"Twilight's Political Plot" ~Complete

Dec 6th, 2016
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  1. Twilight's Political Plot
  3. >Be Twilight Sparkle Princess of purple plots.
  4. >No wait, friendship... or something...
  5. >You were finding it hard to focus as every bounce of the train sent a sharp pain through your flank.
  6. >Stupid rarity and her stupid tampering had left you much more sore than you would usually be two days later.
  7. >And now you had to go to Canterlot to meet the Lamia representative for trade negotiations when you could barley sit down.
  8. >Celestia wanted you there for the experience but you had naturally taken the chance to research the reclusive snakelike race extensively before arriving.
  9. >Lamias were best described as a mix between a snake's lower body which was essentially a long tail and a minotaur or ape's upper torso.
  10. >Despite their half mammalian appearance most of their characteristics were more reptilian in nature including features such as a forked tongue to augment their sense of smell and some degree of infrared vision.
  11. >The books has been unclear on the infrared part, you suspect not much is known about it.
  12. >The train shook to a rather violent stop drawing a hiss from you as you bounced in your seat.
  13. >You hoped the castle seats were softer than you remembered.
  14. >Grabbing your saddlebags you set off towards the castle to get settled in before the meeting later this afternoon
  16. >You were inspecting your plot in the mirror when you heard a firm knock in the door.
  17. >Quickly recasting the illusion spell with a slight blush you call to the visitor
  18. >”Come in.”
  19. >In walks Princess Celestia.
  20. >As if she needed to knock in her own castle, but you were glad she had.
  21. >”Princess I'm ready for our meeting I studied up on lamias and our past agreements with them all day yesterday!”
  22. >The princess gives you one of her trademark motherly smiles
  23. “Twilight I asked you here simply to observe you don't need to do anything but sit back listen and represent Equestria.”
  24. >”Of course but its always best to be prepared!”
  25. “Of course let us go to the conference room the lamia delegation should be arriving shortly.”
  27. >The delegates and representatives arrived within the next half hour meeting you all in the conference room as planned.
  28. >It was one of the smaller more cozy rooms with only a half dozen chairs at the table all of which were soon taken.
  29. >Celestia herself sat at head of the rectangular table with one of her trade officials at to her left and you yourself to her right.
  30. >Beside you sat one of the three lamia ambassador Lephenis, as best she could in a pony size chair, with two other lamias to her right and across from her respectively.
  31. >After brief introductions from all parties Celestia cleared her throat.
  32. "Well now that we are all settled in let's get started, page turner if you would mind explaining your proposal."
  33. >The stallion to the princess's left was delighted to explain his proposed trade agreement of equestrian gemstones for the rich coal of the lamia's distant lands.
  34. >All in all it was a rather good proposal and you listened to the details attentively, there were of course your usual debates back and forth on the specifics and the meeting began to draw into the later afternoon
  35. >The princess leans over towards you as Page Turner and the head lamia ambassador talked.
  36. "Twilight why don't you poke your head down into the kitchen and see if they have any tea we could sip on, i am sure you're eager to spread your legs"
  37. >With a quick 'Of course' you push out your chair and begin to trot out of the room.
  38. >Getting to the door and turning down the hall you notice ambassador Lephenis eyeing you oddly.
  39. >Was she, was she looking at your flank?
  40. >When she notices you looking back she quickly turns her attention back to the conversation at hand.
  41. >A few minutes later you return with the requested tea held aloft in your magic.
  42. "Let me stop us there for a moment gentlecolts i believe the tea has arrived, would everyone like some?"
  43. >A series of affirmative responses see you passing the teacups out with your magic starting with celestia and making your way around the table to Page Turner next then the small male lamia beside him followed by the larger male and finally ambassador Lephenis right beside your own seat.
  44. >As soon as you put down all the cups an odd swishing noise cuts through the air
  45. SMACK!
  46. >"OWWW!"
  47. >Your hoof instantly goes to your sore flank and you look behind you to see a large lamia tail recoiling from where it has just violently spanked you!
  48. >"Ow ow ow what was that for!"
  49. >Celestia has stood from her seat so quickly your not sure when she did it and glares daggers at ambassador Lephenis.
  50. "Yes i would like to know as well ambassador."
  51. >The lamia blows a breath out of her nose disdainfully.
  52. "Not observing rank when passing out refreshments is an insult! I would expect the scion of the sun to have been raised better!"
  53. >Celestia's eyes narrow a bit but she responds with a level voice.
  54. "Twilight is not my daughter and is a princess of equestria you would do well to treat her as such."
  55. "Bah! One would not know so when she walks around with a freshly disciplined flank! Your illusion magic can not hide the heat of your seat from our eyes young princess. I thought perhaps your mother over there had already given you a lesson in manners before we arrived so i was simply trying to help."
  56. >Celestia gives you a bewildered looks as you face explodes into a blush.
  57. >"I um i can explain..."
  58. "That looked rather painful Twilight why don't we all take a quick break and cool off for a moment, Twilight if you would come with me."
  59. >It was not a question, you followed the princess outside and down the hall to her room with your head held low.
  60. >The door closes with an oppressive finality and the princess looks you right in the eye.
  61. >You look away.
  62. >With a hint of golden magic you feel your illusion spell melt away as celestia walks around behind you.
  63. "Twilight Sparkle i am only going to ask you this once, what is this."
  64. >You feel the tears forming fast.
  65. >Shes going to banish you and imprison you where she banishes you and send your spanking machine there to eternally discipline your poor flanks!
  66. "Twilight!"
  67. >"It's umm well its i.."
  68. "I have a delegation to get back to spare me the song and dance, is someone abusing you?"
  69. >The concern in her eyes makes you feel even worse, no one other than yourself...
  70. >"I no its no no ones been hurting me..."
  71. "Twilight your tail tells quite a different story i have not seen your flanks this red since the forbidden section incident."
  72. >Oh gods the forbidden section incident, the hoof of the sun is fair but oh so so firm, you can still feel that one when you think about it.
  73. >"I... I... I build a machine to umm discipline me... it made me more efficient... i have charts..?"
  74. >Celestia rubs her muzzle with a hoof and sighs.
  75. "Stay here i will finish this meeting and we will discuss this."
  76. >She turns to leave then stops and turns back to you.
  77. "Actually i will send my sister to look after you please try to stay out of trouble."
  78. >You'll never forget the disappointment in that statement, oh why go on living??
  79. >Celestia closes the door leaving you in her beautiful room so you do the only reasonable thing and flop down on her couch in a pathetic heap.
  80. >Shes going to be so mad, you honestly have no idea what she'll do besides banish you to the spanking dimension forever and ever.
  81. >Your imagination runs wild about the horrors of the spanking dimension until the door suddenly bursts open causing you to squeal.
  82. "Be calm young Twilight tis only I."
  83. >Right its luna, you knew she was coming to... babysit you...
  84. >"Sorry im a bit on edge..."
  85. "Tis understandable, we have heard you caused quite the commotion! Is it true?"
  86. >"Is what true?"
  87. "Thy flanks? Come stand let us see did thou truly have thy flanks smacked by the ambassador?"
  88. >Your tail wraps around yourself in embarrassment and you shrink into an even smaller ball on the couch.
  89. >"Luna i don't want to talk about it."
  90. "Oh ho ho we expected thou would not but judging by Celestia's foul mood we think you may have little choice."
  91. >You groan into the pillow then grumble even louder as you find yourself picked up in pale blue lunar princess magic
  92. >"Luna please!"
  93. >Luna ignore you and turn you around.
  94. >The silence lasts for a moment til she bursts out laughing.
  95. "Twilight Sparkle thou truly are a naughty filly! Is what you said of the machine true? You truly build a device to do this to yourself? Why Twilight thou knows all thou had to do was ask Celestia or myself if thou needed a firm smacking!"
  96. >"What??"
  97. >Luna answers you by floating you right over to her lap and plopping you down over her knee.
  98. "We said we would be honored to correct our youngest princess if that is what she so needs! Now hold still we have not done this in ages!"
  99. >Your brain has no time to process whats happening before luna's silver clad hoof lands firmly on your flanks.
  100. >"OW OW LUNA NO!"
  101. "Luna yes!"
  102. >The dark princess laughs a little too maniacally for your taste and brings her hoof down again.
  104. "Oh we know but we so rarely get to do this, tis usually the solar hoof on our flanks, we enjoy the change of pace."
  105. >You squirm and wiggle attempting to escape and soon feel luna's magic tie both your fore hooves together and as well as both you hind hooves.
  106. "Twilight we must insist you be a big princess about this tis merely a light spanking."
  107. >It does not feel light as her metal hoof continues to pound your bottom getting higher and higher pitch squeals from you as the seconds drag on.
  109. "Of course it hurts young Twilight you are most welcome for that!"
  110. >She gives you a sweet boop on the nose then goes back to your flanks.
  111. >It's not nearly as bad as the sparkle spanker 2000 session but with the previous damage her rather light swats still sting.
  112. >Luna starts to sing a little song about a wayward foal you were sure was most likely forgotten by time to everyone but her.
  113. >It's hard to be mad at her high spirits but she is still spanking your flanks.
  114. >The door opens and Celestia pokes her head in.
  115. >She immediately rubs the bridge of her noise in frustration at the scene in front of her.
  116. "Luna i asked you to watch her no spank her."
  117. "We know but the opportunity was there."
  118. "Very well it saves me the effort i suppose i just wanted to let you two know the session should be wrapping up shortly so i'll be back soon. I would say don't do anything crazy but it seems like i'm too late."
  119. >"Princess no no help save me!"
  120. "None of that out of you young filly you really embarrassed me out there. You had better be glad its luna and not me but don't think your off the hook yet i'll deal with you later."
  121. >With that the door closes behind her.
  122. >Luna looks down at you.
  123. >You look at at Luna.
  124. >"OWWWW!!!"
  126. >This is bad.
  127. >Despite the relatively light spanking Luna's hoof is giving you it's really starting to warm your flanks back up.
  128. >You're sure you are once again bright red back there and your strangled squeals are quickly approaching loud cries.
  129. >Luna for her part seems to be having the most fun you've seen her have in ages.
  130. >She continues singing her little song and spanking your bottom again and again like its the most natural and normal thing in the world.
  131. >You briefly wonder if she has ever had foals with how quickly and easily shes taken to tanning your hide until a harder smacks interrupt that train of thought.
  132. >"Ow Luna please please I've learned i swear!"
  133. "Oh sweet little Twilight Sparkle we know a naughty filly trying to escape her punishment when we hear one. You are not the first filly to feel the wrath of the moon after all!"
  134. >The firm smacks she continues to deliver make you whimper and squirm but you have no chance of escape.
  135. >"Ahhh please i'm not a filly ow ahhh I'm a full grown mare Luna please!"
  136. "Thou could have fooled both us and the ambassador isn't that right? Now don't be difficult about this we know a young princess in need when we see one."
  137. >Raising her hoof high you squirm and wiggle around her lap as the spanking goes on.
  138. >A firm hoof on the small of your back keeps you in place as your bottom transitions back to bright red and fiery to the touch under Luna's swift judgement.
  139. "We are merely warming you up for our sister hoof anyway. She seemed most cross and we know first hoof she has not changed her spanking policy in the past 1000 years while we were gone. You were raised with her hoof in the past were you not?"
  140. >You don't really want to talk about it but you figure she'd just spank the truth out of you if you resist.
  141. >"Yes I've lived in the castle since i was 8..."
  142. "So you know quite well what to expect when she returns yes?"
  143. >"... yes..."
  144. "What will she do young Twilight?"
  145. >"..."
  146. >Several painful smacks in a row are sufficient to get you talking.
  147. >"Oww she'll punish me!"
  148. "Twilight we want you to say it like a big filly."
  151. >She sweetly tousles your mane making you blush in embarrassment.
  152. "See that was not so hard was it?"
  153. >You grumble something about the moon and banishment.
  154. "Ha we see someone is eager to get back to their lesson!"
  155. >"No no wait!"
  156. >The guards outside shift uncomfortably as the sound of hoof on bottom begins again even louder than before.
  158. Princess Celestia
  159. ---------------------------
  161. >You have finally finished trade negotiations with the Lamias.
  162. >Trade negotiations made much more awkward and difficult after a certain ambassador had spanked your student.
  163. >Your student who showed up to trade negotiations with a bright red spanked flank.
  164. >You resist the urge to facehoof in the middle of the hall and instead maintain a regal stride back towards your room.
  165. >The room you had left said student in under your sister's somewhat questionable 'care'.
  166. >Luna had seemed quite enthusiastic about tanning little twilight's hindquarters when you had visited them earlier.
  167. >Admittedly its usually her in trouble so she must like being on the other side for once.
  168. >Despite your ages she is still the little sister and you have no problem treating her as such.
  169. >Not to say Luna had no experience dishing out discipline, both of you had been in charge of many foals over the years.
  170. >That being said it was kind of cute seeing how happy she was beating Twilight's little plot.
  171. >You turn the corner and immediately hear said plot still taking it's firm punishment, even through the door it's quite loud.
  172. >The two guards on either side of the door snap to attention.
  173. >You notice both males are at attention in more than one way but you suppose you can't really blame them considering what they have been listening too for the past little while.
  174. >"Gentlecolts you are both dismissed for the night I am sorry you've had to be a part of all this."
  175. >They both salute you stiffly.
  176. "Not a problem Princess just doing our job!"
  177. >"Well hopefully this will not become a normal part of that job. That being said i expect your utmost professional discretion about what has gone on here tonight, do i make myself clear?"
  178. "Crystal Ma'am we heard nothing out of the usual!"
  179. >You nod to them and they trot away secondary 'attentions' swaying as they went.
  180. >Oh how twilight would blush if she knew she had caused that.
  181. >You wait a moment for them to clear immediate earshot and open the door.
  182. >As soon as you do you are glad you choose to do so as the noise of Twilight's spanking pours out of the room.
  184. "Oh we know thou are little Twilight and what do naughty fillies get?"
  186. >You fail to resist the urge to facehoof as you close the door behind you with your magic.
  187. >"Luna please i understand you are trying to help but look at her flanks your spanking her raw."
  188. >The midnight princess stops and blinks at you before finally learning over and looking at Twilight's rather abused flanks as if for the first time.
  189. "We suppose she does look rather sore..."
  190. >You shake your head with unsurprised disappointment.
  191. >"You can't just keep swatting you have to check what damage your doing sister..."
  192. "Well we were not spanking hard!"
  193. >"You know she was already sore you had to have seen it!"
  194. >Twilight for her part just lays limply across Luna's lap and sniffles, no doubt grateful for the break and deciding not to get into an argument about how proper spankings are given.
  195. "Well we did but she is an alicorn surely she can take a bit of spanking!"
  196. >"Oh she's proved she can and now she gets to explain just why she showed up to a trade negotiation spanked a little filly."
  197. >Twilight stiffens but does not turn to look at you.
  198. "I umm well you see..."
  199. >"I am waiting young mare. Do you know how hard it was to finish negotiations when they lost all respect for Equestiran princesses?"
  200. "It's just that well my studies show that uhh... productivity..."
  201. >She trails off and buries her head in the couch.
  202. >"Twilight I love you very much but you can get the strangest notions in that head of yours."
  203. >She simply nods still to ashamed to face you.
  204. >"Now you said you had made a machine to do this to you. Do you subject yourself to this often?"
  205. >Again she nods.
  206. >"Twilight use your words i need details."
  207. "Every week..."
  208. >Luna snickers.
  209. "We told you she was a naughty filly sister"
  210. >You shoot her a quelling glare and continue.
  211. >"Now you said it makes you more productive? What do you mean by that?"
  212. >Twilight's voice quivers as if shes on the verge of tears but she answers quietly.
  213. "I get a lot more umm work done, i've got charts at my castle if you want to see..."
  214. >"Perhaps later for now we need to discuss this incident. You really jeopardized that meeting Twilight and it's not just something we can move past with a few nice words. What do you think we should do young mare?"
  215. >Twilight mumbles something unintelligible into the couch.
  216. "Pick they face up and speak clearly young Twilight we can not understand you."
  217. "(mumble mumble) Spanking..."
  218. >"Yes i'm glad you understand. Luna if you would?"
  219. >You take a seat on the opposite couch and gesture to Twilight then your lap.
  220. >Luna seems to get the idea and soon the blushing tear eyed young alicorn is floating between your laps before being firmly deposited on yours.
  221. >You shift her around a bit to raise her well spanked flanks up at the optimal angle, its been a while since you've had to do this and shes grown quite a bit since last time but it still feels just like old times.
  222. >She must feel the same as her quivering slowly stops as you give her a few minutes to get used to the old position she had been in so often as a foal.
  223. >"Now Twilight you know i love you and only do this for your own good correct?"
  224. >She gives a little nod and squirms a bit under your hoof on her back.
  225. >"I'll make it quick since my sister has been kind enough to add her own hoof to the job..."
  226. >Luna looks extremely proud of herself and sits up a bit straighter.
  227. "Twas an honor to give a lesson to our younger counterpart!"
  228. >"Yes i am sure shes very thankful..."
  229. >With that you waste no time in raising your hoof high in the air.
  230. >"Now i want you to think about what you did young filly!"
  231. >Bringing the hoof down hard on her flanks Twilight's cheeks bounce and she squeals.
  232. "OWWWW"
  233. >"Ow is right and we are just getting started!"
  235. >"You seriously undermined equestrian princess authority in that room Twilight!"
  237. >"Had i not managed to convince them this was all a misunderstanding there is no telling what would have happened!"
  239. >"Showing up to an official meeting with a spanked bottom!?!? Just what were you thinking?"
  242. >"You are only sorry because you got caught! What made you think spanking yourself was a good idea?"
  245. >"I am sure you will not! Not by the time i am done with you!"
  246. >You levitate over your hairbrush.
  247. >In truth it is an heirloom from a simpler time and fortunately also a time where they made things very sturdy.
  248. >It was a heirloom Twilight was very familiar with as well.
  249. >"Do you remember this Twilight? I think its needed tonight don't you agree?"
  250. >Twilight's eyes widen in terror at her old nemesis.
  252. >"You are not yet but you will be soon young mare."
  253. >You raise the brush high and bring it crashing down into the red and purple flank bent over your lap.
  254. >Her cheeks bounce like crazy as the tears and squeals erupt.
  255. >"Starting to learn now are we!?"
  257. >Even Luna squirms uncomfortable in her seat seeing the purple princess in so much agony, or maybe its seeing the brush at work shes no stranger to it either.
  258. >"I have not been so disappointed in you in years!"
  259. >Tears stream down your students face as you blister her bottom all over with the brush, this is one she will not forget.
  261. >You give her 5 more quick spanks then start to warm her tushy down with some light hoof spanks.
  262. >"I hope you will remember this lesson Twilight i will not be repeating it."
  263. "Yes ma'am yes ma'am I'll behave!"
  264. >"I am sure you will from now on Luna will be in charge of your discipline, no more of this silly machine business."
  265. "Us sister?"
  266. >"Yes i want you to visit Twilight every week and use your own discretion, she had made it clear she is not yet grown enough to live on her own without a guiding hoof."
  267. >Twilight just whimpers in embarrassment but says nothing.
  268. >Luna's face on the other hoof lights up as if shes received the best news of her life and scoops Twilight up off your lap in her magic.
  269. >Hugging the little alicorn she spins in circles and cheers.
  270. "Most wondrous of news young Twilight! We shall visit ever week!"
  271. >Twilight is content with rubbing her rather bruised flanks and crying on Luna's shoulder.
  272. "And worry not we shall be most firm just as you need! You might even think we are our sister, you will want for anything!"
  273. >The way Twilight clings to Luna is rather cute and so is Luna's excitement at getting her own 'student' to look over.
  274. >"I am sure she is very excited Luna but why don't you let her get to bed its getting rather late and shes had an exhausting day."
  275. "Yes yes we shall tuck you in! come!"
  276. >You briefly wonder if shes taking the mother thing a bit too far but Twilight voices no complaints.
  277. >Sighing you put your brush back on your dresser and throw yourself down on the bed.
  278. >The things you put up with...
  281. >Luna is a wonderful pony.
  282. >It's hard not to appreciate her love and dedication.
  283. >But when that dedication is focused on beating your flanks its a bit easier.
  284. >Its been a month since Celestia put her in charge of your discipline and shes taken to it like you would never have imagined.
  285. >Every Friday night promptly at 8pm she has shown up bursting with enthusiasm ready to deep fry your poor hindquarters.
  286. >All attempts at negotiations were quickly exhausted and you very swiftly found yourself tail up and getting the baby princess treatment from her once again.
  287. >And OWW does she really get into it!
  288. >This is the first week she's showed up with a horrifying long handle wooden bath brush tastefully decorated in her cutie mark and now applied to yours.
  289. >You were scared the minute you saw it, it ended up your fears were justified as it was currently searing your tail off in one of the most painful spankings of your life!
  291. "Oh do not be so dramatic Twilight Sparkle we know just how tough they flank is by now you just want out of your spanking like any foal."
  292. >A light knock on the door frame indicated Spike's return with the glasses of water Luna asked for earlier.
  293. >That's the worse part, Luna has no issues letting your young charge see you reduced to such a state.
  294. >Spike for his part grew up with enough spankings from you that he doesn't seem to mind the turned tables and makes no effort to save you from the blistering.
  295. "Ah we thank you young spike we were most parched."
  296. >Balancing the brush on your back for a moment Luna levitates the two cups over and drinks from hers while moving yours in front of your face to drink from.
  297. >Thankful for any distraction from the bare bottom beating you gulp down the drink.
  298. >You soon whimper as the bath brush is lifted off your back again.
  299. "Now that we are refreshed there is not a moment to lose! WHACK"
  301. >It's going to be a long night!
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