2015 Speedgoals

PvtCinnamonbun Dec 27th, 2014 291 Never
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  1. Listed in order of priority
  3. Beat the SDA DMC4 Devil Hunter run
  4. Get a couple really good times in Unleashed; see if I want to suffer through All Day Stages
  5. At least try Doom speedrunning, get a passable time in Scythe, see if I want to stick with it
  6. Find another memegame or two
  7. Casually play a game, end up loving it, route it, get a decent time (repeat if necessary)
  8. Go back to Gimmick!, get a sub 16 Good End
  9. 1:56 DMC3 NG Dante (deathless), try running Vergil
  10. Learn another Sonic game, most likely SADX, Colors, Advance, or CD
  11. Learn DMC NG, DMC2 NG, and DmC NG (lol), do a marathon sometime of all the DMCs back to back (probably not DmC)
  12. Finish the Black & White 2 segmented run (lol)
  13. Get over my disgust of Doshin and do runs to relax
  14. Finish runs of Bomberman Tournament
  15. Figure out what I’m doing with Super Mario Sunshine, Dark Void Zero, Rokko Chan, Prototype, Metal Arms: Glitch in the System, Megaman 5, Blaster Master, Ratchet & Clank 2, Megaman X6, Splatterhouse 2010, Mario Superstar Baseball, F-Zero GX, DK64, Daytona 2001, and System Shock 2
  16. Do a 8-12 hour marathon of all the games I know how to run/want to run
  18. Not really speedrunning but related
  20. Go to AGDQ 2016 running a game (Hopefully System Shock or DMC4)
  21. Help organize the next SRGM, keep it from imploding
  22. Start getting more involved with SDA (verifying runs, submitting runs, routing, helping others route)
  23. Work on my Cuhrayzee
  24. Help Cyberdemon with a speedrunning WAD
  25. Help the Sonic Gens Skype group port/make a level
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