BluntTongs-Pancakes for Meisa

Jan 10th, 2014
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  1. >You are Anonymous
  2. >who else would you be, honestly? Twilight? No, I didn't think so
  3. >you are walking home with Meisa, wearing your large winter coat
  4. >you had just bought some new lightbulbs and maple syrup
  5. >it's snowing out
  6. >or, rather, blizzarding out
  7. >Meisa is shivering beside you from the cold, frowning
  8. >"...Anon?"
  9. "Yes?"
  10. >"Do you think you could fit two in that coat of yours?"
  11. >you hadn't considered that
  12. >the coat IS pretty big, honestly, it could fit a clone of you in it
  13. >...Why not?
  15. "Sure it could!"
  16. >Meisa's face lights up, and you unbutton your large jacket
  17. >she flutters inside, clinging to your shoulders as you button back up
  18. >it's rather warm in here, now, if a bit hard to move
  19. >Meisa closes her eyes and smiles, rubbing her antennae onto your cheek as you continue the walk homewards
  20. >"Thanks, Anon..." she murmers
  22. >About ten minutes of walking later, you take the keys from one of your many pockets and unlock the door to your home
  23. >you begin to unbutton your coat, and stir Meisa from her slumber
  24. >she stretches as best she can within your leather jacket, and yawns
  25. >"Are we home yet..?"
  26. "We are, indeed."
  27. >the grey Mothpony lazily flits out of the oversize coat, landing on the recliner to settle down
  28. >you call to her
  29. "We're going to be having dinner soon, don't head to bed just yet."
  30. >she perks up at mention of food
  31. >"Oh! Alright, then. I'll just go wash up..."
  32. >as she trots off to wash her...
  33. >...Tongue? She usually doesn't use her hooves to eat with
  34. >best not to question it
  35. >as she trots off to clean herself, you begin to cook
  36. >pancakes, yes, that god-tier breakfast item served mainly for, uh, breakfast
  37. >as in, not dinner
  38. >but it'll work out tonight, you're super prepared
  39. >you already prepared the mix in secret, oh yes, for this is a special dinner
  40. >or supper, whatever, you never really cared about being right
  41. >you hurridly pour pancake batter onto the large griddle you placed onto the stove earlier
  42. >within minutes, you slide your spatula under the flapjacks, flipping them to evenly cook
  43. >you work fast, making a dozen of the little round bits of heaven in no time
  44. >nothing too special, no berries or anything, just plain old pancakes
  45. >setting the table was easy, just a couple plates and some silverware
  46. >all this in a matter of about... ten minutes or so?
  47. >Meisa really likes washing up, it seems, but you're not complaining
  48. >it would have ruined the surprise had she walked in earlier than she did
  50. >the table is set, the drinks are poured, the silverware set, but there's still a couple things missing
  51. >like Meisa, for one
  52. >but that's soon remedied as you hear the running water of the bathroom shut off, and she walks into the dining room
  53. >her eyes fall onto her plate piled high with pancakes, and her mouth falls open as her eyes grow wide
  54. >"...You made me pancakes?" she questions with disbelief, mouth now slightly dripping with saliva as her long tongue hangs out
  55. "I know how much you like pancakes."
  56. >Meisa ADORES pancakes, though you don't get that much time to make them
  57. >you're always busy with oddjobs raising money to help Acteus with his secret project he's working on
  58. >she's been begging you to make her some flapjacks since weeks ago
  59. >and you had some free time last night, so...
  60. >Meisa rushes to the table, and extends her tongue-proboscis-thing into the mound of sweetened dough
  61. >and she eats away, the cake being soft enough to pass through her sensitive proboscis
  62. "Wait a minute, you're missing something..."
  63. >Meisa glances up at you questioningly
  64. >you pull out the syrup you got earlier, and a look of understanding passes over her face
  65. >removing the pop-up cap, you pour generously all over the mound of bakery confection
  66. >the grey Mothpony in front of you keeps using her tongue to eat
  67. >though, after a while, she just gives up on it and eats with her mouth
  68. >when she's through mangling the poor flapjacks, she sits back with a satisfied look on her sticky face
  70. >Meisa gets up and trots over to you
  71. >upon reaching you, she jumps up and hugs you, pressing her syrup-covered face into your cheek, giggling
  72. >"Thanks, Anon, you're a good friend."
  73. >you blush slightly at the compliment
  74. "All I did was make pancakes!"
  75. >"But you made them for me; and that's what makes the gesture special~"
  76. "How very overly-sweet of you to say that."
  77. >but you say it in good meaning
  78. Suddenly, Meisa looks around back to the table, which still holds your own pancakes
  79. >"...You gonna eat that?" she says, half jokingly
  80. >but you simply shake your head, and she devours the plate of griddlecakes
  81. >she hugs you again, and drifts off to the living room couch, settling down to take a long nap
  82. >she yawns, stretches, and closes her eyes, feelers twitchting slightly as she descends to sleep
  83. >if you didn't know as much, you would accuse her of trying to induce diabetes
  84. >...
  85. >you smile, and lie back in your recliner to take your own little slumber
  87. ~
  88. >in your dreams, you and Meisa frolick throughout a land of breakfast, pancakes littering the floor with blueberries within them, some have ice-cream on top, and some are thick
  89. >a drizzle of maple syrup pours from butter clouds above, coating you and your Mothen companion
  90. ~
  92. >in the real world, unbeknownest to you or Meisa, you are both smiling happily
  93. >experiencing the same dream of cascading fluffy-white pillows of pleasure known to man and pony alike...
  94. > pancakes
  96. -=End=-
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