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  1. [08:07] Aciago Magic: strolled up to the city building and looked at the opponent standing out side trying to intimidate voters. He game him a narrow eye'd glare under his glasses. "You can't park there asshole"
  3. [08:09] Drakkhru Ludstee turned his head to see an unsightly fellow walking up to him, the class of this man was clearly visible and Drakkhru nearly got in his car to run him over, but decided against it as it would definitely effect the poll today. "Well hello there parking attendant. Are you here to valet my car? I was looking for somewhere to park." he winked.
  5. [08:15] Aciago Magic: smiles and held out his dead plastic hands to accept his keys. "Oh yes. Just hand me over your keys you condescending little shit and I'll park it in the bay for you." he laughed at himself, then snorted, coughed, laughed and peed himself a little. "Finally got an actual election date. Who did you bribe to get that?"
  7. [08:18] Drakkhru Ludstee instead of handing the man his keys he stepped forward and shook the mans hand, grinning. "Pleasure to finally meet you Aciago. I've seen your lovely artwork all over the posters of candidates, I approve." he released his hand and then gestured to his car. "That? That's just a little something I imported over from Britain. Took a while to get it driving around her because I needed to have the steering column switched over, amongst everything else." he placed the pipe in his mouth and began to smoke. "Yes, finally an election date. It's about time there was some kind of organization coming from the city hall, I wasn't impressed when the debates were canceled as I had some wonderful tricks up my sleeve."
  9. [08:23] Aciago Magic: let the man shake his prosthetic hand and he wiggled his arm a bit as he smiled wickedly at the man. "Tricks huh? I was looking forward to some of those myself, but it seems the fates took care of the competition for me. Suppose you had something to do with that as well. I approve." he chuckled a bit and looked at the city hall. "You know we can get damn near anything through if the two of us agree on it. I think we might have a lot of common interests. Whip this city into shape, so to speak." he gave the man a curious look as he determined his interest
  11. [08:27] Drakkhru Ludstee winked at the man. "I will not confirm nor deny. I just wanted to get a hand from someone and they offered willingly." he chuckled a little and then leaned against the car. "Plenty of tricks, I had a certain birdy gather information for me that I was going to publicly announce, shame that most of the other candidates removed themselves. I hear there's only three of us now, and there's three spots on the council, so I'm unsure why they're running this ballot today." he gave a few puffs on his pipe, releasing smoke into the atmosphere above himself as a wicked grin appeared over his own lips. "I'm eager to hear what you have in mind. Say, are you any good at poker? I might just have to invite you over to my club when all this is said and done as a special guest and discuss this further over a few drinks."
  13. [08:32] Aciago Magic: shrugged his shoulders "Ive been known to cheat a few poor bastards out of their extra pudding cups now and then over a few cards. I'm sure I can figure it out as I go. You'll go easy on me right?" he laughed sarcastically. "Yes, I believe a meeting is in order. I think we have a mutual friend or two even." he winked and looked at the woman coming out from the city building.
  15. [08:43] Lαđу Tгιѕтαηα Llєωєllуη (xxmohinixx) the sound of heels could be heard against the pavement once she came out from voting. Poised in a dignified manner she stopped to speak with a few people (npcs) who were waiting for her. It would seem they were volunteers that wore buttons that read "Vote for Drakkhru Ludstee". From what could be overheard, she was giving them direction on working outside the polls in an effort to get people to vote for him. Eventually the conversation ended with the people scattering to do their job, with just Tristana remaining. Twin pools of silver first settled on Drakkhru. "Good morning, Mr. Ludstee." The end of antique cigarette holder was brought between full lips for a puff as she swept her gaze over to the elderly man now with a subtle squint of her eyes when smoke was exhaled. "Mr. Magic." Said before making her way to the sidewalk where they both stood.
  17. [08:47] Drakkhru Ludstee nodded his head and continued to smoke, remaining silent for a while as Aciago spoke and then turned to the woman coming out of the city hall, recognizing her immediately as he looked up and down rather slowly, but then turned back to Aciago. "You've got nothing to fear, I only go after those who come after me. It just sucks for them for underestimating me, my capabilities and my preparation for those kind of things. But good, I'll have to get your number so we can arrange a date." he turned back to the woman who had now approached the pair of them, a grin on his lips. "Miss.Llewellyn, pleasure to see you here. How is everything looking?" he briefly caught the glimpse of some of the buttons people were wearing.
  19. [09:00] Aciago Magic: waved away all the smoke from his face and coughed. "God damn smokers." he wrinkled his nose and looked at all the buttons worn around by so called volunteers. "Seems like you have quite the staff of volunteers." he slid his hand into his pocket and grabbed a business card for Drakk. It was dirty, the corners were bent and it looked like someone typed it up at the library one at a time. He handed the paper to the man. It had a direct line to his jitterbug phone on it. "Sure thing. Give me a call and let me know when and where."
  21. [09:02] Amara (amara.parmelee) smirked as she arrived at City Hall. "Good morning!" she said in a cheerful voice before walking towards the doors. "Almost three months of campaigning and only now do candidates appear in the same spitting distance as each other…figures. Good luck at the polls in any case." She looked over at the NPC volunteers with clearly biased buttons. "Although, I thought we weren't allowed to directly sway voters at the polls…lest the public feels pressured. Just as with any other election in the US, candidates made a show of voting themselves then stepped back to let voters be. Did that change for this county?" she asked to no one in particular in the gathered group.
  23. [09:07] Lαđу Tгιѕтαηα Llєωєllуη (xxmohinixx) kept her attention on Drakkhru as a genuine smile rises to her lips. "Glad to be here, feels like it's been a long time coming and I'm glad to see all the work come to fruition. The volunteers know what they need to do today. According to the poll workers, mine was the first vote placed." Inhales slowly. "It's going to be a long day. Did you need any coffee or anything?" Inquired in a calm even tone that rung out in welsh accent with it's own enchantment. Then looks over to Amara. "Good morning. It sounds like you don't have much experience with how things work at polls on election day in this country, so let me explain. Candidates as well as their volunteers are allowed to talk to voters outside of the buildings where voting takes place. When there are multiple places, the candidates are even known to drive around visiting each one to cover all districts. I'm managed a few campaigns in my time, and this is par for the course. The only limitations are that they do not do so in the actual building or stop
  25. [09:07] Lαđу Tгιѕтαηα Llєωєllуη (xxmohinixx):  anyone from voting in any illegal manner like harassment, which applies to any citizen really."
  27. [09:10] Drakkhru Ludstee smiled and reached out his hand as Aciago approached, his own business card in his hand as Aciago passed him one and an exchange happened. His own card was dark grey with actual golden foil embossed into it with his name and mobile number placed within the center. Drakkhru then looked down at the card and just smirked, placing it into his pocket. "I like your style Aciago, there's no false pretenses with you, it means you're more trustworthy than someone in a suit and a fancy car." he then turned to the third candidate who announced her presence. "Well my dear Amara it's lovely to see you, sad that I did not see you at the charity gala for cancer research the other night, you must be a busy woman." he winked at her, completely ignoring what else she had to say but then turning to Lady Tristana with a smile. "I'd love a coffee, you've done very well for me and we'll have to have a talk once all of this is done and over. I'd like to ask Aciago and Amara if they both would like a drink also." he looked up
  29. [09:10] Drakkhru Ludstee:  to the sky for a moment, continuing to smoke his pipe as he thought to himself for a moment, listening to all the chatter around him. "What gorgeous weather." he said out loud to himself.
  31. [09:11] tint whispers: The Door is LOCKED
  33. [09:13] Aciago Magic: frowned when Amara approached "Don't try and kidnap me AGAIN you shifty hag!" he yelled at her. He took Drakk's card and fumbled it into his pocket before heading towards the door. He made a motion towards her to indicate he was watching her, but didnt wait for a response before going inside to cast his ballot.
  35. [09:16] Amara (amara.parmelee) grinned before looking over at Lucas. "Good morning, Lucas!" She wasn't going to bring up the election with him but looked to Tristana as she answered. "I know quite a few things, miss, but thank you for enlightening me as best you can. As not all of us have copious amounts of unknown wealth to pay volunteers, I guess that means I'll be busy today. Indeed, I did not have time to go to a gala that evening; after the last time I attempted to go to a gala or ball at the Rose ended in violence, I decided it was safer to stay indoors and tend to the shelter." She smiled at Aciago's comments before walking in to vote as well. "As always Aciago, your rants are correct but aimed at the wrong person.."
  37. [09:16]  Tessa Neil walked up to the city hall to help pass buttons and flyer's fro candidate Ludstee and noticed more candidates were present. She gave a warm smile and a nod to all present, "Good morning," she chirped as she greeted Drak and Trist, "Sorry I am a bit late," she shrugged apologetically.
  39. [09:18] Lαđу Tгιѕтαηα Llєωєllуη (xxmohinixx): "I'm glad you're pleased with the results so far." Another smile was offered up, and then a light downward dip of her chin with a cant of her head to the side to signal her agreeing to wait and see if the others wanted drinks. For those who knew her background it might seem like an odd thing to see, an aristocratic woman getting drinks for others, but she'd make an exception for him and now those he requested. Silver gaze swept between the other two. " Mr. Magic, Amara, would either of you care for a drink as well?" While she waited for a response, she looked over towards Tessa with a polite smile. "Tessa, I'm glad you could make it." Said as she rest a hand briefly to the outer upper arm of the woman. "I need to make a coffee run, but could you cover me in the meantime and make sure new arrivals get a button?"
  41. [09:19] Lucas: had ended up with an entire pocket full of buttons by the time he reached the city hall, and now he was pondering what to do with them, and whether it was best to just go and write Amara's name on his voting thingy, working up the confidence to talk to the rather intimidating man that he assumed to be Mr. Ludstee himself, which seemed to be the way to learn about his policies, according to the button handlers. He did speak nice words though, he did. And talked nicely of the weather. But the woman who seemed to be supporting him spoke rather harshly to Amara, whom he gave a small wave and grin to as he spotted her on the other side of them. "Good Morning, Ma'am, and good luck today." He chirped.  Other than that, he just stood there on the side walk for now, trying to make up his mind about whether to talk to the scary man or not. The other candidate, who did seem a bit crazy, he thought it might not really be a point in trying to talk to.
  43. [09:22] Drakkhru Ludstee shook his head with a smile as Tessa had approached. "It's okay dear you're not late, this event is going on all day. I'll be here for the majority of that with you both should anyone wish to speak with me before they cast a vote." he gestured to the pair of them now with a grin. "You've both done amazing work for me during this campaign, I won't forget this." he turned his head, looking to those who kept arriving and spotted a man whom he hadn't seen before, offering him a grin before continuing to smoke his pipe, bellowing out smoke with a deep exhale like some kind of dragon.
  45. [09:23] April Jean: walked down the street to vote for a man that pisses himself a little. Her horse didn't bite her, she had a buzz on a good breakfast. Twas gonna be a good day. When she sees people outside she asked out loud so anyone could answer "They open?" with a cheerful tone to her voice.
  47. [09:24] Olivia Harris: strolled up to the City hall on this lovely crisp morning, and she let her eyes drift to everyone that was stood around. She luckily had no buttons being presented to her, and she was not certain she would really keep any of them if even handed to her. She did set an alarm though earlier to remind her that voting was today, and carried herself there before it got too crowded. She passed by Lucas and gave him a friendly smile, hoping he was not freaked out by her. She really did hope he had been doing alright. She paused a moment and rubbed at the back of her neck. She probably should have got a coffee before coming here, but she was just wanting to get in and out of this place. Her eyes drifted around the streets for a moment, and offered a finger wave to Drakk.
  49. [09:27]  Tessa Neil nodded to Tristana and beamed her a warm smile, "Sure thing, take your time," and would take the offered buttons off her hand. She turned to Drak and canted her head sweetly, still having no idea who he was, but then again no one ever knows who politicians are,"Oh it is my pleasure," just then she realized it was a Rolls SUV he was leaning on and she just blinked, clearly a bit showy for the sleepy island, but perhaps it wasn't a sleepy island after all, "Hmm," she mumbled to herself as she took her position, a button in hand as she looked around.
  51. [09:27] Aciago Magic: looked disappointed at the crowd and all their buttons. He looked over to April and said loudly "Hi April, yes, they just opened. I hear someone got stabbed with a button down the street by some methed up gangbanger trying to make enough money for his next fix. Careful. those things are dangerous." he smiled and walked pass the group of wealthy campaigners. "No, I'm all full on poison coffee thanks."
  53. [09:30] Lαđу Tгιѕтαηα Llєωєllуη (xxmohinixx): "As you wish, Mr. Magic." Seeing that the other candidate remained inside the building and Mr. Magic didn't want any coffee, she finally looked over to Drakkhru as she remembered she had yet to ask how he took his coffee, wanting to do that before she left. "How do you take your coffee, Mr. Ludstee?" Inquired lightly before nodding with an appreciative smile to Tessa.
  55. [09:32] Amara (amara.parmelee) greeted the poll volunteers before submitting her I.D. and registering. After that, it was just a matter of waiting to vote. She did hear the invite for a drink outside but declined to answer in time. She merely sighed and cast her vote before receiving a nice little "I voted!" sticker for her coat. After a small sip of water from the water fountain, Amara walked back outside.
  57. [09:35] April Jean: smiled and laughed. She paid her drug dealers so she wasn't in danger of that. She walked up to the building and opened the doors to vote and to not wear the sticker. She was caught off guard walking almost into Amara "BOOP" she said, not really knowing why..... she didn't know what to say after that, so followed it up with "Uhhhhhh......" and an awkward smile
  59. [09:35] Lucas: gave the dark man by the car a small smile as his smoke billowed around him like that of his old kin from the stories, that had died so long ago at the hands of knights shining metal. He also gave the woman who looked like some kind of school girl, and that he vaguely remembered from the diner a smile. No, he wasn't freaked out by her. Why would he? When Aciago came out of the building, a thought struck him however, and he turned after him as he walked by. "Mr Aciago, sir. Is a vote for you also a vote in support of the Mole Queen?" He remembered him having ranted about said queen at some occasion, and he was rather curious of who she was.
  61. [09:37] Drakkhru Ludstee smiled as the smoke dissipated and he shook his head. "It's a shame that Amara doesn't realize that volunteers don't get paid. But perhaps there's hope for the city council with Aciago and myself." he spoke after they had all gone inside to cast their vote. He winked to Olivia as she approached with someone by her side and spoke a little louder so his voice could reach her. "It's wonderful to see you here Olivia." but his attention snapped back to Lady Tristana with a smile as she asked him a question. "White, no sugar or poison thank you." he gave a little pleased huff to himself.
  63. [09:39] Aciago Magic: smiled at Lucas "Oh if it isnt my favorite cat wrangler, Lucas. Good to see you boy. I hope you were able to rescue the cats. How much does the campaign owe you for your efforts? At least we saved a few from the tires of these mechanical monsters huh?" He glanced at Drakk. "I think you have some blood from the cat you hit earlier still on your fender." he pointed to the car and then turned back to Lucas "Hopefully, together we can put an end to the rampant underfunding of our animal shelter. Thanks for your vote." He smiled and looked at the other diner owner. Knowing where that vote was going already, he didnt bother more than a wave and a smile.
  65. [09:40] Aciago Magic: adding "The mole queen has met her demise it seems. Another plot thwarted by yours truley"
  67. [09:41] Olivia Harris: was just about to reach the sidewalk to lead towards the doors when she heard Drakk, and her eyes glanced over her shoulder to him. "Well why wouldn't I be here to vote? I already promised I would. I had to set a reminder though." she said apologetically and winked back to him. She sighed heavily and moved inside to cast her vote. She did notice Aciago smiling towards her and her voice spoke out in that half asleep manner. "good morning"
  69. [09:42] Lαđу Tгιѕтαηα Llєωєllуη (xxmohinixx): "Not everyone has the same influence and likability." Said in simply response about volunteers. Putting out her clove, it was tossed to the ground with a single step of the toe of her heeled show upon it. "No promises on the poison, but I'll see what I can do." Pursed her lips as her words were laced with a light touch of humor, then started to make her way across the street and down it to fetch some coffee.
  71. [09:45] Merry Morgan had decided she wouldn't miss voting for the world. She wasn't entirely certain who was running, but still. Maybe she could just play eeny meeny miny mo with whatever names were shown. As she meandered her way to the city council building she paused, just for a moment, to peer curiously at the figures already gathered. It was only when she spotted Lucas, a familiar face, that she began to scuttle forward once more, heading straight for him, flashing a grin to the elderly Aciago as she passed by.
  73. [09:47] Amara (amara.parmelee) opened the entrance doors to City Hall only to get her nose booped out of nowhere. "Ahh, Miss April. Good morning and Happy Election Day to you." Nothing like being proper with one's former attacker right? She continued on towards the flag pole, mostly to keep her distance from the others. "I'm sure the council will be just fine…going to hell with you two pulling endless strings. But not everyone is swayed with money and scare tactics. I can only hope the voters will choose someone like them - a run of the mill, hardworking human." She leaned gently against the poll. "My influence rests not in donations but actual charity work, miss. Getting people working and living again once life has dealt them a poor hand. Cooking them a good meal then showing them how to grow it or make it themselves. That's all. Anyone here is welcome to ask more on how I plan to improve things for Wailing Rock."
  75. [09:47]  Tessa Neil immediately went to work and looked over at the two women standing in the middle of the road and gestured them over with a beaming smile, "Ladies, would you care to wear candidate Ludstee's button? They look like they would be come collector items soon," she winked with a tilt of her head towards the man and raised brows like see what I mean? Though not sure if she could lure them over for the right reason and Drakk looked like he was was a girl magnet, all stylish and wealthy.
  77. [09:49] Jυℓια 'JυJυ' Ѡιℓℓιѕ (juliawillis) groans. "Oh shit, that's today?" She had seen something about it, but been quite busy moving into her new cabin it had slipped her mind. She dug though her purse ( let's assume i am carrying it, cause I couldn't find it in my inventory ) to see if she brought her ID. "I don't even know who's running." she grumbled. "Can I just tick the bo of the one with the best name, or something?" she asked no one in particular, who ever would respond.
  79. [09:50] Lucas: looked between Aciago and Mr. Ludstee's car and back again. "He runs over cats?" He swallowed, frowning. "Oh, my condolence..." Lucas wasn't entirely sure if the Mole Queen was dead because of Aciago's actions, or ...  He shook his head. This wasn't important right now. Mr Ludstee's female friend's littering of her cigarette ends did catch his attention, and he was just about to walk on over to where the offending little smoking thing was lying on the ground when he heard, or again, felt, Merry's presence and he turned to smile brightly at her. <Nice to see  you again. How you doing> He communicated silently as he approached the cigarette end. <Sorry, just gonna go pick up some littering here...> He explained, and would then turn to smile at mr Ludstee himself before bending to pick up the thing. "Sorry sir, just picking up after your friend's littering."
  81. [09:50] April Jean: raises her eyebrows and makes an obnoxiously long "Pffffffffffffffffftttttt" noise that lasted as long as it took her to go inside, vote, and come back out, still making the noise. She finished with muttering under her breath as she walked away "....didn't she call me racist?....." she wondered if Amara got into April's purse and inhaled.... gonna get a little pep in teh step to do an inventory check of her drugs at home...
  83. [09:51] Aciago Magic: smiled and held out his dead plastic prothetic hand to Merry. "Morning miss. Aciago Magic, City Councilman candidate at your service." He looked back at Amara standing by the flag pole and Drakk hanging out by his car. He pulled out his jitterbug phone and rang up the police. "Hello? There is some pedophile trying to lure children into his white van, illegally parked on the curb by city hall. Hurry, I hear he is handing out candy and buttons." he hung up and smiled again at the girl. "New to town?"
  85. [09:53] Drakkhru Ludstee smirked to Aciago and nodded. "I do have some still left on my bumper on my other car, the red E-Type Jaguar remember? Those cats got everywhere in the fog, very unfortunate." he then waved to Lady Tristana as she walked off and went back to leaning up against his car, his pipe still in his mouth as he just aimlessly stood there and watched each person go about their routine of voting. However his eyes were caught by someone crossing the street and sounded to be all kinds of flustered. "Drakkhru Ludstee is a rather interesting name." he then turned to the one picking up litter in front of him and nodded. "I apologise for that my friend." he then turned to Aciago and tilted his head to one side. "You know that wasting police time can end you in jail time?"
  87. [09:54] Jason Devou: made his way towards the city hall, he had seen the posters, thought it could be a 'laugh' to put his name down if he was allowed.Fairly new to town neither candidates were really known to him all that well, if at all. "Anyone here that can give me the run down on what to do?" Jason asked as he walked up to the rather busy looking street.
  89. [09:56] Olivia Harris: moved into the city hall and dropped her vote inside the small little box. She strolled back down the stairs after going back outside and glanced around. She had been in a rather good mood the past few days, and yet her mood seemed to sour when she noticed a familiar face approaching asking for instructions. She felt that desire to speak up, so she did of course. She strolled over to him and put her hand on her hip. "hmmmmm, well you go inside that building and write down a vote of those in the elections. Very easy."
  91. [09:58] Amara (amara.parmelee) sighed as she continued to stand by the flag pole. "If you are here to vote and don't know who to vote for, ask around. My name is Amara and I'd appreciate your vote for City Council!" she announced. "I don't have an army of volunteers nor any scare tactics to riddle you with, but I am here to answer any questions." Hearing Jason, she smiled and gestured to the City Hall doors. "Walk inside, have your I.D. ready, The volunteers will register you came in to vote today and you can just place your ballot in the box, sir. ((i.e. just make a notecard with your vote and drag it into the voting mailbox!))"
  93. [09:58] Jυℓια 'JυJυ' Ѡιℓℓιѕ (juliawillis) raised a brow and gave a slight shrug. "It is." She agreed. "I am kinda picturing a Persian drug dealer, though. Big beard and all. Or like. Kahl Drogo. Like he owns an army of sexy men on horses, that do 'lil blondes from behind after eating raw hearts." she raised her brows again. That didn't sound all that bad after all. She turned her head towards Jason. "Fuck knows, really. I haven't seen much campaigning. My strategy is pick the best name, and hope for the best." she chuckles.
  95. [09:58] Merry Morgan cocked her head to the side as Lucas' silent words sifted through, a quick smile offered his way coupled with a bob of the head. Said smile only fading to the faintest hint of a scowl when littering was mentioned, <Yech, clean, clean, clean it up> Came her silent, sing-song reply as she watched Lucas stride over to do just that. Aciago's intrudction distracted her from further staring as she turned to clasp his prosthetic hand. Dark eyes widening after a moment in realization that it was, in fact, a fake hand, even as she tried to gently - he was an old man after all - tug his hand just a teensy bit closer to better inspect it. Then terribly serious phone calls were made, and Merry was leaning to the left to peer at the man with the littering friends, and the white van, a snickering, snorting sort of laugh escaping her as her gaze danced back and forth, "New? Yep! Yes. Hello....hi. Pleasure to meet you, prospective Councilman."
  97. [10:01] Jason Devou: took a drag from his own brand of tobacco, inhaled it deeply and exhaled right in Olivia's path. He looked at her as if she was a carrot or anything else rather pointless. Then some recognition finally set in, it almost looked as he was about to snap his finger and make a "Aha" sound. A cold smirk showed up on his lips this time as he spoke towards the dark haired woman. It was likely that he never caught her name. "Very easy, you must know all about that subject I imagine." Then turning towards Amara, giving her a look over. "Well not much scare me, is there a long list of names?"
  99. [10:02] Lαđу Tгιѕтαηα Llєωєllуη (xxmohinixx) returning to city hall, she carried a coffee holder for multiple coffees, three out of four spots filled within it with three large cups of coffee taken to go and a few creams and sugars left in the last spot as two of the cups of coffee were black. Approaching between Drakkhru and Tessa, she first reached to grab his cup of coffee for him first, pulling it free from the holder with her right hand and offering it to him with outstretched hand. "Here you are, Mr. Ludstee. Cream, no sugar or poison. You were in luck, they were out of hemlock today." She mused.
  101. [10:03] Lucas: tilted his head, listening to Mr Ludstee's reply to the mad one's claims about cats, distress clear as day on his features. "Oh the poor confused things." He sighed as his shoulders sagged. "That's alright, sir." He smiled at Ludstee himself however after he had straightened up properly again. "I will just find a bin for it somewhere. Will you make littering illegal in your new run, or are you at least going to make sure there are more bins around?" He smiled at the man. It seemed he had indeed dared to start asking him about his policies. But then, a familiar voice was heard, and he turned around, gasping as he spotted the familiar man. "Jason!" He called out happily, and wihtout warning threw himself in the other man's arms, or, well, tried to, at least. "I haven't seen you in forever!" He would look for the other nature spirit though, trying to keep track of her. <Amara is a good person> he'd let her know. <She runs the shelter. Are you voting for Aciago?>
  103. [10:07] Aciago Magic: shook Merry's hand, more of a wiggle of the arm and the plastic creaked a bit as she gripped the hand. "Welcome to Wailing Rock. Home of world famous conservationist Aciago Magic. You are in luck today, you have a chance to vote for me today just inside. You will have to wade through these hecklers here and their pile of trashy propaganda though, so be careful. Thank you for your support. I'd welcome you to join us at the Komrade later tonight at midnight as we watch the ballot counts announcement. Chocolate moose is on the menu, as tribute to my stunning conservation achievements." he smiled and looked back to Drakk "I'm sure you have a ticket or two already they want you for. I hear your rap sheet is almost as long as the kidnapper Amara there after her gun smuggling ring got busted."
  105. [10:10] Drakkhru Ludstee cleared his throat as he began to talk louder, taking the pipe out of his mouth. It's time to play. "Hello everyone! I hope you've had a wonderful day so far out here in the sunny weather. I know that these other candidates have been running around doing absolutely nothing for the city other than terrorising it and trying to bash each other like children but you all have another option. Myself, over the past month I have ensured to give out FREE medical treatment to EVERYONE in this city with nothing in the foreseeable future stopping that, I've also hosted charity galas for cancer research and put funding into the fire department to keep you all SAFE. As for what's happening in the future, well, I can tell you one thing and that is the fact I'll be hosting recruitment drives for our government facilities like the police department, medical facility, fire department and the ranger station, I'll also be running events which include training days and showcases for their capabilities for the city which will
  107. [10:10] Drakkhru Ludstee:  be great for the good people of this place to see. So just think about those things when you're casting your vote, and think about what the other candidates have done, like vandalising on other candidates signs, or even failed to show any interest in this campaign in the slightest, they haven't even shown their faces in public until now when the votes count and even now they squabble like children. So, cast your votes and I wish you all a wonderful rest of your day!" he finished, smiling to everyone and placing his pipe within his mouth. There was a lot more he could have said, but that would remain to be heard, if there was any more bickering between council members. He took the coffee from Lady Tristana, winking at her. He turned his head to Lucas, nodding approvingly at his idea to show his interest, it would be put into his mind to work on a strategy.
  109. [10:10]  Tessa Neil noticed Tristana return with the coffee but as she was busy handing them out, she continued with her temporary duty and eyed the crowd. She would approach to npc residents that were walking towards them and would sort of block their path, waving a candidate Ludstee pin,"Good morning, have you come to vote?" she pushed on, a bit surprised at her assertiveness.
  111. [10:10]  Tessa Neil two*
  113. [10:12] Amara (amara.parmelee) shook her head at Jason. "Not a long list of names at all, sir. You have Miss Gertrude, a long time resident; Aciago Magic, the elderly man over there spreading rumors; Drakkhru Lustee, the man smoking next to his white van who runs a gentleman's club I think and donates regularly to several causes around the island; Poptart, a homeless street fighter; and myself - Amara Dubois. I'm a cook by profession and owner of the only homeless shelter on the island." She'd point to the giant barn across the street, outright ignoring any smearing Drakk or Aciago were attempting to do. "The shelter and farm is right over there if you wish to the quality of work being done. I hope to introduce policies that better distribute limited resources to the people of Wailing Rock. Ones that have worked on a small scale for the shelter." When Lucas hugged the man, she chuckled. "I take it you know each other?"
  115. [10:16] Olivia Harris: did not seem too bothered by the smoke. She was used to it really. His little rude comment did not go unnoticed though and she simply smiled. "ahhh you must have me confused with someone else. I am quite the opposite when it comes to things in that nature...sir." she lowered her tone so it was almost a whisper, but she knew he would hear it. "It requires luck to be around such a unique woman like myself...luck.." she tapped the side of her nose as if she were saying he was just lucky in that moment. she pointed towards the doors and yet kept her eyes glued on him, as if she still plotted on his future death. The sudden outburst from the sensitive boy she had come across in her diner a few times made her blink a moment, and she could not help but to chuckle at the energy he had. She pulled her phone out a moment and checked over a few messages, before placing it back where it had been before. She began to listen to Drakk as he was making his announcement and she brought her hands inside her sleeves out of
  117. [10:16] Olivia Harris:  habit with large sweaters. Her eyes bounced around to each person who was running, and even gave a small nod to Amara just to be a decent person.
  119. [10:18] Bobby Blake sits on the window ledge of the City Hall building, taking in the conversations and solicitations by each candidate while sipping on a cup of milky tea. When he heard conservation mentioned, it was the first thing to peak his interest in the bickering. But the mention of an establishment called the Komrade made him second-guess. He hadn't been there yet, but it sounded like a Kommie dive bar from what he could gather. Then Drakku mentioned emergency services, training days, charity, tourism and a hands-on approach to his civic duty. Amara's shelter pitch gave him pause for thought, but he turned around and scribbled his vote for the man in the nice suit.
  121. [10:19] Merry Morgan would absolutely deny lurking feelings of discomfort as the crowd seemed to grow. Or maybe she was just unused to being around quite this many people? Either way, absolutely denying it, she was perfectly fine and edged just a teeny bit closer to Aciago because she -liked- him, not because she was trying to use the old man as a human shield whilst he spoke of his great deeds, and convservation was a great deed in her book. Chocolate in all it's many forms was also delightful, and he hand fascinating fake hands, so sure, "Okay, a vote for Aciago is a vote for chocolate moose." Maybe not the point the old man was trying to make, but that's what stuck in her head. <He has chocolate, and conservation! I must vote for him> Drifted her reply to Lucas, even as she searched out for the one called Amara who was apparently both a good person, and possibly a gun runner? Who was she to judge. It was only when Drakkrhu spoke that she found herself temporarily distracted. He made several good points, he did, "Do you hav
  123. [10:19] Merry Morgan  chocolate moose waiting?" She called out to the man. This... apparently being somehow far more important to her decision than policies, or abilities, or aptitude.
  125. [10:20] Lαđу Tгιѕтαηα Llєωєllуη (xxmohinixx) after he took his coffee, she pulled her black coffee out of the holder and gave the remaining coffee along with the holder with cream and sugar on the side to Tessa. Bringing the coffee up to her lips for a sip, she looked around the crowd. Normally pensive observant type, but on this occasion flipped an internal switch, going into social butterfly mode and started to flutter around the crowd gathered, making her way over to Julia first, her free hand offered out to shake her hand. "Hello there. Have you voted yet today?" Her tone was friendly and upbeat, her smile warm.
  127. [10:20] Jason Devou: was in his groove of being a jackass and had not expected to have it so abruptly ruined by a bundle of cute coming his way. Lucas threw himself into his arms and he caught him more out of reaction than anything else. "'s been a while. How are you doing?" He put Lucas back on his feet, patting him lightly on the head while still giving Olivia the evil glare. He was interrupted by Drakk's speech and he arched a brow, all those things were probably good if you cared about those thing, he was a one procenter though so he didn't really worry much about it. "The shelter you are the one with the curfew?" Keen hearing allowed him to listen in on Aciago's antics and frankly it amused him more than real issues. Easily bored he tended to be drawn to chaos.Olivia's little comment caused him to smirk, luck she said? Maybe he had been lucky then, maybe he would be again. "And what a woman you are, I have danced with lady luck a few times . I have a feeling you on the other hand rumble with danger now
  129. [10:20] Jason Devou:  and then." He considered his options, not only regarding whom to vote for, each of the candidates had given some information. But he also considered what might happen in a less public area.
  131. [10:23] Jυℓια 'JυJυ' Ѡιℓℓιѕ (juliawillis) inhaled sharp and held her breath for a moment. Alright, so three people then? A woman that was not present from what she could tell, unless she herself was Miss Gertrude? Julia was a bit confused about that. Why were there no tables, when had there been campaigning like that? Did she miss it? Argh! This was pretty tricky for new residents. Amara's little speech did make it clear who the other candidates were and 'Kahls' words convinced her he was at least having the towns best interests in mind if he was a big spender like he claimed to be. She had more questions, but was too tired and self conscious between all these people that seemed to know each other to voice them. She pulled her ID out, just in case it was needed to vote. She wasn't used to small town politics. Tristana's sudden appraoch slightly startled her but she took her hand to shake. "Hi. Ehh.. No. Not yet." she replied. "Kinda trying to figure out who is who and what everyone stands for. Just go by name was my initial tactic, but I should
  133. [10:23] Jυℓια 'JυJυ' Ѡιℓℓιѕ (juliawillis):  take this more serious then that."
  135. [10:25] Lucas: couldn't quite place why he felt this hint of unease around mr Ludstee, but it eased up as soon as he moved away from him again, and really he gathered perhaps he might be just feeling a little uneasy. The smokers and the car probably did nothing to help. "We have met" he grinned at Amara and Jason both, nearly purring as his head was petted. <Oh, is it good quality chocolate with not so many toxins in? In that case, maybe I'm in...> He giggled back to Merry through their silent channel, and found himself making little happy sounds even on the outside. "You haven't been running a gun thing, have you, Ma'am?" He turned now to face Amara, and without warning would try to wrap his arms around her too. "I still think you have my vote though, Ma'am" He confided, smiling.
  137. [10:27] FREE Tim Hortons coffee server, eh? v2: Touch me for coffee. Coffee Logo is trademark of Tim Hortons
  139. [10:28] Drakkhru Ludstee was silent for a while after his speech, but did listen to the conversation about a chocolate moose and he just laughed but nodded. "If you want a chocolate moose, you can have a chocolate moose. I am here to serve the people, that is my goal and what I will do for the entire time I am on the city council. That is a personal promise from myself to each and every citizen here. You all have a voice, you all will be heard." he turned to Aciago at the mention of the forests and he smirked. "Did you not hear my interest in the rangers as well?" he winked to him.
  141. [10:30] Bobby Blake exits City Hall, tucking his his wallet
  143. [10:31] Lαđу Tгιѕтαηα Llєωєllуη (xxmohinixx) when she made physical contact with the woman's hand during the handshake, she got a familiar sensation and with it a particular read on the woman that would go both ways. Her smile broadened a bit. "I'm Lady Tristana Llewellyn, by the way. Chief Administrator for our local hospital." Listening to what the woman had to say, she nodded lightly. "Understandable, it can be a lot to take in when it comes to choosing between candidates and their policies. Of course, I'd have to recommend Mr. Ludstee. He has become a patron of both the hospital and fire department, and without his patronage there wouldn't be free medical care for all citizens of this town. He was also the only candidate to hold any type of election related event, including a gala that benefited cancer research at our facility. A real pillar of our community who listens to the needs of the people." Gesturing with her hand towards him as her point was just proven with how he responded to Merry.
  145. [10:32] Bernardo De Leon (nakedlunch) stood across the street, going through a few texts, he did want to get his vote in, but.. The sun was agitating him a bit, so he may come back later. For now he worked his phone and glanced over to the small crowed.
  147. [10:35] Olivia Harris: was now debating on what she wanted to go do for the rest of the day. She had already got her vote in, so there was no need to really stand around after already going inside and making her vote. She managed to just stand off somewhere out of the way until she decided on a next destination. She knew Pete had things handled for her. She had done enough hovering the past few days in the diner, it was making them nervous. (is taking pictures so gonna look spaced out for a minute LOL)
  149. [10:35] Amara (amara.parmelee) glanced back at Olivia, eventually arching a brow at why the woman was not beside her fiancé. Maybe she wanted to give him his moment to shine, Amara figured. She could only talk about her own civic duty to the shelter and hope that was enough. "You can vote for someone with enough money to hopefully benefit you. You can vote for someone who is afraid of change or difference. Or…vote for someone that can offer tangible change with actual action versus gloating about it." She shook her head at Lucas. "No, I do not have any sort of trafficking with guns, Lucas. There was a sting operation that took down actual gun smugglers halted by the police some months back. It was within the stairwell of the old train system, but Mr. Magic like to stretch the truth a great deal." She explained. "We do not have enough housing for everyone on this island. Jobs are plentiful yet people seem to have trouble finding work as you learned. We just had a terrible illness claim many on the island, yet who is working to find
  151. [10:35] Amara (amara.parmelee):  the root cause? Who is encouraging volunteers to go to the hospital to help the CDC through blood tests and voluntary evaluations? It is true that I have not been hosting several parties in public, but it is due to me volunteering my time and devotion to others. Imagine a candidate with good business connections that can guide you and yours to employment. Someone who gets to know you instead of sending a lackee to do this for them. We should have someone on the city council with a long standing relationship among businesses and people, not one who just bought their way in."
  153. [10:37] Merry Morgan canted her head to the side as she looked from Drakk and back to Aciago, a faint, thoughtful frown crossing her lips at that. He hadn't mentioned conservation, but he had mentioned the rangers, and really this was all becoming entirely too confusing for the red head. Of course Lucas' question also gave her pause, because she'd just assumed chocolate moose meant good, pure chocolate. Damn it. <I'm...not sure, fuck.> went her plaintive reply as she worried over that. Her gaze darted back to Aciago a moment as he spoke of the possible sinister reasons behind cancer research, before looking back to Drakk when he addressed her question. Well then. Eeny meeny miny mo it was, "Thank you!" Was called out even as her finger began to dart back and forth between the three candidates, even as she gave a nod to Lady Tristana when she added helpful information. As her finger came to a stop, she nodded, again, before marching for the council building to place her vote.
  155. [10:40] Jason Devou: arched a brow, seems like Olivia had spaced out completely or just ignored his comment. "Ditz" He said coldly and then walked towards the city hall to cast his vote. Handing over his ID before he took a ballad to tick down his choice.
  157. [10:42] Bernardo De Leon (nakedlunch) let out a sigh now and made his way across the street, so he can better hear if the candidates are speaking. Though he goes back to his phone and continues on with inventory and the auction needs.
  159. [10:44] Lucas: turned around as he heard Mr. Ludstee talk about Chocolate moose, raising an eyebrow. "Sir, what is the quality of your chocolate m... I want a chocolate bear, please?" He grinned playfully at the man, spinning this way and that to try and keep track of everyone who spoke, and their policies and what not. It was starting to get confusing with so many people. And then, he spotted Bernardo crossing the the street, and after a short nod to Amara that he understood what she was saying, or thought he was at least, he bounded over to greet the man. "Mr Bernardo, sir!" He chimed happily, and, since he had been throwing his arms around people just earlier, would attempt to do the same in greeting his new boss. "How you doing today sir? Do you need a coffee?" He beamed happily. <Oh, chocolate are such difficult things, are they not?> He fretted back to Merry, as if this was a rather important topic indeed.
  161. [10:47] Merry Morgan was surprisingly quick to cast her vote once inside, eeny miny mo had worked like a charm after all. Abilities be damned, the finger would point the way. Ambling back out the door, she nodded, seemingly to herself even as her silent answer drifted back to Lucas <Terribly, terribly diffuclt. So delicious though.> A faint sigh intertwining around the reply as though she practically pined for chocolate.
  163. [10:47] Aciago Magic: hung up his phone call and scratched his head. All the campaigning and not drinking was getting to him. He looked towards the komrade and thought that was enough time campaigning for one moment. He had business to handle. "Well good luck with your propaganda folks. I hope our taxes don't go through the roof after all these fanciful proposals. I'm sure you two don't actually pay those things anyways. Fake charities and all. I'll have babies to shake and hands to kiss around town, instead of lurking like vultures for a vote." He thought a moment, did that come out right? He shook his head. of course it did. Then headed out.
  165. [10:48] Bobby Blake exits City Hall, tucking his wallet back into his pocket and finishing his tea. He wanders up to Drakkhru "Mister Lud..stee, Ludstay? As a ranger, you've got my vote. I can't vote on Federal stuff, even state stuff, being that I'm until recently a  dirty foreigner from over the pond."  He points a thumb over his shoulder at old-man Magic, "I'm all about his conservation, but I'm not about to let my love of the land blind me to the bigger picture. 'Owever, will you be establishing a green belt so the forest isn't chopped down for housing or whatever?"
  167. [10:49] Jυℓια 'JυJυ' Ѡιℓℓιѕ (juliawillis) felt Tristana was alike. It's been a fair while since she got that spark. In her line of work a lot of artifacts came her way, but people 'like her' not so much. "Oh!" she let slip out and looked at their hands, back up at Tristana, but as she continued to talk Julia just swallowed hard, a  bit nervous. She looked over at Drakk as she spoke about him. "Oh yesterdays Gala? That was his?" she asked. "I dressed up all pretty for it, but got held up on the mainland. By the time i got here, it was over." she couldn't help but pout a bit. It had been forever ago since she last dressed up all nice, and it had been all for nothing.
  169. [10:50] Jason Devou: came out the door just before the small red head followed behind him. He had focused on the voting but now when she brushed past him, his eyes lit up. Lucas he was getting used to but no here it was that sweet honey scent, that alluring call of what he wanted but could not have. As she passed him by, with reflexes like a viper, Jason reached out, attempting to grab hold of the poor girl and pull her close. He forgot all about being in public, how this may seem to those around him when he leaned down towards her.
  171. [10:50] Drakkhru Ludstee continued leaning against his car and smirked while listening to the pair of them bicker in front of him. "So the pair of you dislike someone with money, someone with class and style. You both have also failed to do anything for this town while you have any means to do so. Amara, you are paid by the city to run that homeless shelter and the farm, it is a job, I have three jobs myself as I co own the diner with my business partner Olivia here, I also run the burlesque club just opened down the road. Then I consider my candidacy a job because I take it seriously. You've done nothing for the town and nothing for the people. The things you have people volunteer for are run by the hospital, you are taking credit for their hard work which to me is rather narcissistic of you." he grinned, inhaling another lung full of smoke. "As for me, I'm putting funding into every single government facility on the island whether that be rangers, fire, police or medical. I've also begun helping others with their businesses
  173. [10:50] Drakkhru Ludstee:  making sure they stay a float in difficult times. I've run charity events, meet and greets to hear what the people of this town want instead of just telling them what you think they want, and soon I'll be hosting events for recruitment for our wonderful government facilities, all while getting the voices of the people within this town heard, and their wants and needs actually catered for. So I ask you Amara and Aciago? What have you both done for the city? You've both been caught having a fight on the grass outside of the city hall, Aciago has been defacing the city with graffiti, with multiple arrests under his belt and Amara has been caught being a known associate for a group of people called "The Society." where they capture people and torture them. But these two wouldn't have told you this, would they? No not at all." he laughed and just remained silent. That was until Bobby walked up to him. "This is the first I've heard of the forest being chopped down for housing and that will not stand for me. You
  175. [10:50] Drakkhru Ludstee:  can rest assured that I will not let that happen, you have my word. As for you being a dirty foreigner...well, I'm all the same as well, from lovely Britain."
  177. [10:52] Bernardo De Leon (nakedlunch) was typing when Lucas moved in for his hug, he laughed a bit, and just tucked the phone away, "Lucas, hi.. Eh, I had breakfast already, but thank you. Did you get your vote in?" He asks the young man, looking at some of the other folks there, and listened to the interaction of the Candidates, this was good, he wanted to know more of them.
  179. [10:54] Audrey Onskan was here to do her civic duty. Too bad she had no clue about any of the candidates. Walking up and hearing Bobby, however, had her pausing. One, he was her mates employee's. Good to know who not to bite.  Two, his question was very relevant to her lycan self.  There was a wave given to Bernardo as she listened to Drak's answer.  There was a perk of the brow showing she had heard what she needed to hear. Whether or not it would be upheld was anyone's guess. Making her way over to Bernardo, it took all she had not to growl at Lucas. After all, he didn't know her in this form.  Smiling to Beranrdo "Hein has been out and about most of the days. Only coming into the office in the evenings before heading home. He has assured me he has not touched anything of Harry's."
  181. [10:57] Merry Morgan gave a wave to Aciago as she spotted him heading out, though it drooped slightly in puzzlement at the mention of shaking babies. Even she was fairly certain that wasn't how that worked. Eh, whatever. A smile was directed to the old man as she strode forward, only to let out a startled squeak when arms grasped her arms and yoinked her to the side and straight into a foreign body even as a startled, "What, what, what?!" escaped as she tilted her head up to peer up at a man that was on his way towards leaning down. Well, that wasn't at all confusing, and mildly alarming, and had her immediately squirming to get out of the surprise cuddle, even as she aimed a rough kick right at his shin. Because seriously, what the hell.
  183. [10:58] Olivia Harris: was lost in her thoughts and had missed what Jason had said beforehand. She did not miss him calling her a ditz though, and she simply shook her head silently and began to move to a more isolated corner of the area. She stopped a moment as her name was spoken though, and simply gave one of those small smiles. She pulled out her phone once more and sent a text off to mister therapist. She had a feeling she would need to do another meeting soon with all the chaos she had been going through the past week. She sent off a text, and stuffed the phone back in her pocket. She waited for it to get calmed a little and she cleared her throat making her own announcement. "I also wish to extend an invitation for the candidates involved, to come have breakfast, lunch, or dinner free today. Your hard work deserves some relaxation with good food."
  185. [10:58] Lαđу Tгιѕтαηα Llєωєllуη (xxmohinixx) chuckled briefly, overhearing Drakkhru's response and liked how sharp his mind was. Refocusing her attention on Julia, she slowly released the woman's hand. "Yes, last night's gala was an event hosted by him to raise money for cancer research at our local hospital. As you know, cancer has become an increasing threat to the lives of many. These days there are very few people who don't at least know one person who has died from it or has had it." Places a hand on her chest as she speaks her next words. "My mother passed from ovarian cancer just last month." Said in a more solemn tone of voice, but one that held truth. "Hopefully some day we find a cure, and with enough research we will. That will be positive change that will effect so many once it's done. But yes, Mr. Ludstee is a philanthropist and has done a wonderful job with some great causes." Pausing, she looked the woman over. "Are you new in town? I have not seen you before. Well, don't worry if you missed the gala, I've no doubt we will be hosting
  187. [10:58] Lαđу Tгιѕтαηα Llєωєllуη (xxmohinixx):  another event you can wear your dress to." Reassuring smile accompanied her words.
  189. [11:02] Lucas: smiled brightly at his new boss, but did at least step away enough to give him some room to breathe. Not that he needed it. "No, haven't voted yet, but should probably get it done with." He nodded enthusiastically, and even smiled at the woman who walked up to talk to Bernardo, even though he didn't know her. Like, at all.  His attention was drawn to other places soon however, as he noticed, perhaps even felt, the commotion over by the door, and he spun around, eyes going wide, as he saw Jason and Merry. "Jason, let go of my friend this once!" He growled at the dark, bearded vampire. "I mean it, or else." All happiness and merriment was gone from his voice. "I will bring you something that isn't as soft as a pumpkin this time if you don't." His eyes had darkened now as he approached the two.
  191. [11:03] Aciago Magic: stopped short as he was accused of not helping the city. He turned around, his dead plastic hands possibly scrapping the side of the fancy machine. He grimaced and tried to buff it out with his elbow and then step away from the truck before anyone noticed. "I was being abducted outside and had to save myself as the Police Captain corruptly watched it happen since he was in Amara's pocket. Then kidnapped and held prisoner in the hospital. While SHE tried to feed me to her dogs. As for helping the city. I single handedly sacrificed my hands to lure a savage moose attacking the city just recently. Not to mention stopping the mole queen, exposing the gun smuggling ring, saving the fire station from the crazy mexican that stole the fire truck... its a long list. But tell me again about how you spend money and throw parties?" he laughed and kept walking
  193. [11:04] Katherine Sauvageau: was not going to pass up a time to vote. She had her reasons, even if she was very new to town. She slowed to a halt when she came upon the group standing outside the city hall. For the longest time she just stood there. It was hard to tell whether she was listening or merely watching those that had gathered. "Hmm." Was the only sound that came from the woman, before she continued on her way into the building to cast her vote.
  195. [11:07] Bernardo De Leon (nakedlunch): Drakkhru was a powerful speaker, but did he mean what he said, Do any of them, who knows, its politics, and Bernardo has been around long enough to understand this. Doesn't make the choosing any easier though, he did care about this island, and has watched it make progress over time.. and how the times have changed. Though Acagio and his odd tale gets his attention, Bernard nodded to Lucas as he spoke, "well, theres plenty of time," as he finished his words Lucas turned and headed over to some guy named Jason, hmm, so there was some fire in him, he grins at the thought and looks to Audrey. "Audrey hi, and thats great, I may be by this evening to fetch them, I appreciate that... How are you, did you stay long at the gala?"
  197. [11:07] Bobby Blake grinned at his fellow Brit. Back in the UK they might have had plenty to disagree about, geographically and class-wise perhaps, but here across the pond it was a fellow Brit. He nods, but is distracted by old-man Magic's rant. It all seemed so outlandish, but then this was far from an ordinary place. Bobby shrugs and looks around the sidewalk, crushing his tea cup into a flat disc. "You got a bin 'andy in that motor of yours?"
  199. [11:08] Jason Devou: was kicked by tiny red riding-hood and he half stumbled a little and he let out a sound between a grunt and a growl. He should be used to this, but she was different from Lucas, and it had been a while he was anywhere near Lucas too. So he was a bit surprised when Lucas moved closer, so angry he had not seen him in..well ever. It didn't make him want to let go of the girl though, infact he only made it worse. But some bit of a sober thought went into his groggy mind that this wasn't the place. Torn between wanting to throw Merry over his shoulder and run off, and take control of himself. Slowly he uncurled his fingers from Merry's arms, looking at Lucas the whole time. "She's..a 'friend' of yours ey?" He said in a forced tone ,putting some emphasis on the word friend.
  201. [11:10] Jυℓια 'JυJυ' Ѡιℓℓιѕ (juliawillis) 's expression changed, showing sincere compassion for the woman. "Oh. Oh, I'm so sorry! That's awful." and nodded at her words. "Cancer is a real bitch. I am sure I can still make a donation, even if I didn't attend. I will make sure to sit down with Mister Ludsteen when this madness settles down to see the causes he is involved in." She nodded at her question. "Yea, kinda. I was working on a dig site on the mainland. I am an archaeologist." she told. "Permits and weather made us stop for this year. Won't be back there till next spring, if the funding and permits come though for 2020." she said. "If I even go back. There is not a lot being found that gets me personally excited. I guess we will see what the new year brings. What I am doing by then. Maybe another project calls me away, maybe something completely different grabs my focus by then. Life has a weird way of putting things on your path sometimes, right?" she smiled at Tristana. "And yes, ...   I put my dress back in the dry cleaning bag. I am
  203. [11:10] Jυℓια 'JυJυ' Ѡιℓℓιѕ (juliawillis):  sure I'll be required to dress fancy and all lady-like another time! Though I never mind a reason to splurge and shop till I drop!"
  205. [11:11] Drakkhru Ludstee nodded to Bobby and opened up one of the doors of his Bentley. "Yeah sure, back seat in the center console, just lift the lid and put it in there." he proceeded to add further. "So how long have you been this side of the water? I didn't catch your name I believe. I'm Drakkhru Ludstee."
  207. [11:11] Amara (amara.parmelee) took a small bottle of water from her purse. She'd honestly just wanted to vote and head back to work but all these last minute schemes forced her hand to just stay in people's minds. "To claim Mr. Ludstee is the only candidate to hold election-related events is quite untrue, Miss Llewellyn. Before he started funding the hospital or any place for that matter, another former candidate by the name of Kellie was very active in her campaign. Hosting at the yogurt shop, at the diner, and the brewery. She promoted everyone, even her rivals. Sadly, the more toxic aspects of this election such as people calling her the Mole Queen and suggesting dark things of her forced her to withdraw. If I was not running myself, *that* woman would have gotten my vote. More than any of us, she was devoted to this island, its people and the forests…and we failed her just we've failed others trying to help this island." She glared at Drakkhru who seemed keen to start some sort of argument. "For all your talk of candidates
  209. [11:11] Amara (amara.parmelee):  bickering, you seem insistent on doing the same, Drahhru. The city doesn't run that shelter nor pay me to do so; it's been running solely on donations, public and private grants, my income, and the funding of lodgers leasing a place to stay. It is both a home for those without a home and affordable lodging for visitors, new workers, and college students and to dismiss that as less important than a gala you funded in a gross disconnect. If your best argument against me is that I run a homeless shelter with no city aid or better still, none of *your* aid - that's a compliment. As for me taking credit for medical work, I see you forgot about our monthly Farmer's Market, including the one that just passed in which we offered flu shots, wellness advice, and volunteers for researching that fog." She paused as he mentioned the society like that would trouble her. "Ah yes, a vague name of a vague group that I apparently know someone from. Are you suggesting I torture people now like Aciago is, or should we go over
  211. [11:11] Amara (amara.parmelee):  those warrants for rape you paid the police to forget?" she said with a smile. "Stop distracting voters with scare tactics and tell them what you can do for the island aside from put everyone on your payroll. For Gods sake, even Aciago tries to warn people of dangerous situations and protect this island in his own misguided way. Did you know that old man was warning of the gun smugglers before the cops moved in? It was his tip that got them investigating."
  213. [11:16] Audrey Onskan shook her head to Bernardo "I left right after you. I tend to be a bit claustrophobic."  Don't cage the lycan folks!  Her attention was refocused on what was upsetting the Nature Spirit so. Seeing the assault happening out in the open, she murmurs "Is that guy really that stupid? Who goes grabbing at women like that in public?"  Not that private was ok, but at least it would have been smarter on the abductor's part.  Her attention then is drawn in by Amara.  Moving so she was standing side by side with Bernardo, she chuckles a bit using a hushed tone "This is like live tv, without the tv."  Entertaining more than educational.
  215. [11:16] Lαđу Tгιѕтαηα Llєωєllуη (xxmohinixx) places her hand gently on Julia's forearm as a gesture of gratitude. "Thank you for your compassion.Oh, an archaeologist? So was my mother. She was an archivist at the Smithsonian when I was a little girl." Offered a slow smile. "Well, tell you what, let's exchange numbers and I'll check with Mr. Ludstee later about scheduling a sit down with him. I'd also like to meet up with you to discuss another prospect that might interest you, you know, to get in with the right people. In the meantime, a vote for Mr. Ludstee is a vote for finding a cure for cancer, so until you can make a donation, well, your vote would be appreciated and the next best thing." Removing her hand fro the woman's forearm, she opened her business card holder and offered one of the cards of hers to the woman.
  217. [11:18] Aciago Magic: held a hand out to Amara as she suggested his tip off helped bust the gun smugglers "And what thanks do I get? Thrown in prison by a corrupt captain. Who I should say is no longer with us. You are welcome again. Actions speak louder than donations to organizations you clearly do not support as you smoke around us all giving us cancer. My poor wife Gertrude up there in the cemetary died of cancer from people like you. Even this corrupt hospital lady was smoking. What a joke. When have you ever seen someone at a hospital smoke. How much did you pay to have her appointed? Just because you can afford fancy parties from your embezzlement schemes around town doesnt make you a great candidate." he looked back to Amara "At least she tried to kill me in public. Not slowly with cancer."
  219. [11:19] Katherine Sauvageau: started humming as soon as the door slid closed behind her. She looked around for a moment to locate an empty booth and stepped right over to it, picking up the pen straight away. She read the names on the paper and couldn't help but laugh, "Funny names." She sad to herself. "eenie, meenie, minie, mo.." She hummed out, right before ticking a box. She examined her choice briefly, before folding the paper and sliding it into the ballot box. With a small tip of her head to the clerk standing there, she turned and headed back out the way she came.
  221. [11:20] Merry Morgan had she not been trying to kick and squirm her way free of a sudden hold, would have more than a little interested in the conversation...argument? taking place ahead. As it was, she was far too invested in the act of getting -away- from the man that had decided, entirely without her input, that it was time for cuddles or something. When the man stumbled back from her kick, she was quick to start yanking at her arm as she tried to get free from his grip. Only relaxing, just a tiny bit, when Lucas joined the fray with a voice full of an anger that was entirely new, from her limited knowledge of him. It was only when the bearded man, Jason apparently, finally released his grip on her, in a slow way that hinted at reluctance, that she immediately scooted round to scamper towards Lucas and glare daggers at Jason whilst she snapped out an affronted little, "Yes!" The question was directed at Lucas, but still.
  223. [11:20] Bobby Blake makes sure to shake any stray drips of tea onto the grass before besmirching such a fine motor with it, nodding gratefully to the gesture "Thanks a million." He reaches in to deposit the trash, then comes back out and offers his hand.  "Bobby Blake, Lancashire born an' bred, up near Pendle 'ill. Tiny place called Whalley - no offence if you've not 'erd of it. We do rugby, tea and forestry. That's about it."  His head was somewhat on a swivel at the accusations flying left and right, and he seemed ready to move along and leave everyone to it. Giving one last slightly awkward smile at Drakk.
  225. [11:21] Jυℓια 'JυJυ' Ѡιℓℓιѕ (juliawillis) smiled at her. "You are most kind." she told her. "I regret not having been out a whole lot yet, moving in, finishing up my paperwork, getting everything sorted after the move. Sounds like this place has more going on then meets the eye." she smirks at Tristana. She took the card from her and puts it in her wallet, taking out her own business card to give her. "Looking forward to both!" she said. "I'd very much like to be involved."
  227. [11:21] Lαđу Tгιѕтαηα Llєωєllуη (xxmohinixx) then looks to Amara and casually replies. "Check public records, there was never a warrant for his arrest or any record of such arrest. The whole thing was illegal and a hoax. I also have an interview with the Captain of the Sheriff's department who attempted that illegal arrest on audio where he even attests to there not being any such warrant and that Mr. Ludstee is sweaky clean. If you'd like a copy of that audio, I would be glad to provide it for you. Are you done distracting voters with slanderous claims? It's really unbecoming." Her last words said with a bit of pomp.
  229. [11:23] Lαđу Tгιѕтαηα Llєωєllуη (xxmohinixx): squeaky *
  231. [11:23] Drakkhru Ludstee turned his head over to Amara and just smirked. "I'd be careful how you approach that argument. I have tangible evidence, videos, documents, recordings and numerous witnesses ready to step forward who would link you to that group and those tortures as well as a signed document from the police chief stating that those allegations were made by the society you worked for. So go ahead, go that angle and we'll see how long you go to jail for." he just laughed and placed his pipe back in his mouth, exhaling. "I understand you do not like my angle, or the fact that I am better for this city than you are. But let's not wash your dirty laundry in front of everyone shall we? And stop underestimating me, it's healthier for your campaign." he turned back to Bobby now, closing the door and giving the man a firm hand shake. "I've not heard of it, I originated from Worcestershire, we love our rugby as well." he waved off the man as he began to walk off.
  233. [11:23] Bernardo De Leon (nakedlunch) also looked over to the fellow that Lucas was speaking to, studied him for a long moment, before smiling and looking to Audrey. "It would seem so.." He also got an earful from Amara, well spoken, articulate, and laid out plainly, he nodded as he looked her over as well; making a mental not to send a donation her way. Continuing with Audrey, "Arent these kinds of things always laced with humor, got to be able to read the underlying current." he shrugs glancing around, then stopping on Amara again, "Amara, is it? Would I make a check out to you for the shelter?" Bernard saw something human in this, it touched on the small folks of the island and those striving to make a life. Though his eyes might move to Acagio in some wonder of how long this guy will live under the strain of stress and demand.
  235. [11:23] Lucas: crossed his arms over his chest and watched Jason with a pointed glare as his fingers released Merry from their grasp. <You alright> He tilted his head slightly as he inquired about the other's spirit's health. "Yes, she's my friend, what of it?" He frowned at Jason. If anything, he was disappointed in the vampire for not being able to restrain himself better. "And so are you, Jason. But people don't just go and grab others without permission like that." He shook his head, and would hold his hand out for Merry. <He is a friend. But a newly turned vampire, and has some trouble restraining his urge to feed from us.> Knowing better, from pumpkin related experiences, than to crowd said vampire with their kind, he thought it would be best to direct Merry away from him, and so would, if she took his hand, try to lead her back toward where he had previously stood with Bernardo. He seemed to at least be better at the no chomping fangs into spirits, thing.
  237. [11:26] ~Mythril Roleplay Hud: Playing Lean Straight
  239. [11:28] Jason Devou: stared at Merry for a moment longer, almost hungerly so but he knew better. If she was really like Lucas it was just a honey trap. He would only meet pain to go down that alley. "Lucas I'm.." What..sorry? Jason didn't like that word so he just shut his mouth and nodded. "A misunderstanding. He said a bit louder before turning on his heel to walk the other direction. He had already casted his vote so the information thrown between candidates were by now pointless to him. Instead he promoted to follow Olivia a bit up the road, perhaps he would go to the diner, just for laughs...if Jason actually did ever laugh.
  241. [11:31] Amara (amara.parmelee) sighed and shook her head. "I did thank you for it, Aciago, but the fact remains that you still did several terrible things on your own when not in your right mind. The police…can't overlook that all of the time, but at least we have more competent people in the police force. I think we as candidates should not be here heckling each other frankly. It is just a role on the city council; we are not vying for a mayoral or any higher level of political standing. This job is mostly to organize the many civil services on the island and ensure they are managed well with resources they need. My policies center around growth of the residents and economy. I think Drakkhru's opting for something similar with himself as the fuel for economic growth, but what are you running for, Aciago?" she asked honestly. "You spent some time trying to disgrace anyone running against you but I'd say you have a floor right now to speak on where your policies for the island actually are." She was actively ignoring Drakkhru and
  243. [11:31] Amara (amara.parmelee):  Tristana at this point as doing further down that discussion would prompt the diner incident into people's minds. She did not feel like adding to the malice. Hearing Bernardo, she nods. "Yes, that's correct. Amara DuBois. We are most grateful sir for any donations. If you head down to the shelter, someone at the desk will go over how to donate to the shelter directly or towards one of the work sturdy programs we promote there. The check must be made out to the Wailing Rock Community Center & Shelter. "
  245. [11:31] Katherine Sauvageau: stepped outside and looked around the group. Once again she halted briefly once she was among the others. This time clearly listening as her eyes moved to every person that spoke. she said nothing though, instead left once again. So much to do, so little time.
  247. [11:32] Bobby Blake stops by Amara on his way out of the political melee, saying with a sincere tone "I love what you're doing with the shelter. I 'ope you keep at it, if things 'ere don't work out. Actually, even if they do." He offers a parting wave and steps away to put the Hustings behind him.
  249. [11:32] Lαđу Tгιѕтαηα Llєωєllуη (xxmohinixx) refocused on Julia and received her business card in return. A slow smile resurfacing. "I understand how it can be moving and settling in. Today is a bit hectic as you can see, but if you're not too busy tomorrow, let's meet up for a drink." Gestures with her hand and steps aside. "In the meantime, I'll leave you to your voting and look forward to speaking with you soon. I have a feeling we will have much to discuss."
  251. [11:34] Merry Morgan kept up her glares, that gradually softened from unspoken promises of death, to a gentler, kinder scowl that promised unspoken and unknowable doom as Lucas' words drifted through. A little nod was given to him after a moment in the midst of scowling, <All good and fine.> she assured as she reached out to clasp onto his offered hand, "Never, ever without permission." She tacked on to Lucas' admonishment with a firm series of nods. As the silent explanation of whys and whats came from Lucas, another little nod was given coupled with an expression that somehow managed to combine sympathy and the still urgent need to kick, to Jason <Not a pleasant place to be, no, no, no> The reply tinged and colored with sympathy, and sparks of continued irritation, the latter still felt at Jason, though she gave the man a grudging wave as Lucas lead her off.
  253. [11:36] Audrey Onskan merely nodded to Bernardo with his thoughtful comment.  "I think the flashy one has a silver tongue."  And Audrey was always one to avoid anything silver. "He falsely accused Amara for working for the city.  So he isn't as knowledgeable as he tries to come off to be. Poor Aciago doesn't understand hospital staff are just as likely, if not more so than patients, to smoke due to the high stress of their jobs.  Poor old guy is out of his time."  Her green eyes land on Amara and listened.  There was a slow nodding as the woman was earning Audrey's vote.  Seeing Bernardo offer to give the shelter some money, Audrey also asked "Ms. DuBois, my name is Audrey Onskan. I would love to volunteer some home cooked meals to the shelter?  We can discuss details at another time?"  She noticed Jason walking away, and frowned.
  255. [11:37] Aciago Magic: forgot where he was headed off to and was distracted by all the people. He spaced out for a moment and shook his head to regain his senses when Amara addressed him "Oh you must have missed my campaign events. I had several where we laid out our goals to rejuvenate the city. Things became a bit chaotic when my campaign manager was murdered by the mole people and I was held prisoner by the hospital. I am supposedly a criminal for putting up signs? Allegedly. I cant help what a few enthusiastic supporters might have done. But I took the blame for lack of due process and a corrupt police force. I plan to demolish the waste of space that den of horrors you have takes up. And instead of murdering homeless people and chopping them up to feed your gods and grow your crops we will have new housing atop a casino that brings tax revenue to pay for all these fanciful projects and not rely on hand outs but give a hand up." he looked at her frankly and smiled
  257. [11:40] Lucas: sighed sadly and shook his head again. "It's ok Jason. Just. Think, alright?" He would continue back toward where he had just stomped away from to save Merry when he heard Amara speak to Bernardo, and grinned as he picked up something about checks. This little exchange between his new boss and the woman whom he had spent some time under the protective wing of warmed his spirit more than he could really say, and brought back a happy glow to his eyes. <I'm sorry you had to go through that... He's done the same to me> He squeezed Merry's hand a little, smiling at her. "Sorry about that, sir." He bit his lip as he addressed Bernardo again. "Just had to... make sure some friends didn't... " he frowned "Well..." what could he say?
  259. [11:41] Jυℓια 'JυJυ' Ѡιℓℓιѕ (juliawillis) nods and held out her ID, with a chuckle. "Yes, let me go put my vote in. I should not be too busy tomorrow, so we can definitely meet up. Fun!" Julia was excited to sit down with her, she had a feeling things would start to get interesting for her after today. This meeting was just what she needed. "If i don't pick up, just text. I am not always getting a notification of voice mails, really annoying." she rolled her eyes and took a step towards the town hall, giving Drakkhru a nod. She wasn't sure if he'd overheard any of their conversation with everything going around, but just in case, she would at least steal those five seconds of his attention to make herself noticed. "Mister Ludstee." she just said as she nodded his way in greeting and walked past to head inside.
  261. [11:43] Drakkhru Ludstee just leaned back against his car once more, arms outstretched across the side of the large bonnet and tilted his head looking to Amara for any response, a grin on his partially parted lips and a tongue dancing from side to side as he thought to himself. Clearly what he had said was sinking in so he didn't settle on it, but he was feeding on the anger around him. It was exquisite, giving him more of a high than the stuff in his pipe. He turned his head to the one passing him by who spoke his name, nodding to her with a grin. "Hello there, enjoy your day!" he waited a few seconds before speaking again, with a wide grin on his lips. "What a wonderful day."
  263. [11:46] Amara (amara.parmelee) nods in kind to Bobby as he walked past. "I appreciate hearing that, sir. Thank you," she said, perhaps too honestly as it calmed her down. Most of the time, it seemed like all her work was something to easily ignore, disregard, or simply bash because of stigmas. Amara glanced back at Lucas and his circle of friends seemingly ignoring the political madness. She recalled how confused Lucas was when he arrived at the island, homeless all his life. And there he was working, socializing, and living fully in society rather than alone. "It's not fancy work like funding needed research or anything, sir, but I take immense pride in seeing the tangible efforts of the people I help becoming better people in turn. Thank you for voting!" As Audrey caught her attention, Amara would nod as well. "Nice to meet you, Miss Onskan. May I call you Audrey? You are always welcome to come in to volunteer at the shelter - in fact helping with the prep for communal meals is a favorite of our volunteers. The candy shop owner, Ms.
  265. [11:46] Amara (amara.parmelee):  Laveau? She's from New Orleans herself, and regularly visits to prepare a full Cajun spread for the residents. Her gumbo is sublime," she mentioned in passing. "But here's my card for the shelter. Feel free to contact me at any time to arrange that, miss." She smiled at Aciago. "So aside from the clearly false rants about cannibalism, it sounds like your campaign's focus is the same when boiled down - economic growth. If you are elected though, you are going to need a registered place of residence, Aciago. Are you sure you don't want to return to the shelter?" she asked.
  267. [11:47] Lαđу Tгιѕтαηα Llєωєllуη (xxmohinixx) noted the woman coming out, then that the other two people were speaking with Amara. After looking over the crowd she decided to approach April next, making her way over. Her hand being extended to shake the woman's hand if it was accepted. "Hello. Have you voted yet today?" Beamed with a bright smile.
  269. [11:49] Bernardo De Leon (nakedlunch): "Mmmm," Bernardo was mulling over Audrie's observations with a nod, he also gave a polite smile to Amara, "Very good, thank you." From her he looks to Another fellow taking his leave and then over to Lucas, "Quite alright, your a good friend, hm?" As he spoke he also heard Acagio going over his ideas, a Casino? Bernardo nods and looks to Audrey, "Home made foods, excellent, and I'm sure it will be very much appreciated... I think, I'll come back later to vote, and just think on what has been said here. Maybe, I'll see you this evening?" he looked between Audrey and Lucas with his friend.
  271. [11:50] Audrey Onskan smiled to Amara "Audrey, yes, please do."  She took the card and listened about the traditional Cajun meal.  "Perhaps I can do a breakfast one or two mornings a week.  But I will be in touch on a less hectic day."  Turning to Bernardo with a smile "Sure thing! Have a good day Mr. De Leon."  Then she made her way inside, confident in her choice of candidate.
  273. [11:52] Merry Morgan trotted amiably along beside Lucas, the embers of irritation slowly dying out as they moved. At the silent words, apology? from Lucas, she cocked her head to the side, eyeing him a moment before giving a slight shake of the head <Not your fault, nope, nope. It's fiiine.> And it was, now. She was no longer being forcibly cuddled by a stranger, so it was all good in her book, <You're friends now?> She asked then, that fact seeming to surprise the redhead to some degree. Giving his hand a gentle squeeze in return, she directed her attention to Bernardo to offer up a bright little smile even as Lucas offered what explanations he could.
  275. [11:52] April Jean: walked off the frustration, and was so close to her destination. She was making a B line for Amara when.... she stopped in her tracks and stared at the womans chest. She took off her headphones and held up a peace sign not hearing her "I would love two." and nods a little with an I'm-not-creepy-at-all smile.
  277. [11:53] Aciago Magic: got a ring on his jitterbug phone and let it go to voice mail. "Damn telemarketer, I don't need to extend my car warranty." he shoved the thing back in his pocket and looked back at Amara confused. "What are you talking about? I have a home up in the forest. A nice little cabin where someone can get back to their roots. Lived there for years. You should drop by for tea some time. Unfortunately we need some more housing and we have a great way to do that without costing the locals more money. Aciago is always willing to give a hand up instead of a hand out. Nobody wants to be a charity case. Stop trying to make me out as one" he glared at her and pointed to Drakk "I may not have money to throw around at people, but we have agreements in place with people who want to help the city out, not drain it dry and force their employees to rig an election."
  279. [11:56] Jυℓια 'JυJυ' Ѡιℓℓιѕ (juliawillis) smiled at the man who was in the room with her. She gave him a polite 'hello' but didn't wait for him to return the greeting. Walking towards the box repeating the candidate of her choice's name in her head a couple times, just in case the ballot threw her off and she'd forget. You never know! She picked up the quill and frowned, putting it back in the jar of ink and taking a pen from her purse. She just didn't 'trust' them. With her very own pen she ticked the box as the instructions demonstrated so she was sure it was valid, and slipped it in the big wooden box on the table. There! All down. She felt a little bit of a citizen now!
  281. [11:59] Lucas: didn't think much about holding the other spirit's hand, even though they had really just met and so his hand remained clasping hers. It was natural, in a way, since in many ways their lives were interlinked. Weren't they both children of the earth? <We are friends, yes. Though I haven't seen him for a long time now. I wonder where he has been.> He pondered these things while also thinking about Bernardo's question. "I.. am?" He wasn't entirely sure what that meant. "I try to be friendly to everyone." He nodded. This was true, for most of the time. He had more or less forced his ears to tune out the candidates and their squabbling by now, and had also nearly forgotten why he was there in the first place, but then Bernado had to speak abut how he was going to vote later, and his visage quickly paled "Oh shit." He gasped. "I haven't voted." Of course, he was curious about what was going to happen tonight, since Bernardo and his friend were talking about something, but, it wasn't his business to pry, was it?
  283. [11:59] Lucas:  "What's happening tonight?" He smiled, asking anyway.
  285. [12:03] Amara (amara.parmelee) offered her card to Audrey just as Bernardo seemed to be departing. "Breakfast would be wonderful. I can tell you with confidence that we have some of the best chickens on the island and their eggs are plentiful, Miss Audrey. We try to utilize what we grow from the farms for food and sell the rest at our farmers' markets. We'll speak again soon, I'm sure." She looked around at the others, just glad people were voting at all. "Then tell people about that grand plan instead, Aciago. I certainly had no idea you found a home for yourself; since I've moved here, you've always been homeless. Why not tell people how you improved and brought yourself up with no one's help? It's bound to be a better story than trying to convince people of made up stories. At the same time though, it's rather rude to refer to the homeless as charity cases now that you are on your own two feet. Best not to add to false stigmas, right?" she stated. It was about this time that she noticed April was back. "…Ahh the booper of noses
  287. [12:03] Amara (amara.parmelee):  has returned."
  289. [12:04] Lαđу Tгιѕтαηα Llєωєllуη (xxmohinixx) seen the woman had headphones on and based on her response, wasn't able to hear her. Seeing as she wouldn't be able to have a conversation with the woman due to the headset, she abandoned the notion with a polite smile offered and stepped aside. Overhearing that Lucas had not voted yet, she turned on her heels and moved in his direction instead, curious to see what topics the man cared about. Approaching from his side in the line of sight so not to startle him. "Hello there. Did I hear correctly that you have not voted yet?"
  291. [12:05] Audrey Onskan made her way into vote as Julia was making her way out. Audrey just stopped and stared. The intro to "I like big butts" started in her head but butts was replaced with boobs.  Pausing next to the woman, could have very possibly been to get a better look, she asks "Do you get back pain from those?  And aren't you cold?!"  It was forty eight degrees outside. Then again, perhaps the pillows kept her warm?  Audrey was not trying to be mean. She simply had a tendency to blurt out....stuff.  But now was not the time nor the place to talk about the blessings and woes of breast sizes.  She had voting to do. So back to humming, Aud goes to cast her vote, dancing in place as she does so.
  293. [12:05] Bernardo De Leon (nakedlunch) had also had enough of the candidates, they were all passionate about their ideas and plans, that he could respect. "I'm going to pick up Harries belongings this evening at the ranger station. I will speak with the Chief about your employment as well." he smiles to Lucas and his friend, "I'll be at the exhibit room if you need anything Lucas."
  295. [12:08] Merry Morgan much like Lucas thought little about holding the others hand, though the'd only recently met. They were essentially kin, really, in as much as any spirit could claim such a thing. Thus, she kept onl clinging to his hand. <It's good to have friends, from all places> Was her own thought on the matter. Even if said friend was a grabby vampire. Who was she to judge after all. Dark brown eyes examined Bernardo curiously a moment, before they shifted back onto Lucas as she contentedly listened in. Until the other spirits somewhat panicked sounding 'oh shit', then she finally piped up, "Eeny meeny miny mo really helps, if you haven't decided yet." she offered, nodding somberly like she'd just lain out some truly sage advice.
  297. [12:09] Jυℓια 'JυJυ' Ѡιℓℓιѕ (juliawillis) raised a brow. "No i do not. I been blessed with my breasts since early age. I am used to it."she replied, not letting it get under her skin. "And yes. I am very cold, but I left my coat ont he ferry a couple days back, and no one put it in lost and found. I suppose another large chested female was cold too."
  299. [12:11] Audrey Onskan did her voting and then turned around to walk out with Julia. Shaking her head "Mine were bigger when I was breast feeding and it was a load on my back. Though, if you are used to it, then points for you."  She thought a moment "Maybe the Shelter has some donated coats?  Might be worth asking Amara when we get outside."  Tata's should not freeze. Then she heads out, keeping the door open for Julia.
  301. [12:13] Drakkhru Ludstee looked on as the crowds dispersed and he smiled to anyone who caught his eye and just remained where he was, his pipe now depleted and just resting in his mouth. He was a little pleased that things had simmered down.
  303. [12:13] April Jean: frowned a little at the breast leaving her eyesight. She sighed and looked ahead "HEY AMARA!!!" she marched up to like she was mad, hands on her hips. She wasn't mad. Just giddy as shit. "Well...... all my drugs are there!" save for the joint she smoked on the way. She looked to the new woman she didn't meet yet...and flicked her tongue at her like a lizard for a solid 10 seconds before returning her gaze to Amara. "Ope" she checks her pockets "Hang on, I need a pen..." she huffs "But it's weirder than it sounds." she looks back to the new woman, making the flicking tongue and walks up to the man leaning on a car....he could probably afford a pen. "A-yo, you gotta pen?" she asked, smiling
  305. [12:15] Aciago Magic: laughed off all the banter back and forth "You are all welcome regardless of who you voted for to the Komrade this evening to celebrate democracy in action. I'll give a speech tonight as the votes are brought in. Chocolate moose on the menu and some specialty drinks as well. All are welcome. Celebrate and have a drink on me after this long debacle in democracy. Good luck candidates. I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say I hope you all live up to your extravagant promises as I have done leading up to the vote. Now that the mole people have been defeated we are all free to enjoy these sorts of quibbles."
  307. [12:15] Jυℓια 'JυJυ' Ѡιℓℓιѕ (juliawillis) smiled. "That won't be necessary." she declined a shelter coat. "I am going shopping tomorrow." she had seen a store on the island, and if there was nothing that would fit her bosom she could always 'pray to the weather gods' for another sunny day at least and hop back on the ferry to the mainland to go to the city to get something. She did take the door from her and slipped back outside after her.
  309. [12:16] Lucas: 's eyes widened as he was very rather suddenly approached by the lady who seemed to have a habit of throwing her cigarette ends on the ground. "Oh, hello ma'am no, I haven't voted yet. Have you come to get your cigarette end back?" He blurted, unthinking, and after digging through his pocket was able to produce said end, nicely tucked under the plastic casing of one of Mr Ludstee's campaign buttons and held it out in offering to her. "Will you be alright, sir?" He asked Bernardo, giving him a thoughtful look. He guessed going to pick up Harry's things might be a rather emotionally difficult thing to do. "I.. will come by. Have I officially started working yet?" He was a little confused by this, if he was to be honest. <Yes, I agree. And many vampires aren't that bad to be honest.> He kept himself from indicating toward his new boss as he told Merry this, since it would be a little rude to give him away just like that. "I think I'm fairly certain where my vote is gonna land in the end though." He grinned at
  311. [12:16] Lucas:  her, continuing talking through her using his actual mouth and vocal cords, as if he had so all along.
  313. [12:17] Drakkhru Ludstee smiled to the one approaching him, lifting a pen from inside of his jacket and offering it out to her, it was nothing special just a typical ball point pen which he specifically kept in case someone asked him for one. But that habit came from being in the military. He turned his head towards Aciago and nodded. "As far as our differences are, I think the three of us have the entire city covered with our influence and power. Should the three of us get into the council I believe we'd be a powerful trio, and I don't really have any hatred towards any of you, I just miss the fact we didn't have any debates." he winked to Aciago and Amara, should they have heard that.
  315. [12:19] Bernardo De Leon (nakedlunch) grinned to Lucas and the cigarette thing, interesting fellow he is, "I'll text you on a start date, let me speak with Chief Heinrich and get things settled." He started to move off now, giving a polite nod to Acagio, "Good luck on the voting sir, have good day!" he said loudly to Lucas and his friend, or to whomever heard it.
  317. [12:19] Lαđу Tгιѕтαηα Llєωєllуη (xxmohinixx) ran her fingertip along her chin in thought at his question. "If it will give me your time to talk to you about your consideration of voting for Mr. Ludstee, then sure." She said with a smile and waited on his agreement. In the meanwhile, when she seen Julia step out, she offered her a wave. "See you soon, Julia."
  319. [12:21] Audrey Onskan walked out in time to hear Drak's comment about 'influence and power'.  Snorting in contempt she comments pointing to Amara "She helps people. Not sure what power or influence she has beyond kindness. Which, can be a lot in the long run."  Then she points to Acaigo "I just want to dress him in warm clothes and feed him tea and biscuits. No power or influence there except for cute and slightly funny."  Then she points to Drak "You have money." Then to borrower a line from Labyrinth "You have no power over me."  God the typist has wanted to use that line in rp for years!
  321. [12:27] Lenny (Kol) sipped her steaming tumbler gingerly, the liquid heating her from the inside out. Her gaze flickered between the gathered crowd in confusion a moment before she recalled the fliers she'd seen around. Clicking her tongue thoughtfully as she slowed, she reconsidered her mission a moment, thinking perhaps it best to try City Hall on a less busy day. But she'd come this far. Squaring her shoulders she began to make her way passed the throngs toward the large double doors.
  323. [12:30] Aciago Magic: laughed when he heard the line and raised his plastic hands "You have no power over me!"wiggling his arms and chuckling. "I'm sure we will have some heated debates in our future. Even if I have to yell at the window from the lawn when I don't win. Good luck to you. But dibs on the corner office if I win." he smiled and pointed towards the second floor
  325. [12:31] Lucas: would have given Bernardo a grin back, and nodded as he told him he would message him with a start date. Now he just had to work out how to get his phone to work again after the battery had run out of it. Maybe he could invite a new battery to live in it? He tilted his head at the woman who was trying to get him to vote for Mr Ludstee, eying her thoughtfully. "Do you have a bin?" He couldn't quite trust that she would not just throw it back on the ground again. "I'm voting for kindness though." He beamed at her, having just overheard another woman's words. However, as soon as he had said this, his attention was caught by the girl in the Santa hat. "Lenny?!" He would reach out and attempt to place the cigarette end and button combo in Tristana's hand, before darting over to place himself in front of santa's little helper, possibly dragging Merry with him if she didn't let go of his hand. "It is you, isn't it?" He positively glowed as he stood before her, bouncing on his heels. "Are you too here to vote?"
  327. [12:32] Amara (amara.parmelee) blinked as April for some reason was waving to her. "That's nice, Miss April…" she said, very clearly confused by the woman's words. Lucas' comment about the cigarette ends prompted Amara to cover her mouth to hide the giggling. Bless Lucas and his honesty, she thought. As Aciago made his declaration about celebrating at the Komrade, Amara hummed to herself. "Aciago attempted to start a debate once the official one had been missed, but schedules could never be matched. As I said first thing this morning, this has literally been the first time most candidates were in one place…granted I've not seen Gertrude nor Poptart yet." She smirked at Audrey's declaration. At least there were still people who could stand up to the man besides her. "Well said, miss. This is just a position for city council, Drakkhru. The goal is not to be Wailing Rock's new ruler or something. We'd be public servants of the people making sure they have the services they need. Charity is nice but laws and budgets to make sure those
  329. [12:32] Amara (amara.parmelee):  funds are always there would be far better. Imagine your donation to the hospital extended into a healthcare policy for all of the county. Covering citizens, civil workers. and so on."
  331. [12:32] Jυℓια 'JυJυ' Ѡιℓℓιѕ (juliawillis) returned the wave "Well met!" she returned to Tristana. "Good luck with the madness!" she chuckled and shoved her cold hands in her pockets. Rude redhead was right. It was too damn cold. She had coat shopping to do!
  333. [12:34] Merry Morgan looked over to Aciago, nodding sagely as he mentioned, well, chocolate moose really. Although the defeat of the mole people was also terribly important. She'd never actually seen one, but whatever, "He's an unsung hero." Merry remarked to Lucas. Though whether that was due to moley defeat, or chocolate, only Merry really knew. Her attention shifted back to Lucas then, watching curiously as he dug the campaign button out of his pocket and produced it for the woman, who was met with a curious glance, only for her attention to shift back to Lucas, "Where did you start working?" She asked, even as the smallest of nods was given, <It's true, it's true. Once they learn not to be...grabby.> Was her silent reply, even as she gave a firmer nod to him, "I had to use the meeny minys, terribly confusing all the...erm, promises and things. The finger knows." She snorted out a laugh then, before reaching up to try and prod at the tip of Lucas' nose, as if that were proving her point, "Ooh, have a good day too. I mean y
  335. [12:34] Merry Morgan  too! That's the one." she called back to Bernardo as he began to move off before letting out a noise that sounded suspiciously like an 'ack' sound as she was suddenly drug off with Lucas, still stubbornly refusing to relinquish his hand until he asked.
  337. [12:37] Lenny (Kol) skidded to a halt when someone yelled her name unexpectedly, turning to spot a familiar youth. "Lucas! How good to see you again. You look like you're settling in well," she remarked, mouth curving into a familiar smile. She chuckled at the woman in tow he brought with him and nodded, raising her drink in greeting. "Hello there," she chimed before answering him, "I did not. My apartment is actually in Seattle. I just frequent over here so I doubt they would allow for my vote," she explained.
  339. [12:38] Lαđу Tгιѕтαηα Llєωєllуη (xxmohinixx) watched Lucas when he approached her with the cigarette butt and kept her hand to take it from him. Polite smile was offered in return before she turned and walked it over to the trash can where she deposited it.
  341. [12:41] Drakkhru Ludstee looked towards the one who had made comments about Amara and tilted his head. "You've got a fire about you, I like it. As for power and influence, it isn't always as straight cut or upfront as you might think it to be." he didn't make any more comments on any of the candidates, he had said his piece and didn't think it classy to dwell on one topic for too long. "However, have a wonderful day and thank you for voting for whomever you chose." he added, ginning widely as he repacked his pipe. He couldn't wait for the events that would soon come to pass then began laughing as Aciago lay claim to a office in the city hall. "You can have whatever office you'd like." he then looked to Amara and tiltedh is head, curiously. "Do you believe what you say? If so I'd take a page out of my book. You need power and influence in this world to make any kind of change, whether that be small or large you need to network, to bargain, to promise and to deliver on those things. You can't do any of that without political
  343. [12:41] Drakkhru Ludstee:  presence and like I said to your friend here." he gestured towards Audrey. "Power isn't as blatantly obvious as people make it out to be. It's like an iceberg, you all see the tip of it but the real power is what is beneath the water. As for my funding towards the hospital, I was listed as an official patron and I've had a contract written up to ensure those things you stated, I'm sure Lady Tristana here would be more than happy to get those documents for you if you'd like to see them. I can assure you all of the things I've done over the past few months have been official, with written up documentations and new policies put in place. When the free health care was announced, it was for the entire county and everyone within it." he paused for a moment and instead of having his usual cocky grin on his lips he paused and crossed his arms, thinking hard to himself for a moment. "You don't have to take this offer at all, but I'm just asking what can be done to improve the quality of life within the shelter, I
  345. [12:41] Drakkhru Ludstee:  would like to help in any way you'd like me to whether that be financial, man power or infrastructure." he left it at that.
  347. [12:43] April Jean: laughs " is" she hands you a business card with writing on it. She shoots you a finger and says "My bad." The card is white with a black silhouette of a woman with a whip on it on one side with a phone number on the other. The side with the number has written on it in pen 'Revenge specials. One time only' she winks
  349. [12:46] Aciago Magic: waved to the crowd "Have a great day everyone." he shuffled off down the street back home for a nap. All this campaigning sober has worn him out. He nodded to the professor as he left. "Welcome professor. Cast a vote for Aciago, your hometown hero"
  351. [12:48] Asariel: tipped his hat to the old man "Afternoon Aciago. Take care old timer." he looked at the crowd gathered outside the election hall. What on earth is happening here. He smiled casually at everyone and made his way inside to vote.
  353. [12:48] Lucas: had started to get the impression that perhaps mr Aciago wasn't as mad as he seemed. In fact, he had seemed rather straightforward when they last met. "Hm, perhaps he is" he agreed with Merry on this, nodding. <Though, why he killed the mole queen, I don't know. Why did she deserve to die?> "Where did I start working?" He asked her a bit confusedly. "Now, years ago, or when I first came to the island?" He blinked as she confessed to having just used a rhyme to decide who got her vote, but then just laughed when his nose was booped by her finger, and turned to give hers a boop as well, grinning. "I do?" He asked Lenny, looking a little confused. "How does one look when one is settling in well?" Was there moss growing on him? Already? He giggled, and shot forward to place a kiss on her cheek, blushing slightly. He was the affectionate sort. Today at least. "How are you getting from there to here? Swimming?" He was actually happoly surprised to see Tristana go and dispose of the cigarette end in the bin, and
  355. [12:48] Lucas:  gave her a happy smile. "There, that wasn't so bad, was it? And Mr Ludstee has already promised to make new laws about bins, too!" He nodded, eagerly, as if this was actually true.
  357. [12:49] Audrey Onskan didn't understand why, but she wanted to bite Drak. She didn't trust him. He was too smooth. Silver. He was silver and she wanted nothing to do with it.  Then she noticed Hein coming down the sidewalk. She was agitated but gave him a smile anyway. She wasn't agitated with him after all.  "You just missed Bernardo. You two have opposite schedules. Though he said he would try to come by the station later this evening for Harry's things."  We shall see "You here to vote?"
  359. [12:50] Lαđу Tгιѕтαηα Llєωєllуη (xxmohinixx) easily heard what Drakkhru said to Audrey and nodded slowly while looking over towards her. "Yes, as Chief Administrator for the George Washington Medical Facility I can attest to what he says as being true and would be glad to provide you with any documentation you might require." Then swept her silver gaze over towards Lucas. "I see, that doesn't surprise me. Since he's been patron of the hospital he has improved upon the waste disposal system for our facility to make it more eco-friendly as well as other disposable items often used."
  361. [12:53] Heinrich Liam (chaoticinsanity) had finally made his way from the house, now that Nanny got all settled in. He'd stayed behind to wait for her. As he walked up, he heard a lot being said in regards to the hospital and what not. He didn't know what was being said, but most of the candidates he didn't know, so he wasn't fully sure on who was the best. "How be the candidates?" he'd whisper as Audrey approached, catching her mild irritation. "I plan ta vote" he'd say with a smile.
  363. [12:53] Merry Morgan after a confused moment was quick to recover, and offer a chipper smile up to Lenny, coupled with an amiable little bob of the head, as she gave a little, "Hello!" before her attention was stolen by Drakk. Her head tilting to the side as she peered up at him with open curiosity, particularly when he offered Aciago any position he wanted. Were they up for grabs? What were the positions even? She spent a bit more time mulling over that than was likely needed. Mostly because she sort of wanted an office. Just the room, not any responsibilities of course, but saying she *had* an office would be a neat little novelty, "Can I have an office too? With a comfy couch?" She asked hopefully, because she wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to ask. <I'm not really sure, to be honest.> A shrug accompanying this as she pondered over that now, "Now? I think? Wait, yes now, because you asked about it...I think? I'm confused now." A frustrated huff escaped her lips, only to be followed by a startled laugh of her own wh
  365. [12:53] Merry Morgan  the nose boop was returned.
  367. [12:56] Audrey Onskan rolled her eyes to Hein before wrapping her arms around him for a hug. Really, it was to stop feeling the need to bite something.  Er, someone. "Candidates are a little old man, a rich entitled bastard who thinks he knows everything or Amara."  Due to the descriptions, it wouldn't be hard for Hein to deduce who she voted for.  "I want to....then there was a very low growl that wasn't heard but could be felt by Hein. It was one of those that resonated in her chest but never made it out vocally.
  369. [12:57] Audrey Onskan: *to..."
  371. [12:59] Lenny (Kol) 's grin widened to reveal a white smile. "Indeed, you do. You seem at ease and to have found a tribe," she remarked, glancing briefly at the hand he held and lifting her chin to the company he was keeping before she unintentionally interrupted him. "You know, your people," she added, knowing how prone confusion he could be. She watched as Merry's attention was stolen away quickly, not unlike her male counterpart. Thinking there was a sweet, childlike nature about the both of them. "I won't keep you. Enjoy your day and do try to stay warm, love." With that she moved to continue on toward the doors unless stopped.
  373. [13:02] Heinrich Liam (chaoticinsanity) chuckled a bit, embracing Audrey in that hug, squeezing her tightly the moment he felt that rumble from her. Seems they were to have a conversation when they left. He wanted to know what got her so riled up. If she needed, she could take it out on him in all the great ways. "Well, that about sum it up pretty well." he'd whisper with a chuckle. "Guess I go inside and read over da information, make a judgement. Ain't really know any of the candidates save fer one of em bein' rumored ta be a lunatic."
  375. [13:04] Amara (amara.parmelee) shrugged at Drakkhru. "It is a bit late to offer aid now, don't you think? Besides there's no shame in being charitable but it is vulgar to brag about it as though that was your only policy or redeeming quality. After all, it's a fine gesture but healthcare costs even for this county are a large chunk out of someone's income, Drakkhru. I admit I don't feel at ease having my healthcare in the financial hands of one person versus an unbiased government body or branch like Medicaid or another state-based medical insurance not tied to one company. It makes sense and is expected that a shelter would run on grants or donations...a hospital, not so much. What if you move from the island or invest in too much at once? What if your well of money runs dry…actually, where are you getting all this money from?" she chuckled. Amara overheard something about Harry, actually that was the second time now, but she was too busy to ask for clarification. She looked at April's business card. "I take it you found work then,
  377. [13:04] Amara (amara.parmelee):  Miss April. An outlet for all that energy. Good for you." She was not going to ask what revenge specials were, but the imagery gave her an amusing guess. "Once again folks, my name is Amara DuBois and I'm running for City Council. Thank you for voting today, and if you have any questions for me on policies, my own background, and so on, walk up and ask!" she announced in a louder voice.
  379. [13:07] Audrey Onskan reluctantly let Hein go.  Seriously, she was used to keeping her shit together a lot better than this.  There were images of partial shifting her fingers into claws so she could ruin the paint job on the car.  This wasn't like her. Rage, outside of the full moon, was caused by threat.  He wasn't a threat.  Or was he?  "Please hurry" was all she said to Hein.
  381. [13:07] Lucas: blinked a little dumbly as Merry went on to ask for for an office of her own. "What you gonna do with that?" He pondered out loud, looking between the spirit girl and the dark, eerie man. "I just started working for Mr Bernardo at Helios Antiquities, Wailing Rock Division." He informed her, smiling softly, as if he was reading from the show room's shop window. "Ah. A tribe." He nodded in understanding, as Lenny clarified things "Yes, I have found people. But I don't own them." Owning people. Was that not slavery? Just like having pets. Either way, he guessed Lenny was just a bit confused, and gave her a bright smile. "Well, I won't keep you either." He promised. "You are free to come and go as you like." And as such, he wouldn't prevent her from going about doing what she needed to do either.
  383. [13:09] Asariel: dropped his ballot in the box and tipped his hat to the attendee. "Thank you sir" after that he headed back out the door to see what all the fuss is about and now unable to be shmoozed. "well now, what are you all doing outside a polling place? Shoo now before we call the election board and have you all disqualified"
  385. [13:09] Heinrich Liam (chaoticinsanity) gave a nod and headed towards the build, letting Audrey go and well, hopefully she was going to be okay for a couple of minutes while he ran inside. It was what he was hearing from Amara that put some puzzle pieces together. Eden had spoken about some patron though he'd not noted who, and well, it wasn't his issue anymore. He was Forestry, not fire. He'd lean to kiss Audrey on the cheek, giving a reassuring smile. "I make it quick."
  387. [13:10] Dr. Gideon Swan seeing the citizens of Wailing Rock gathered,  and the unexpected surprise of candidates making giving last minute words, smiled at the assembly. Stepping up he gave a hello to his boss, Lady Llewellyn, and a "Good to see you," and took in the sights around him up close.
  389. [13:11] Lαđу Tгιѕтαηα Llєωєllуη (xxmohinixx) spotted Gideon approaching and gives him a smile before motioning him over with her hand. "Ah, Dr. Swan. Good to see you as well. There's someone I'd like you to meet." Making her way towards him, she briefly rest a hand on his shoulder with the intention to usher him in the direction of Drakkhru if he willingly allowed her to guide him in that direction. "I don't know if you had the pleasure yet of meeting our hospital's patron, Mr. Drakkhru Ludstee. He's on the ballot for city council today. I hope we can count on your vote for him?" Inquiring lightly.
  391. [13:12] April Jean: turned her attention to Drakkhru "The fuck are you doing?" she asked plainly. She nods to what the professor said "Yeah, what the teach said. Starting shit with candidates ain't getting you squat." except fucked up. If anyone was gonna mess with Amara, April had dibs. She looked around "Is there....somewhere else you could be pretending to be an adult?" maybe getting him mad would help Amara out. She was starting to walk away, slowly..
  393. [13:18] Drakkhru Ludstee just looked to Amara with a blank expression. "So you're denying the people you volunteer for, extra care? Okay I understand. Vulgar to brag about being charitable? I mean, that's what your whole campaign has run on so far, so well done for calling yourself vulgar. As for your attitude currently, shouldn't it be more falling in line with trying to get into peoples good books? There's three places on this candidacy and there's only three candidates running. Do the math, don't make enemies that you're about to be working with, and have some class about yourself." he listened to her raise her voice and just shook his head. However his attention was suddenly gripped by the sudden rage that was in the area beside him, shining like a beacon and that type of rage he was familiar with. "How interesting." he muttered to himself, placing the pipe in his mouth now and beginning to smoke once more. Showing no emotion but just soaking up all of the surroundings as April approached him and he just raised a brow at
  395. [13:18] Drakkhru Ludstee:  her. "You're a cute little one." he said to the first comment, but he was pulled away by Lady Tristana so he didn't hear the comment of being an adult somewhere else, he did however reach a hand out to the person he was being introduced with. "Nice to meet you, Mr.....?"
  397. [13:19] Merry Morgan 's attention was, temporarily, torn from Drakkhru and her attempts to finagle a office room out of him, as she let her gaze dance between Lenny and Lucas. Then abruptly realized their names started with the same letter and began to giggle with delight, "You stay warm too, and not cold...or. Yes, that." A firm nod was given then even as she continued to burble with amusement at her little 'discovery', before her gaze slipped back to Lucas, "I'll have it, and it'll be mine. Maybe... grow stuff in it." She had clearly not thought that through. But she really wanted that office now. When the other spirit explained where he worked, an understanding little nod was given.
  399. [13:20]  Tessa Neil came back out after having voted and noticed that the crowd had gotten larger. She recognized the geology professor and would wiggle her fingers at him. Then she turned to see what was going on.  She noticed the woman with the santa hat and reached in her pocket and pulled out a Candidate Ludstee pin and headed her direction, "Good afternoon miss," she chimed sweetly, "We would like to  encourage you to vote for the most trustworthy candidate mr. Ludstee. may I take a moment of your time to tell you about him?" she sort of hovered over the smaller woman, not imposing her physically, but sort of being in the way.
  401. [13:20] Asariel: took off his hat and started shooing the candidates away like stray cats "come along now, back to your corners before we get the sheriff down here. You can watch the tally tonight from a cell for intimidating voters. I'm sure you have somewhere to be Mr. Ludstee. A business to buy or something? Certainly not donating to the university. And Miss DuBois, I don't think the homeless are getting the attention they need from you out here. Move along now, both of you." he paused a minute to admire the car but pulled out his phone to follow up his threats if need be. "200 feet from a polling station. Head along now, you have had plenty of time to make your cases."
  403. [13:21] Heinrich Liam (chaoticinsanity) made quick work of the ballot, if only thing to get back outside to the fuming Audrey. Though she wasn't outwardly showing it, it was enough to have him concerned. He moved back out and took his place by her side, draping an arm around her. "You aight?" he'd ask her, making sure that she was okay. "If ya want ta get out of here, we can go someplace quieter." Hell, if Bernardo was going to be swinging by, he was wondering if he should be hanging out at the office.
  405. [13:24] Dr. Gideon Swan "Gideon Swan, psychiatrist with George Washington," shaking Mr. Ludstee's hand. "Nice to meet you and you do have my vote," he said with brightly. "How has the crowd been treating you?  Seems a bit.. tense?" [Upon shaking hands Drak may feel Gideon's 'otherness']
  407. [13:27] Amara (amara.parmelee) grinned hearing the professor and April. "Ah someone who knows about actual election law. I tried saying the same thing but most of the candidates seemed collectively fine with an open forum to voters so long as no one was prevented from voting. But what do I know compared to others who evidently have run and I quote 'many a campaign where this is legal at a polling venue in the United States…' right?" she admitted in a clearly mocking tone. "April, it's fine. I am not asking anyone here to vote for me, but I will tell them who I am if asked. As no official debate was ever held, most voters don't know the stance of the people they are casting ballots for today. The worst thing anyone can do is not vote at all." She was once again smirking at Drakkhru. "I am not denying the shelter resident anything, Drakkhru. I am saying it is not needed; the shelter is meant to be as self-sustained as it can with donations and grants. I've run this shelter without your help since before I even entered the campaign.
  409. [13:27] Amara (amara.parmelee):  The people of this island supply the shelter with plenty as do other patrons, similar to what you do for the hospital. I do however need to detail where those funds come from, and I honestly cannot trust wherever you are pulling these hundreds of thousands of dollars from. Nothing more." As she said this, Amara was in fact turning to head towards the shelter on the professor's encouragement.
  411. [13:28] Lαđу Tгιѕтαηα Llєωєllуη (xxmohinixx): "Dr. Swan here is a psychologist at the hospital and has been doing a wonderful job helping clients." While the two men talked, she turned her attention towards Merry. "I couldn't help but overhear your request for an office. Are you in the market for a office job by any chance?" Her tone indicating she was in a position to offer one and was curious.
  413. [13:30] Audrey Onskan merely nodded to Hein and let him guide her away. She did not like this feeling of anger without understanding the reason for it.
  415. [13:30] Lucas: 's eyes widened as some old man, who he thought might have perhaps been looking at him funny once was starting to give out orders. <We better move.> He nodded. <Laws.> Well, he thought the man must be trying to reinforce some laws at least, in the way he was going about being all authoritative. <I think I'm gonna come back later and vote when ... just later> He would tug lightly at Merry's hand, but then let it go to instead wrap his arms around her. <I'll see you later yes, if you need a place to stay, you can always come back to mine. You should know where it is by now, yes?> He hoped she remembered. "Good luck, Amara, Mr Ludstee." He beamed happily at them both after stepping back from the seemingly quiet embrace, adding in a louder voice, as if the man would be able to hear him "AND MR ACIAGO TOO!" He grinned, and after giving Merry a small wave, mouthing "take care" he would wander off back home, feeling increasingly better, and less dirty, the further away he got from the white car and its owner.
  417. [13:32] Heinrich Liam (chaoticinsanity) gave a nod and took Audrey's hand and started towards the road to the forest. If anything, maybe a nice horse ride or a walk through the woods would calm her down. Who could get mad at nature?
  419. [13:34] April Jean: huffed and looked around. Amara needs time. If I could bring her down, they were no different. She looked around for her opportun--- "Aha." she says with a smirk. Leaves unless stopped
  421. [13:34] Drakkhru Ludstee shook the hand of Dr.Gideon Swan with a grin on his lips. "Well, it's a pleasure to meet you Doctor Gideon Swan. The crowd has been fluctuating, there's been a lot of false allegations here and there but nothing which other candidates or their possé can back up so it's all just intimidation tactics and scare mongering really. But it's what I expected and prepared for." Drakkhru did indeed feel the mans aura, it pleased him to know someone was in touch with the mind as much as himself and not just on a professional level. He didn't hear what anyone else was saying as things were moving through the crowd very quickly.
  423. [13:39] Dr. Gideon Swan nodded and even chuckled, "Must be frustrating having to jostle like this.  A pleasure to meet and good luck," watching him step back into the war-zone of sorts. Turning back to to Lady Llewellyn, "Thank you for the introduction.  I should make my way in and cast my vote.  Will you be available in a few minutes? I would like to continue our discussion of the PTSD meeting."
  425. [13:40] Merry Morgan had begun to doubt the sense in asking for an office, not that there was actually any sense in it to begin with, when she heard Lady Tristana. A puzzled look crossed her features, before quickly shifting into something akin to fascination, "Is that a thing I could do? What would I do?" Merry asked uncertainly before shifting her focus back on to Lucas, <The fuzz! They're never fuzzy.> She replied mournfully even as she began to take a step along with him, though her gaze darted back to Lady Tristana, still clearly fascinated by the thought of an office job. What would that even entail? At Lucas' tug, she looked back to him, before happily returning the hug when it was given, even as she gave a tiny nod, <I remember where it is, yep, yep!> She silently affirmed as they stepped back, whilst a grin crossed her lips as he called out luck to all the candidates. She hesitated then, waffling between watching the other spirit make his way off, and staying, before finally turning to edge closer to Lady Tristana.
  427. [13:41] Asariel: nodded to Amara "yes, you both hold influence over your employees and customers to intimidate as they walk in. Quite improper, you both know better. Cast your ballots and move on." he smirked as Amara was leaving and perhaps Drak needed some more convincing. He reached out to Tessa. He wanted to stir up some thoughts in her head and help to encourage Drak to move along. He concentrated on her a moment and reached out through the void. Those sensitive would feel a disturbance.
  429. [13:41] Asariel rolled 1d100 (with bias 13) for mess with Tessa's mind, guess who's having a baby, and rolled 47 (34+13)
  431. [13:42] Tessa Neil rolled 1d100 for Don't you dare mess with my head..., and rolled 59 (59)
  433. [13:43] Lαđу Tгιѕтαηα Llєωєllуη (xxmohinixx) pursed her lips briefly upon hearing Amara and the professor. "Now now, if there's any laws being broken, let's leave it to the sheriff's department to decide and enforce, in the event they come along here." Stated to the point before returning her attention towards Dr. Swan. "I'm booked up today at the polls, will you be available tomorrow? There's someone I want to introduce you to and I think all three of us should meet at the same time. I'll take you both to dinner, my treat." Her silver hues moved to Merry as she approached, giving the lovely redhead a genuine smile. "Indeed. We're actually looking for a receptionist, we could use a secretary and office clerk as well. There is also training available if you want to become a medical assistant or lab tech. Which ever way you want to go really."
  435. [13:46] Amara (amara.parmelee) waved to Lucas as he left with his friends. She lacked an army of volunteers like Drakkhru so the next best thing to do was grab a sign and stand on the shelter's front entryway. "Good luck indeed and again, folks, thank you for voting today!" Aciago had already been wise enough to leave and at the very least, Drakkhru was probably not going to harm anyone in public. Maybe. She wondered if the professor could convince the entourage to move but her curiosity was not strong enough to watch and see.
  437. [13:47]  Tessa Neil was being tickled by something invisible, almost feeling a certain energy field trying go through her, but shook her head and tried to wiggle away from it. She took a few steps away from where she was standing as if walking out of a pod of energy, then suddenly found herself free of it. Confused she lingered on looking for new voters on their way in.
  439. [13:48] Drakkhru Ludstee at the moment of Dr. Gideon Swan stepping away there was a familiar feeling, one of the void coming from towards the city hall building and he just tilted his head. "Interesting." he said to himself before leaning back against his car, watching how the events were playing out currently.
  441. [13:49] ~Mythril Roleplay Hud: Playing Lean Straight
  443. [13:52] Dr. Gideon Swan nodded to Lady Llewellyn, "That's fine. Tomorrow then. Good to see you again, Lady Llewellyn," and turned to step towards the City Hall door, politely negotiating the crowd, before drawing up short at the 'feel' of the building, giving it the once over. Pursing his lips he looked the surrounding crowd over before returning his gaze to the building. "Hm very interesting darshaya," and concentrated before entering the Hall.
  445. [13:53] Merry Morgan stole another glance back at Lucas' retreating form before she turned her attention fully onto Lady Tristana. Well, her and Amara really. Dark brown eyes dancing back between the two a moment, until Amara headed off. She was given a wave as well, and then all her focus was centered on Lady Tristana. A cheerful smile was offered up, only faltering slightly, and more at the choices that were suddenly offered up, than any sense of dismay on her part. A thoughtful frown tugged at her lips even as she absentmindedly rocked back on her heels, balancing precariously for several seconds until she rocked forward onto the flats of her feet, "I'd be a great receptionist!" Of course she'd never actually done such a job, but she understood the very basics of it. Greeting people. Answering phones. Two things she was very good at it, surely the rest she could learn?
  447. [13:53] Dr. Gideon Swan rolled 1d100 (with bias 14) for Sureptitiously casting Detect Thoughts on himself then looks for occupants thoughts [success on 60+] [contested if focused on a target], and rolled 108 (94+14)
  449. [13:55] Jason Downfall (jjsyn) walked around the corner towards the small gathering at the front of the voting station, Jsyn looked like he had just gone a few rounds with a troop of camp fire scouts.. and lost. Bits of spruce,cedar and alder clung to him still . he was slowing while he made note of those here , giving a up nod t his Boss while calling over " the after count party at the club?" grinning as if even new to the town, Jsyn didnt see another challenging the once he was voting for.. he knew who signed his pay checks . If he wasn't forced to be social he was heading inside to get this over with.. the urge to back track his steps to the tunnels was growing .
  451. [13:56] Lαđу Tгιѕтαηα Llєωєllуη (xxmohinixx): "Good to see you as well, Dr. Swan. I'll see you tomorrow." Motioned towards Penelope while casting a suggestive glance towards Trixie, indicating a new arrival behind her. Then a fiery brow arched as she thought she sensed something but was unsure what it was, quickly turning her expression into a stoic one once more, and then lifted into a smile once Merry responded. "Splendid. What's your name,dear?" Her tone was soft and soothing.
  453. [13:58] Asariel: stepped closer to the woman as she wanted the police to sort it out. "Suit yourself Madam. Lets get the police down here. I'm sure that will look good for your candidate on the radio. If you have not won them over yet, perhaps you need to give them a ride in your fancy vehicle here to the polls." he smiled politely and gave her a stern look. He was disappointed Tessa did not go as planned and he looked for another victim to cause trouble with.
  455. [14:00]  Tessa Neil turned around and noticed a blond woman in lavender approach and quickly walked up to her, "Good afternoon miss," she smiled sweetly, "Are you here to vote? May I take a moment of your time?" She quickly took out a candidate Ludstee button and approached her. She was about to speak again when a loud bike stopped by the woman and force Tessa to wait a moment or two so she could hear herself think.
  457. [14:02] Merry Morgan 's attention was stolen, briefly, as she Jason walked past, carrying with him bits and hints of tree. The red head leaning slightly to the side as he walked past, before her attention snapped right back onto Lady Tristana, who was given a bright smile, "Merry Morgan! Pleasure to meet you." See, she was very good at greeting people. A pro, really. Kind of.
  459. [14:03] Penelope Pickles (vampcakes) stepped away from the curb as the motorcycle approached, lifting her hands to her ears to plug them up from the loud engine. "WHAT?!" She yelled over the noise having only caught some of what the woman said prior. "YES I AM HERE TO VOTE."
  461. [14:03] Robert Redclaw: just pulled up as he revved the bike to be a asshole at teh gathering. he was goign to vote damn it. he had spent the night in the woods unplanned but fuck it he had a good meal. as he looked around to the gathering and  back up infront of the fany flash mobile he  killed hi sbike and just started  to swing his leg off a moment  popping hi sneck a couple times still still while he   started to move his way up
  463. [14:06] MotoDesign - Renegade - LightSpeeder: Choco's Jennifer whispers: Thanks for the ride.
  465. [14:06] Jason Downfall (jjsyn) was coming back from the building as he heard some shifty little man   who looked like one of those old fashion ' flashers' , though his words towards Lady Tristana, had Jsyn leaving the paved walk way and walking across the far more silent grass to a few feet away from the man. he was running short on patients he was finding since last night .. so even as he wa waiting to hear what her reply was to the small male.
  467. [14:07]  Tessa Neil narrowed her eyes at the biker as he clearly was creating noise pollution on purpose, but Tessa wasn't going to let that stop her and shouted over the irritable sound, "OH GOOD, DO YOU KNOW CANDIDATE LUDSTEE?" just then the bike died and she sighed in relief as she looked at the woman with a soft grin.
  469. [14:07] Drakkhru Ludstee heard the man before he saw him but Drakkhru then turned to see Jason and he pointed his finger at his direction with a wide grin. "You bet your ass there will be a party after the counting is done." Drakkhru didn't stop the man from entering inside however. He instead looked to the man talking to his associates and grinned. "Hurry up and make the phone call if you're going to make it." there was a familiarity on the man that he couldn't place at the moment. However that last comment would have been lost under the overwhelming sound of the bike.
  471. [14:07] Dr. Gideon Swan stepped out of the Hall and glanced in Lady Llewellyn's direction, giving her a wave and mouthing "tomorrow" should she happen to look his way. Making his way to the walk and away from the crowd, heading home.
  473. [14:08] Lαđу Tгιѕтαηα Llєωєllуη (xxmohinixx): "Lovely to meet you, Merry Morgan. You seem friendly and capable. I'd like to hire you on as a receptionist, you set your own hours and can start tomorrow if you'd like." Feeling her phone buzzing, she checked it and seen the agency was calling, she would have to take that call. So she pulled out one of her business cards and handed it to Merry. "Give me a call when you're able to start and I'll get you all set up. Full time, salary with benefits." Said before stepping off to the side to answer a phone call. Offering the man staring her down a passing glance, then brought the phone to her ear while waving a good bye to Dr. Swan. ( brb)
  475. [14:12] Penelope Pickles (vampcakes) pulled her hands away from her ears after the engine was turned off but paid no attention to the man making the noise. Instead she focused on the fact that she needed to poop all of a sudden. She stood there clenching her cheeks like she did at the charity ball while the woman spoke to her about Drakk. "He's the one who did the Charity gala to raise money for cancer research, yes?" She'd look over to him leaning against a fancy car, smoking his fancy pipe, now remembering him as the one with the red jag from the brewery. "I don't know him personally but can you tell me where he stands on the political grid?"
  477. [14:16] ~Mythril Roleplay Hud: Playing Lean Straight
  479. [14:17] Asariel: dialed the sheriff after he tried the nice approach first. "Hello sheriff. We seem to have some voter intimidation at the polls. Kindly send some officers down here to disperse the intrusion if you would. We would like to try and have some civility this time. Not like last years fiasco." he flipped his phone away and picked out another target. Miss Pickles seemed like a good one. He reached out through the void once more to plant thoughts in her head.
  481. [14:18] Asariel rolled 1d100 (with bias 13) for thats the car that killed fluffy, and rolled 24 (11+13)
  483. [14:18] Penelope Pickles rolled 1d100 (with bias 15) for Fluffy what?, and rolled 19 (4+15)
  485. [14:19]  Tessa Neil shrugged as she tried her best to pull out what she could from her derrier regarding Drak, "Well he is a very successful business man and that shows that he could run a government position just as successful," the asinine argument that had won an election before may still work again, she beamed, "The other candidates have no knowledge of running anything," she tried her best to discourage her for voting for others, "The shelter lady is very kind, but in no way capable of anything bigger than a soup kitchen and the old man Aciago, well what can I say, we all know he is senile," she beamed as she offered the woman Drak's pin, "I think our little island needs his help," she would turn around to look at the wealthy looking candidate and back at the woman, "Vote for Drakkru Ludstee and come to the pizzeria for a drink on the house," she smiled thinking this was win win.
  487. [14:20]  Tessa Neil successfully*
  489. [14:20] Megan Macleod: sighed as she walked in a her jaw moving to chomp on some stick of gum. She'd fish her id out from her back pcket laying it on the table while registering. Her hand quickly and quietly filling out her ballet with a roll of her eyes. Her hands carefully folding it and stuffing it in the box and exiting from the building shortly.
  491. [14:20] Merry Morgan was more than a little delighted when she was given the job. A bright, pleased little smile crossing her lips even as she bounced jubilantly on the balls of her feet, "Ooh! Good, yes. Thank you!" Merry practically chirped out even as she carefully took the offered card and tucked it away into her pocket, "I can do that, I can, I can." She promised with a series of rapid little nods. Salary with benefits, that sounded nice. She'd have to tell Lucas all about it later, she had a job too now. As Lady Tristana headed off, a quick wave was offered up to the woman, before she turned her attention back to the remaining people. Her attention landed on the cloaked man, eyes widening slightly as she watched him dial the sheriff. Well, that couldn't be good.
  493. [14:21] Jason Downfall (jjsyn) was not going to be a downer on a potential party but when the phone was pulled out Jsyn stepped up not quite in arms reach and lowered his tone " the only voter interference I see here is you , and now your trying to use city resources to do your bullying for yo .. I think that is a couple felonies right there isn't it ?" he didnt have a actual clue.. but had watched years work of mind numbing human television on the boats old vhs system he still used . he recognized the new girl from the club though but for the moment unless he was told to ignore the  naif like creature
  495. [14:27] Penelope Pickles (vampcakes) felt a huge headache smack her right in the noggin moments before Tessa worked her PR campaign for Drakk. So along with still having the urge to defecate, now a migraine throbbed in her skull. Her face twisted up in pain and she pressed a hand to her head as the woman spoke. "Well unless you are a soothsayer, there is no way you can know that the others are incapable. I'd pick Amara over that fancy pants McGee over there that ran over my dog!" She refused the pin and pushed passed Tessa to confront Drakk. "I see you used the money from that charity thing to put on heirs to win. What about my vet bill you jerk?! You just ran over Clare like she was a bump in the road and smeared her for half a mile! And it's likely you will do the same to the people of this island if you WIN!" Penny was mad but she dare not touch him as the feeling to poop was getting worse and worse the longer she stood near him.
  497. [14:31] Asariel: turned around and looked the large man squarely in the eyes "I'm sure your little mind cant really grasp how this works. Better quit before the hamster turning the wheels up there runs out of energy. Leave the thinking for your boss before you end up in the clink, son" he smiled arrogantly at the man. He ignored the man and turned back to watch Pickles go off on Drak with amusement.
  499. [14:32] Drakkhru Ludstee looked up to the city hall and saw Megan, a grin appeared on his lips as he raised a hand. "Nice to see you voting Megan, you up for a party after all the voting is said and done? In the club that is." his eyes trailed over the crowd in front of him and watching the interaction between Jason and Asariel, however he had no idea what was being said. And then Penelope happened, he rose a brow at her and then looked back to Asariel then back at her with a grin. "I didn't run over your dog." he focused his mind somewhat on her and just smirked trying to influence her,k just like it appeared she had just been influenced.
  501. [14:32] Drakkhru Ludstee rolled 1d100 (with bias 10) for Asariel is wearing fluffy., and rolled 65 (55+10)
  503. [14:34] Penelope Pickles rolled 1d100 (with bias 15) for Someone else did it?, and rolled 78 (63+15)
  505. [14:35] Megan Macleod: stepping out of the building looked over an around the yard. She'd glance over around at all the loud screaming on the front lawn in front of the city hall. She'd rest her hands in her jacket pockets her eyes scanned around quietly and calmly just observing as much as the wrath were delightful for her she would only remain a silent observer to it. Choosing to ignore as she smiled with a friendly wafe of her pale fingers to Jason flashing him a dimpled smile. She'd curl her lips a bit at the mention of a party "Throw a bottle of Rose' my way you can count me in" She'd walk to lean along the car beside him choosing to watch the others throw their fits.
  507. [14:37] Jason Downfall (jjsyn) shook his head, that humans  treated their old strangely but he wasnt off put by the turning of anthers back.. it was either very arrogant.. if Jsyn even acknowledged him as a potential threat.. or very very stupid.." they had the right of it, when the old people stopped making sense.. they were sent off on the ice flow to dye.. so they weren't a burden to the community.." he was all for bringing that back  " how long do they let you wander from the facility?" smirking he would let his eyes go to the males wrists " not seeing a medical braclet. think he split on his care takers ?" he grinned
  509. [14:38] Merry Morgan after a careful examination of whatever the hell was going on, finally decided it might be prudent to scuttle just a few steps back when Penelope began to rant about Drakkhru's dog murdering ways. Had her murdered a dog? Nobody had said...well Aciago had implied he ran over cats, maybe. But Aciago was maybe not the best source of information.
  511. [14:39]  Tessa Neil shrugged as Penelope walked off to confront Drak and sighed shaking her head, but when she heard Drak had ran over her dog without offering to pay for the treatment, she quickly turned around, saying to herself please say it isn't so, as she would have never voted for anyone that hurt an animal. She still had no idea he had been killing some fog cats driving over them, but what Penelope said was enough for her to put the pin she was holding and walking back closer to the man, ready to ask a few questions when there was an opportunity.
  513. [14:40] Christoper Morris finally arrived just in time to vote, he would walk past Megan and Drakk offer them a nod before heading inside to vote
  515. [14:44] Lαđу Tгιѕтαηα Llєωєllуη (xxmohinixx) hung up her phone call and after lighting herself a new clove she returned to the other side of the street where the others were to see what kind of three ring shit show of a political circus she missed while she was gone. Silver eyes looking over those gathered, listening keenly to whatever was going on.
  517. [14:44] Odette would make her way to the polling spot, eyes looking around at the long line. A soft sigh flutters past her lips, she probably should've bundled up more but really she couldn't feel the brisk cool air, for appearances she'd lift her hands to tighten her faux fur vest closer to her chest, the slender tide lander would try to squeeze through the throng of people, she really hadn't been paying attention to the candidates or the election, shame on her for that but she had been far too busy for it. "Uhhm excuse me, sorry, uhm, oof just need to get past you..." Her freckled cheeks began to rouge slightly.
  519. [14:45] Penelope Pickles (vampcakes) felt another pang in the back of hear head as if Thor's hammer was summoned right to her skull. Again she pressed her hand to her head but as soon as she did, it just fell away. "Right. I see that you are starting off your political career well with working your ability to tell lies. It was you with your stupid red Jag. I heard her howl in pain and all you did was rev your engine to flee! I had to carry her to the vet and pay over FOUR THOUSAND dollars for them to operate only to just have her die on the table!" Penny started to cry 'remembering' the 'memory'. "How any one could vote for you is a mind boggle. You have no love, no compassion and I wouldn't trust you to take care of an air plant!" Penny's words were forceful but so was that poking turtle head that she had to keep clenching.
  521. [14:52] Drakkhru Ludstee sighed and just looked to Asariel, a smirk forming over his lips and a silent nod as if to say 'well played' but Drakkhru was not sticking around for this game any more. "Tessa, it's been lovely to see you here, I'll head off now and see to the club. I'll return later." he smiled to her then walked over to Lady Tristana, said the same thing, then walked to his car, got in and turned on the engine, he was ready to leave if nobody stopped him.
  523. [14:52] FELGO Motors // RR C v9.51: Touch for menu
  525. [14:55] FELGO Motors // RR C v9.51: Touch for menu
  527. [14:55] Lαđу Tгιѕтαηα Llєωєllуη (xxmohinixx) took the que and moved out when Drakkhru did, her hand reaching for the handle of the passenger side of the door to see if it was unlocked, if so, she'd get in to join him.
  529. [14:55] Megan Macleod: looked around at the mess forming her hands raised like a priss looking at a pile of dirt. "riight" She'd chime with a shrug choosing to join her bosses in the car an head to work.
  531. [14:55] Object whispers: The Door is LOCKED
  533. [14:56] Christoper Morris saw enough and heads to town
  535. [14:56] Odette 's brows raised up in surprise hearing the girl near her confront what seemed to be one of the candidates. Oh no, no no. She'd try to make her way around that entire grouping to get into the polls, no stranger to confrontation, but really not wanting to get into the middle of whatever that was. finally she had managed to get close to the door when amethyst eyes spotted a familiar face, Jsyn, truth be told she was still more than a bit apprehensive. Odette only offered him a polite nod in his direction should he be looking her way or sizing her up. Quickly she made her way inside the building walking past the man that had just exited it. It seemed the man the young girl was yelling at was taking his leave, good she thought, not wanting to see a large argument at present. Inside the building she went.
  537. [14:57] tint whispers: The Door is LOCKED
  539. [14:58]  Tessa Neil looked surprised  as Drak suddenly got in his car and well as she was holding on to a lot of their campaign material, she just looked at him then waved at Tristina who got into his car, "What would you like me to do with this stuff," she sweetly asked as the was always there to calm things down.
  541. [14:58] Asariel: waved "Watch out for people's pets would you? What a travesty. You poor thing." he fought back a smile and looked over his shoulder at the large man again "An iceberg you say? Sounds rather brutish. I'd suspect as much from your sort. Perhaps you should stop by the university some time instead of the gym? Exercise the other muscle for a change? You don't exactly strike me as the type to know election law, but thats ok. Your childhood isnt your fault. Happy to help with some tutoring if you need. Literacy is a real struggle for some of you I hear in the tundra." he smirked at the man and stood his ground. He could see the NPC officers rolling down the street to enforce election protocol and he almost seemed to dare the man to attack him and prove his point.
  543. [14:58] Lαđу Tгιѕтαηα Llєωєllуη (xxmohinixx) motions with her hand for Tessa to get in the car and join them. "You can leave those with the other volunteers."
  545. [14:59] Penelope Pickles (vampcakes) grumbled at Drakk's retreat but used it to her advantage for more Penny-type slurs. "A real politician stands up for the people. You've done me wrong and you are now admitting your guilt by fleeing once again! Take note all you patriotic citizens of Wailing Rock! See your candidate cower once confronted. No fake news here! Only the actions of a guilty man!" She stuck her tongue out at Drakk once he was seated in his car, then turned around briskly to 1. go have that #2 and 2. Go vote.
  547. [15:00]  Tessa Neil nodded to Tris before turning around and handing the bunch of pins to the other npc volunteers and quickly got into Drak's car, still after the dog story.
  549. [15:00] FELGO Motors // RR C v9.51 whispers: Power: Neutral
  551. [15:00] FELGO Motors // RR C v9.51 whispers: Power: 1
  553. [15:01] GPHUD: GPHUD HUD 3.9.0 Nov 15 2019 (C) Iain Maltz / Iain Price, Coagulate
  555. [15:01] GPHUD: GPHUD Cluster v3.9.0 Nov 15th 2019 (C) Iain Maltz / Iain Price, Coagulate
  557. [15:01] GPHUD: MOTD: Welcome, Misanthropisme Resident, you are connected as Drakkhru Ludstee
  559. [15:01] GPHUD: You have 284 XP making you level 82.  You have 0 ability points available to spend.
  561. [15:05] Drakkhru Ludstee drove to the pizzeria first as he had imagined Tessa wanting to be dropped off, he pulled up the car and put it in neutral before unlocking the doors. "Thank you Tessa for being at the voting today, it means a lot to me and I told you earlier I won't forget it. Anything you want, anytime. You've got my mobile number so don't hesitate to text me." he smiled and stepped out of the car to open her door for her.
  563. [15:06] Megan Macleod: sat quietly in the back of the car her eyes shifting around from the two in the car "Well" She'd chime softly and rather chirpy in spite of the whole scene "That was certainly eventful" She'd shake her head slowly "My condolences to the dog" She'd mutter softly. Her face contorting to almost look sympathetic "Perhaps she'd have been better off with a cat or something house bound" She'd suggest with a shrug of her shoulders."exactly what do we have in mind for this party" She'd ask leaning forward between Tristina and Drak
  565. [15:06] Lαđу Tгιѕтαηα Llєωєllуη (xxmohinixx): "Yes, thank you, Tessa. You were a tremendous help." Looked up from her phone where she was texting to coordinate volunteers, offering Tessa a warm smile along with a wave.
  567. [15:06]  Tessa Neil got out of the car when Drak dropped her off and waved to both of them, My pleasure and than k you for your support of my business," with that she went inside to tend to business.
  569. [15:08] Drakkhru Ludstee nodded to Tessa and got back in the car, putting it into first gear and moved off while speaking to the two remainders in the car. "Megan where do you want to be dropped off? And for the party... just drinks, we can see how wild to get." he winked at her in the rear view mirror as they began cruising around town again.
  571. [15:08] FELGO Motors // RR C v9.51 whispers: Power: 2
  573. [15:08] FELGO Motors // RR C v9.51 whispers: Power: 1
  575. [15:09] Lαđу Tгιѕтαηα Llєωєllуη (xxmohinixx) cast silver hues back to Megan at her, then looked at Drak, leaving it to him to decide what kind of event he wanted. In the meantime her gaze returned her phone to finish the volunteer coordination for the evening.
  577. [15:10] Megan Macleod: shrugged her shoulders with a tilt of her head "I hadn't much planned for the day" She'd lean back crossing her legs n the seat. "I suppose I could set up for any guests that might be coming" She'd fidget with one of her nails taking a look at the polish "I'm an employee, might as well earn my keep" She'd chime with a dramatic sigh probably over selling the emotions a bit.
  579. [15:11] Taree (terrytall) hears a loud rumbling sound, and turns.  A large white monster has approached.  No, she can see it is one of the stinky human things.  Oh, of course, she is blocking its path.  With a scowl she steps aside, and strikes a defiant pose.  This thing creates more of the toxins she so detests.
  581. [15:13] Lαđу Tгιѕтαηα Llєωєllуη (xxmohinixx): to her*
  583. [15:13] Drakkhru Ludstee waited for the grandma to cross the street as Megan and Lady Tristana spoke. "Megan, you might only be an employee but you're trusted. And that goes a long way with me. Yes you've got a job to do but that also means you are to enjoy yourself as well. Alright then, sounds like everyone is going to the club." he smirked as he moved off once more.
  585. [15:14] FELGO Motors // RR C v9.51 whispers: Power: 2
  587. [15:14] FELGO Motors // RR C v9.51 whispers: Power: 1
  589. [15:14] FELGO Motors // RR C v9.51 whispers: Power: Neutral
  591. [15:15] Object whispers: The Door is LOCKED
  593. [15:16] Megan Macleod: looked over with a gasping expression before letting out a chuckle "ah so I can be trusted.." She'd mutter quietly. Her hand snapping into a finger pistol "glad you see it my way" she'd mouth the letters of "F O A G I E" quietly before slipping out of the seat with a snort making light fun.
  595. [15:20] Lαđу Tгιѕтαηα Llєωєllуη (xxmohinixx) turned towards Megan and offered her a genuine smile as well as her hand as she extended it to her. "Hello, Megan. I'm Tristana. Lovely to meet you."
  597. [15:20] Drakkhru Ludstee dropping the pair of them off, he had something he needed to do so he opened the passenger side window and spoke to them both. "Keep the club running for me, I'll be back." he winked to them both and then began to drive off.
  619. ------------------------------------------
  621. RP Log cleaned using
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