Strength 9 Volume 9

Darkgenerallord Oct 23rd, 2019 108 Never
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  1. The Crimson Princess swung her white hot blade at the real Ikki.
  3. Ikki’s reaction to this could be summed up in a few words.
  5. He had read the trajectory of the coming attack and prepared Intetsu to parry before Stella had even swung her sword.
  7. However, he was unable to parry that awesome force.
  9. The instant Lævateinn struck Intetsu, the terrific power transmitted through the blades uprooted Ikki from the ground and sent him flying like a toy.
  11. While Ikki just barely landed at the edge of the ring, the reality that attempting to parry an attack that he had read perfectly had sent him flying fifty meters left a cold sweat on his forehead.
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