TF: Unexpected Red 11 (old and bad)

Sep 14th, 2012
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  1. You sit down at the other side of the table from Lizz, taking the time to get comfortable. The silence is awkward, but you really aren't looking forward to what's coming next.
  3. She watches you stall with a pained expression, and starts getting restless. You can tell she is dying to know what this is all about. "So, now that we are off campus, halfway across the city, inside your house, and safely sitting at your kitchen table. Can you please tell me what this is all about? Or did you want to make tea first?" The sarcasm in her voice is obvious, but you decide to pretend to not notice.
  5. "Tea actually sounds pretty nice right now." You say with longing in your voice.
  7. Lizz makes an exasperated sound and opens her mouth to speak, but you interrupt her.
  9. "But no, I can't make tea even if I wanted to." You say, and Lizz gives you a confused look. You decide to clarify. "Well, maybe I could, but it would be hard."
  11. This just seems to make her even more confused, and you decide to keep going before she decides to start asking questions. "You've been very patient, and I appreciate that. I'm going to tell you what's going on, but I need you to not jump to the first conclusion that pops in your head when I say what I'm about to say. Okay? Just nod."
  13. She does, growing more serious.
  15. "You know that show, My Little Pony?"
  17. As expected, her face registers shock, then appears incredulous. And she begins talking, saying exactly what you expected her to say. "Is that all this is about? I told you before I don't-"
  19. "Conclusions!" You shout, interrupting her tirade.
  21. She stops mid-sentence, and closes her mouth. "Sorry" she says, then shuts up, motioning you to continue.
  23. You shake your head, and take some more precautionary measures to make sure she wont freak out. "Okay. Now this is going to sound really, really strange. And by strange I mean impossible, but it's true. And I have proof. Are you mentally prepared for something like that?" Apprehension begins bubbling up in your belly. What will she do when you tell her? Will she run away? Will she call the authorities?
  25. "You are murdering me with suspense here." She says, showing you her grin.
  27. The grin is distracting, but you still give her a disapproving look. "I'm being serious here. If you are going to freak out, I need to know." You really hope she doesn't freak out.
  29. "I'm fine! Just tell me, it's what I'm here for isn't it?" She really is impatient now, but you can hear the worry in her voice too, hidden until now. It actually makes you feel a bit guilty.
  31. You swallow hard, something you were not aware that people actually do when they are about to say something hard. Then again, you're turning into a pastel pony, normal people you are not.
  33. "I think I'm turning into a pony."
  35. There is silence for a few seconds while Lizz just stares at you, looking extremely unconvinced.
  37. "Seriously?"
  39. You knew she wouldn't just take your word for it, only a fool would. Still, the obvious disbelief in her voice sends a sharp pang of hurt through you. "Yes, seriously." In fact I don't just think I am, I KNOW it."
  41. "I've got to say, I know I guessed some weird stuff on the way here, but that's a doozy."
  43. "I can show you." You say, and your voice cracks halfway through. You cant remember the last time that happened. You file it away as something you should worry about later, and start fiddling with your hoodie's zipper with your mouth.
  45. "Really." Lizz says, and it isn't a question. She probably thinks you're nuts. Maybe you are. You kind of hope so.
  47. You finally get a good grip at the zipper, and pull it all the way down with a lot of struggling and a stretch just short of contortion. You let the sweater slide off, revealing your lack of clothing beneath. You make sure to keep your arms hidden inside the sleeves for now, showing her those can come later.
  49. "Woah!" Lizz draws her head back in surprise. At first you think your changes have startled her, but then it occurs to you it's probably that she just didn't expect you to be naked under your jacket. Sure enough, she squints and leans forward for a closer look at your belly.
  51. "Is that-?" She starts, and you finish.
  53. "Fur, yes. And you want to know something else? It wasn't there before I came to pick you up. it grew in-route."
  55. Lizz continues to lean in more, and quite abruptly you feel yourself start to blush. She is staring at your naked torso very closely now, and despite the seriousness of the situation, you can feel yourself getting riled up. You turn your face away from her, though you're not sure what exactly you hope to accomplish by it. A few more seconds pass by, and you're about to say something when you let out an audible gasp and snap your head back to Lizz.
  57. She has reached out a hand and is lightly brushing her fingers against your belly. A small shiver runs through your body and you can feel your hair stand on end. Her touch feels unnaturally good, like the light back rubs she used to give you, but even better. Suddenly, she stops and pulls her hand back. You actually have to stop yourself from asking her to keep going.
  59. "Well, that is definitely real fur. But how can you judge that you're turning into a pony from just that? I'll admit the coloration is a bit odd, but-" She stops when she sees you shaking your head. "What?"
  61. "That's not all." You let the hoodie fall away, but keep your arms out of view under the table. "Have you noticed that I haven't used my hands this entire time?"
  63. A horrified expression grows on Lizz's face as realization dawns on her. "You don't mean-"
  65. "Yeah." You confirm, and bring your hooves into sight. "I don't have any anymore."
  67. And pause for dramatic effect.
  68. The resulting stunned silence is strangely satisfying, and you feel a pang of guilt for building things up to a big reveal like that. Still, you cant argue with the results. Lizz is still staring at what used to be your hands with several emotions contorting her features one after another, you cant really make out what they are. Eventually she composes herself, and manages to speak.
  70. "Can I touch them?"
  72. Whatever it was you expected Lizz to say, it wasn't that. Though on second thought you can't really imagine why not. It was a perfectly reasonable request. "Sure." You say, and extend your arms towards her.
  74. She takes on of them her hands, begins running her fingers over the contours of your hoof, frowning in what you assume is concentration all the while. You have a surprising amount of feeling in your hoof, and can feel everything that she's doing. You do notice that everything seems a bit numbed on their bottoms though, probably to make walking around bearable. How considerate of whatever or whoever did this to you.
  76. "They're strange. Definitely not like normal hooves, its hard to even tell where the arm ends and the hoof begins. I don't even understand how that's possible." She says, still furrowing her brow.
  78. "Just like the ones from the show, yeah. The same thing has happened to my feet."
  80. She looks up from your limbs to your face. Her expression is unreadable now. "How much has changed?"
  82. "Almost everything." You stand up, pulling your arms away from her. With one quick motion, you push down and slip out of your sweat pants, leaving you entirely naked in front of her. Mostly naked anyway, every bit of your body from the chest down is completely covered in the pale red fur. Then again, fur isn't really something you can take off, so you guess it counts as being naked. You notice a few patches of fur are matted or wet from sweat, and you instinctively run your hooves over them in an attempt to smooth them down. Have to at least look presentable in front of your lover.
  84. Lizz stands from her seat on the other side of the table and walks over to you. Her attention appears to be focused on your oddly shaped legs, or at least on your lower body. She kneels down next to you and begins sliding her hands over your legs, much in the same way she did with your hooves. A small part of you feels slightly disappointed that her hands seem mostly interested in the new positions of your joints and odd musculature. If only her hands could wander a little higher.. But you quickly quash such feelings. Now really wasn't the time.
  86. Then again, you weren't even sure she was even interested in you like that anymore. Hell, why would she be? You certainly wouldn't be interested in some creepy mutated freak. You wouldn't even want to be anywhere near you right now, much less be sexually attracted to you. Why were you even thinking about sex right now anyway? Your entire life is falling apart. You're going to have to go into hiding, even going so far as to fake your death! And you're thinking about sex? What the hell has happened to you? And why does the idea of not being pretty make you so depressed? You never worried about it too much before.
  88. The sound of Lizz speaking jolts you out of your thoughts. She's standing in front of you now, with an expression of concern on her face. You realize that you may have been hyperventilating, and fight to keep your panic contained; with only moderate amounts of success.
  90. "What?" You say, trying to feign nonchalance.
  92. "I said, are you okay?" She repeats, with emphasis.
  94. Your first instinct is to respond 'Yes, I'm fine, everything is A-Okay." But that would probably be the biggest lie you have ever told. You are not okay. You are losing everything, your house, your friends, your future, your body, your mind, and maybe even your girlfriend. The more you think about it, the more ridiculously untrue your instinctual response seems, to the point where you actually choke out a small giggle. From her reaction you can tell that Lizz got the answer to her question just from that, but you feel like you need to really tell her, even as tears begin to well up in your eyes. "No. I'm not okay."
  96. With that, you stop fighting. All the worries, thoughts, and emotions that you've been holding back for the sake of necessity since all this started comes flooding back, all the worse for being bottled up. You want to bury your face in your hands, but quickly remember that isn't possible when you see the blurry lumps that are your hooves through your watery vision. You hide your reddening face behind one of your arms instead.
  98. "I'm definitely not okay, Lizz." You say again, your breath coming in shaky gasps now. You're full on crying now. You must look so fucking pathetic. She's probably just staring at you right now. It makes you want to run and hide somewhere where nop0ny can see you. Cue the sniffling.
  100. You nearly jump when you feel Lizz's arms wrap around you, every muscle tensing. At a few reassuring noises from her though, you nearly melt into her embrace, hiding your face against her chest. She's certainly taller than you remember. Lizz begins to pull you off somewhere, and you follow her lead until she sits you down on what you think is the couch. She says nothing, probably for the best. What would she even say in a situation like this? As the two of you sit in silence, a cynical voice in your head wonders if she genuinely cares, or is just being nice. You immediately feel even worse for even considering something like that. Where did that idea even come from? It's stupid, but you want to apologize.
  102. "I'm sorry, it's just everything-" You begin to say, but Lizz shushes you, causing you to shut up.
  104. "I don't know what its been like for you, and I know you probably want to talk to me about important things. But for now, just try to relax. We can worry about it all when you feel better."
  106. You were going to protest, but you cant help but feel like she's in the right here. You're hardly going to be of any help to anyp0ny if you're going to be on the verge of mental breakdown all the time. Besides, she asked so nicely, and you already owe her for thinking such awful things about her.
  108. She just holds you like that for a long time, you aren't sure how long. You cry for a while, until you run out of tears. Then you just close your eyes and just revel in her touch, trying to forget what has been the longest day you can remember. Soon you start to doze, and before you realize what's happening, the dreams begin again-
  110. -and It all starts with red.
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