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  1. Nerissa V: 
  2. 2:57:20 PM EST 
  3. Hi, thanks for visiting Answer Desk! I'm Nerissa V.
  4. Welcome to Microsoft Answer Desk. My name is Nerissa,  how can I help you today?
  5. You: 
  6. 2:57:39 PM EST 
  7. I purchased a Windows tablet that came with an Office 365 Personal subscription but the product key is not letting me activate it.
  8. Nerissa V: 
  9. 2:59:07 PM EST 
  10. I do apologized for that kind of inconvenience at your end. Let me check what we can do about it.
  11. May I have your email address and callback number, please?
  12. May I have also the product key for your Office?
  13. You: 
  14. 3:02:04 PM EST 
  15. [Activation key]
  16. It told me, "We're sorry, you cannot redeem this offer based on how your Microsoft account is set up."
  17. my email is [deleted] and my number is [deleted]
  18. Nerissa V: 
  19. 3:03:17 PM EST 
  20. Thank you so much. One moment please
  21. It shows here that the key is valid for Office 365 Personal.
  22. Can I remotely access your machine so I can check what is going on?
  23. You: 
  24. 3:07:04 PM EST 
  25. I've tried activating both on the new tablet and on my previous computer. You can activate this on the Web so I don't think gaining remote access to my computer will give you any additional information.
  26. I get the same error message no matter which computer I use to activate it.
  27. Nerissa V: 
  28. 3:07:42 PM EST 
  29. Through the remote access I can see the bigger picture of what is going on.
  30. You: 
  31. 3:07:51 PM EST 
  32. I think this is happening because I have a trial period activated on my account, and that I need to disable that. How do I do that?
  33. Nerissa V: 
  34. 3:07:56 PM EST 
  35. I can also assist you to activate your Office Suite.
  36. I would like to inform you that it is hard to do a blind troubleshooting.
  37. I hope you understand.
  38. You: 
  39. 3:08:48 PM EST 
  40. I do understand but you haven't told me why you need remote access.
  41. This person had the same problem I had but was able to fix it by disabling the preview: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/office/forum/office_365hp-office_install/were-sorry-you-cannot-redeem-this-offer-based-on/1cb79b63-d0da-4732-a03f-c00d926bd2c2
  42. how do I do that?
  43. Nerissa V: 
  44. 3:10:08 PM EST 
  45. Through remotely access your machine I can diagnose what is going on and provide you troubleshooting steps so we can resolve this issue for you.
  46. If you are uncomfortable with the remote access.
  47. I'll just go ahead provide you the instructions via chat.
  48. You: 
  49. 3:10:54 PM EST 
  50. This has nothing to do with my machine. It's a Web-based thing.
  51. I know how to follow instructions.
  52. Nerissa V: 
  53. 3:11:43 PM EST 
  54. I understand. That is good to hear :)
  55. Can you please visit this website office.com/myaccount
  56. You: 
  57. 3:12:49 PM EST 
  58. yes, I was already on it
  59. Nerissa V: 
  60. 3:12:54 PM EST 
  61. Log in using your [deleted] credentials.
  62. You: 
  63. 3:12:58 PM EST 
  64. already did
  65. Nerissa V: 
  66. 3:13:14 PM EST 
  67. Is there an option there "Install"?
  68. You: 
  69. 3:13:45 PM EST 
  70. Yes, though on this computer I already have Office installed with another account
  71. let me go to the other one
  72. Ok I'm downloading
  73. it gave me an error, could not download it
  74. this is a Web-based subscription. I mainly want it for the 1TB of OneDrive storage.
  75. rather than Office itself
  76. so this should all be solvable on the Microsoft website
  77. on the account page you directed me to, there is an option to "Enter an Office product key."
  78. but when I do that, it gives me the error I told you about.
  79. Ok, the download worked the second time.
  80. Nerissa V: 
  81. 3:17:49 PM EST 
  82. it seems that you are having issues in your server connections.
  83. You: 
  84. 3:18:03 PM EST 
  85. I have Office installing now
  86. Nerissa V: 
  87. 3:18:05 PM EST 
  88. I do apologized for that kind of inconvenience.
  89. If you still experienced the same error message. You can reset your Internet Options in your Internet Browser.
  90. You: 
  91. 3:18:36 PM EST 
  92. All I need is to activate my Office 365 product key so I can use my 1TB of OneDrive storage
  93. which error message?
  94. this has nothing to do with the browser settings
  95. it's the Office 365 account
  96. Nerissa V: 
  97. 3:19:09 PM EST 
  98. I would like to set your expectations that if you already redeemed and installed your Office 365 Subscription.
  99. You: 
  100. 3:19:23 PM EST 
  101. I haven't redeemed it, I haven't been able to
  102. that's why I'm talking to you
  103. Nerissa V: 
  104. 3:19:36 PM EST 
  105. You no longer need the product key because it will be associated with your email address.
  106. You: 
  107. 3:19:42 PM EST 
  108. I know.
  109. But I haven't been able to do that.
  110. Nerissa V: 
  111. 3:19:51 PM EST 
  112. Let us try this one
  113. Can you please visit office.com/setu[
  114. office.com/setup*
  115. Then kindly enter the product key you provided to me.
  116. You: 
  117. 3:21:13 PM EST 
  118. Yes, I just did that again (for the 5th time) and I got the same error message
  119. Nerissa V: 
  120. 3:21:44 PM EST 
  121. If you don't mind Jon. Can you share your screen with me through the remote access session?
  122. Is that okay with you?
  123. You: 
  124. 3:21:56 PM EST 
  125. No.
  126. Please read this very carefully: I said this already, but I believe the problem is related to the fact that my account has a one-month trial for Office 365. If I can disable that, then I can re-enter the product key.
  127. How do I disable the trial? This is the third time I've asked you.
  128. If you can't answer, please help connect me to someone who is familiar with the Office 365 activation process.
  129. I'm asking a very specific question, which must have an answer.
  130. Nerissa V: 
  131. 3:24:49 PM EST 
  132. I understand where you are coming from. Please bear with me for a moment. I'll further check my resources here at my end. So I can provide all the information that you need. Thank you so much. I do apologized for this kind of inconvenience at your end.
  133. I would like to set your expectation that we cannot disable your Free Trial Version of Office. We can only uninstall it.
  134. You: 
  135. 3:29:28 PM EST 
  136. Ugh, this isn't the question.
  137. Uninstalling it is easy. I need to disable the trial.
  138. Or if I can't, I need a way to actually use my activation key.
  139. Come on, surely someone at Microsoft knows how to use an activation key.
  140. Since you already verified that my activation key is active, can you just apply it to my account yourself?
  141. This subscription is the main reason I bought this tablet. If I can't use it I'm going to return this.
  142. Nerissa V: 
  143. 3:35:52 PM EST 
  144. Yes. It shows here at my end that the key that you provided to me is valid. It is for the Office 365 Personal.
  145. You: 
  146. 3:36:05 PM EST 
  147. so why doesn't it work?
  148. Nerissa V: 
  149. 3:36:54 PM EST 
  150. I do understand that you want to disable the trial version of your Office. Unfortunately, we cannot do that. We can only uninstall the Free Trial Version.
  151. You: 
  152. 3:37:07 PM EST 
  153. All I really want to do is use the activation key
  154. which I paid for. Why can't I use it?
  155. Nerissa V: 
  156. 3:37:19 PM EST 
  157. If you are receiving the same error message in your My Account Page and at office.com/setup
  158. I highly recommend that you visit or contact our Microsoft Store. So they can check further check what is going on with your Office.
  159. They will provide options for you. They will let you know why it is not allowing your product key to be successfully activated.
  160. You: 
  161. 3:38:49 PM EST 
  162. Why would they know more than you do?
  163. Nerissa V: 
  164. 3:38:52 PM EST 
  165. They do have further access with your Microsoft Account.
  166. I'm Trained for Office Issues. Microsoft Account issues itself is no longer our scope. That is why I highly recommend you in our Microsoft Store.
  167. You can also contact them if you want. Here is their direct phone number  1-877-696-7786 (1-877-MY-MS-STORE).
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