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  1. For those planning to participate in #OpAngel in Highland Park, IL on the morning of Jan 15th:
  3. This is a funeral, not a protest.
  5. Please observe proper decorum. Please do not wear masks. Please be respectful of the family's wishes.
  7. Our goal is to allow Aaron's family and loved ones to mourn in peace. If any individual or group tries to interfere with the services, or attempts to antagonize people coming to pay their respects, we will form a human chain to shield those grieving from their hate.
  9. We will not give any particular group the attention it craves. We will not engage in verbal battles. We will not give them ammunition for costly lawsuits by throwing things or becoming violent - no matter how tempting.
  11. Be careful. Be kind. Be unified. Stand for Aaron's family and memory.
  13. We will send our comrade off with dignity, respect, and heavy hearts.
  15. Aaron Swartz, 1986-2013. Rest in power.
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