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  1. -----------------------------------------------
  2. (Remove PvP timer from the core[keep code]
  3. -----------------------------------------------
  4. add this to core;
  5. Permission to see tickets: [elusive.ticket] (No perm needed to send)
  6. basically everytime someone types  /hate (add hover text for reason)
  7. &cUsage: /love  
  8. &cUsage: /hate <reason..>
  9. Add 2 min cd: &cYou must wait &f02:00 &cminutes before sending another ticket.
  10. people with the perm [basic.ticket] will see this message: &7✔ &aGot good ticket from {player}
  11. for /hate message: &7✘ &cGot bad ticket from {player}
  12. For hover text reason color: &7
  13. For ticket sent: &aTicket sent!
  14. -----------------------------------------------
  15. Add /spawner (to core)
  16. When having a spawner in hand, you can /spawner <type> and change it
  17. Example: /spawner zombie
  18. &6Spawner type changed to &fZombie&6.
  19. &cYou do not have a spawner in your hand.
  20. &cUsage: /spawner <type>
  21. List of example mobs; zombie, spider, skeleton, etc!
  22. List of example animals; cow, pig, chicken, etc!
  23. -----------------------------------------------
  24. Changes to speed:
  25. Make 1 default & 10 max
  26. -----------------------------------------------
  27. Fix Ping message:
  28. {displayname}&e's Ping: &c50
  29. -----------------------------------------------
  30. Remove feed, keep heal (heals health & food bar)
  31. -----------------------------------------------
  32. Add fixed weather, always sunny and day time (to core)
  33. -----------------------------------------------
  34. Remove received crowbar message.
  35. -----------------------------------------------
  36. Feautures:
  37. Counts player kills,deaths & calculates KDA of every player
  39. Dying in pvp combat: &c{player}&4{kills} &ewas slain by &c{killer}&4{kills} &eusing &c{%item}&e.
  40. Example:
  42. Dying to bow: &c{player}&4{kills} &ewas shot by &c{killer}&4{kills} from &9{blocks away}&e.
  43. Example:
  45. Starvation: &c{player}&4{kills} &estarved to death.
  46. Cactus: &c{player}&4{kills} &epicked to death.
  47. Fall: &c{player}&4{kills} &efell from a high place.
  48. Void: &c{player}&4{kills} &efell in the void.
  49. Dying to fire: &c{player}&4{kills} &eburned to death.
  50. Drowning: &c{player}&4{kills} &edrowned.
  51. Dying to any damage potion: &c{player}&4{kills} &edied to magic.
  53. If you die from fall damage but in combat: &c{player}&4{kills} &efell from a high place thanks to &c{killer}&4{kills}&e.
  54. If you die in the void but in combat: &c{player}&4{kills} &efell in the void thanks to &c{killer}&4{kills}&e.
  55. If you die from fire but in combat: &c{player}&4{kills} &eburned to death thanks to &c{killer}&4{kills}&e.
  57. /stats (Anyone can do this no perm needed)
  58. &cUsage: /stats <player>
  60. You cannot see stats of offline players: &cNo player with the name "{player}" found.
  62. &c&m---------------------------------------------------
  63. {displayname}
  64. &c&m---------------------------------------------------
  65. &cKills: &40
  66. &cDeaths: &40
  67. &cKDA: &4Infinite
  68. &c&m---------------------------------------------------
  69. -
  70. For every player not found: &cNo player with the name "{player}" found.
  71. For any player never joined the server: &c{player} never joined the server.
  72. -
  73. /togglestaff (toggle on or off reports, requests & staffchat) [elusive.togglestaff]
  74. &cYou will no longer see reports, requests, and staff chat.
  75. &cYou will now see reports, requests, and staff chat.
  76. -
  77. Find a fix for scoreboard, still flickers a little bit & miliseconds for pearlcd bugged aswell
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