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  1. Never gave into the past
  2. I am living in the present
  3. Never ending existance
  4. My mind is made from clay
  6. Billions of troll faces
  7. Everybody all the same
  8. deltas control the system
  9. Are you blinded?
  11. Forget a team, you masturbate swiftly
  12. Find a better way to pass the time
  13. All seeing eye is color blind
  14. Cast a line, pull in attention, forgot to mention
  16. But we are on the next level
  17. Next destination, the promise land
  18. Behold the shadow hand
  19. Takes many lives, leaves no aid
  21. It's time for a raid, like if it was pretty displaced
  22. All I hear is the same old cycle
  23. Make money, take money.
  24. I rather have a plate of gold
  26. Better believe, I injected education
  27. And made me aware of our errors
  28. Can't escape our failures
  29. So we can all burn this down
  31. I'm lost than found, christ gets paid
  32. At the church today, nobody said hey?
  33. But I walk the line of fire, so tired
  34. Can't give up, gotta shape it our way
  36. Breaking free from temptations
  37. Laying on a bed of coals today
  38. Feeling the pain of misery
  39. So much travesty, unto the next destiny
  41. Plant, care, harvest, dry, cure, sell
  42. The perptual cycle of nature
  43. Who decides the price of what grows naturally
  44. So viciously they circle like vultures
  46. Virtues out the window, family values gone to dust
  47. Blinded ones on the rise, feel the wrath of sin
  48. Pagans rejoyce, Christ has returned
  49. In the form of natural disasters
  51. Some say this blasphmey, I say it's tragedy
  52. Humankind lost hope in itself
  53. Proof we are the last intelligent race on earth
  54. Time to play the cards right
  56. We are all going out one way or another
  57. Doesn't matter who your mother was
  58. Or if your father forgot who he was
  59. Love is no greater than a hollow point tip
  61. Dipped in acid, lysergic tendecies
  62. Overwhelm thee, words never so golden
  63. Behold, the english language bastardized
  64. Slang terms on the down low
  66. Everybody trying to be the image of a rebel
  67. A true rebel is individuality, why so serious?
  68. Everybody can participate as the
  69. killer, drug dealer, or a thief
  71. Let's all give unto the darkside
  72. And ride a one way trip to hell
  73. Because that's where we all fall
  74. You can stand tall in brimstone
  76. Burn this all down, feel the heat of a thousand summers
  77. Always on the radio, it's fry-day, fry day.
  78. Welcome to Hell on earth. No chance of rebirth
  79. Seeking for an opinion from the heavens?
  81. We are stuck inbetween two worlds
  82. Time has taught me everything
  83. When we are all the same in certain ways
  84. Money or fame, words still struck you the same
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