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  1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  2. DO NOT COPY ANY OF THE LINES DIRECTLY (may not work) Also, use the proper undercase capitalization, word just capitalized the first letter of each line. NEVER try to boot/mount a mounted/booted filesystem, it will corrupt the file.
  3. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  4. ssh -X root@10.50.XX.XX
  5. mkdir tmp
  6. mkdir tmp/<last name here>
  7. apt install p7zip-full
  8. 7z x fun.vdi.7z
  9. cp fun.vdi /root/tmp/
  10. modprobe nbd max_part=15
  11. ls -l /dev/nbd*
  12. ^ That command should return a list of NBDs. Check for nbd existence if getting end of file errors.
  13. apt install qemu-utils
  14. alias c='qemu-nbd -c /dev/nbd0 /root/tmp/fun.vdi'
  15. type the command <c>
  16. alias m='mount /dev/nbd0p1 /root/tmp/<last name here>'
  17. type the command <m>
  18. ls /root/tmp/<last name here>
  19. ^ there should be a filesystem there.
  20. alias u='umount /root/tmp/roper'
  21. type the command <u>
  22. alias d='qemu-nbd -d /dev/nbd0'
  23. type the command <d>
  24. alias b='qemu-system-i386 /root/tmp/fun.vdi -m 512'
  25. apt install qemu-system-x86
  26. type the command <b>
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