Imp Child-Rape

Dec 4th, 2018
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  1. Imp loss scene if you are a female virgin child, losing through HP. Won't work for centaurs
  2. ----
  3. You fall to the ground, rubbing your sore body as you groan in pain. You want to run away, but everything hurts. The imp seizes your weakness and dashes toward you, gripping your neck with his clawed hand.
  5. The little demon chuckles deviously at you. "It's a rare treat to get someone so close to my size." Tears well up in your eyes before the imp releases your throat, instead focusing on pulling your [armor] off. "Oh but don't you worry, I <b>love</b> kids."
  7. You wriggle and writhe in place in a vain attempt to get away, but the choking has robbed you of what little strength you might have had left. Every movement exhausts you, and in short order you find yourself bare naked in front of the creature. With glee in his eyes, he [if lowerbody=naga,amorphous then {straddles your [legs]} else {pushes your legs up and apart}], slapping his unnervingly large cock onto your stomach. He's taunting you with the sight of how much bigger it is than anything that was ever meant for a little [boy].
  9. The demon rears back and presses the head on your slit, prodding the hole. His mockingly upbeat grunts start to shift into frustration as he struggles to push through. He shoves a claw painfully between your labia to pull them apart, hoping to aid in pushing the demonic phallus inside. You whine and try pulling away, but the imp grabs your body and shifts to put more weight into his thrust.
  11. In an aggressive, grunt-filled lunge, the imp finally manages to pierce through, causing you to scream in pain. Sharp burning is at the forefront of your mind, followed shortly by the feeling that your clit is being torn in half as well. You can't yet even register what it feels like further in. Tears are running down your face readily now.
  13. "Gods, yes. It's really true what they say, children are the greatest gift of all," your rapist says with a mocking sneer, pumping his cock inside. There's too much friction for him to move very quickly--your unprepared pussy holds him like a vice--but it does not stop him from trying. You keep crying, but he gets what he wants as the blood and natural fluids begin to add more lubrication. It still feels like fire. It still feels like your clitoris is being ripped. You try once more to pull away, but the imp leans forward to grab your neck again.
  15. The imp closes in and whispers to you, "You're not going anywhere until I'm done. [if sillymode then {This is my power-fantasy, not yours.}]"
  17. Between the lack of oxygen and the overwhelming pain, things begin blurring together. The imp's bucking hips suggest your body has no resistance left to it. While it may hurt a lot, it's also numbing somehow. Your mind snaps back into place as the demon screams in ecstasy, his swollen cock filling you with the sickly taint of warm demon cum. Every drop of corrupt semen melts away more of the pain. His cock slips slowly out of you, fighting against the grip of your defiled cunt. You black out.
  19. Hours later, you awake. You numbly sit up and look at yourself. You're bruised, scratched, and dripping with blood and semen. Maybe if you let yourself be more corrupt, it won't hurt so much next time.
  21. You shake the thoughts away, gathering your things and stumbling back to camp for safety and rest.
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