kunori - Episode 11 Commentary (SAO II)

Sep 25th, 2014
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  3. Though the world of GGO has that lasting impression of dusk, night comes to the map for the tournament as well.
  4. Kirito's pitch black equipment's finally useful…! Well, there are times when pure black makes you stand out even at night, though, lol.
  6. Sinon, asking Kirito about the meaning of strength yet again.
  7. But she probably already noticed that it was meaningless to ask another, about how to become strong, somewhere deep in her heart.
  9. I once asked an author famed for his overwhelming productivity, "How can you write so much?!" too.
  10. And received these words in return: "When you get tired writing a manuscript, write a different one to recover".
  12. …Thus, strength is something unique. (^o^)
  13. Or perhaps《the techniques of writing》can be taught and learnt, but… I suppose I can only search for them and train them up myself.
  15. About the overall list safe kept by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Virtual Division,
  16. with the《Player Real Name, Address, Character Name》, they were based off the data on account creation, so it's useless if it's false info.
  18. The My Number system will be starting autumn next year, but if the number's used in private sectors in the future,
  19. My Number might be needed to register for all sorts of accounts. In that case, with regards to online games,
  20. it'll block many of those throwaways for bots and RMT, but there'll be the risk of those with malicious intent stealing the My Number too.
  21. It seems in America where the SSN is widely used, there are credit cards made with stolen numbers, leaving victims unaware of their debts.
  23. On the other hand, Korea next door had used its resident registration numbers to verify account creations for a long time,
  24. but that was banned last year to protect personal information.
  25. The influence on the game industry was huge, with chaos over that infamous《youth late-night forced shutdown bill》too.
  27. I hope there'll be a breakthrough for a convenient, reliable, and safe verification method for the internet soon!
  28. All things said, I have great hopes for the release of My Number for private sector usage, personally.
  30. The Neurolinker in "Accel World" performs verification through the cranial nerves network patterns, so security is nearly flawless.
  31. No passwords needed even for online banking. Convenient!
  33. While I digressed, Kirito expanded on his reasoning. The destructive force《Usujio Tarako》's character name holds in a serious scene…
  34. It seems Matsuoka had to go through a little hardship during the recording, lol.
  36. Supplementing the《peeking at the input data on a terminal》issue, normal The Seed games have something called the《Detail Focusing System》,
  37. and it's impossible to read the words being input unless one was peeking from right behind.
  39. It's the same phenomenon as when Asuna failed to see the passcode for opening the birdcage's gate when captured by Sugou.
  40. But like how Asuna used a mirror to solve the distance effect problem, Kirito wonders if using binoculars would make the words legible.
  42. Scary… Players in full-dive are unconscious, so they're utterly defenceless. The presence of intruders might wake up sleeping people, but…
  44. The scorpion's the victory in the fight against the lizard!
  45. I often see fellow animals, monsters, or NPCs fighting in real MMOs, but I can sure do wonder if they do so when players aren't watching!
  47. The AmuSphere is loaded with various security devices,
  48. and there are players who set it to inform them in-game or auto-log out when it detects strange behavior, but Sinon isn't one of them.
  50. The standard AmuSphere has a safety device linked to the player's body status, so it's possible to auto log out upon abnormal heart rate.
  52. As for how the AmuSphere detects that heart rate, there are times when noise, called artifacts, mix into brain waves,
  53. and this happens when you bite down with your teeth or move your eyes during a brain wave measurement, or even during heartbeats.
  55. Thus, by selectively recording the heartbeat artifacts, the user's heart rate can be found through those waves—or so this amateur thought.
  57. Sinon's extremely frightened, but she would have never revealed it even in such a situation until just a little while ago.
  59. And to ALO! Asuna had logged out for a bit and called in this undine mage with glasses. His name is Chrysheight and
  60. the person inside is Kikuoka from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Comms., Virtual Division, who treated Kirito to cake in episode 1.
  62. His character name originated from combining "kiku", "chrysanthemum", and "oka", "height", in English… Wait, I wrote this before, right?
  63. Lol, it's a pretty straightforward name, but I like it quite a bit. I want to try writing about his experiences in ALO someday.
  65. Yui's really efficient, predicting all that with online searches alone… No, she might have even slipped into some closed network, though!
  67. Chrysheight addresses Klein as "Klein-uji" because… well, it's simply more samurai-ish.
  69. Kikuoka requested Kirito to look into the rumor of Death Gun not because he was interested in the Death Gun incident, but in Kirito himself
  70. (in other words, resorting to any means for his goal), but why would he, claming to be an official from the ministry, do that…
  71. If you want to know the answer to that, you might find it around the 9th volume of the books!
  73. Hence, Kikuoka thought the Death Gun incident was 90% a mere coincidence. It seemed like Kirito would be interested, that's all to it.
  74. And with things escalating… as things will go; he's more flustered than he lets on.
  76. Chrysheight played it down, calling it a "organization in name only", but Liz and the rest knew that if it wasn't for the task force,
  77. the SAO players would have been transported to the hospitals much slower, so there are more complex emotions at play than shown here.
  79. Asuna, heading out! To get to Ochanomizu from Miyasaka, Setagayaku where she lives,
  80. it's either boarding the Odakyu line at Kyoudou and changing to the Chuo line at Shinjuku, or changing to the Chiyoda line at Yoyogiuehara
  81. to reach Shin-Ochanomizu. The difference in speed is fuzzy, though…
  83. …But Yui would calculate the quickest route in a second at times like that. Now, back to GGO! You're too close, Kirito!
  85. A while ago, I read an online article going, "Those who try to stroke someone's head are disgusting",
  86. and though I have absolutely no chance at all of doing that in the real world (haha), I now hesitate to make characters do it in novels…
  88. It's a huge step for Sinon to call the Type 54 Black Star that symbolizes her greatest fear "just an obsolete, single-action pistol",
  89. even if she was just putting up a brave front.
  91. The faint quiver as she said "just an" felt like an expression of Sinon's emotions, as she battles against her fears inside, by Sawashiro.
  93. It got broadcasted! I'm curious in and afraid of the reaction from Liz and the rest as they watch this in ALO, but luckily, it's not shown!
  95. Among Kirito's guesses for Death Gun's real character name, "Pale Rider" and "Jyuushi X" are both wrong, so he could only be "Sterben".
  97. Kirito's on the move too! And there ends episode 11.
  98. It's finally time for episode 12, the final fight against Death Gun, AKA Sterben, I hope to see you there!
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