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  1. >Your phone buzzes obnoxiously on the desk yet again.
  2. >This quite tiresome, you should have just pretended the number was fake...
  3. >But those first few tentative messages from fans were so adorable, you couldn't help yourself.
  4. >Now that it's confirmed, the inevitable has happened and the rest are hollow, with the occasional threat or request for a hookup.
  5. >You sigh and pick up the device to read the message. it is from a private number.
  6. >"=)"
  7. >A smiling face..? well, that's better than the last few, you suppose.
  8. >You reply with something short and sweet that invites introduction, but nothing comes of it.
  9. >It stays in your mind, even though they probably just couldn't think of anything to say.
  10. >It's getting late, so you decide to switch off your phone for now and make your video for tomorrow before you get much sleepier.
  11. >Leaving off with a coy comment about having to change your number due to a nasty prank, you still ensure to thank everyone who took the time to send you a message. No sense being bitter about it.
  12. >You schedule the upload for midday tomorrow and then sign off and relax at last, placing your phone on to charge and heading to lock up the house for the night.
  13. >As you turn the key, you notice a small parcel has been left on your doorstep.
  14. >You open the door and gather it up without stepping outside.
  15. >Locking the door and heading to bed, you decide to unwrap the surprise.
  16. >Sitting on the edge of the bed, you remove the waxy brown packaging and draw out your gift.
  17. >It's a slice of cake, storebought and sealed by the look of it thankfully, you have no idea who sent it.
  18. >Deciding a little midnight snack isn't going to kill you, you brew some tea to go with it and savour it before getting ready for bed.
  19. >It's good, the sponge is moist and the balance of cream and jam is lovely. Your only complaint is a mild chalky aftertaste to the chocolate icing. You'd believe if it was homemade.
  20. >Draining your cup and licking your lips, you lay down and enter a deep slumber.
  22. 1/5
  24. >You must be dreaming now, however.
  25. >When you woke up, a few things were wrong. The major thing being that you are restrained and not alone.
  26. >Your arms are tied above you, attached to the headboard and your ankles are held similarly fast, though you cannot see how.
  27. >More distressingly, a stranger is wrapped around you like a lover, their arms around your waist and on your shoulder with their head resting on your chest just above your heart.
  28. >You try to test your bindings, but your strength is gone. You couldn't tell due to your arrested state but the moment you try to raise your head, you feel it.
  29. >You're drunk or high or something approximating it, you feel like your head is weighted and dense, it swims as you turn it and threatens to droop lopsidedly if you don't support it or stay on the pillow.
  30. >At your clumsy movements you feel them stir and grumble lightly as their fingers run across your skin, their eyes lock with yours and you note his odd countenance... He appears to be blushing profusely.
  31. >'Awake so soon, my love? Or perhaps you are unfinished? You may stay in bed if that is so. I insist, actually. For now.'
  32. >You barely croak out a slurred, half-response of confusion and he laughs.
  33. >'I gave you too much I gather. I did intend to be more cautious, to take your height and weight into consideration. I simply could not wait any longer, however.'
  34. >Through your addled haze, you feel his hand trailing from your shoulder to your chest, his eyes are locked on yours.
  35. >'You should get some more rest. We can talk more when it is worked out of your system. Until then allow me an indulgence...'
  36. >He peels back the covers and reveals that you are completely nude. His eyes flicker wildly as they hungrily rove your helpless form
  37. >He straddles you and strokes your chest, closing his eyes and humming to himself as he does.
  38. >Your restraints don't budge.
  40. 2/5
  42. >He begins to grind himself against you and you are momentarily confused. Is that his..?
  43. >Holy shit... He's fucking huge...
  44. >He gasps and his eyes snap open and lock with yours. In an instant the mad look is gone.
  45. >He steps off of you and begins to stroke your hair.
  46. >'I am sorry, I lost myself. You are quite safe with me, I assure you. I promise I will not force myself on you.'
  47. >'Not until you want it, that is.'
  48. >Is he crazy? You don't even know his name! You say as such.
  49. >Or try to. You manage 'Who' and the rest is unintelligible murmuring.
  50. >He smiles and leans down to whisper in your ear.
  51. >'I am Chara. I am... A fan of yours, you might say.'
  52. >He softly licks your ear, his hot breath making the hair on your neck stand on end.
  53. >'Ah... Being this close at last... I have so much I wish to tell you, so much I wish to do with you. To you.'
  54. >He closes his lips around your ear gently. You shiver at the ticklish sensation. It feels really good...
  55. >'Mmm... I love the way you squirm for me. I dearly wish to find all the places that make you do that.'
  56. >He wraps his arms around you and puts his head against yours, placing a soft kiss on your cheek.
  57. >'Let us stay like this for a little while, until you feel better. Then I will explain everything.'
  58. >Your head is swimming and every minor movement the restraints allow you to make is an effort. Even keeping your eyelids propped open begins to weigh on you.
  59. >So you relax and close them. You tell yourself this isn't so bad, you're warm and comfortable. You'll just sleep it off and escape later. You'll figure something out.
  60. >Closing your eyes, stopping your movements and relaxing into 'Chara' causes the sickening feeling to abate and you are confident you will be asleep in moments.
  61. >'Good night, my love. You are safe from them now. I promise.'
  63. 3/5
  65. >You start awake, a nightmare?
  66. >Your arms manage about half an inch of movement before the bindings pull taught.
  67. >No such luck, then. It's all real.
  68. >There are lingering aftereffects of whatever was in that cake, but you have your strength back and your limbs obey you instantly and without effort now.
  69. >You peer into the darkness and try to make out where you are. It certainly looks like your room anyway, but this isn't your bed...
  70. >The thought gives you a slight chill.
  71. >You twist around, trying to feel out if your captor is still here. It would appear not, so you begin attempting to loosen the straps around your wrists.
  72. >They're a little loose to begin with, and you soon get one hand free. You're working on the other when the bedroom door opens and light fills the room.
  73. >You freeze in panic as you get your first proper look at him.
  74. >Chara looks at you bemused, he's shirtless and carrying a tray of what looks like breakfast food. He is an impressive specimen and you doubt you could overpower him head on. His chest is broad and covered in a thick, chestnut brown hair that plunges downwards and draws your eye to...
  75. >No, not now! You frantically try to release your other hand.
  76. >He calmly makes his way over to the bed and places the tray on your side table before getting in next to you and firmly taking your wrists. You try to push him off, but he straddles you and pins your arm as he reapplies the strap you removed.
  77. >'I suppose it was foolish of me to expect you to behave for so long, you do not even know why I brought you here after all.'
  78. >You are restrained again, tighter this time and he leans over to repeat the tightening on the second binding.
  79. >'I left these rather loose for you, to spare your circulation. I can see that was a mistake, you will have to put up with some numbness after all.'
  80. >Your skin is pinched as he pulls the strap hard and leans back, taking a look at you from his perch on your hips.
  81. >'Now then, allow me to explain.'
  82. >He begins to gush, eyes flaring as he describes his feelings. It's hard to follow at times, he's so excited. It feels like he's been holding this in for years. Has he?
  84. 4/5
  86. >He hates humanity.
  87. >No, that isn't doing it justice. When he talks about 'Them' you fear for your safety. The anger rises off of him like heat.
  88. >You're afraid at first and he notices after a time and then his story shifts.
  89. >Not you, though. You're different. You are kind and patient and sweet and gentle and beautiful and handsome and adorable and thoughtful and so many other things you wouldn't expect to hear out of the mouth that was spitting pure, acrid venom just moments ago.
  90. >Humanity hasn't gotten to you somehow. You're good and pure. The only human like that he's ever seen. Even he is touched by them, their anger and spite... he hates it, but you...
  91. >'Do you understand? Why I needed to take you away? I can't let them tarnish you.'
  92. >He is close to tears at the notion, he lays atop you and shudders, whispering breathily in your ear.
  93. >'I know you are scared, I know... I know this is not what you want, but it is for the best. I will watch over you closely for signs of their interference.'
  94. >You feel him quaking slightly.
  95. >'I know you don't mean it. It would be a miracle if you had gone utterly unscathed all this time. I will make sure you are as pure as can be.'
  96. >You muster the will to speak at last.
  97. >'Chara... I... Alright. Just, don't do anything rash, okay? You don't have to tie me up like this. We can talk it out.'
  98. >He looks into your eyes and beams a smile at you.
  99. >'I love you so, so much. You still have such softness inside you despite my actions.'
  100. >You smile back at him, you can work with this. He's a little unstable but he doesn't seem unreasonable. You just need to get a few moments away...
  101. >'Nevertheless, I cannot release you yet. I need to be sure. You are an effective actor, after all and your instincts will still be telling you to flee.'
  102. >Your smile droops slightly, but you fix it quickly and nod patiently.
  103. >'Okay Chara. I'll be waiting then.'
  104. >He hugs you tightly and then gathers up the tray again, still sitting atop you. He gathers up a forkful of scrambled eggs.
  105. >'Now, sit up and open wide, my love. We have a long day ahead of us.'
  107. 5/5
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