An Eri Birthday

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  1. >”I’m telling you, Eri. Get out more. Go meet somepony.”
  2. >You did meet somepony.
  3. “I met you...”
  4. >You blonde maned friend sighs.
  5. >”That’s not what I meant. Your wasting away staying inside. You’re beautiful. Somepony would be crazy to pass you up. There are a lot of ponies who would do anything for a chance to be with you.”
  6. “Well... t-there is one pony who caught my eye.”
  7. >Connie looks excited.
  8. >”Really?! Spill it. Is it someone from your poetry club? Or is it- oh...”
  9. >Yeah.
  10. >’Oh’ is right.
  11. >You close your eyes as Connie puts a hoof on your cheek.
  12. >You already knew what she was going to say.
  13. >”Sweetie, we’ve already done this song and dance before. I’m seeing somepony else. If things were different...” she trails off.
  14. >’If you had acted on your feelings sooner,’ you finished for her in your head.
  15. >Connie has been in a relationship for about a year and a half now.
  16. >The day she came and told you was the day you were going to ask your best friend of several years on a date.
  17. >To say it stung was an understatement.
  18. >:.. Just go meet somepony.”
  19. >She moves her hoof under your muzzle and raises your head up.
  20. >You open your eyes to find her looking back into yours.
  21. >You could see the whole world in those eyes.
  22. >’There are a lot of ponies who would do anything for a chance to be with you’ she said.
  23. >But she really had no idea how true that was for her.
  24. >You have it bad.
  25. >She makes you want to do better for yourself.
  26. >To be better for her.
  27. >”Please? For me. I just want to see you happy.”
  28. >But you can’t have her.
  29. >You give a small smile.
  30. “Ok. For you.”
  31. >You blink before looking embarrassed.
  32. “But I don’t really know where to go. And not tonight.”
  33. >”That’s fine as long as you go out. I know a place for you tomorrow but the catch is I kinda can’t be there.”
  34. “Oh.”
  35. >”Nonono Nothing like that. It’s just I’m gonna be out of town tomorrow. I have to perform in Canterlot. That’s actually why I came over.”
  36. >Connie reaches into her saddlebags and pulled out a little black box, presenting it to you.
  37. >You take it in your hooves and look at her surprised.
  38. “Wha... what is this?”
  39. >Connie smiles.
  40. >”For you. Just open it.”
  41. >You nod and do so letting out a gasp.
  42. >Lying in the box was a silver necklace with a pendant in the shape of your cutie mark.
  43. >On the inside of the box were the words ‘Happy Birthday, Miss Eri!’ in a stylized font.
  44. >You glanced over at the calendar next to the front door and it turns out tomorrow was your birthday.
  45. >Connie remembered when you would have forgotten.
  46. >”Yeah, I thought you’d like it.”
  47. >You get up and hug the mare, knocking the both of you over.
  48. “Thank you, Connie,” you say into her shoulder.
  49. >The two of you talk for the rest of the evening before she heads back home for the night.
  50. >As she leaves you sit on the steps in front of your home and watch her walk away.
  51. >You put a hoof to the necklace you wearing and sighed.
  52. >Connie was really good to you despite all your crap.
  53. >Despite your jealousy towards the stallion she was seeing, you were happy... in a way.
  54. >She deserves better than you.
  55. >It just so happens that he was better than you.
  56. >He makes her happier than you could.
  57. >And you only want her happy.
  58. >That doesn’t make you want her any less.
  59. >You sigh, getting to your hooves and start trotting into the night.
  60. >You don’t really know where you’re going but you’ll just let your hooves take you anywhere and your mind wander.
  61. >The air is cool and there is barely any wind.
  62. >There are a few ponies out, most of them making their way home.
  63. >Ponyville didn’t have many night spots so it made sense.
  64. >After a long while you found yourself at the place Connie was telling you about earlier.
  65. >It was the bar that she met her special somepony.
  66. >It looked pretty small from the outside.
  67. >The Soggy Horseshoe.
  68. >The name sounded generic enough so it couldn’t be too bad.
  69. >You were gonna wait until tomorrow and work up your courage but with how this place was tucked away at the fringes of Ponyville you weren’t really that nervous.
  70. >You can hear music coming from inside but not many voices.
  71. >Connie wants you to go out somewhere anyways so you might as well.
  72. >You took a breath and open the door.
  73. >Your nose was immediately assaulted by the smell of salt and apples.
  74. >The music you hear was from somepony singing on the stage on opposite side of the room.
  75. >Karaoke.
  76. >Neat.
  77. >There couldn’t be more than five or six ponies in this place besides the bartender.
  78. >You did a double take when your eyes ran over who was sitting at the bar.
  79. >That human.
  80. >You’ve heard of him before.
  81. >You’ve even seen him a few times around Ponyville with the princess.
  82. >You have never gotten the chance to talk to him.
  83. >And you wouldn’t be getting one now.
  84. >You just didn’t have the courage.
  85. >He hung around with the Elements of Harmony and a PRINCESS.
  86. >You were just... you.
  87. >Besides the meeting ponies part of your promise to Connie could wait until tomorrow.
  88. >You made your way past him and sat at a booth near the back not really sure what to do with yourself.
  89. >You couldn’t drink or enjoy a salt lick because you left your bits at home.
  90. >You didn’t really feel like going home now that you were here so you decide to rest you head on the table and enjoy the music by yourself.
  91. >You could see the clock on the wall from the way your head was lying.
  92. >It was midnight.
  93. >You sigh.
  94. >Happy Birthday to you.
  95. >Suddenly a figure obscures your view.
  96. >You raise your head up just in time to see the human sitting in the booth with you.
  97. >He sets two mugs of frothy cider down on the table and slides one across to you.
  98. >”I figured you could use a drink and some company.”
  99. >You sit and stare, too stunned to even reply.
  100. >”...Or I guess I can can go dick around somewhere else. Sorry about bothering you miss.”
  101. >The human starts to get up.
  102. “Wait!” you blurt causing him to sit back down.
  103. >You surprised yourself with that but you weren’t going to lose this chance now that you had it.
  104. “I-I’m sorry. I was just surprised.”
  105. >”About what?”
  106. “You actually want to t-talk to me.”
  107. >He scoffs and takes a drink.
  108. >”Nonsense. A mare as cute as you probably has plenty of guys beating down your door.”
  109. >The human holds his paw... talon thing out in front of you.
  110. >”I almost forgot to introduce myself. I’m Anonymous, human extraordinaire.”
  111. >You look at it for a moment before letting your hoof out to meet it.
  112. >His appendages wrapped around it and he gave it a firm shake.
  113. >You look back to his face with a blush on your own.
  114. >Turns out you’d meet somepony today after all.
  115. “M-my name is Miss Eri.”
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