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  1. [DR ---]
  2. Storyline as thus RPed:
  4. Tasudo arrived on the islands with the sole intention of becoming a master swordsman and meeting the Shogun. His journey, two years long, led him many places. He constantly battled with the island as it's vices and native conflicts tore him to make decisions that would cement who he choose to consider his friends and foes. The battles scarred him, some humiliated him like his battle with the ronin, but ultimately he persevered and trained his hardest - he did not stop training, engaging and seeking out the experience that would notch his belt and season him as a warrior. His quest for the Shogun did not waver.
  6. Throughout his life, he had fought many on Onmyo, and been persecuted and imprisoned even - slated for execution before being slave bound. His decisions prior, had led him astray. At one point, he even betrayed his own honor and had indulged in banditry and depravity - before he sought to restore it and did, resolving to not let the island affect his bushido code one bit, no matter how the island pulled him toward sordid behaviors.
  8. In the end, he died honoring the bushido code and seeing his end through combat; long-standing rivalries forged through a multitude of intense battles and confrontations with Nakahira, and multiple other Ihai veterans, sealed away in a final fight with Saiga, Nakahira and some of his trusted squad members. He had killed many a ronin, and taught Abram/Gin partially what a samurai is, despite their disagreements and also lived to make deep camaraderie with Ragetsu, Kiyoto and other Shimo residents. Both as a warrior of their village respectively due to his deeds, and as a person to them.
  10. He never did get the opportunity to see the Shogun firsthand and potentially serve underneath him, enacting his will on Onmyo. The honorary death, however, suited Tasudo.
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