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  1. [IntroStrings]
  2. "Agent Blazkowicz here. Beginning the operation."
  3. "Once more into the breach. Let's go."
  4. "Another group of fresh recruits. Let me show you how it's done."
  5. "The things I do for my country."
  6. "Obviously this mission calls for a professional."
  7. "Time to raise some hell, men."
  9. [FragStrings]
  10. "I only regret that you have but one life to give."
  11. "Didn't sign up for wetwork, but I'm not complaining."
  12. "Clean shot, clean kill."
  13. "Shame your fancy gun doesn't fire worth a damn."
  14. "One less hostile to account for."
  15. "I can't tell if you were trying to fight back or not."
  16. "They sure don't make solders here like they do back home."
  17. "No time for your excuses, I've got more work to do."
  18. "I don't know what game you're playing, but this is war."
  19. "You're not the biggest coward I've killed, but you're skirting the line."
  21. [KilledStrings]
  22. "You've officially done what the Reich couldn't."
  23. "Congratulations, you shoot better than a Nazi."
  24. "Reporting casualties. Ow."
  25. "Give a boy a weapon and he thinks he's a soldier."
  26. "You call that a kill? I've been tortured worse!"
  27. "You realize of course that this means war."
  28. "I've got a surplus GI beating put aside just for you."
  29. "Next time it'll be my foot versus your throat."
  30. "You should feel honored, getting to kill a real American hero."
  32. [RoamingStrings]
  33. "Unfamiliar territory. Better fan out and explore."
  34. "Nothing like pounding pavement. Now, where are those hostiles..."
  35. "Don't worry, I'm coming to get you. I just have to find you first."
  36. "Ugh, here comes the boring part. C'mon, show yourselves already."
  37. "I think I hear footsteps...who's that I spy?"
  38. "Figures, you can't fight worth a damn but you sure can hide."
  39. "You're lucky I can't stab you in the back right now."
  40. "I hate it when they run. Come on and fight like a soldier."
  41. "I've got a history of hunting and killing. You don't have the advantage."
  42. "Guerilla warfare? You're fighting the wrong man, pal."
  43. "Nothing like a little cardio to pump me up before a fight."
  44. "I can go for miles, buddy. I've got time to find you."
  45. "That's right, keep running. I want to see if I can hit you across the room."
  46. "I don't expect insults to draw you out. I'd rather do that to your face. C'mere."
  47. "That gun of yours better be ready to fire. I'm gonna shoot first."
  48. "Going AWOL ain't any way to win a fight, soldier. Take your punishment."
  49. "You know all this effort to catch you means I'm gonna drop the hammer harder."
  50. "I like the thrill of the chase. It's just icing on the cake, you know?"
  51. "I spy with my little eye...nothing. Yet. Show yourself."
  52. "Stop dragging out the war, buddy. Let's get this over with."
  53. "You think you know the battlefield better than me? We'll see about that."
  54. "You'd better not be huddling in a corner, hiding. That's what the Nazis did."
  55. "Running for reinforcements isn't going to help. I'll take them on, too."
  56. "Time for a little in-field recon. Ready and loaded."
  57. "Not sure if you're neutralized or not...let's take a look around."
  58. "Anyone still breathing? C'mere, I can fix that."
  59. "I'll go over every foot with a fine-toothed comb until I found you."
  61. [RareRoamingStrings]
  62. "You're damned lucky I can't read my map and shoot you at the same time."
  63. "It'd be nice if the Wheel would turn back. I want to shoot Hitler again."
  64. "Why the hell does everything have to be a maze around here?"
  66. //[LosingRoamingStrings]
  68. [WinStrings]
  69. "Agent Blazkowicz reporting in. Mission accomplished."
  70. "Nothing more than another completed mission. Time for the next one."
  71. "There are two elements to a good victory: Careful planning and solid execution."
  72. "Time to reap the spoils of war."
  73. "Don't worry, I don't shoot POWs. Your cell is gonna be tiny though."
  74. "The only thing that would make this better is a Dutch cigar."
  76. [LoseStrings]
  77. "This is not an acceptable outcome."
  78. "You may have won the battle, but I can still win the war."
  79. "Damn it to hell. Retreat! Fall back!"
  80. "Should've bought more war bonds."
  81. "Where's that lousy cyanide pill..."
  82. "If you think we're done here, you're dead wrong."
  84. [FrustratedStrings] // Spammer!
  85. "Enough already, air strikes aren't fair!"
  86. "You missin' a leg, relying so hard on that crutch?!"
  87. "Overkill? Real original, let's see you use a real weapon."
  88. "Yeah, laugh now, wait until it's my turn."
  89. "Why the hell are you wasting this on me? There's other jerks to kill!"
  91. [EnragedStrings] // You fail it!
  92. "That's it! The gloves are off! Time for a war crime."
  93. "I hope you're prepared for a slow death, scumbag."
  94. "You're gonna get a taste of what I gave der Fuhrer!"
  95. "Hope you're still feeling cocky after I snap your neck."
  96. "I am gonna whup your ass like it's Eva Braun's!"
  98. [DemoralizedStrings] // Your skill is not enough!
  99. "Jesus, I feel like a French beach."
  100. "Ugh...did anyone get that tank's serial number?"
  101. "Okay, I give up, you've got what it takes to serve with me."
  102. "Come on, at least the Nazis would take breaks while beating me!"
  103. "I haven't been beaten this bad since boot camp."
  105. [PissedStrings] // Llama!
  106. "Figures that the only language you understand is violence. Let's chat."
  107. "Now that's just disrespectful, interrupting a superior officer like that."
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