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  2. PersonLast Friday at 20:36
  3. You were a fair maiden of the town of Hinndheim, known for its beautiful pastures and it’s amazing food. That’s what kept you to this area, the way the sunset gently laid behind the hills, the amazing and cleansing scents that seemed to fill the air from all the nearby bakeries. Many adventurers had come from distant lands just to lay sight upon this town, the call for adventure had struck you once. But alas, you were far too clumsy for it to lead you any further.  It was not for everyone, you had said to yourself in an attempt to not feel so utterly... well, to make you not feel like a failure. Besides, life here was peaceful. You had a fiancé, a wannabe artist with a beautiful soul and a keen eye for detail...
  4. one day, a woman, taller than most with hair smooth, shiny and black had entered your bakery. She gave you a smile, her ruby red lips gave her the appearance of perhaps a royal
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  6. PersonLast Friday at 20:39
  7. (May I use this opening in another rp?)
  8. anailaterLast Friday at 20:40
  9. (Yeah of course! No problem!)
  10. I bowed deeply to the customer as she entered, hiding a wince as I felt my bottom slightly colide with the shelf behind me, thankfully it was well and truly reinforced after the... last... several accidents...
  11. "Hello Maam! What can we get for you today? Our prices are on the board! May I suggest the raisin loaf, it came out particularly fruity this morning~"
  12. My life wasn't exactly what I had dreamed it would be of course... But this was good as well! Anyway, working at the counter like this meant meeting most of the interesting adventurers that came to town, and she was always willing to trade stories for a small discount~
  13. PersonLast Friday at 20:45
  14. She had sat at a table and given you a grin. “Oh my dear, I would like a glass of water if you would have it. And perhaps a few moments to decode for myself what seems to be of interest.” She spoke in a smooth drawl, clearly not from around her, with a voice that seemed older than her.
  15. anailaterLast Friday at 20:48
  16. "Of course! Right away miss!" She hurried over to a small sink, filling a glass... And pouring it down her front... She sighed and made another one, carrying it over while she started to dry herself with a cloth.
  17. "I can tell you're not from here miss~ Are you an adventurer?"
  18. PersonLast Friday at 20:50
  19. “No no, I am more of an observer. Such as a few moments ago when I observed you spill that water all the way down your shirt.” She gave a smug grin while she took the glass from your hands, and began to lightly sip at its contents. The way she looked at you, with her eyes furrowed, it was a sight of silent judgement
  20. anailaterLast Friday at 20:53
  21. "O-oh..." She wish she had some kind of comeback but... She really didn't. She was almost supernaturally clumsy, that was part of why she spent most of her time selling and not baking...
  22. She wished she would at least get used to it, but it was always just as annoying and embarrassing every time...
  23. "S-sorry..."
  24. PersonLast Friday at 20:54
  25. “Oh, it is fine. May I ask your name dear? In return I shall give you mine... I can tell you’re very curious.”
  26. anailaterLast Friday at 20:55
  27. "O-Oh... My name is... Angeline miss. I'm sorry I should have introduced myself earlier."
  28. PersonLast Friday at 20:56
  29. She held out her hand. “Well, Angeline. My name is Dawn. And I would very much like to help you with your problem. All I ask is that you are willing to perhaps make a payment if you are to fail. Sounds about right?”
  30. anailaterLast Friday at 21:00
  31. Angeline reached out to shake as soon as Dawn held out her own hand, not even waiting for her to finish.
  32. "It's a-" She then stopped realising you were still talking. "My.... Problem? Payment? Oh! Are you some kind of mage?"
  33. PersonLast Friday at 21:01
  34. “Mage? Suppose if that’s what you’d like to call me. I am an observer, and I specialize in helping others with their faults. However, I can unforgiving.”
  35. anailaterLast Friday at 21:03
  36. "U-Uh... B-be honest with me Dawn... I-if I could solve my... "Problem..." Do you think I'm too old to become an adventuerer?"
  37. Despite having said she'd given up on the dream years ago, having a chance to do it again awoke those same feelings in her...
  38. PersonLast Friday at 21:05
  39. “Your age is 24 3 months 14 days and 16 hours. Of course you are not too old, if the spirit of adventure calls you, it will ring true forever more. But you must first fix yourself... if you do not, you could very well disembowl yourself by mistake. And that is not something you may wish to happen. No?”
  40. anailaterLast Friday at 21:06
  41. "H-how? W-wait... M-magic yeah...." With a sigh, she sat down next to Dawn... Knocking her cup of water onto the floor by accident, causing her to groan and drop her head onto the table.
  42. "I don't even need to be an adventurer, I'd take a chance to get rid of my problem just to save money on glasses..."
  43. Sorry! Have to disappear for a while, dog walking time!
  44. PersonLast Friday at 21:07
  45. (No prob, bob
  46. She smiled. “My dear, I have healed many of worse qualities than you. It is a problem that can be fixed with willpower and a slight helping of spells. All you need is to make an agreement with me.”
  47. anailaterLast Friday at 21:45
  48. Back earlu! They weren't feeling up to it today, some cars went by very fast and spooked him.
  49. "I... Can I ask... What the agreement is. Y-you said something about being... Unforgiving?"
  50. PersonLast Friday at 21:46
  51. “Yes. Unfortunately I follow the path that to truly better yourself you must be willing to perhaps even lose yourself.”
  52. (I have a kinda weird idea, it will be a super long response
  53. anailaterLast Friday at 21:54
  54. (Oh? Go on.)
  55. "L-lose myself? C-can you tell me the truth... Or is this one of those magic speaks in riddles things..."
  56. PersonLast Friday at 21:54
  57. “In some sense... if you’d like, I court show you previous stories?”
  58. (All you need to do is say yes, and I will begin
  59. anailaterLast Friday at 21:55
  60. "O-okay. Yes, show me what you mean."
  61. PersonLast Friday at 22:11
  62. (Goddamn, it won’t let me type it all, too much
  63. (This May take a bit
  64. anailaterLast Friday at 22:12
  65. (No prob!)
  66. PersonLast Friday at 22:24
  67. She waved her hands over the table... and suddenly, where her glass of water come say there was instead a crystal ball, a dark billow of smoke cooking inside it, doing lots of swings and sways. Soon enough an image appeared, a blonde woman, clad in a red armor. She stood, not saying anything...
  68. “This is Amy, she was training her entire life to be a knight for the kings and queens that ruled over her land. However, she had a slight problem. She was meek, she was shy... these were not attributes one would look for in a quality knight. She couldn’t slay the simplest of beasts due to her problems. She came to me looking for help. I being the kind hearted soul I am, agreed to help her with her issues. All she had to do was for 48 hours try and fight these urges... and not be so weak. Slay a couple kappas, maybe a dragon... and yet... she couldn’t. She was meek... she was a mouse.”
  69. The woman in the ball began to grow whiskers, she dropped her sword, as her armor looked to be larger than it should be... another figure appeared in the ball. It was dawn hers of, smiling smugly towards the mouse.
  70. “P-please dawn! I’m sorry I can’t... I can’t hurt those poor creatures. I call off the deal... reverse these changes! I’m sorry!” She said, tears welling up in her face.
  71. Dawn smiled towards her. “Oh, you’re sorry? Well, my dear, you are still acting as meek as ever. I am sorry to say, but you wanted help and yet you can’t seem to help yourself. It would be selfish to simply demand me to fix everything for you... oh, now would you look at that!” She chuckled and pointed towards the back end of the suit.
  72. The woman moaned and groaned in discomfort and agony. A thin tail had slumped out from behind her suit, swishing and swaying, clearly belonging to that of a mouse. She had held her tail, and looked to the woman in fear.
  73. “Please... no more.”
  74. “Cowering? You are not showing the confidence expected of a knight. Where is your attitude! Where is your strength! You are failing at all I expected and hoped for you...”
  75. She yelled out, calling in pain and disbelief... as her mouth began to extend and her nose turned triangular. Peaking out from her lips were elongated choppers, teeth that looked out of place on a human. But on a mouse? My my, they were just at home.
  76. She didn’t dare speak, not wanting to say anything not worthy of a knight... she didn’t wanna be a mouse! But she quickly came to the realization that Dawn didn’t care what she wanted.
  77. She lifted her sword and ran off, with her current height predicament, it was more like a scurry. She was off looking for a monster to fight... but everytime she raised her sword to attack... she couldn’t bring it down. At first out of the goodness out of her heart. But as time passed and she shrank down, she couldn’t even lift her sword to attack. She had approached Dawn one last time, now more mouse than woman... she squeezed, pleading for one more chance. Dawn however, shook her head. “I’m sorry... but the life of a knight is not cut out for you... bye bye, run along now. Little mouse.” She was cleaned of her items then and there, she scurried off... never to be seen again...
  78. anailaterLast Friday at 22:26
  79. (Is that the full thing? Should I respond now?)
  80. PersonLast Friday at 22:27
  81. (The full thing, yes
  82. anailaterLast Friday at 22:28
  83. (Got it~)
  84. Angeline gulped, completely transixed by the visions in the crystal ball, it was as sickening as it was interesting, as terrible as it was important...
  85. "S-so... You really didn't care what happened to her? I... I assume she n-never changed back..." She was sweating, her eyes stuck on the fear on that poor girls face as she lost all hope...
  86. PersonLast Friday at 22:30
  87. “She had not. She could have lived a long mouse life, had a mate, and many children... or she could have been eaten by a snake. Either outcome does not bother me.”
  88. anailaterLast Friday at 22:35
  89. "Guh..." It was cruel but... She was warning her now right? T-that meant Amy must have been warned as well, s-so... It was the same as gambling.
  90. She had everything to lose... But everything to gain.
  91. "I... I understand the stakes. B-but... I refuse to agree unless you tell me what my fate would be."
  92. PersonLast Friday at 22:36
  93. “My dear, I would never ever trick you. I am chaotic neutral... what would you like to fix. I would need to hear it from your own lipsssssss.” She dragged out the s, and as you the smug grin again...
  94. anailaterLast Friday at 22:38
  95. It was... scary. Especially how willing she was to admit how little she cared for anyones fate...
  96. "I... I wish I wasn't so clumsy. I... I hate feeling so useless all the time..."
  97. PersonLast Friday at 22:41
  98. “Oh my, so... let me ask. Do you think you could not be clumsy for 48 hours?”
  99. anailaterLast Friday at 22:41
  100. "... I... I don't know. I've never had to s-stake my life on it before..."
  101. PersonLast Friday at 22:43
  102. “If not...” she leaned close... “Wanna know your fate...”
  103. anailaterLast Friday at 22:46
  104. "...Y-yes..." She squeaked out, intensely afraid of the woman in front of her...
  105. PersonLast Friday at 22:47
  106. “A goblin!”
  107. anailaterLast Friday at 22:50
  108. "A.... WHAT?!?" O-one of those... Disgusting people?!? M-most of them didn't even stay in civilised society! T-there were a few outliers but...
  109. PersonLast Friday at 22:50
  110. “Oh my, so you have a hatred for them?”
  111. anailaterLast Friday at 22:52
  112. "I.... N-not... Hatred... B-but why a Goblin!?!"
  113. PersonLast Friday at 22:52
  114. “Because I said so. If you’d like, I could make you a fat elephant, the fattest elephant in the entire world!”
  115. anailaterLast Friday at 22:56
  116. "N-No! T-that's... A fair price... M-maybe... A-at least G-goblins can s-still talk! H-heh..." Honestly most things were better than a mouse or elephant...
  117. "Do you... Really have to do it this way..."
  118. PersonLast Friday at 22:58
  119. “Oh? You’d like me to just give you your perfect dexterity and intelligence off the bat with no challenge?”
  120. “Oh? You’d like me to just give you your perfect dexterity and intelligence off the bat with no challenge?”
  121. anailaterLast Friday at 23:02
  122. "... I mean yes? I would like that. Even if I get the feeling you won't."
  123. PersonLast Friday at 23:04
  124. “I will give people the greatest gifts they ever could see... I could fix all their problems and make them perfect. All they need to do is control themselves for a limited time, for a lifetime of perfection and skill. If they can’t control themselves and prove to me they can do anything for themselves. Why should I help them? Why should I reward them...” she glared
  125. anailaterLast Friday at 23:08
  126. "T-true... B-but it's not like I have control over my body not moving right! I-it might as well be the flip of a coin..."
  127. PersonLast Friday at 23:11
  128. “You are wasting my time dear.” She glared...
  129. anailaterLast Friday at 23:13
  130. "... Okay. I... I agree."
  131. PersonLast Friday at 23:14
  132. “You must sign a contract.” She slid s piece of paper towards you
  133. anailaterLast Friday at 23:15
  134. "Gulp..." Her hand shaking, she reached forward...
  135. PersonLast Friday at 23:16
  136. She signed it... she gave a smug grin. “For making me explain this... and degrading me with your questions. I have a surprise for you...”
  137. anailaterLast Friday at 23:16
  138. "W-wait what!"
  139. PersonLast Friday at 23:17
  140. “You said goblins were gross? Hope you don’t mind... you will become an utterly foul goblin...”
  141. anailaterLast Friday at 23:18
  142. "W-what! What do you mean?!?"
  143. PersonLast Friday at 23:20
  144. She pulled away. “Don’t worry about it.” She placed a hourglass on the table... but it had nothing in it. “Everytime you mess up, this will fill up. Once it fills up... you fail. You have 48 hours. Don’t fuck up.” She stood up...
  145. anailaterLast Friday at 23:21
  146. Angeline stood up too, bowing deeply to Dawn.
  147. "T-to be honest... You scare the shit out of me. B-but no matter... How this ends... Thank you for the opportunity."
  148. PersonLast Friday at 23:22
  149. She nodded. “If you succeed... you will become one of the greatest adventurers who ever lived. If you fail...” she smiled, and the crystal ball on the table showed the silhouette of a goblin...
  150. anailaterLast Friday at 23:23
  151. "Gulp L-let me just..." She reached down, going to pick up the ball... But stopped. "W-wait... I-is there anything to stop me from just... Not leaving bed for 48 hours? I don't have to do an act of bravery like that girl, I just have to not be clumsy..."
  152. PersonLast Friday at 23:24
  153. She dropped the ball... and it smashed against the ground... her first act of clumsiness, when the ball shattered, the goblin silhouette went with it. But the smell of BO and gas came out with it...
  154. foul goblin....
  155. anailaterLast Friday at 23:27
  156. "I... I swear I stopped moving soon enough..." Her nose twitched, the smell hitting it, and realisation hit her.
  157. "Y-you can't be serious..."
  158. PersonLast Friday at 23:28
  159. Her hair was the first to change, suddenly becoming greasy, as if it hadn’t been washed for quite some time... the hourglass began to drip green liquid into the bottom
  160. anailaterLast Friday at 23:31
  161. "U-Urgh...." She felt the urge to throw up... Before she realised something important.
  162. "H-Hey... I-If I win... These changes will go back to normal r-right?"
  163. PersonLast Friday at 23:31
  164. She had no answer. She should have asked earlier
  165. anailaterLast Friday at 23:32
  166. "F-fuck..."
  167. Her hand slowly stroked her hair, already feeling grossed out by all this...
  168. "S-so what now?"
  169. PersonLast Friday at 23:33
  170. She still had a business to run... but she noticed a card on the ground... a card that said “if you need me, simply... Say my name 3 times”
  171. anailaterLast Friday at 23:38
  172. She gulped but... She didn't want to annoy her... She'd already made the punishment bad enough once...
  173. S-she just had to... Not take any risks right?
  174. She'd just close up the bakery, go home, and wait in bed for the next two days, tell her fiance she was ill...
  175. PersonLast Friday at 23:39
  176. Yes... but think of all the money she’d lose by closing. She always lived close to the edge... a few days of no sales could kill them financially
  177. anailaterLast Friday at 23:41
  178. F-fuck... She just... She just had to make it two days... Then she could be literally one of the best adventurers, they made more than some people did in a lifetime...
  179. She sighed, and as carefully as she could, reached down to pocket the card, then sat down behind the counter again.
  180. PersonLast Friday at 23:44
  181. Just sit there... good... lounge... relax. Yeah, being nervous is what could be your end. You felt a smile grow up your face, imagining going treasure hunting... leaning back while you fantasized about showering your fiancé in riches... leaning back... way too Back! Stop! You were leaning too far aaaaaand you collapsed, falling out of your chair and onto the floor
  182. anailaterLast Friday at 23:45
  183. "F-F-F-FUUUUUCKKKK!" I screamed as I collapsed onto the ground. The first thing I did was check to see if the chair was broken, m-maybe it was only clumsy if something broke!
  184. PersonLast Friday at 23:46
  185. And it was bent... when you would sit in it, you were found lopsided... great. Your only chair... and you were crooked. You glared, and saw your reflection in the mirror, everything looked fine... except for your now ultra sharp teeth!
  186. anailaterLast Friday at 23:48
  187. "W-wha..." I walked over to the mirror, moving the chair out of the way, I wouldn't risk sitting on it and falling again...
  188. I examined my new teeth in the mirror, smiling and frowning, poking at them experimentally...
  189. PersonLast Friday at 23:49
  190. They were kinda cool... okay, well, it was a physical change. But imagine all the things you could do... all you needed to do was not be clumsy anymore. Super easy...
  191. drip drip drip... more of they green slime dripped in the hourglass
  192. anailaterLast Friday at 23:51
  193. She looked around, trying to see if anyone was going to enter the store... It was usually empty at this time of day so... It'd be fine if she... Tried something out right?
  194. Reaching into one of her baskets of bread, she experimentally took a bite.
  195. PersonLast Friday at 23:51
  196. Chomp! a single huge cartoonish nite, tore through the bread like it was paper... despite the fact it was stale and hard as a rock!
  197. anailaterLast Friday at 23:54
  198. "H-hehe~" Okay... Maybe some parts of this weren't so bad... If these changes really did stick around, she'd just have to wash her hair more! The teeth were just kind of a bonus really... A-as long as her beloved liked them...
  199. PersonLast Friday at 23:55
  200. She smiled, she looked a little like a beast though... but when she was an adventurer she could used this to intimidate! Or... if she lost her weapons, her teeth could always come in handy...
  201. anailaterLast Friday at 23:56
  202. She got lost in her dreams of adventuring again, imagining fighting hordes of beasts, her sword flung from her hands by a beefy orc, but she had her secret weapon...
  203. She would fling herself forward, biting their neck right open!
  204. PersonLast Friday at 23:57
  205. She laughed, her teeth glittering from the overhead lights! All she needed to do... was not fuck up.
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