Camilla/Ryouma C - S support

Jun 28th, 2015
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  1. C rank
  3. Camilla: Prince Ryouma, can I talk to you for a bit?
  4. Ryouma: Princess Camilla, huh. What do you need?
  5. Camilla: Kamui asked me. To get along with Prince Ryouma. That's why I came here with the purpose of talking to you.
  6. Ryouma: For that reason?
  7. Camilla: That's right. Such a cute request from Kamui, I could not refuse as an older sister. that time when the war ended, I had thought it would be good to deepen our relationship.
  8. Ryouma: Hmm. For Kamui to mention that. When the war ended, I was thinking of deepening the ties between Hoshido and Nohr. For that reason, I should also get to know you better. It would be a good opportunity to know about each other. I understand. I'll try to cooperate.
  9. Camilla: Oh my, that's good. ...I say, but I didn't think what to talk about. Perhaps Prince Ryouma has a topic?
  10. Ryouma: ............What about discussing about swords?
  11. Camilla: Not interested.
  12. Ryouma: I, I see...
  13. Camilla: I'd like to talk of Hoshido women.
  14. Camilla: Do you know whats popular with the women of this country?Topics like what they talk about, I... greatly welcome them.
  15. Ryouma: Hmm...Im sorry, such topics are impossible for me.
  16. Camilla: Oh, I've troubled you. Well, then I don't really have anything else I want to discuss about.
  17. Ryouma: Hmm... a common topic... things we are familiar with...
  18. Camilla:How talking about Kamui fine?
  19. Camilla: To speak of our feelings for kamui, our responses will be different, don't you think?
  20. Camilla: After all, without that child this connection wouldn't exist between us, right?
  21. Ryouma: I see.
  22. Camilla: Also, I know a lot about Kamui from my side. So it would be good to educate Prince Ryouma of the various things about that child.
  23. Ryouma: What?
  24. Camilla: Kamui grew up in Nohr after all, you know? To share the many memories, to get familiar with Kamui's strengths.
  25. Ryouma: You're not the only one to have impressions of him. That's why I will do my best for Kamui's sake.
  26. Camilla: ...........
  27. Ryouma: ...........
  28. Camilla: Seems like I've shifted the conversation. I apologise, Prince Ryouma.
  29. Ryouma: No, I was rude as well. However it seems difficult to carry on with deepening our ties. Though we can't just give up so easily.
  30. Camilla: I Agree. For that reason, let's find other topics to talk about?
  31. Ryouma: Indeed. I'll think of something as well.
  32. Camilla: I'll be counting on you.
  34. B rank
  36. Camilla: Prince Ryouma.
  37. Ryouma: Princess Camilla. The topic from the other day... what have you found?
  38. Camilla: About seems that it really is hard to find a topic for us to deepen our ties over. In the first place, do we even have anything in common?
  39. Ryouma: That's true.. Other than Kamui, how about talking about our families?
  40. Camilla: I don't know anything else of interest... Ah! That's right. Would it not be more enjoyable to speak with Kamui, the three of us?
  41. Ryouma: I see. But... would it not be a bother?
  42. Camilla: You're right. Still I want to be able to watch over that child any time. I'll be worried if I can't protect them .
  43. Ryouma: You'd be preventing them from growing up, I think...
  44. Camilla: Eh?
  45. Ryouma: You should carve out your road with your own power. If you're too overprotective, they'll never become strong that way.
  46. Camilla: Its fine. Since I'll always be protecting that child.
  47. Ryouma: I said you shouldn't do so, for Kamui's sake. It's important to lend a hand at times, but not to the extent they get burnt from your care.
  48. Camilla: Fufu... You're opposed to my opinion till the end, hm?
  49. Ryouma: That's what I think is best for Kamui.
  50. Camilla: Alright. I'll do as you say.
  51. Ryouma: ...?
  52. Camilla: You and me, we'll get an answer from Kamui to which of our thinking is right.
  53. Ryouma: Hey, to involve that person in this kind of conversation...
  54. Camilla: My, did you say that because you had no confidence in winning?
  55. Ryouma: Mm!...Fine. I cannot back down from what I've said. This match goes to you.
  56. Camilla: Well then, let's go to where that child is. Fufu... I look forward to the result.
  59. A rank
  61. Ryouma: .........
  62. Camilla: ...Haa...
  63. Ryouma: I've never been so down.
  64. Camilla: Even you would be down with that kind of words. Sigh...but even Kamui didn't have to get that angry over it. I just wanted Kamui to hear each side out and give their thoughts on our opinions.
  65. Ryouma: Angry indeed....Or shocked, I would say.
  66. Camilla: Indeed, its unusual for that child to react like that. Perhaps Kamui hates us fighting amongst ourselves? Well, they have a point. Which is also one of their cute traits. (basically kamui is right to hate them for fighting and that makes kamui cuter ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
  67. Ryouma: However, this time I learnt something.
  68. Camilla: What is it?
  69. Ryouma: Kamui wanted us to see each other's opinion on an equal level.
  70. Camilla: ...I see.
  71. Ryouma: After all, what Kamui loves is for us to get along. I can understand at least that much.
  72. Camilla: .........
  73. Ryouma: It seems that we have no other common topic apart from that. But it should be said, that its important to get along. Only with Kamui will our bonds strengthen and make us stronger.
  74. Camilla: Fufu... so it seems. That seems right after all. Suddenly I feel like we could get along.
  75. Ryouma: Is that so. From what did you get the idea?
  76. Camilla: My, what about you? Do you still want to talk with me?
  77. Ryouma: Of course. Our siblings of each other's countries, together with Kamui in the center... I think that will lead to happiness in the world.
  78. Camilla: Indeed. Even though that seems pretty far fetched...I'll be counting on you from now on as well, Prince Ryouma
  79. Ryouma: Same to you, Princess Camilla.
  81. S rank
  83. Ryouma: Princess Camilla. I would like to talk with you today as well. Do you have time?
  84. Camilla: I don't mind. However, no matter how many times you come to talk, you're really serious to a fault.
  85. Ryouma: Once I decide to do something, I make sure to see through it. As well, recently I feel like talking to Princess Camilla feels like pure joy.
  86. Camilla: Well, I guess that's a good thing. I too, feel like speaking with you feels natural now.
  87. Ryouma: Is that so... That is, I'm very happy. .........
  88. Camilla: My...? What's wrong, Prince Ryouma?
  89. Ryouma: Well, I...I've been aware of your feelings.
  90. Camilla: ...Feelings?
  91. Ryouma: Yeah. At first, we were conversing to deepen our ties for Kamui's sake. But as we talked I've become attracted to the wonderful side of Princess Camilla herself.
  92. Camilla: Well. Its an honor to be praised.
  93. Ryouma: I...Princess Camilla's compassion that is full of kindness... I think I want to be touched by that sort of love. And to want to protect Princess Camilla herself with my own hands...
  94. Camilla: Eh...? Wait a moment. Are you possibly... Prince Ryouma...?
  95. Ryouma: Because in the future when our countries are at peace with with each other, I would be glad if you would come to my place. Or maybe... the people of Hoshido, or perhaps the royal families even, will they object to marriage?
  96. Camilla: That is...
  97. Ryouma: Certainly, the current situation is that we would have to compromise.
  98. Ryouma: Your position and the will of the countries...even I wouldn't allow it...Still, I want to choose to walk on the same path with Princess Camilla.
  99. Camilla: .........
  100. Camilla: ...Fufu. You really are serious as always. But that part of you... I don't hate it, you know....I will accept those words.
  101. Ryouma: Princess Camilla...!
  102. Camilla: Ufufu. To be loved by someone doesn't seem bad at all. To acompany you... you'll give me happiness from now on?
  103. Ryouma: Yeah. Of course. For the sake of our countries...No, even more for the you I love, I pledge to do my best.
  104. Camilla: Fufu. Please do. Prince, my husband.
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