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Dadonequus Discord Part 292

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  1. >But what exactly do you say? She started to notice that as she hugged you, she wasn't receiving a hug back. "Anon, are you alright?..w-what's wrong?" She began to get really worried now
  2. "Ummm..."
  3. >shit...
  4. >You stay silent, trying to think of a way to put this without worrying her. But she stops hugging you so she can inspect if you had an injury. But without the ability to move, your limbs go limp, hanging backwards as your head slumps to the side.
  5. >Fluttershy's eyes go wide from the horror of it all. "A-ANON?! ANON! ANON!" She started to shake you, thinking you were unconscious, Ohhhh..it just made you feel disoriented and dizzy.
  6. "A-A-Aunt F-Fluttershy! I-I'M F-F-F-F-Fine!"
  7. >"Wh-what?" She lays you down gently on your belly. She can see your eyes moving, your mouth. But nothing else. "Anon...w-what's wrong?
  8. "Aunt Fluttershy, i-it's nothing to worry about. That ninja pony guy just sorta hit me with some sort of gas bomb. I can't move. B-but it's ok. I'm sure it's only temporary"
  9. >Fluttershy freaked out from that. A gas bomb? Paralysis?!
  10. >"Anon! That's not nothing! That could have been a poison!...Poison..." Fluttershy froze as she stared blanky into space "...Poison....Anon.." She picked you up, and holds you tight as she floats up. Angel grabbing on tight to the basket around her. "We need to get you to the hospital..NOW!"
  11. >....ok..maybe there really was no way to calm her down. Fucking hell. You felt so bad. That stupid ass Good News...why couldn't she leave you alone?
  13. >Fluttershy darted right towards the hospital as she continually asked you how you were feeling.
  14. >You couldn't feel anything, you couldn't even feel her warming hugs. Dammit, you told her you were ok. But you had no idea what you should say to calm her down. The way she was holding you was to make sure no part of your body flung about in mid air.
  15. >"It'll be ok Anon, we're almost there ok? The doctors will be able to help you lickety split" She was crying. It just had to be a strange gas, didn't it? Hell, you were sure she'd be more calm if it was an actual physical injury. Then again, she had a right to be afraid. Who knows what other effects that gas could have.
  16. "Aunt Fluttershy, I'll be ok. I know I'll be. It really doesn't hurt."
  17. >"Anon, we have to get you to the hospital. Just to be sure, I won't...I can't take any chances." Fluttershy was determined, flying as fast as her soft feathery wings would take her.
  18. >When you both finally arrive, she bursts through the doors head first and starts yelling. Rather loudly, probably one of the loudest times you ever heard her. "HELP! MY ANON WAS ATTACKED! HE CAN'T MOVE! SOMEPONY! PLEASE! HELP HIM!"
  19. >The ponies who were still waiting their turn, the nurses, even the few doctors in the lobby just turned over to her. They didn't know what to say or do. It was all so sudden.
  20. >Fluttershy's eye twitched from the urgent matter not being taken so seriously. She then roars out "HELP MY ANON OR I SWEAR! I'LL....I'LL...I'LL CAUSE A BUNNY STAMPEDE!"
  21. >Angel popped out of the basket to point to Fluttershy, then nod at them, like she'd actually do it.
  22. >You thought that the rabbit stampede from the show was just a gag...but everypony started to panic. One of the doctors stepped up to Fluttershy slowly as the nurse behind the desk ducked down.
  23. >"A-alright Miss Fluttershy, n-no need to be hasty. We're here to help, that's why we're doctors. Just tell us what's wrong...and don't call the rabbits. We don't need that here"
  25. >"S-sorry....but please..Help him...I think he was poisoned" She started to nearly hyperventilate from all that shouting as she holds you towards the unicorn doctor. Who takes you with his magic and rolls in a gurney to gently place you on it.
  26. >You don't say anything, you didn't want to make things worse.
  27. >"Poison? What poisoned him exactly? Do you know?" The doctor asked
  28. >"Some sort of pony threw a gas bomb at him, it paralyzed him completely! I-I'm scared" She explains to them, trying her best not to stutter. She wanted to make sure he understood.
  29. >"This is serious, Nurse.." The doctor looks to one of the cowering nurses, snapping her slowly to attention. "I need you to grab my emergency testing kit immediately, and bring every anti-toxin we have. We'll figure this out immediately...to think, there's a pony out there that would do this to a foal. Do not worry miss, We'll have your son walking again soon" The doctor grabs your gurney and rushes off. Fluttershy tries to follow, but one of the nurses stops her. Explaining to her that the doctor was going to perform an important procedure on you and needed concentration.
  30. >He said son....god, you hoped that didn't pierce her heart. Because yours was aching right now. All that suffering she's going through. Why...why couldn't you have a single calm day? You were so close this time.
  31. >The Doctor brought you into some operating room as he put on a mouth cover and some hoof gloves as he had the nurses who followed him prepare his operating table and gently place you there.
  32. "U-Ummm..What's going on?"
  34. >"We're going to take some of your blood and test and match it with all the poisons we know about. Then provide you an anti-toxin. Don't worry, the procedure is quick and clean. We just need you to stand still as we take a sample" The Doctor turns towards you, holding a sharp looking needle. Normally, this would be terrifying. But...
  35. "I...can't move anyway. I can't even feel anything....And I don't think...you know what? Just do it, I already know I'll be ok. I just want my Aunt to know I'm ok"
  36. >The doctor wasted no time in getting your blood sample, he spoke to you as he went to work on finding the exact anti-venom he needed with his tools. "You're very brave considering you've been poisoned, I think I've seen you here before. You're that hero colt, right?"
  37. "Yeah, and I've been here before, you're right about that."
  38. >"Mhmmm, I remember everypony running like their manes we're on fire when your father broke through our wall and stole a bed." The doctor gives a light hearted chuckle "I don't know what you do everyday, but maybe you shouldn't go around doing it."
  39. "Hey! It's not my fault...I mean, I just got foalnapped and then this happened..it was dumb. Things just happen to me."
  40. >"Well that's a shame...speaking of which.." The Doctor stops what he's doing as he turns towards you and removes his facemask. "You'll be fine, you're not poisoned. You just breathed in a powdered form of Cockatrice Weed"
  41. >...hehe...he said weed.
  42. "What? What the hay is Cockatrice Weed?"
  43. >"Just an uncommon type of fauna that, while touching it doesn't cause any problems, ingesting it..or in your case....breathing it in. Will cause stiffness or even paralysis of the body. Hence the name Cockatrice." The doctor chuckles "Just be glad it doesn't actually turn you to stone like it's namesake suggests, then we'd have a problem."
  44. >So there was no problem then...
  46. "So, erm. Does that mean everything will be ok?"
  47. >The Doctor nods "Yes, the effects will eventually wear off. I'll have a nurse take you to a room for rest and we'll explain to your mother what's going on."
  48. >Mother...
  49. >You thought about correcting him. But, part of you felt that wouldn't be right. for all intents and purposes, she was practically your mother with the title of Aunt. You'd just leave it alone.
  50. "Thanks doc...."
  51. >"No problem, Nurse, please take him to one of our empty rooms to recover." The Doctor puts you back on the gurney with his magic as the nurse takes you away to a room.
  52. >Cockatrice Weed huh? Well, at least he figured it out quick. Maybe things would finally quiet down now...you hoped.
  54. >The Nurse brought you up to the second floor of the hospital. Into a room marked 209. And gently placed you on the available bed.
  55. >She told you that your "Mother" would be told what room you were in and that visitation was allowed. Thank christ, you didn't want to be stuck here alone since you couldn't even move
  56. >You thanked the nurse of course, you wanted to be polite.
  57. >She smiled, and went about her business. She tucked you in and made sure you were comfortable before leaving.
  58. >Such a nice nurse.
  59. >"So, I was right to serect this room" You hear the quiet yet gruff voice of the ninja...noooo
  60. >You moved your eyes about, you couldn't see him. Was it just a hallucination?
  61. "H-hello?"
  62. >Suddenly, right by the door. A white sheet the same color as the wall is pulled away, revealing Shadow Sheet. WHAT?! WHY?!
  64. >"No one can hear you scream young one, my sound sperer wirr see to that, soon, it wirr be over" Shadow Sheet slowly walked over to you with determination in his eyes.
  67. >Shadow Sheet rams his hoof onto your mouth, something sliding out from the frog of his hoof and into your mouth and through your throat....oh shit..was that poison?!
  68. "n-no...oh no...."
  69. >It was over, wasn't it?
  70. >Fluttershy.....
  71. >Discord...
  72. >Diamond...
  73. >And everyone else...
  74. >You started making choking noises as Shadow Sheet looked over you, you were struggling about, holding onto your neck with your hoof
  75. >"...errr, what are you doing?" He asked, seemingly confused.
  76. "...what does it look like? I'm dying, you heartless monster...oh man....I-I can't believe this is it"
  77. >"Dying? No no no, you are not dying. You are cured....I think" He couldn't tell since you were practically choking yourself at this point.
  78. "What?"
  79. >You looked to your hooves, they were....moving? wut?
  81. "Cured?...y-you cured me? Wait...whyaah!?"
  82. >You stood up and backed off, away from him, falling off the other side of the bed.
  83. >He didn't laugh or chuckle, he was just further confused by your actions. "Yes...er, cured. Though, I do not know if I have accidentry damaged your mind"
  84. >Goddammit, you must have looked like an idiot. You slowly climbed up the bed, now realizing you weren't in danger. But still being wary while trying not to goof up. And if he was going to try something...don't hesitate...use the horn.
  85. "I'm fine, just uhh...getting used to moving. Still kind of numb...y'know?"
  86. >"Numb? But you shoul-" As he contemplated, you interrupt him. Dammit, you didn't need emphasis on how dumb you were being.
  87. "NOPE! I'M FINE NOW!...yeesh, look. uhh..."
  88. >You calm down now, as curiousness settles in.
  89. "Why did you cure me anyway? Why are you even here if you're not here to destroy me? You work for that news reporter, don't you?"
  90. >He shook his head "No ronger, our contract has been settred. And the reason I am here is to cure you in honor of your bravery in rooking the demon butterfry in the eye without worry or fright. It is trury worthy of praise. I arso cured you because I felt guirt in hurting a foar, despite a ninja's honor being zero."
  91. >So he...felt bad about hurting you?...no wait, what the fuck? Demon Butterfly? Did he mean....
  92. "You mean my Aunt? She's not a demon, she's just...nice and...uhh....no, look, what makes you think she's a demon? Because I really can't understand why. Was her stare really that scary?"
  93. >Shadow Sheet nodded "Indeed, and within the core of her eye was the mark of the high standing yet thought to be extinct...UNDEAD!" He shouts, putting emphasis on the word.
  94. >Undead?...wut?
  95. "Uhhhh...you lost me there pal. Are you saying my aunt is a zombie? that's...uhhh..."
  96. >You just..how? This guy was off his rocker.
  97. "kinda impossible...she has a pulse."
  98. >Shadow Sheet shook his head, apparently that wasn't it.
  100. >"No, not zombie....VAM...PONY!" There was a hint of fear in his voice. He was actually legitimately scared of her? Vampony? The fuck? No, you couldn't hold it in as you start chuckling at him.
  101. "What?! come on man, Vampony? Seriously? Are you for real? Did you not notice her walking around in broad daylight?"
  102. >"I have, she is creary a powerfur reader. Reading Vamponies are not harmed by the sun." Oh man, he really believed what he was saying.
  103. "And...ok....and...exactly er.....what exactly leads you to believe she's a vampony again?"
  104. >"The mark! the mark in her eyes!...and the odd sright fang in her mouth. Barery noticabre, but most definatry there. Surery you've seen it, as you are revered as mighty hero."
  105. >Fangs? Eyes.....wait....nooo, did he mean? Did she still have faint signs? If she did...it wasn't anything you noticed. Oh man, thats hilarious. She was a "Vampony" at one point. But not the kind he described.
  106. "Ohhhh, no no no, you got it all wrong"
  107. >"Exprain, for I think you are the one who is wrong" He stuck by his beliefs, as stubborn as any "haysian" would be.
  108. "Ok, look, I'll keep it simple. Awhile ago, there was a vampire fruitbat problem at Sweet Apple Acres. So a spell was cast to make the fruitbats hate apples to make them go away. Unfortunately all the lust for apples were put into the one you call a "Demon Butterfly" and she became a Vampony fruitbat who went after apples and stuff. She was cured of it like, the very next night I think. Point is, she's not a vampony anymore. And even when she was, it wasn't that kind of Vampony. Comprende?"
  109. >"Hmmmmm...." He pondered on it for a moment. He had never heard of any kind of magic like that. Or a spell with that kind of power. Also, he thought that plan itself was retarded "Hmn, whoever cast that sperr was highry irresponsribre. Who wourd even come up with such a foorish pran?"
  111. >Oh lordy...who indeed. You wondered how he would react when you told him...
  112. "Er, that would be princess Twilight Sparkle herself."
  113. >He coughed , he certainly didn't expect that answer. And it seemed, like with "moon spirits", he had a respect for royalty. Because he was completely retracting his attitude "Werr...yes, I...erm. I wourdn't say foorish. Perhaps, more...expirementar? Yes, that must be it. It's not rike she'd cast a want it, need it sperr to sorve a non existant probrem"
  114. >.........
  115. ".........."
  116. >"........."
  117. >He looks into the void that is his now his perceived future. Looking blankly forward. "....I fear for the future of Equestria...."
  118. >Ok, maybe..you gave the wrong impression.
  119. "Uhm, I mean...that was a while ago. It'll be fine...erm. hmnnn...Look Shadow Sheet, I can tell your not really a bad guy. You're just like a mercenary for hire right?"
  120. >He nods "That is correct...."
  121. "That's cool, that's neat. I actually appreciate you coming in and curing me. I feel pretty good. And despite you being utterly terrifying when I thought you were going to kill me, you aren't actually that bad. I think it's cool that you are a ninja. Didn't even think that was a thing anymore."
  122. >He bows "Thank you, I feere, honored."
  123. >awww...that was almost cute. He wasn't so bad. Just superstitious, but pretty good with that ninja magic shit.
  124. "aww, it's no big. So...erm...what are you going to do now?"
  125. >He sighed, taking a long breath before speaking. "I will have to end it....I have no more reason to be here" He said as he reached into his garb.
  126. >...wait...no reason to be here? End it?! HOLY FUCK!
  129. >"What?" He was super confused at you as he took out a sheet of paper and a pencil. "Seppuku? no...no...I was just going to sign these resignation papers. I no ronger wish to work for Gouda News, she is....as the west side says...a jerk"
  130. >Oh....haha...you chuckle sheepishly. Dammit, he...he wasn't going to kill himself..why would you think that...god. Well, at least his reason was good. She was a fucking ass.
  131. "Yeah, a real cheesehead, right?"
  132. >He suddenly burst into laughter, Shadow Sheet found that to be a very hilarious joke "wwwwwwwwww, you are very funny. I rike you...but...I must be off. Fare thee werr young hero cort, perhaps..we will meet again. For now, I onry ask that our meeting here remain secret...now... I sharr reave rike the wind!"
  133. >He bowed as he made off for the window and took a dive. Crashed, and fell backwards.
  134. >"O-off! W-what manner of sorcery is this?!" He whined as he slowly got up and inspected the window.
  135. >...really?
  136. "Uhhh...you have to....open it"
  137. >"....oh...." You couldn't see his expression, but you could tell he was embarrassed as he slowly opened the window. Perhaps he just couldn't see it was closed? It was kinda funny though. "..now..again...off...rike wind...yes" And then he hopped out.
  138. >You just smile and shake your head as he jumps away. What a cool guy. You kinda hope you run into him again someday. Maybe you could even hire him. Would be cool to have your own ninja.
  139. >And then, as you look upon the open window. You hear a knock on the door. It seems the spell may have gone with him.
  140. >"Anon..." You heard the soft voice of Fluttershy "Are you alright? Would you mind if I come in?"
  141. >Awww..she went back to being a softy. She was probably scared. Ha, you sure had a surprise for her. A hug? yeah...that would brighten her day instantly.
  142. >You huddled under your blanket and put your head on the pillow. Oh yeah, once you sprang up. She'd smile wider than ole Ponk.
  143. "Come in...."
  145. >Fluttershy slowly entered the room. As her gaze fell upon you, a frown formed across her face as she herself filled with worry. But it was only a moment as she put on a facade of a smile as she approached. "Anon, how are you doing?"
  146. >You give her a false weak smile
  147. "I'm doing alright I think, the doctor told me I wasn't poisoned with anything too bad. Just some muscle stiff thingy."
  148. >Fluttershy gulped, retaining her smile as she pulls up a chair with her wing and puts it to your bedside as she sits. Angel hopping out of her basket as she sets it down and climbing to the foot of your bed. "I know, you have no idea how glad I was to hear it. He said once you're able to move I can take you home." Her smile grows a little wider as she reaches her right hoof to rub your head. "So there r-really isn't anything to worry about. Right? It's not permanent, and..w-well. even if it was, I'm sure your father would have had a way to cure it right up anyway. S-so, you were never really in any trouble after all." She sounded like she was convincing herself, rather than you. "Mhmmm, everything will be just fine..." You notice a tear go down her cheek. It wasn't just the fact that you were paralyzed that bothered her. She didn't understand why the attack had to happen at all. To a foal? Just why? Was it your hero status? she thought. Or was it just your luck. That cutie mark of yours, it seemed to symbolize that trouble would follow you no matter where you went. She wondered.....was it your destiny to always go through things like this? She was thinking back to the moment with the Chimera now. Certainly it didn't know of your status. And the old castle didn't have any signs of a resident when last checked. And if you just had your horn...wait...the horn...she thought about that now.
  149. "That's good"
  150. >You gave her a cheerful smile
  151. "After such a scary day, I could use some relaxation with the best Aunt in the whole wide world"
  153. >That got to Fluttershy, she felt her heart melt from your surface level cuteness. Though, You did mean it. After that shit? Staying with Fluttershy was probably best. Besides, you did love her. And genuinely enjoyed her company. Out of everyone in Equestria, sans DT. She was the most gentle and loving. And sometimes, thats all you really wanted.
  154. >"Aww Anon...." Her expression becomes a more softened,motherly gaze as she continues to run her hoof slowly through your mane. "...Anon...actually. I want you to answer a question for me."
  155. >A question?
  156. "Sure, what kind of question?"
  157. >"Your horn.." Fluttershy's true wish was for you to stay out of danger. But to her, it seemed like it just followed you no matter what. So...she thought of an alternative solution. "You can only use it once per day? Right? Is that why you didn't use it to defend yourself?"
  158. >You nod
  159. "Yeah...erm. I mean, I didn't know how bad the threat would be until it was too late."
  160. >This was kinda weird. Why was she asking?
  161. >"Well, I was thinking. I want you to ask your father to come to the house tonight. And you too. I want to discuss allowing you to use it twice a day. That way, if you ever have to use it to defend yourself, you'll have less of a reason to think twice. I think you're responsible enough to use it without causing anypony any trouble. You are, aren't you?" She felt it was an automatic yes.
  162. >..responsible enough? Sure, you felt you had gotten a lot better at this. And two charges? woah...you would have thought someone like Chrysalis would have suggested that for selfish reasons before Fluttershy even thought about it. And..you could do a lot more with two charges rather than one. Especially when it comes to defense.
  163. "I think I am. You actually want me to be able to use it twice though? Dad never seemed to think I needed two"
  165. >She nods "Oh yes, yes I do. But only if you never use it to be mean or nasty. I know I don't have to say it. But I never ever want you to ever think of doing anything bad. And I know you won't. so I'm not worried" She smiles as she pecks your nose with a kiss "Ok?" She begins to sound a little more cheerful, doing her best to relax.
  166. "Mhmm, I got it."
  167. >You brought your hoof to your forehead for a salute.
  168. >"Great.....wait" She realized, then gasped at your movement. "Anon, y-you can move?!"
  169. >You smile to yourself as you slowly wave your hoof about
  170. "Whatddya know, I guess I can. Oh! I bet your cuddle magic fixed me Aunt Fluttershy!"
  171. >You open your hooves to her for a hug
  172. "Can I get cuddles please?"
  173. >She started to tear up and whimper as she leans forward and picks up and holds you close, folding her wings over you. "Yes, you can have every cuddle ever! I'm so so so so so so glad you're ok Anon! I'm..so..g-glad"
  174. >Now you felt a little bad. But you knew her crying was happy crying. Essentially, you just made her day by showing her you were ok.
  175. "I love you Aunt Fluttershy."
  176. >"I love you too, I'll always love you Anon. No matter what" She does her best to hide her whimpering as she cradles and cuddles you close.
  178. >Though....perhaps that talk about the horn didn't have to happen tonight.
  179. >Because the lovable moment stops when you can hear shrieking and yelling coming from outside the door.
  180. >"Mr.Discord! Please calm down! W-we know your worried bu-but that's no reason to turn our nurses into parrots!" You could hear one of the doctors begging.
  181. >Oh fuck...
  183. >"H-he's in room 2-209! Miss Shy w-was the one to b-bring him in and we a-already let her know he will be fine. Please, if you don't believe me. A-ask her yourself" The doctor sputtered in fright.
  184. >But there was no noise after that. There was an eerie quiet. And then... ".....Did you say miss Shy?"
  185. >"Y-yes, she's just a few doors down." You could hear the doctor.
  186. >Then you hear a small blast of magic. Before Discord completely and seemingly calmed down. "This never happened, I entered this hospital with a calmness comparable to that of a statue, and now everypony suddenly has a thousand bits waiting for them at home. And most of all, when we walk through that door. You and I are friends, understand?"
  187. >"U-ummm...." The doctor didn't know how to respond.
  188. >You looked to Fluttershy, and giggled
  189. "Dad is afraid of you, huh?"
  190. >"Fluttershy relaxed, and giggled herself when she realized everything would be ok, she even got a little cocky about Discord suddenly backing off and your response to it "Mhmmm" She gently places you back on the bed and pokes your nose "Because he knows that I'll get mad if I find out he has been setting bad examples for you"
  192. >It didn't take long for Discord to step through the door thereafter, giggling to himself as he walked in with the frightened doctor, pretending to make idle chit chat "And she says "How dare you cook my shoes!". how amusing is that? I mean come on, those were obviously boots, not shoes. I tell you, you ponies blame things on me even when you're clearly wrong."
  193. >The doctor put on a fake smile as he trembled "Haha, that's a g-good one. Well, here's the room. Other patients to take care of. Goodbye!" And then he zipped out of there.
  194. >Discord smirked to the two of you as he pointed back at the door "A real charming guy that........doctor..pony. Anyway! I heard about what happened through some of my sources. How is my only son doing? hmm?" You could just sense the relief in his voice when he could see you were clearly ok and that Fluttershy was already with you.
  195. >Fluttershy just looked to Discord, then back at the door, then back to him. "And you made sure to change everything back. Right?"
  196. >Discord cringed hard from that as he started to fiddle with his paw and talons. "You heard all that?"
  197. >"Mhmmm, but I'm not mad Discord. I could hear how upset you were. But, turning ponies into birds isn't a good way to handle it.It will only make other ponies mad at you. And Discord, I don't want anypony mad at you because you're understandably upset." She tells him. Not in a mean way, not even in a stern way. She just wanted him to understand.
  198. >Discord sighed as he looked down, feeling ashamed of himself "Of course.."
  199. >"Discord..." Fluttershy hovers over to him and gives him a hug. Discord doesn't hesitate to hug her back and hold her close "Are you ok?"
  200. >"Just a tad angry my dear. But no longer now that I see everything is ok....ahrm. Not that it wouldn't be. I am the greatest being alive mind you. only stands to reason that any kind of extension of myself would be alright." He explains way as he tries to sound less worried.
  202. >"Oh Discord..." She hovers upwards and smiles at him "You don't need to act so tough. I know deep deep inside that the moment you found out Anon was in trouble that you dropped everything to be at his side because you care and was very worried about him."
  203. >Discord gripped his talons for a moment, but couldn't summon up the will needed to counter that. "I..suppose that's true. I...mnnn"
  204. >"Discord, come on. You don't need to say anything more. Why don't you just go say hi to him and see that he's ok" Fluttershy was just smiling at him. Her worries were gone now that he was here. She felt, as a family unit, things would be fine. She was especially glad that it seemed your "sister" didn't find out about this. She didn't want her to worry.
  205. >Discord looked to you, and without a word, went and sat at the seat Fluttershy was previously sitting and looked down at you with a gentle smile "How are you doing Anon? Well, I hope"
  206. "Yeah, I'm ok...how are you doing Dad? You sounded pretty worried out there"
  207. >"Ahrm...well.." He already knew you knew exactly how worried he was, given what happened back near the old cutie mark vault. "I was. And really, I don't understand how this could have happened. I was told some vagrant had paralyzed you with some weed. Why didn't you use your horn to flip his entire world upside down?"
  208. "...oh..well..I didn't want to waste the charge. I thought I could handle it without the horn."
  209. >"Anon..." Discord sighs as he leans back "As the son of chaos, I not only expect you to hold a certain standard to the title, but also to make anypony who dares challenge you understand the very meaning of the word."Chaos"."
  210. >"Discord...you mean just defending himself because a bad pony tried to hurt him. right?" Fluttershy wanted him to correct himself to sound less...chaosy
  212. >"Right! That's exactly what I meant. Thank you Fluttershy" Discord acted as if that's actually what he meant. It was kinda cute to see him reacting like this.
  213. "I'm sorry Dad, I guess I messed up"
  214. >you felt you did, that's for sure. You should have been able to slap Good New's shit. Shadow Sheet though? eh, he was just really doing his job.
  215. >Discord sighed and placed his paw gently on your head. In the end, he was just glad you were ok. "It's alright.I'm just glad you're alright. Although." He turns his head to Fluttershy to try to make some sort of point "A little chaotic fortitude would have given him the impulse to prevent this. Just a small urge to wreck the fabric of reality. Fluttershy, surely you understand at least that much"
  216. >and then, thats when she blew Discord's mind "I actually agree with you Discord. That's why I want to ask you something"
  218. >"Ask me something?" Discord was curious. Since the topic of chaos was brought up. He snapped his talons. Teleporting to the other side of the bed with an eager look on his face. Staring directly at Fluttershy with delight. "Do go on Fluttershy, I don't think we've ever had a chat about promoting chaos on a larger scale."
  219. >"Don't get too ahead of yourself Discord." Fluttershy took a seat on the chair and looked directly into Discord's eyes before taking a look at your necklace. "I don't want Anon running amok. That would be bad. But, I do want Anon to have a way to defend himself better. I know how the horn works and..." She looked to Discord with pleading eyes "Can you please...please...give him another, umm, I think you call it a charge? Can you give him another to use everyday?"
  220. >"Interesting..." Discord leaned back as he pulled up a gelatin chair and stroked his beard as he laid back on it. "Another charge? I presume this is over the fact that he hesitated to use the one he has. Yes..." He then entered deeper into thought...in a literal sense. He literally took his brain out of his ear and started rubbing it like a cat. much to everyone's dismay. "Although I still think Anon has yet to prove himself with just the charge he has. I think, especially after today, that you may be right. Surely with two charges he wouldn't have to think about when the right time would be to use one since he's usually conservative with the one charge he already has."
  221. "Prove myself?"
  222. >What else was there to prove?
  223. >"Discord, what do you mean by that?" Fluttershy was also curious.
  224. >Discord smirked as he shoved his brain into his mouth and shrugged "It doesn't matter now. Because...well." Discord looked over to Fluttershy with a gentle expression "If it would ease your heart Fluttershy, I would gladly do this for you. In fact, it's already done. From now on, Anon will have two charges instead of one. Of course, purely for defensive reasons."
  226. >No fanfare?No big magic trick? Huh...you thought this would have been a bigger deal.
  227. "So.."
  228. >You tap at your horn.
  229. "I can use it twice a day now?"
  230. >"That would be correct sonny boy." Discord poked at your chest with his paw "But that doesn't mean you can get yourself into trouble. As your aunt said. She wants this purely for defensive reasons." He was subtly looking towards Fluttershy as he said this. It pretty much showed that he was full of shit in that regard and only wanted to impress her.
  231. "I got it, I got it...thanks Dad. I promise to use it responsibly."
  232. >"Good....now then, does that satisfy you Fluttershy?" Discord was just waiting for it. Waiting for her approval.
  233. >And boy was she happy about it. Knowing you'd be safer, that these strange occurrences that happen to you now could now be contained. She'd rather it not happen at all. But, since they seem to happen no matter what. She would find solace in this. She flew up and latched on to Discord with a very big hug. "Thank you Discord. I'm so proud of you. Everything you've been doing lately has been just..wonderful. I don't think I could be any happier with you as I am right now"
  234. >Discord hugged her back. Absorbing the attention like a child who only wanted to be loved. This is what he wanted. her praise and approval. This was the most important thing to him. It obviously edged out his care for you by just a bit. But only a bit. And you could live with that. It was just cute.
  235. >"As a father Fluttershy. I only want best for my son. And if you think it's best, then of course your wish shall be granted." He seemed so happy...and yet...something filled you with dread as you could also hear his whispering voice in your ear.
  237. >The voice said "Of course Anon. I do expect you to amp up your own game a little better as well. As in, I do believe, when we have a chance, that some chaotic fun is in order. But for now, I expect you to do exactly as Fluttershy wants. That is...don't end up in the hospital again. I don't want her to get upset. Ahrm...I'd also not want to see you hurt. But the former more than the latter. I do think you deserve a spanking after that little stunt back in that backwater town. But, given the moment, I'll just let things slide. Do me proud Anon...Do Fluttershy proud."
  238. >Ok, not as dreadful as you thought it'd be. But it seems Discord does want a sort of payment for the extra charge in the form of terrorizing someone. Well...you'd just have to handle it when it comes. Though...two charges? You could definitely work some extra magic with two. It would be easier to handle things AND perhaps even get the drop on Chrysalis rather than the other way around.
  239. >"Oh...Discord. What are you going to tell Nymous? Does she even know Anon is here?" Fluttershy wondered.
  240. >"Er...hmm" Discord seemed to have completely forgot to come up with a cover story for that. Perhaps the scare he had made him forget.
  241. "Oh umm...I sure hope not Aunt Fluttershy. After she took care of me all day. I think it'd be better if she didn't know. I don't want her to worry more than she already has."
  242. >Yeah! That should work.
  243. >"Oh..well, I guess that's fine. I still think we should tell her but. No..you're right. It might be better if she didn't know if she really was worried all that time. I wouldn't want her to think she was responsible or anything." Fluttershy seemed unsure. She didn't want there to be any more trouble because of this.
  244. >Discord followed up on your move, and gently caressed the top of Fluttershy's head. "Oh no no, Anon is right. She was rife with worry just from him being sick. We needn't make it worse for her."
  246. >"Hmmnn...ok" Fluttershy sighed. She did feel it was somewhat wrong. But, she'd go with both your words if it meant she'd be ok.
  247. "So when can I come out of the hospital anyway? I don't want to be stuck here anymore."
  248. >"Oh it can be right now I suppose. Should there be anymore complications then my magic should be able to take care of it." Discord seemed ok with letting you go "Besides, I'm sure there are a few things you want to do today."
  249. >There was, and maybe, he possibly knew what you had planned. Or not. Maybe he wanted to do that thing he wanted to do straight away. Who knows?
  250. >"Are you sure Discord? I think we should wait for the doctor's ok" Fluttershy however, was against you leaving so soon.
  251. >"Pffft, what do doctors know. They probably thought Anon would be stuck here all day and look, he's moving around like it's no big deal." Discord seemed pretty sure you were ok
  252. >And really? you knew you were since Shadow Sheet cured you.
  253. "Yeah, I think I'm alright Aunt Fluttershy. And there is something I wanted to do today before y'know...this happened."
  254. >"....still. No, no no. Discord, Anon...I simply cannot let that happen. I'm going to go get a doctor. And if he says you're ok, then you can go. But if not, then you're staying here." Fluttershy didn't want to hear any more about it either, she was final about this.
  255. >"Fluttershy, really? Look at him...he's fine" Discord did his best to explain to her. Even wiggling your hooves around to show they were ok.
  256. >"I'm sorry Discord. But not until the doctor gives the ok. As Anon's father, you should know that if Anon is sick...or hurt...or..well, anything that makes him end up at the hospital. Then you need to wait for the doctor's ok before he can leave." Fluttershy had entered that mother mode. She refused to let you out until the ok was given.
  258. >"....." Discord raised his talon, as if he had a point. But then lowers it when he realizes he probably had no rebuttal.
  259. "...yeah..well, ok. I mean..let's get a doctor in then to check me out."
  260. >Fluttershy though, wanted to ask something before it even happened. "Hold on, wait please. I'm confused, why is everypony in a rush anyway?" She would have at least thought that you would have taken the option to get some extra rest just in case.
  261. "W-well, Aunt Fluttershy. I just want to meet up with Pinkie Pie as soon as possible today. I want to plan out Nymous's "Welcome to Ponyville" party. I've heard she's been really shy about it and won't tell her any details."
  262. >Well, that was the truth in all actuality.
  263. >"Oh...well. I guess that's a good reason. I know how Pinkie can get when she isn't able to throw a party for a pony that she feels really deserves one." Fluttershy said.
  264. >"Then it's settled. We'll get the doctor to release Anon so he can go do his thing. While you and I return back to the cottage. There's a few details I'd like to go over with you on Anon's education." Oh, it seemed Discord just wanted to rush things to get to that. He snaps his talons to make a list appears, floating before him. "I only thought he'd have to endure a year of school and that'd be it. But according to this page I ripped from a magazine. He'd be doing this for at least over ten more years. And apparently there's so much planning involved as a parent for each year. And all these things I have to do to prepare him. I don't even know where to begin!"
  265. >....did...did he really think school would end...in one year?...god fucking dammit.
  267. >Fluttershy giggled at that. She found it so silly that he didn't realize how much of an investment school was. "Oh Discord. You don't need to rush that either, you just need to properly plan one step at a time. Not all at once. I don't mind helping you though. We'll get things figured out together. Actually, Discord. Would you mind if Anon slept in the cottage for a couple of days? I'd like to be able to spend time with him. Oh, and Nymous too. I wouldn't mind having them both together if you don't mind"
  268. >...ALERT...ALERT
  269. "Ah-ahm. Actually, can it be just me? I-I think Nymous really should get used to being around Dad and the house before anything else. I-it does take some time to get used to how things work there. And I think she would settle in better with one on one time with Dad"
  270. >"Ahh yes! T-that's right. Anon is right. Of course, I don't mind if he stays over. But Nymous? Well, she could get a little clingy due to the normality of things in the cottage. Not that living in my home is bad. But she needs to get used to things such as floating chairs and such. Plus, I do want to get to know her more personally. This would give me the chance. You understand, don't you Fluttershy?" Oh yeah, none of you could ever let that fucking happen.
  271. >"Oh, well...that's good too." Fluttershy felt content. They were interacting and growing as a family. As far as she was concerned anyway. "I'm so glad we're together like this. Erm, not due to the situation but...Well, what I mean is, that we're altogether being civil, being happy, and being a real family. In fact, I'm already excited to help plan out Anon's future with you Discord. It's going to be fun!" She was excited. But you couldn't help but wonder what those two could actually come up with when it came to your future.
  273. >Soon after a family hug, and a few more pleasantries. Fluttershy called for the doctor to come and check on you and get the word for the ok. Well, needless to say, he was fucking impressed that you were moving around so soon. He performed some rudimentary tests on you like asking if you could feel some pokes and prods. And seeing how well you could move your limbs. He found it impressive. Nearly dumbfounded that you could recover so easily.
  274. >He didn't see any reason why you couldn't leave.Since apparently the Cockatrice Weed doesn't leave any lingering effects once passed.
  275. >Fluttershy was both happy and relived of course. Even Discord was happy about it. He honestly was. So after one big family hug. And being reminded by Fluttershy to not go out to do anything dangerous. She also states that she'd like for you to come to the cottage by dinner time. Understandable, she didn't want you out longer than you needed to. Woo...You were glad DT never found out at all during your stay in the hospital. Actually, yeah. You were glad Shadow Sheet gave you the antidote because if you had to stay for too long. Diamond Tiara would have probably tore through the place worse than Discord.
  276. >And so, with hopefully no more delays, you once again made off to Sugarcube Corner. And now? There was no reason for you to hold back. Thanks to Fluttershy's worry. You now had double the firepower in your horn.
  278. >Yeah, now that you had double the firepower. You actually hoped that some stupid sap did come to bother you. With no reason to hold back thanks to having a back up charge. You wonder what you could pull off. Then again, wondering that was probably something you had to keep in mind due to whatever Discord has planned for you. It can't be too bad though. He cares about you too much...hopefully that counts for something.
  279. >The only other thing you had to worry about was Starlight. You wondered if she was in the Crystal Empire now. You were tempted to go check, just make a small detour. But then...no, she'd berate you if you came in to help her. And you didn't want to go through some episodic crap of her being angry at you for thinking she couldn't handle it alone. No, you had nothing to worry about. Sunburst seemed like a good guy. There was no way that could end up being a fuck up.
  280. >And then there was Nymous...rather Chrysalis. And planning this party. You REALLY had to make sure she didn't find out. Lure her to it. and made sure she couldn't escape from it. Pinkie could obviously do the rest. Planning the party shouldn't be too hard. You felt all you really had to do was set a place and let her do the rest of the work with a few suggestions in mind. Yeah, nah. You didn't need to worry about this. You had this down.
  281. >Chrysalis, you were going to see, first hand. How good nice company can really be.
  282. >And yeah..had to make sure to get this done before dinner. You didn't want Fluttershy to worry. Not after getting her into such a good mood.
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