CFE @RT-N66U with overclocking ability

ryzhov_al Jun 14th, 2014 2,010 Never
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  1. admin@RT-N66U:/tmp# ./ /dev/mtd0ro
  2. Current CFE version is
  3. [1/4] Dumping default NVRAM settings from original CFE...
  4. nvram header found:
  5. start   0x400
  6. end     0x1374
  7. len     3956
  8. crc     0x0d
  9. ver     0x01
  10. [2/4] Preparing new CFE...
  11. nvram header created:
  12. start   0x400
  13. end     0x1370
  14. len     3952
  15. crc     0xed
  16. ver     0x01
  17. [3/4] Checking differences between old and new NVRAM areas:
  18. -bl_version=
  19. +bl_version=
  20. Everything looks good.
  21. [4/4] Are you sure you want to flash a new CFE? [y,n]: y flashing...
  22. Update completed. An old CFE is stored to cfe.old file, a new one - to
  23. It's strongly recommended to store them, just in case.
  24. Please note, your personal MAC addresses in there, do not distribute them.
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