PS4 Situation, Donation Goals, & Stream Plans

Dec 4th, 2018
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  1. Hey everyone, I have been talking about this for a while now, but couldn't really think of any donation incentives to do at the time. My PS4 is pretty much dying to the point where it took an entire day to put it in Safe Mode just to reinitialize it and even then, it's still randomly crashing a lot. Because of it, I would have to pause and unpause the download every 5-10 minutes so that if it does crash, I wouldn't have to restart the entire download again.
  3. Kingdom Hearts III is also coming out soon in less than 2 months from now too, which also makes me worried considering the current condition of my PS4. Considering KH is my favorite series, I really don't want to get spoiled at all until I play it myself, which is most likely gonna be impossible to do unfortunately.
  5. Like with my PC a year ago, I will be having donation incentives as shown here:
  6. $100 - Golden Sun 1 Casual Playthrough
  7. $200 - Golden Sun 2 Casual Playthrough
  8. $300 - Donkey Kong 64 101% Runback Race with WoodenBarrel
  9. $400 - Spyro Reignited Trilogy Any% Trifecta
  11. Total Amount from Donations So Far (USD):
  12. - $9.31 from BlitzPhoenixSRL
  13. - $9.33 from Dashaque
  14. - $33.40 from BloodAngel
  15. - $145.35 from SystemOfCorruption
  17. Total: $197.35 / $400
  19. As for my stream plans at the moment, I'm currently working on relearning FFX HD (PC) Any% so that I can do one of my donation incentives I had a year ago which is "Final Fantasy X HD (PC) & Final Fantasy X-2 HD (PC) Any% Back-to-Back", after this I will be working on learning FFIX (PC) Any%. Along with working on my previous donation incentives, I'll mainly just be doing Ocarina of Time Randomizer and other stuff like Forbidden Memories with WoodenBarrel and friends. Speaking of WoodenBarrel, he will be joining me in a special event that I'll be doing on my Birthday (Dec. 19th) called "Sonicfest", which will have various games that we have done in the past.
  21. Once I'm able to buy a new PS4 Pro, I will be able to finally work on the other two donation incentives "KHFM HD (PS4) & KH2FM HD (PS4) Platinum Trophy RTA Back-to-Back" and the KH Series Solo Relay along with Spyro Reignited Trilogy Any% Trifecta.
  23. Thanks for reading and I'm hoping I'll be able to buy a new PS4 Pro soon before Kingdom Hearts III comes out.
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