MagiReco Ultimate Madoka story translation

Oct 2nd, 2018
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  1. Ultimate Madoka
  3. 1: Before Saying Goodbye
  4. amid the ruins of Mitakihara
  5. Madoka: "Homura-chan..."
  7. 1.1
  8. [In a ruined Mitakihara City; this part is verbatim from episode 12]
  9. Madoka: "I'm sorry, Homura-chan... I'm going to become a magical girl."
  10. Homura: "Madoka, no..."
  11. Madoka: "I finally figured it out. I found a wish I want granted."
  12. "For that, I'll use my life."
  13. Homura: "No, don't!"
  14. "If you do, then what did I... do all this for..."
  15. Madoka: "Sorry... I'm really sorry."
  16. "Because you've protected me for so, so long..."
  17. "And placed all your hopes in me, that's why I've become the person I am."
  18. "I'm really sorry."
  19. "This is the answer I've finally been able to come to."
  20. "Please believe in me."
  21. "I won't let all you've done be in vain."
  22. Homura: "Madoka..."
  23. Kyubey: "The fates of many worlds have intertwined on you, a karmic singularity."
  24. "No matter how preposterous the wish you make, it will likely be realized."
  25. Madoka: "You're sure?"
  26. Kyubey: "Now, Kaname Madoka."
  27. "What will you wish for in exchange for your soul?"
  28. Madoka: "I..."
  29. [deep breath]
  30. Madoka: "I want to erase all witches before they are born."
  31. "In all universes, past and future, with my own two hands."
  32. Kyubey: "!?"
  33. [a blinding flash of light, and Madoka is glowing with a pillar of light.]
  34. Kyubey: "If... If that wish is to be granted..."
  35. "That's way beyond manipulating time."
  36. "That's going against fate itself!"
  37. "Ah!"
  38. "Do you truly intend to become a god?"
  39. Madoka: "It doesn't matter if I'm a god or not."
  40. "As long as I can keep all the magical girls from crying..."
  41. "All the girls who kept their hopes while fighting witches."
  42. "I want them to smile to the end."
  43. "Any rule that prevents that, I will destroy it."
  44. "That is my wish... my prayer."
  45. "Now, grant it, Incubator!"
  46. [fade to white]
  48. 1.2
  49. [in Mami's apartment, we see Madoka]
  50. Mami: *Kaname-san...*
  51. *Are you aware of how dreadful a wish that is?*
  52. Madoka: "I think."
  53. Mami: "In all times, past and future..."
  54. "You will be fighting for all of eternity."
  55. "If that happens..."
  56. "You will cease to be yourself."
  57. "It's not so simple as dying."
  58. "You'll be perpetually, unendingly destroying witches, reduced to a mere concept."
  59. "Anchored to this space."
  60. Madoka: "That's okay. That's what I want."
  61. "If someone says that it's wrong to hope..."
  62. "I'd tell them they're wrong, as many times as it takes."
  63. "I'm sure I'd never stop insisting that."
  64. Kyouko: *Isn't that fine though?*
  65. "If you think you can do it, then you just gotta do it."
  66. "You've found your reason to fight, right?"
  67. "And you've decided not to run away?"
  68. "Then there's nothing else to do."
  69. "All you gotta do is run full speed ahead."
  70. Madoka: "Yeah... Thanks, Kyouko-chan."
  71. Mami: "Then, I have something of yours to give back."
  72. "Here."
  73. Madoka: "Ahaha..."
  74. Mami: "You aren't merely granting everyone's hopes."
  75. "You are becoming hope itself."
  76. "All of our hopes."
  77. [fade out back to Mitakihara]
  78. Madoka: "..."
  79. [there's a flash and we see arrows of light raining down from inscriptions in the sky]
  80. Madoka: *I won't let your prayers end in despair!*
  81. *You won't have to hate anyone, or curse anyone. I will shoulder all of your fate! So please, believe in yourselves to the end!*
  82. [fade to white, and we see Madoka]
  83. Madoka: *It's alright. It's okay now.*
  84. *You don't have to resent anyone. You don't have to curse anyone anymore.*
  85. *I'll go back before you became like that, and accept it all.*
  87. 1.3
  88. [in space, we see Homura.]
  89. Homura: *...*
  90. *!?*
  91. "Where is this..."
  92. Kyubey: *The universe is rearranging itself in accordance with Madoka's newly created laws.*
  93. *Oh, that's right. You were also a user of time control magic.*
  94. *Then, let's see this through together... the end result of the existence known as Kaname Madoka...*
  95. [there's a flash of white]
  96. Kyubey: *That is the soul gem brought forth by her wish.*
  97. Homura: "No way..."
  98. Kyubey: *Do you understand the sheer weight of all the despair Madoka must bear as payment for such a grandiose wish?*
  99. *She was able to bring forth enough hope to create a new universe.*
  100. [insert image of her witch surrounding the earth]
  101. Kyubey: *Put differently, that means that she has also brought forth enough enough despair to destroy a universe.*
  102. *It's only natural.*
  103. [back to space]
  104. Homura: "!?"
  105. "Hiee!"
  106. Madoka: *No, it's okay.*
  107. [we see an Anthony]
  108. Madoka: *My wish was to erase all witches.*
  109. [it goes away]
  110. Madoka: *If that was truly granted...*
  111. [insert image of Godoka wielding her bow]
  112. Madoka: *Then even I have no reason...*
  113. *To despair!
  114. [fade to white, and then to black]
  115. Kyubey: *Madoka...*
  116. *With this, your life has no longer begun nor ended.*
  117. *There is not the slightest trace or memory left that you ever lived in this world.*
  118. *You've shifted to a higher plane of existence, reduced to a mere concept.*
  119. *Nobody can perceive you anymore, and likewise, you can't interact with anyone.*
  120. *You are no longer of this universe.*
  121. [on a technicolor spacey background]
  122. Homura: *...*
  123. *What's that supposed to mean?*
  124. *You're saying that this is what Madoka wanted?*
  125. *Is this a fair reward for everything she's done?"
  126. *You've got to be kidding!*
  127. *This is even worse than dying... So much worse...*
  128. [insert space hug image]
  129. Madoka: *No, that's not true, Homura-chan.*
  130. *As I am now, I can see all, past and future.*
  131. *Universes that might once have existed...*
  132. *Universes that might someday exist. Every one.*
  133. Homura: *Madoka...*
  134. Madoka: *So now I know...
  135. *All the timelines you worked so hard in to save me.*
  136. *How many times you cried, or got hurt...*
  137. *But kept going for me...*
  138. *I'm so sorry I never knew before now...*
  139. *I'm sorry...*
  140. *Now that I am like this, I was finally able to know the real you.*
  141. *I can't believe I had such a great friend all this time.*
  142. *So, I'm glad...*
  143. Homura: *...*
  144. Madoka: *Thank you, Homura-chan.*
  145. *You were the greatest friend for me.*
  146. Homura: *But...*
  147. *Now you don't have anywhere to go home to.*
  148. *You'll never see the people you love...*
  149. *You'll be left all alone in this place forever, you know!*
  150. Madoka: *Hehe... I'm not alone.*
  151. *I'm together with everyone, all the time.*
  152. *From now on, I'll be with you everywhere, throughout all time.*
  153. *So even if you can't see me or hear me...*
  154. *I'll be right by your side, Homura-chan.*
  155. Homura: *Are you really alright with that, Madoka?*
  156. *I'm going to forget you!*
  157. *I will never again be able to sense you ever again!*
  158. Madoka: *It's too early to give up.*
  159. *You've been able to come this far with me, Homura-chan.*
  160. *So even if you go back to your world...*
  161. *You might be able to remember me.*
  162. *It'll be fine, I'm sure.*
  163. *Let's believe.*
  164. Homura: *Madoka...*
  165. Madoka: *After all, magical girls get their hopes and dreams granted.*
  166. *I'm sure that if it's small enough, a true miracle just might occur.*
  167. *Don't you think?*
  168. [back to the technicolor background]
  169. Homura: *Madoka! Don't go!*
  170. Madoka: *I'm sorry... I have to go get everyone.*
  171. *One day, I'll be able to see you once more.*
  172. *So just until then, I'll say goodbye...*
  173. [fade to black]
  174. Homura: *MADOKAAAAAA!*
  175. [battle]
  176. [black screen]
  177. Madoka: *And so I came to interfere with all these worlds... all these universes, erasing the very existence of witches...*
  178. *However, in the process...*
  179. [we see Ultimate Madoka in space]
  180. Madoka: "This is weird..."
  181. "I sense a strange subtle abnormality from somewhere..."
  182. "An abnormal... fate."
  183. "But, I can't find it..."
  184. "Where is it? Where might it be?"
  185. [she fades out to just space]
  186. Madoka: *Over a long time, I searched for the source of that abnormality.*
  187. *In the end, I found a fine thread of fate, and followed it...*
  188. [Madoka reappears]
  189. Madoka: "This is..."
  190. [she uses magic on it]
  191. Madoka: "I can't... interact with this universe?"
  192. "Then, I won't be able to save its magical girls!"
  193. "Is something interfering with my control?"
  194. "It's from this town..."
  195. [we see an overview of Kamihama briefly]
  196. Madoka: "The town's name is... Kamihama City..."
  197. "..."
  198. "I need to get to the bottom of this..."
  199. "Because I wished to take on all of their fates..."
  202. 2: Overturning Life and Death
  203. outside the universe
  204. Madoka: "Kamihama City... This time... Yeah... I feel it... An abnormal fate..."
  206. 2.1
  207. [black screen]
  208. *In this universe I cannot affect... A fate that I sense... coming from... Kamihama City...*
  209. *This universe alone I am unable to influence. As a result, I cannot erase its witches.*
  210. *So I cannot let it stay like this. I decided to search for the cause of this.*
  211. *The focus of this was Kamihama City.*
  212. *While searching through it, I spotted a time period with particularly strong karma.*
  213. [we see the view of Kamihama flashing, and then we end up in a train station looking at glasses Homura]
  214. Homura: "So this is Kamihama City..."
  215. (Just looking at it, it seems like a normal town. Is it really that dangerous?)
  216. "Tomoe-san is somewhere in this city..."
  217. Madoka: "Homura-chan!"
  218. Homura: "Eh!?"
  219. [Madoka shows up]
  220. Homura: "K-Kaname-san!?"
  221. "Why are you here?"
  222. [they disappear]
  223. Madoka: *The strong fate that I sensed was the time when Homura-chan and I appeared in Kamihama.*
  224. *Homura-chan had already turned back time many times over, but this was the first time like this...*
  225. *Somehow, the fate here strongly drew in Homura-chan...*
  226. *I looked for the contact that caused that...*
  227. [she searches through Kamihama]
  228. [now we see Ui from the prologue talking to Homura]
  229. ???: "Come..."
  230. Homura: "Huh?"
  231. ???: "If you want to change fate, come to Kamihama City."
  232. Homura: "Fate? Kamihama? What are you talking about?"
  233. ???: "In this city... Magical girls will be saved."
  234. Madoka: *With that, Homura-chan, as well as Mami-san, Kyouko-chan, Sayaka-chan, and I all headed to Kamihama...*
  235. [overview of the city]
  236. Madoka: *In this Kamihama I'm looking at, many magical girls' fates are intertwining...*
  237. [we see Oriko on a black screen]
  238. [Kazumi]
  239. [Suzune]
  240. [Tart]
  241. [back to black]
  242. Madoka: *And none other than...*
  243. *Among them, these two.*
  244. [Nemu appears]
  245. Madoka: *Hiiragi Nemu.*
  246. [Touka appears too]
  247. Madoka: *Satomi Touka.*
  248. *Those two are particularly unusual...*
  249. *After all, they really...*
  250. *Are not fated to become magical girls.*
  252. 2.2
  253. [black screen]
  254. Madoka: *The two who became magical girls despite not being fated to...*
  255. [Nemu appears]
  256. Madoka: *Hiiragi Nemu.*
  257. [Touka appears]
  258. Madoka: *Satomi Touka.*
  259. *I took a look at this conversation.*
  260. [a few flashes, and then a scene in the Rumor of the Eternal Sakura]
  261. Touka: "Ehe, I hope it comes soon..."
  262. "The Walpurgisnacht..."
  263. Nemu: "I can't wait..."
  264. "The Walpurgisnacht coming means..."
  265. Touka: "That the Eve will hatch!"
  266. Nemu: "So basically, we'll..."
  267. Touka: "We'll be free of this inconvenient fate of ours."
  268. "Ehehe"
  269. Nemu: "We'll have been released from the karma of being magical girls!"
  270. "A brand-new story of the world will begin soon!"
  271. Madoka: *The girls were raising something called the Embryo Eve to release magical girls from the curse of the witch transformation.*
  272. *In order to complete that final hatching, they thought to use the Walpurgisnacht, and planned to call it to Kamihama City.*
  273. *This was a phenomenon that only occurred in this universe's Kamihama City.*
  274. *Why is this happening?*
  275. *Not why the Walpurgisnacht is coming to Kamihama City, but before that...*
  276. *Why...*
  277. *Why are they alive?*
  278. [a flash and then a scene change to the hospital, with Touka, Ui, and Nemu]
  279. Ui: "whimper..."
  280. "..."
  281. Nemu: "Ui..."
  282. Touka: "Ui!"
  283. Madoka: *In the beginning, Ui-chan dies...*
  284. *And then...*
  285. Nemu: "Sorry..."
  286. Touka: "Don't apologize!"
  287. "You don't have to apologize, so just hang in there, Nemu!"
  288. Nemu: "Sorry..."
  289. "I'm... sorry..."
  290. "..."
  291. Touka: "...WAAAAAH!"
  292. Madoka: *And then Nemu-chan...*
  293. Touka: "pant... pant..."
  294. "P-pretty soon, I will also..."
  295. "Go to... where they are..."
  296. "Wait for me... Ui, Nemu..."
  297. "Ehehe..."
  298. "..."
  299. Madoka: *In the end, her health suffering from the sadness of having been left behind lead to Touka passing on...*
  300. *That is what repeated over and over in other universes', other times' versions of Kamihama City...*
  301. *But this Kamihama City alone was different.*
  302. [we see Ultimate Madoka in space]
  303. Madoka: "..."
  304. "This is the singularity."
  305. "This is the reason I cannot interfere..."
  306. "Is that really true? If it is, then why?"
  307. "I need to learn more... feel more..."
  309. 2.3
  310. [in space]
  311. Madoka: *In this universe where Kamihama has become a singularity, what of Mitakihara City?*
  312. *Indeed, it has been affected.*
  313. [the screen flashes white and shows an alley with a white and a black feather]
  314. white feather: "!?"
  315. [we see Madoka and Homura]
  316. Madoka: "Eh!? Wings of Magius!?"
  317. Homura: "Why are they in Mitakihara?"
  318. Madoka: *People who should not have been there appeared in Mitakihara.*
  319. *The organization that Touka and Nemu started, the Wings of Magius.*
  320. *And on top of that...*
  321. [we see Sayaka and Holy Mami]
  322. Mami: "Stay quiet here in Mitakihara."
  323. "If you do that, Magius will save you..."
  324. Homura: "..."
  325. Mami: "I don't want any of you to despair."
  326. Madoka: "Mami-san..."
  327. Madoka: *Mami-san was working with the Wings of Magius... No, not out of her own will...*
  328. *Mami-san was brainwashed...*
  329. [we see Alina]
  330. Alina: "Ahahahaha"
  331. "Now they can just quietly wait in my barrier until the end."
  332. "Mami, I'll leave the finishing touches to you."
  333. Mami: "Yes."
  334. [fade to black]
  335. Madoka: *And on top of that, what Kyouko-chan saw...*
  336. [in the chapel of Hotel Fendthope]
  337. Kyouko: "Is this... a witch?"
  338. Mifuyu: "Honestly, I do not know either."
  339. "The Magius call this the 'Eve'."
  340. "Their catchphrase is that this is the symbol of release of magical girls."
  341. [in space]
  342. Madoka: "..."
  343. "What the Wings of Magius are trying to do..."
  344. "Is to free magical girls from their fate..."
  345. "They're going about it differently, but..."
  346. "The future they are trying to head toward is..."
  347. [fade out]
  348. Madoka: *The same as me...*
  350. 3: A Great, Yet Modest, Undertaking
  351. outside the universe
  352. Madoka: "This difference at only this one point... Why is it there?"
  354. 3.1
  355. [in space]
  356. Madoka: "Even if I try to influence it, I'm unable to."
  357. "The reason is this one universe I'm observing right now..."
  358. "..."
  359. "It's not definite yet, but it's very likely..."
  360. "Will the Wings of Magius be able to achieve their goal?"
  361. "That future..."
  362. "Isn't visible..."
  363. "No... I'm unable to see it..."
  364. "What should I do?"
  365. "Am I supposed to interfere in this one point?"
  366. "If I leave it alone, this whole universe might become abnormal..."
  367. "But it might be too forceful..."
  368. "And that might cause even further problems to develop."
  369. "..."
  370. "Is there... some other guidepost to this point..."
  371. [we see Iroha]
  372. Madoka: "Iroha... chan?"
  373. "Yeah... her fate too changed..."
  374. "She too..."
  375. *Is not supposed to have become a magical girl...*
  376. "Let's focus on her..."
  377. "For now... let's look at the events surrounding her, starting in the past..."
  378. [battle]
  379. [in space]
  380. Madoka: "..."
  381. "Iroha-chan..."
  382. [we see Iroha]
  383. [fade to black]
  384. Madoka: *She was originally not fated to become a magical girl.*
  385. *In all other universes, Tamaki Iroha never contracts.*
  386. *However, in this one point, this universe's Tamaki Iroha alone becomes a magical girl.*
  387. *Why is this?*
  388. "Let's focus on her..."
  389. "For now... let's look at the events surrounding her, starting in the past..."
  390. "With the person having the strongest connection to her as a magical girl..."
  391. "Nanami Yachiyo..."
  392. [flashes of white and then we see an abandoned building with Yachiyo and Kanae]
  393. Yachiyo: "And so..."
  394. "What do you think of the light music club?"
  395. Kanae: "Mm..."
  396. "It's fun."
  397. Yachiyo: "I'm glad you like it."
  398. Kanae: "Mm..."
  399. "What's your part?"
  400. Kanae: "Guitar."
  401. "But I'm still no good at playing..."
  402. Yachiyo: "It's not an easy instrument to just pick up and play."
  403. Kanae: "Especially the F chord..."
  404. "Also, F7 and Fm and FmM7 and Fadd9 and more..."
  405. Yachiyo: "They're..."
  406. "All F, right?"
  407. Kanae: "Mm..."
  408. Yachiyo: "..."
  409. "Sounds tough."
  410. Kanae: "Mm..."
  411. Mifuyu: <Yacchan! Kanae-san!>
  412. Yachiyo: <Mifuyu, where are you?>
  413. Mifuyu: <About 5 minutes away!>
  414. Yachiyo: <Alright... As soon as you get here, let's start.>
  415. Mifuyu: <Okay!>
  416. Yachiyo: "Well then..."
  417. "The witch hasn't moved... it's just stopped around here, huh."
  418. "Is it waiting for us to enter?"
  419. Kanae: "I wonder..."
  420. Yachiyo: "Are you ready, Kanae?"
  421. Kanae: "Mm... Anytime you are!"
  422. [Yachiyo transforms, then Kanae transforms]
  423. [now back to space]
  424. Madoka: "..."
  425. "There's no change in either of them... they're the same as in other universes..."
  426. [fade to black, and we see Meru]
  427. Madoka: *And after this, Anna Meru who also fought alongside her too had the usual fate.*
  428. [back to space]
  429. Madoka: "It doesn't seem any of them had any influence on Iroha-chan..."
  430. "I need to keep looking..."
  431. "In order to save them, I need to find the cause of the singularity..."
  433. 3.2
  434. [black screen]
  435. Madoka: *I searched all the people and events connected to Tamaki Iroha, but I didn't find even the smallest sign...*
  436. *So it's finally time to investigate her directly...*
  437. *Maybe I should start around here...*
  438. [flashes and then we see Iroha in the hospital room with Nemu]
  439. Iroha: "So, around here in Central Ward is the business district."
  440. Nemu: "Yeah."
  441. "In the Kamihama business district there are many different companies."
  442. "Banks, brokerages, trading companies, newspapers, and television stations."
  443. "It's the heart of Kamihama's economy."
  444. Iroha: "W-wow, Nemu-chan..."
  445. Ui: "She researched it yesterday."
  446. "And around here as well..."
  447. Touka: "Ehehe!"
  448. Iroha: "Ah, Touka-chan."
  449. Touka: "Hm? You came, onee-sama."
  450. Iroha: "You seem to be having fun. Did something good happen?"
  451. Touka: "Yeah! Something really good happened!"
  452. "My papa said that he would let me use the radio telescope!"
  453. Iroha: "Radio... telescope?"
  454. Touka: "Huh, you don't know what they are?"
  455. "A radio telescope is a telescope that gathers radio waves so that you can monitor celestial bodies!"
  456. "You can see stars that an optical telescope can't!"
  457. "You should at least know about the Arecibo Observatory, right?"
  458. "They sent the Arecibo Message from there towards M13..."
  459. Nemu: "Question."
  460. Touka: "Don't interrupt me, Nemu! I'm talking with onee-sama right now."
  461. Nemu: "Can you even go to the observatory?"
  462. Touka: "..."
  463. "Of course not. They won't give permission to go outside..."
  464. "So they'll let me control it online from here!"
  465. Nemu: "I see..."
  466. Touka: "Ehe! Nice, huh?"
  467. Iroha: "That's pretty amazing!"
  468. Touka: "Feel free to praise me more."
  469. Nemu: "So, what do you plan on doing?"
  470. Touka: "I've already decided!"
  471. "I'm going to use the 21 cm line to search for galaxies!"
  472. Nemu: "You said words but I can't comprehend them..."
  473. Iroha: "Searching for galaxies!? So..."
  474. Touka: "I want to scientifically..."
  475. "Analyze the state of the universe from my perspective!"
  476. Iroha: "This sounds somehow... incredibly large scale..."
  477. "But, maybe you'll find some aliens or something."
  478. Touka: "Aliens?"
  479. Iroha: "If there were, what would they look like..."
  480. Nemu: "According to one article I read they could be human-like or animal-like..."
  481. Touka: "Hey! Don't talk about it as if you think it's interesting."
  482. Nemu: "It's just something I read before in a paper."
  483. Touka: "All I'm observing is space itself!"
  484. Iroha: "A-ahh... You're always fighting!"
  485. [back in space]
  486. Madoka: "..."
  487. "This isn't different either. The same thing is repeating over and over again..."
  488. "All that changed was the time when she crossed into the fate of becoming a magical girl..."
  489. "What is the cause though?"
  490. "I've gotta observe even more closely..."
  491. *Step frame by frame through Iroha's entire existence...*
  493. 3.3
  494. [in space]
  495. Madoka: *I searched every nook and cranny for a difference between Iroha-chan in this singularity and every other Iroha-chan.*
  496. *I watched her every move, not letting a single moment escape my notice.*
  497. *And so, I found only a single difference from before Iroha-chan became a magical girl.*
  498. *It was something that happened on her everyday walk to school one day...*
  499. [flashes of white and then we see Iroha in an alley]
  500. Iroha: "Mmm...."
  501. (I think this is a shortcut, right?)
  502. "Alright, let's try it out!"
  503. Madoka: *On a whim, Iroha-chan noticed that this alleyway might be a shortcut.*
  504. *And today, Iroha-chan decided to try it out.*
  505. *Up until here, it's the same as every other Iroha-chan.*
  506. *But, just one thing... just one thing happened differently here.*
  507. Iroha: "Uhhh... over here..."
  508. [the screen flashes]
  509. Iroha: "Huh?"
  510. (Did I just touch something with my foot?)
  511. (Did I kick something?)
  512. "..."
  513. (What could it be? Dunno...)
  514. "Hmmmm..."
  515. (I don't see anything around...)
  516. (It should be okay...)
  517. (Alright, let's keep going.)
  518. [back to space]
  519. Madoka: "..."
  520. "I found it..."
  521. "It's this..."
  522. *At that time, Iroha-chan's foot...*
  523. *Struck a small pebble...*
  524. *That's all... That's all it took...*
  525. "This is the only difference at all."
  526. "But this small difference spread to form a new branch of fate.*
  527. "Yes, it spread all at once..."
  528. [we see Iroha on a black background]
  529. Madoka: *Iroha-chan became a magical girl...*
  530. [we see Ui]
  531. Madoka: *Ui-chan lived on...*
  532. [Touka and Nemu appear]
  533. Madoka: *These two lived on as well...*
  534. [black screen]
  535. Madoka: *Their new fate strayed from the path, becoming lost to time. And then Homura-chan's and my fates too were drawn in, and the future greatly changed.*
  536. [we see Madoka in space]
  537. Madoka: "This is... definitely..."
  538. "..."
  539. "The butterfly effect..."
  540. [battle]
  541. [in space]
  542. Madoka: *Why did Iroha-chan kick that pebble?"
  543. [we see Madoka]
  544. Madoka: "An error in the accumulation of fate?"
  545. "Or is it... caused by magic?"
  546. "Whose?"
  547. "..."
  548. [we see glasses Homura briefly]
  549. Madoka: "I see... That's why it branched..."
  550. "In that branch, that small stone tumbled..."
  551. "Causing the ripple in this universe..."
  552. "A ripple that changed the future..."
  553. [she dives in to observe Iroha in the alley]
  554. Iroha: "..."
  555. (Something's bothering me after all...)
  556. (I kicked something, right...)
  557. (But... what?)
  558. "Hmmmm..."
  559. "Ah!"
  560. (What should I do! It's this late already!?)
  561. (To think I'd be late because of taking a shortcut!)
  562. "I've gotta hurry!"
  563. [she dashes offscreen, and we see Madoka there]
  564. Madoka: "..."
  565. "Iroha-chan..."
  566. [back in space]
  567. Madoka: *From kicking that pebble, this world began to change.*
  568. *This is probably the reason I can neither intervene nor observe the future here...*
  569. *Meaning, I'm unable to interfere unnecessarily.*
  570. *There's a chance that when my power to change things makes contact, this universe itself might be destroyed...*
  571. "But even so..."
  572. "Depending on how the future turns out, I might have to intervene...*
  573. "Even if..."
  574. *Even if that was your wish...*
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