – imbalanced talent in both PvP and PvE. With each tick of Mend Pet , it has a 50% chance to dispel one negative effect from your pet , regardless of its type ( magic , curse , disease , poison ).
  15. Ferocity 5/5 – increases your pet’s critical strike chance by 15%. Increases your pet’s damage and adds even more damage in combination with “Frenzy” talent.
  17. Intimidation 1/1 – a 3 second stun performed by your pet and a Scatter Shot analogue. This is our weapon against any melee class. It can also be very useful in dungeons to stop a mob running to a healer or any other caster in a party. ( Note : Intimidation generates massive aggro , which is added to pet’s total aggro against the target mob. )
  19. Spirit Bond 2/2 – both you and your pet regenerate 2% of maximum health every 10 seconds. It’s a pity that this talent was changed back in 1.7 , before that patch it was much better and useful , especially in PvP
  21. Frenzy 5/5 – this talents RULES , especially if you have a fast pet with 1.0-1.5 attack speed. A single pet’s crit causes his attack speed to increase by 30% for 8 second. A fast pet is needed to hit as many times as possible during that 8 seconds and hence increase the likelihood of repeated proc of Frenzy talent. Note: At the moment (26.12.14) according to Thartarach this is bugged and sometimes procs even from NonCrit attacks what makes it even more powerfull.
  23. Bestial Wrath 1/1 – increases your pet’s damage by 50% for 18 second and makes it immune to all forms of crowd control. This talent also got nerfed after patch 1.9 , as damage bonus was reduced from 100% to 50% with time slightly increased from 15 to 18 seconds. However , this skill still means an almost sure death for all casters if used in right moment.
  25. Marksmanship
  27. Improved Concussive Shot 5/5 – gives your Concussive Shot a 20% chance to stun target for 3 seconds. A good talent. It eases the kiting process and gives a chance to break your enemy’s cast.
  29. Lethal Shots 5/5 – 5% increased ranged critical strike chance. Critical hits mean additional damage , so we take it.
  31. Aimed Shot 1/1 – this is our bread and salt , a main hunter’s shot. Approximately 30% of my damage in dungeons and raids is done by this ability. It’s also a great skill for PvP , as with appropriate gear and weapons it can crit for 2500 and more on cloth characters
  33. Hawk Eye 3/3 – increases your shooting range by 6 yards ( works on all ranged abilities ). Hunter is not a hunter without this skill. It’s very useful in PvP making kiting easier and helps in PvE VERY MUCH cause most debuffs have 20-40 yard range ( usually 40 ). With this talent , one can simply stay out of their range and keep dpsing.
  35. Effeciency 1/5 – actually this talent is through-pass. Other choices are Improved Hunter’s Mark and Improved Arcane Shot. I don’t like the IHM , cause it provides 3 attack power for 1 talent – that’s practically nothing. Same thing with IAS , this skill is not the one frequently used , and 0.2 seconds cooldown reduction is not a serious advantage.
  37. Mortal Shots 4/5 – basically , your critical damage is 200% of normal damage. This talent increases the number up to 224%. As the talent is taken at levels 57-60 and hunters at these levels usually have 15-20% ranged critical strike chance , Mortal Shots increases damage of approximately every 5th shot by 12% (24% of normal shot damage) , which leads to total damage increase by around 3-4%.
  41. I wouldn’t recommend to change your build right after your last “ding”. A good idea will be to farm some money ( around 200-500 gold ). BM-MM build is the best for farming level 55-58 elites and money will be further used to obtain enchants , mount , potions , reagents etc. Farming right after level capping will save money too cause you won’t reset talents. More than that , such farming will teach you the mechanics of all your abilities and aggro management basics , which will further help in completing pre-raid dungeons ( Scholo , Strat , UBRS etc ).
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