TomoTsuku extras 54-68

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  1. pg. 54 - [I know the extra here has no text but might as well]
  2. >Title: All Eggs in one Basket [TN: zenfuri - Putting all your points into a single stat, like in an RPG. might be a better term for it.]
  4. >Sugisaki-kun is home sick with a cold.
  5. >Is he the personification of idiocy or something...?
  7. >But honestly, I'm glad he's absent.
  8. >Feels like I can finally get some peace and quiet...
  10. >Peace and...
  12. >...Ah!
  13. >Ever since she entered school, Misuzu has only spoken to Shoutarou and because of this, she has missed her opportunity to make friends.
  14. >Now she realizes this for the first time.
  16. pg. 58 - Nagging
  17. >Ooishi-sensei, are you teaching those students of yours anything?
  18. >Throwing stationary at a teacher goes beyond a lack of common sense...
  19. >[box]Misuzu and the others' homeroom teacher - Ooishi-sensei
  21. >Can you please forgive her...?
  22. >She has already apologized, even written a letter...
  23. >Hah! As if that proves anything!
  25. >Well, I suppose there's no helping it.
  26. >A scum homeroom teacher is going to gather scum pupils, after all.
  28. >Oi, Otonashi.
  29. >Next time, throw harder.
  30. >Sir?
  32. [Corner] Bonus manga
  33. >I have no idea how to write a letter of apology.
  34. >If you're saying that, then you don't really feel sorry, do you?
  36. pg. 60 - Even lewd words would be better
  37. >"How to make friends"
  38. SFX: *Clatter*
  40. >"Things to start a conversation with"
  41. SFX: *Clatter*
  43. [Title, next to search bar] Search History
  44. [In order] Group assignments hell
  45. isolated high school li-
  46. isolated relationshi-
  47. Things to start a-
  48. You are not alo-
  49. How to make friends
  51. >...I hope my parents don't see this search history...
  52. SFX: *Fed up*
  54. [bonus]
  55. >"Check out the latest info and steal the lead on your friends ☆"...!?
  56. >Are you going to take responsibility for ruining friendships because of this!?
  57. [magazine spine/cover] JK Monthly
  60. pg. 64 - A Pervert Appears
  62. >Wanna talk with me for a bit...?
  64. >W...Who is she...!?
  65. >You know... Just between us, I'm a bit of a masochist...
  66. >What's she talking about!?
  67. SFX: *Panting*
  69. >Ah-... But I'm not into really hardcore stuff, I don't think... Fufu...
  70. >That stuff's scary, isn't it?
  71. >*You're* what's scary!
  73. [bonus]
  74. >The only part of a woman's body I've rubbed
  75. >is my mother's shoulders.
  77. pg. 68 - Escape
  78. >A girl friend... Am I ever going to make one...?
  79. >I can't help you with girls, but if you want guy friends I can introduce you to some.
  81. >Ugh... I'll take a boy at this point!
  82. [small]Bring 'em!
  83. >Good. I'll call whoever's probably free over. It shouldn't take long.
  85. >Thanks for waiting.
  86. >These are Kishiga, who stalks girls he likes on social media,
  87. >and Makihara, who obsesses over anime and thinks he can be a seiyuu.
  88. SFX: *Smirking*
  90. >I should have known since the moment you said they were your friends!
  91. >Wait! Don't leave me with them!
  92. SFX: *Dash*
  94. [bonus]
  95. The 'Sighing at dad because he keeps repeating the same joke just because it made me laugh once' pose.
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