Google Cloud Hosting Register

Oct 16th, 2017
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  1. Google Cloud Hosting Register by Nicolas Lagios -
  3. 01. Go to:
  4. 02. Choose YES and click Agree and Continue
  5. 03. Choose "SIGN UP FOR FREE TRIAL"
  6. 04. Choose your Country, Choose YES and click Agree and Continue
  7. 05. Account Type: Business
  8. 06. Tax Information: Business
  9. 07. Business Name: Just give your name if you don't have business name or your website portfolio or whatever
  10. 08. Address: It is better to give the same address as you credit card registered
  11. 09. Payment method: Give your Credit Card, not prepaid
  12. (if you have problem with that, clear your cookies, reopen your browser, repeat the previous steps and give another credit card)
  14. Read here more details about how to successful register:
  16. If you succeed to register, leave the rest on me, go back to fiverr and buy my service.
  18. You can always try to do all the rest your self, but remember I have spend months to make a working cloud hosting with the Google Cloud.
  20. Best Regards, Nicolas Lagios
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