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  2. Beret
  3. appearance: a stylish beret of soft pink felt
  4. dropped: A discarded beret lies here.
  5. examined: This stylish headpiece consists of a stiff, tight band to fit
  6. around the head topped with an inverted bowl of soft pink. It is large
  7. enough to flop lopsidedly on the crown of most wearers, and coloured a
  8. gentle, peachlike pink shade. It is soft to the touch, probably made of
  9. felt or something similar.
  11. Capelet
  12. appearance: a short and ruffled pink cape
  13. dropped: A small cape of pink has been left on the ground, ruffles
  14. splayed.
  15. examined: This cape - short enough to be considered a capelet - wraps
  16. around the shoulders of the wearer and is secured at the front with a
  17. delicate chain of fine brass. It is not quite broad enough to circle the
  18. wearer's shoulders entirely; instead it leaves a fashionable gap about a
  19. hand's width inside the wearer's shoulders. It circles the shoulders and
  20. drapes about halfway to the wearer's elbow.
  22. Blouse!
  23. appearance: a wide-sleeved blouse of white
  24. dropped: White sleeves and black buttons compose the discarded blouse
  25. that lies here.
  26. examined: This blouse is made of a light, airy fabric, though it is not
  27. quite so gauzy as to be translucent. Its high collar reaches the
  28. wearer's chin and is topped with a tasteful flair of lace; further down
  29. the blouse's front, a double-breasted set of buttons are a proud, black
  30. contrast to the white that makes up the rest of it. The hem reaches to
  31. the wearer's waist, where it is taut against the skin, while its sleeves
  32. are wide and airy, gathered at the wrists with another dash of ruffle.
  34. Gloves!
  35. appearance: wide-cuffed leather gloves
  36. dropped: A pair of gloves has been dropped here.
  37. examined: These gloves are made of leather that is too thin to be
  38. anything but decorative - furthermore, they aren't lined or padded with
  39. anything. Their leather is a glossy black, and treated such that it
  40. shines, though their cuffs are the most impressive, being a cone that is
  41. no wider than the wearer's arm at the narrowest point - the wrist - and
  42. expanding outward along the forearm until they reach triple that
  43. diameter about halfway between wrist and forearm. The widest part of the
  44. cuff is accented with a hem formed by simple virtue of the leather being
  45. folded over itself and held in place with an attractive gold button.
  47. Belt!
  48. appearance: a brown leather belt accented with rings
  49. dropped: A belt of brown leather and silver rings lies here.
  50. examined: Rather than a simple strip of leather bound about the waist,
  51. this belt is formed of several such strips, with intervals of linking
  52. iron rings evenly spaced along its length. These rings are mere few
  53. inches in diameter at the back, but atop the wearer's hips rest two
  54. rings that are about twice as large, providing accent to the figure.
  56. Skirt!
  57. appearance: a ruffled skirt of gentle pink
  58. dropped: Pink ruffles compose the majority of this discarded skirt.
  59. examined: Made to wrap loosely about the wearer's waist, this airy skirt
  60. falls to just above the wearer's knees, cautiously treading the line
  61. between racy and demure. It is fastened by means of a button on the
  62. inside of the top hem, and the bottom hem sports garish ruffles all
  63. about its edge. The fabric is too thin to provide significant warmth,
  64. but not so gossamer as to be translucent.
  66. Socks!
  67. appearance: thigh-high socks of white
  68. dropped: Two white socks have been left behind here.
  69. examined: Twin cylinders of thick white cotton, these socks cover the
  70. foot and the lower half of the leg, hugging about the ankle, calf and
  71. shin snugly.
  73. Stockings!
  74. appearance: stockings of white
  75. dropped: Two white stockings have been discarded here.
  76. examined: Made of a fabric that is sheer and soft without sacrificing
  77. opacity, these stockings are meant to provide coverage from toe to
  78. thigh, warmly hugging the wearer's legs for their entire length.
  81. Boots!
  82. appearance: knee-high black leather boots
  83. dropped: A pair of black boots has been left here.
  84. examined: These boots are tight about the wearer's leg while still being
  85. roomy enough not to suffocate the foot. Laces travel along the front of
  86. each boot, a white contrast against the black leather that forms them.
  87. The tops of the boots, which reach just beneath the wearer's knees, are
  88. marked with a fold in the leather. There is neither high heel nor
  89. pointed toe to speak of on these boots, suggesting function over form.
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