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Jan 24th, 2017
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  1. stuff that isn't a story but that I don't want to lose. potential story ideas? probably edited to make myself look better
  3. prompt:
  4. >Principal Momlestia spent years collecting all the girls' DNA to see which has the genes for Anon to pass on.
  5. >She soon found out that the only woman that could do it is her own sister.
  6. >"I'm not having intercourse with my nephew Tia, that's disgusting."
  7. "Relax Lulu, there should be no birth defects in the first generation.'
  8. >"But it's wrong Tia!"
  9. "You seem to not get the message. You. Will. Give. Me. A. Grandchild. Like it or not."
  11. response:
  12. >A combination of bullying, references to childhood shame as blackmail, and desperate begging lead up to this night
  13. >You, aunt Luna, and a bottle of wine.
  14. >...two bottles of wine; your aunt's already downed the first one while your mom was making you "extra sexy" for Luna
  15. >Turns out that your aunt has a bit of a goth streak in her from her teen years that just never went away
  16. >You're surprised at how red Luna's face turns when she sees you with your black eyeliner and clip-on lip ring
  17. >"Say it!" your mom hisses from the closet door
  18. >You sigh
  19. "Let's make this night last forever."
  21. ------------------------------------------------------------
  23. prompt:
  24. >"Anonymous, sweetheart, what are you doing looking through that old photo album?"
  25. >"-NOTHING!"
  27. post:
  28. >"Oh, look at me!"
  29. >Celestia - aka mom - caresses her picture-self's face while rubbing her own cheek with the palm of her hand.
  30. >"I was so young. God, I'd nearly forgotten about the pink hair."
  31. >Aunt Luna drops her head onto your shoulder and leans against you.
  32. >>"I think I remember when we got this taken, Tia," says Luna, flipping through the photo album a few pages to see if there were any more related photos, "Wasn't this around my 350th birthday?"
  33. >Celestia "mmm"s in the affirmative and starts digging in a nearby box for more photos.
  34. >"That was right around the start of your goth phase, wa-"
  35. >>"Tia," cries Luna, gripping your shoulders tightly, "Why would you say that in front of Anon!?"
  36. >Celestia turns her head to hide her devious smile.
  37. >"I don't know what you're talking about. Lulu," she purrs, fingering a newly-found dusty album, "Don't you want Anon to know about the time we had to burn your black leather pants-"
  38. >Luna lurches forward and nearly knocks you over.
  39. >>"No no no, hold your tongue!"
  40. >"-because you wore them for three weeks straight and the smell wouldn't come out?"
  41. >You successfully hold back your laughter, but the shaking of your shoulders clues aunt Luna in pretty well.
  42. >She falls off of you and lays sprawled out on her back, groaning and covering her bright-red face with her hands.
  43. >There's dead silence for about five seconds, and then-
  44. >>"Your mother used to rub cake all over herself when she masturbated."
  45. >Your gleefully snickering mother stops laughing and freezes in place.
  46. >A flush creeps up the neckline of her shirt.
  47. >The tense silence is held once more until-
  48. >"There was a 50 year period of time where your aunt used to dye her pubic hair blue."
  49. >Aunt Luna sits straight up and glares at Celestia.
  50. >>"Your mother once pierced her nipples with copper studs, and it turned them green!"
  51. >This goes on for at least an hour.
  52. >You learn many things about Celestia and aunt Luna that you wish you never had.
  54. >You are Anon, and it's been nearly an hour of watching your mother and your aunt yell dark and lewd secrets back and forth like a bizarre and perverse game of tennis.
  55. >"Why don't you tell your nephew about how you would NEVER leave the castle without your moon-themed vibrating buttplug!"
  56. >>"Why don't YOU tell your son that you keep his old underwear in a ziplock bag and sniff them when you masturbate!"
  57. >"Hey! Hey, Anon! Luna here used to sneak into people's dreams and have sex with them! Her bed always stunk of FISH!"
  58. >>"Oh yeah? Nephew, the reason your mother breastfed you until you were 7 was because she was insecure about her bust size and didn't want them to shrink when she was no longer lactating!"
  59. >Luna grabs her tits and jiggles them in your direction.
  60. >>"I might have been the 'little sister', but I always had the fattest tits in the kingdom!"
  61. >She jiggles them extra-hard and leans forward towards you.
  62. >>"Aren't the magnificent?!"
  63. >Face red from both anger and embarrassment, your mother marches over to you and plants herself right on your lap, straddling your legs.
  64. >"Shut up, Luna! Anon thinks my breasts are best! The best!"
  65. >She rips her shirt off and thrusts her chest forward, shoving your face in between her tits.
  66. >"See? See?! He thinks they're amazing!"
  68. >The one-upmanship continues until they start arguing about who kisses the best (tested on Anon, since neither of them would ever admit that the other was a better kisser); who gives the best handjobs; who can take a cock deepest down their throat (again, Anon was brought in to help judge); who has the tightest pussy; who has the most fertile womb
  69. >"See? You see?! My tits don't get as sore as YOURS do!"
  70. >Celestia jiggles her naked, swollen breasts at her equally naked sister
  71. >Flecks of milk spray from her dark nipples get on the bed the three of you now share
  72. >"How're those 'fattest tits in the kingdom' doing for you now?!"
  74. ----
  76. saving this because I'm a narcissistic asshole. -I- thought it was funny, anyway.
  78. >Sunset sighs with disappointment and pokes at your flaccid member.
  79. >You have never been more happy to have been rendered impotent from fear.
  80. >"C'mon, Anon, this is a limp sock. What happened to that roll of quarters in your pocket?"
  81. >Against your better judgement, you snap back sarcastically.
  82. "I guess I'm just not happy to see you."
  83. >Your eyes widen in shock as your brain catches up with your mouth, and you await whatever punishment your sister has for you.
  84. >To your surprise, she just snorts in amusement.
  85. >"Eat me, you shit."
  86. >After a moment, Sunset spreads her legs and reveals her bare pussy to you.
  87. >"No, seriously; eat me."
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