Alp Adventures - Chapter 10

Sep 19th, 2014
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  1. On the up side, I quickly overcame my sudden bout of 'losing my shit'. On the down side? For the past five minutes I've been feeling this odd emotion welling up within me. I believe one could describe it simply as being 'blind seething rage'? Yes, I believe that would be it. The reason is that currently I am in the company of not one, but two laughing idiots. First was my friend who, upon finding out that I was now sans penis, proceeded to laugh himself right onto the floor. I suppose that laughter is contagious. Because for whatever reason the queen followed suit and began giggling and laughing and just having a merry time rolling about on the floor as well. Now I pride myself on many things. One such thing is the ability to think rationally in such situations and come to a logical conclusion as how to fix said situation. Huh, and there goes my left eye starting to twitch again. But that aside, the solution finally came to me. It was so simple! So simple that my own mad laughter slowly grew to accompany the chorus. I just needed to kill them both! In lieu of that I suppose a severe maiming would suffice.
  2. A violet flame gathers around my clenched fists,, but I barely take notice of it due to tunnel vision directed at my friend. I bellow out a war cry, "These hands of mine glow with an awesome power!" before charging for an attack. I only make it a few steps before the world seems to begin spinning and I end up dropping to the floor while the purple flames go out with an audible fizzle. I stagger back to my feet and sway from side to side. It feels like I downed a shitload of alcohol, making me forget about what exactly I was doing and why. When I start to giggle my friend takes notice of my current state while the queen sits up and wipes tears from here eyes "Ahhh...wait, what were we laughing about again?". Ignoring the ditzy succubus, my friend looks to me with a raised eyebrow. "Jeeze, man. And you say I need to lay off the sauce."
  3. After deciding that standing is too much trouble I plop down onto the floor and give my friend the middle finger. "Shhhut up. I...I'm not drunk at all! Pfffttt." I start to giggle once again as I lay down on my back. My friend jerks a thumb towards me and asks the queen "Uhhh any reason why he's acting like he's three sheets to the wind?". She puts a finger on her chin in thought "Hmmmmm she's probably just hungry." He looks to her with an incredulous expression. "That....that makes no bloody sense." Now that she mentions it though, I do feel hungry. Or rather... empty? And fucking... "Hot!" My sudden outburst startles the other two, bringing their attention back to me as I start to undress and toss the skimpy garments off to the side. "What the hell are you doing now?!" My friend exclaims as a noticeable blush begins to form on his cheeks.
  4. I start giggling madly again at the sight while shakily making my way to my feet once again. "You! Arre...are you actually blushing? Haaaahh!! Gaaaaaaaay!" He furrows his brow in irritation and looks away from me. "Well in case you've forgotten, you currently don't have a cock. So it isn't really gay then, is it Mister...oh I'm sorry MISS Cockless Nildickerpeck!" I open my mouth and close it a few times in response to the comeback but my brain can't seem to form a response as I get more and more pissed off. "Guh... fuuck you! Tired of yer shit!" I clench my fists and stumble towards him with the intent of finally kicking his uppity ass. Apparently sensing the coming attack he hops to his feet and catches one of my horns with an extended hand, leaving me punching the air between us a few times before my arms just end up hanging limply and I'm left panting and feeling hotter than before. "Ahhhh ssscrew it. Yer not worth the trouble."
  5. His hold on my horn slips and I drop back to the floor once more and decide to lay down on my stomach. "Ugggghhh.... whaat? Sho ya got nothin' else smart assed to say now?" A few seconds pass with my question only being answered with silence, prompting me to raise my head and look over my shoulder. My friend is still standing there behind me, but his breathing had become heavy and his eyes appeared glazed over as he looked down at me. But what was more attention grabbing and unsettling was the tent that had formed in the front of his pants. I don't even have the time to wonder what's going on before he drops to his knees and grabs my hips. "Wai-...Wh-wh-what the hell d'ya think yer doing?!" While I start trying to claw the floor and get away I look back to the queen who I had been ignoring up until now. "What'd you do?! Wait! The hell are YOU doing?" In the time she was being ignored she had set up a tripod and a camcorder and was just nodding in satisfaction at her handiwork. "Ehhhhh? Well...you were letting out so much 'C'mere and give me a dicking!' pheromones I figured I would set up to record of what was coming." I continue frantically trying to escape my friend who still had vice grip on my hips and was pulling me back towards him. "You! You stupid airheaded demon! Help me!" She doesn't seem too perturbed by the insults and just smiles while clapping her hands,, giving me a cheerful "Okie doke!" before coming over to me.
  6. Ah! She..she's actually going to help me out of this? Maybe she isn't so bad after....all? She kneels down beside me and holds my waist, pulling me to my knees before grabbing my ass cheeks and spreading them apart. "Wha?! No!! Not help like thaaa~aat!!" I yell angrily at the succubus but my words end up faltering towards the end as she runs her tongue along the base of my tail, causing me to tremble as a pleasure spreads through my body and I lose much of my strength. I begin panting heavily once again and look back over my shoulder. My protests get caught in my throat and my eyes go wide at the sight behind me, the sight of my friends penis being lined up to penetrate me. I reach an arm out ahead of me to claw at the floor once again and escape, but just as I put strength into it, it fades away when I feel teeth lightly bite into my tail. Another shiver courses the length of my body in response and a moan escapes my lips, one that turns into an outright squeal as I suddenly feel the unfamiliar sensation of my new pussy filled.
  7. I could feel my small wings outstretched and twitching as my tail flitted around in small, quick movements. A line of saliva trailed down my chin from the corner of my mouth while my body itself shuddered in random spurts. "Ara~? Did you cum from just him putting it in? You really are a lewd one!" The queen succubus teases me while running her fingertips lightly along my side. Even that ever so slight touch causes my body to break into small convulsions and more gasped, sweet moans to escape my mouth unbidden. "Hmmmmmm? I think you're darling friend here is waiting for you to say something, sweetheart." Her skilled hand moves to between my legs and traces delicate patterns across my inner thighs but always suddenly retreats whenever she gets too close to my pussy. "Whether you realize it or not, he's already under your spell. I suppose you're a quick learner, you dirty girl." She giggles in amusement after speaking her words laced and dripping with lust. Sliding her body alongside mine, she brings her face close to mine and kisses my cheek before running the tip of her tongue along the edge of my ear and nips the softly at its pointed tip. She lets my whined moans quiet a moment before whispering to me, her hot breath tickling my saliva coated ear. "...why don't you tell him what you want, hmmm? Why don't you beg him nicely to fuck you so hard that your knees go weak? Tell him you want him to fuck you so hard that your pussy remembers the shape of his cock down to every subtle feature." She brings a hand to my face and wipes away the drool from my chin, licking it off her finger before touching her lips against my ear and softly whispers one final thing. "...you know that's what you want, don't you? You can feel your body aching for it. Demanding it. After all, you're just a horny girl right now."
  8. The sound of my own heavy breathing and whimpering moans fill my ears while my head is filled with nothing but an utter disarray of chaotic thoughts and questions. But one thought rises above the din of my mind until it's the only one left. I want more. No, that isn't quite right. I NEED more. I demand more. The feeling of something snapping in my mind gets ignored as I look over my shoulder at my friend. My lips curl into a smile and in a voice, one that doesn't even quite sound like my own anymore and filled with the same sweetness and lust as the queens, rises from my throat. "...please. Please fuck me?"
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