Jacob's lookin for a change

ChrisLAS Aug 6th, 2018 97 Never
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  1. I'm a new listener to the show to both Linux Unplugged and Coder Radio. A little background about me, I have been in the Marines for 12 years; I am in the Infantry and am just coming off 3 years of recruiting duty.
  3. So 0 experience in the IT world, but I was able to complete my CCNA, CCNA Sec, CCNP, LCP1, working towards Redhat Certification; I also currently program in Rust and Pearl on my own personal projects.
  5. I'm looking at transitioning to the work force. My question is, what is the best way to network and land a job with no experience and no college degree.
  7. Would it also be beneficial to put my military record on my resume such as Personal Awards for example Purple Heart or Navy Achievement Medal with a Combat distinguishing device and my Fitness Reports in regards to my graded Proficiency at my job?
  9. Thank you for your time.
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