Dust 514 NPC Corporations

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  1. NPC Corporations for Dust 514 from Tranquility server
  2. by Akrasjel Lanate
  8. Amarr Templars
  9. The business interests of the secretive Emperor Family rarely come under close scrutiny but their involvement in the establishment of the Amarr Templars mercenary company could hardly escape the attention of the wider Empire. Keen to convey an image of austere piety and ruthless loyalty, the Templars are a favorite with those corporations wishing to carry out 'hostile takeovers' of facilities on Amarr planets.
  11. Ametat Security
  12. An offshoot of the Imperial Shipment corporation, originally formed to provide planetary security for the shipping giant on frontier worlds and new colonies. Ametat Security now offers troops and equipment to anyone willing to pay their rates.
  14. Bragian Order
  15. Tracing their roots back to an ancient order of gladiatorial fighters, the Bragians are notorious for their brutality and will to survive against all odds. As one of the few licensed mercenary corporations working within the Amarr Empire, the Bragian Order is regularly called on by Amarr Holders and megacorporations for special jobs, regardless of their reputation for atrocity. Well understanding the trade of fighting for coin, the Bragians care for little besides their reward for victory in battle.
  17. Company of Marcher Lords
  18. Those True Amarr nobles who were veterans of the so-called 'Vindication Wars' gained the cognomen 'Marcher Lords' in Holder circles. After the hostilities on the border of the Ammatar Mandate died down to a low level, several of these nobles decided to form a corporation to train and equip militia forces on the frontiers of the Empire. With the blessing of Emperor Heideran VII, the Company of Marcher Lords generated a large income by offering its most elite troops as mercenaries.
  20. Holdfast Syndicate
  21. While powerful Amarr Holders may retain private armies, minor houses are often prevented from maintaining military cadres by their lieges, religious laws or Imperial decrees. A few organizations exist to provide such Holders with military capability and the Holdfast Syndicate is one of these. While many minor houses have invested in Holdfast, the corporation is independent and regularly takes on contracts across New Eden.
  23. Imperial Guard (Presumed FW corp, HQ'd on a 24th station)
  24. A detachment of Her Highness, Empress Jamyl Sarum the First's private guard.
  26. Kameira Lodge
  27. The Kameira slave-soldiers of the Amarr Empire have an almost mythical status throughout New Eden, and even a sober analysis places them as among the most formidable troops in the cluster. While most Kameiras are fated to die in battle some survive to earn their freedom. The Kameira Lodge was founded by a number of freed Kameiras as a means of trading on their martial skills. Due to the reputation of the Kameiras, the mercenaries of the Lodge are much in demand.
  29. Paladin Survey Force
  30. Exploration and surveying is a vital part of interstellar commerce, and the Amarr Empire understands this as keenly as any other nation. The Paladin Survey Force is one of a number of corporations that provide military contingents to Amarr survey expeditions. Seeing increasing market demand for more aggressive services than escort and facilities security, the corporation has eagerly provided soldiers for combat operations across the cluster.
  32. Red and Silver Hand
  33. Closely linked to the Ardishapur Family, the Red and Silver Hand are a paramilitary organization holding a charter granting them the right to conduct planetary operations. Originally the soldiers of the Hand performed their duties in return for a grant of land. Today they prefer payment in cold hard coin, or its electronic equivalent.
  35. Royal Uhlans
  36. Founded by veterans of the Royal Khanid Navy and its Uhlan mechanized infantry regiments, the Royal Uhlans hold themselves loyal to the martial ideals of the Khanid Kingdom and its people. Since the rapprochement between the Kingdom and the Amarr Empire, the Uhlans have increasingly been seen on Empire holdings and are a well-regarded alternative to the existing Amarr mercenary companies. Rumor has it that the business-oriented Tash-Murkon house especially favors them as a go-to force for deniable ops.
  38. Shining Flame
  39. Formed shortly after the coronation of Empress Jamyl I, the Shining Flame mercenary company appears to benefit from the patronage of the Sarum Family. The leadership of the Shining Flame is shrouded in mystery, with persistent rumors suggesting that a disgraced military officer with links to the Sarum secretly directs its operations.
  41. Tal-Romon Legion
  42. Named for the first Udorian to achieve sainthood, the Tal-Romon Legion is known to be among the business interests of the Tash-Murkon Family. The Udorian Heirs are traditionally the most outward-looking among the Royal Houses and the Legion's mercenaries travel far afield, plying their deadly trade in innumerable brush fire conflicts on the planets of New Eden.
  49. Commando Perkone
  50. While its star has long faded in favor of the Big Eight megacorporations, the Perkone corporation maintains a strong presence in the market. The Commando Perkone subsidiary was established after its interests in the construction equipment industry made it aware of a demand for troops to defend corporate facilities on new colonies and in remote territories.
  52. Expert Intervention
  53. Expert Intervention is the latest business launched under the NOH megacorporation's Expert brand, drawing on the expertise of members of NOH's Internal Security division to forge a military contracting company. Some may observe that this would account for the ruthlessness evident in Expert Intervention's operations to date, but any qualms on this account do not seem to have reduced demand for the corporation's services.
  55. Ikomari-Onu Enforcement
  56. Ikomari-Onu is a respected security firm consulted by many corporations in the Caldari State and beyond. The Ikomari-Onu Enforcement subsidiary is regularly hired for those occasions when a demonstrated ability to directly seize assets is preferable to business negotiations or a lengthy case before the courts.
  58. Intara Direct Action
  59. Venal even by Caldari standards, the Intara family is regarded by many as little more than a gang of cut-throats and is barely tolerated by the Caldari megacorporations. Regardless, the Intara have demonstrated remarkable skill in surviving and own a number of corporations spread across many planets. The Intara Direct Action corporation is the family's venture into the mercenary field and in true Intara style happily sells its services to the highest bidder.
  61. Isuuaya Tactical
  62. The Isuuaya name is old and storied, with the very first Caldari corporation founded by the family many centuries ago. That corporation was long ago subsumed by a competitor but the Isuuaya family remains and has a well-deserved reputation for providing excellent officers to the Caldari military. Building on that reputation, the Isuuaya Tactical corporation has developed into a mercenary contracting and brokerage house of some note.
  64. Kinsho Swords
  65. With a name alluding to an old Raata Empire practice of hiring skilled generals for gold, and an even older tradition of reckoning the size of armies by the number of swords that could be commanded, Kinsho is a corporation determined to make its mark in the lucrative planetary warfare field.
  67. Kirkinen Risk Control
  68. Kirkinen Risk Control specialized in developing and supplying cyber-warfare defense solutions before it diversified into researching other leading-edge military technologies. Ultimately, the corporation acquired access to the latest combat implants through a research contract and was able to gain a license to exploit the technology. The evolution into a mercenary contracting house was the next logical step.
  70. Onikanabo Brigade
  71. Bearing an extremely sinister name linked to an organized crime clan from Caldari Prime, the Onikanabo Brigade is regarded with some disdain by most Caldari. This does not stop Caldari megacorporations making use of the services of this independent mercenary brigade when it suits them, and the Onikanabo accept contracts without fear or favor.
  73. Osmon Surveillance
  74. As with many mercenary corporations authorized to carry out planetary operations by the Caldari Executive Panel, Osmon Surveillance began life as part of the personal army of one of the great families of the Caldari State: the Osmon, owners of the Hyasyoda megacorporation. Now rumored to have gone rogue, but retaining Caldari corporate status, the infiltration and black operations wing of the Osmon family militia has turned into a ruthless mercenary corporation willing to take any job from any client.
  76. Seituoda Taskforce Command
  77. Founded by the reclusive Seituoda family, the mercenary company that bears their name is believed to be controlled by one of the losers in a bitter family war for supremacy over the military-industrial powerhouse that is the Wiyrkomi megacorporation. While some of the contracts lately fulfilled by the Command may have tarnished the Seituoda reputation for honor, the unimpeachable reliability of their word has, if anything, been enhanced by the lengths to which its mercenaries go to complete a job.
  79. State Peacekeepers (Presumed FW corp, HQ'd on a STPRO station)
  80. No desc
  82. Storm Wind Strikeforce
  83. The Caldari people have always seen the winds as an important force in their spiritual life and the spirit called 'Storm Wind' has a special significance for the Caldari military. Adopting the mystique of this wind spirit for themselves, Storm Wind Strikeforce is a small mercenary corporation that makes extensive use of contract soldiers to supplement its own capabilities.
  85. Templis Dragonaurs (mysteriously HQ'd on a Ministry of War station)
  86. The Templis Dragonaurs are an ultra-nationalist Caldari terrorist organization whose origins date back to the Tikiona States. They are the most anti-Gallentean political entity in New Eden, and were secretly involved in the destruction of Nouvelle Rouvenor.
  88. Zumari Force Projection
  89. Standing somewhat above the internecine fray of the Caldari megacorporations and great families, Zumari Force Projection represents a cold and implacable focus on getting the job done, and collecting on its contracts. Founded by the famed Navy commander Minato Zumari, the tactical organization of the mercenary company is almost indistinguishable from Caldari State military structures. Nevertheless, this is seen as nothing more than efficiency by the Zumari board, and is secondary to the pursuit of profit by the company.
  96. Algintal Core
  97. Originating as a military unit seconded to corporate interests studying the behavior of rogue drones in the Algintal constellation, the Algintal Core have maintained a clinical care and attention in everything they do, even after cutting formal ties with the original research effort and Federation military alike. Exposure to the realities of corporate life has inevitably added a certain cynicism to the attitudes of the founding operatives, which has served them well as suppliers in the military services sector.
  99. Chatelain Rapid Response
  100. One of the features of the Gallente Federation's diverse economy is the proliferation of independent contracting corporations in every sphere of industry and services. Chatelain Rapid Response is one of many private military contractors used by Gallente corporations in low-security territories. Like other Gallente mercenary corporations, Chatelain Rapid Response has no difficulty with working outside the frontiers of the Federation.
  102. Condotta Rouvenor
  103. Very much formed in the image of a traditional mercenary regiment from the time of kings on Gallente Prime, the Condotta Rouvenor nevertheless uses the most modern equipment and military techniques. The services of this prestigious private security corporation are always in demand.
  105. Crux Special Tasks Group
  106. In April YC108, following certain archaeological discoveries in the Crux constellation, the Gallente Federation assembled a special tasks group reporting directly to the Federal Intelligence Office. Whatever the Crux discoveries amounted to has never been made public and those who led the expedition are currently listed as working for the Federal government in various confidential roles. The Crux Special Tasks Group was eventually privatized under Federal directive and licensed to carry out paramilitary operations in the corporate security sector.
  108. Edimmu Warfighters
  109. Hipsters drinking coffee in the Caille boulevards wrinkle their noses at the thought of ground warfare but in a surprising number of Federal districts there is a real need for serious combat power. Whether it be countering pirate raids, fending off frontier incursions by militia troops, or taking and holding industrial facilities, the Edimmu Warfighters are well able to meet the needs of any merc contract.
  111. Federal Marines (presumed FW corp, HQ'd on FDU station)
  112. No desc atm.
  114. Kang Lo Directorate
  115. The Sang Do caste overlords of Lirsautton V have occasionally had to take drastic steps in dealing with one another and the Jin-Mei homeworld has even seen civil war. The Sang Do traditionally called on a military sub-caste, the Kang Lo, to organize and command their armies in the field. In the modern age, the Kang Lo Directorate provides private military contracting services well beyond the confines of the Lirsautton system.
  117. Mannar Focused Warfare
  118. The Mannar people are sometimes overlooked by newcomers to the Federation bedazzled by Gallente and Intaki culture but they have always been an important member race, particularly in terms of their contribution to the Federation military. The Mannar Focused Warfare corporation was founded by a group of Mannar veterans and is a well-regarded military contracting firm.
  120. Namtar Elite
  121. Persistent rumors claim that the Namtar Elite private military corporation is little more than a front for the Black Eagles, the Federation's most ruthless internal security and intelligence agency. Others suggest that the corporation has spread those rumors to enhance its mystique using the intimidating reputation of the Black Eagles. Whatever the truth of the matter may be there are no shortage of customers willing to hire Namtar Elite's mercenaries.
  123. Ostrakon Agency
  124. A mercenary corporation that has made a practice of hiring dishonorably discharged members of the Gallente military, the Ostrakon Agency is considered a rather suspect organization by the Gallente media and they regularly run stories about its activities. Unperturbed, the Agency carries on with its business of contracting soldiers and other personnel for service in conflicts throughout New Eden.
  126. Resheph Interstellar Strategy
  127. The strategy and logistical requirements of planetary conflict in multiple star systems is the speciality of Resheph Interstellar Strategy, a military contracting corporation based in the Gallente Federation. Recent technological developments have seen Resheph considerably expand their operations and take an increasing number of contracts outside Federation space.
  129. Sinq Laison Gendarmes
  130. The Sinq Laison Gendarmes began life as a paramilitary organization that aimed to improve the security situation in the numerous frontier systems of their crossroads region. While the Gendarmes had some limited success, the increasing tempo of conflict since the beginning of the Empyrean War has eroded those gains. The organization has recently turned to mercenary work and supplements its ranks with contract troops on a regular basis.
  132. Villore Sec Ops
  133. In the wake of the infamous Elarel massacre, the Quafe megacorporation, hugely embarrassed by the incident, dismissed almost the entire upper echelon of its security division. These men and women promptly formed their own private security company and, forced into taking jobs most would not by the taint of their failure at Elarel, rapidly gained a reputation for absolute ruthlessness and total dedication to getting results for those giving them contracts. The board of Villore Sec Ops now presides over one of the most important mercenary contracting organizations operating in Gallente space.
  140. Brutor Vanguard
  141. The Brutor Tribe approach to warfare is classically a no-nonsense, assault-oriented philosophy, but they do not lack for clever tacticians and capable commanders. The Brutor Vanguard accepts mercenary work from many employers, sourcing contract soldiers to fulfill the needs of each job as well as deploying its own seasoned troopers.
  143. Circle of Huskarl
  144. The Minmatar organizations known as 'circles' are formed for as many purposes as corporations or societies found in other nations may be, and the Circle of Huskarl specialized in providing bodyguards to any who could pay their price. As the fledgling Minmatar Republic expanded and developed, the Circle's services began to be especially called for by visitors from other nations and corporations. Exposure to the ways of interstellar corporations, and the allure of incredible profits, soon led the Circle of Huskarl to diversify into mercenary services.
  146. Eyniletti Rangers
  147. The fame of the Eyniletti Rangers among the Minmatar is legendary, with their hunters and trackers reputed to always make their kill or capture their target. That image is largely based on tales of a band of Rangers that existed before the Amarr invaded and occupied Matar. Even so, the Eyniletti Rangers, now a paramilitary scouting and exploration corporation, have justly acquired a record of completing the contracts they accept to the satisfaction of their employers.
  149. Forty-Nine Fedayeen
  150. Supposedly formed by forty-nine freedom fighters representing all seven tribes of Matar, the Fedayeen wrap themselves up in a warrior mystique in order to attract fresh blood. It is hardly the only Minmatar mercenary company to project an aura of legend about it, but the outlandish tales of the exploits of the forty-nine occasionally border on the absurd, even by the standards of Minmatar tale-telling.
  152. Krullefor Organization
  153. Quite how a fugitive crime lord was able to set up a military contracting corporation while wanted by both the Thukker Tribe and Minmatar Republic authorities is difficult to explain. Nevertheless, Baliggan Krullefor managed it and his Organization supplies mercs and military equipment to various conflict zones. Some say that this is a sign of how truly chaotic the times are. Others suspect that Krullefor is simply useful to certain powerful interests.
  155. Krusual Covert Operators
  156. The Krusual Tribe has long prided itself on the prowess of its guerilla fighters and infiltrator units during the Amarr occupation of Matar and the subsequent Great Rebellion. The Krusual Covert Operators tend to reserve their in-house troops for their own purposes, but the corporation also functions as a clearing house for mercenary contracts in locations all around New Eden.
  158. Mikramurka Shock Troop
  159. The arctic terrain of the Mikramurka region on Matar serves as a fierce training ground for the Republic military's ground forces. It was only natural for a group of Minmatar veterans turned mercenaries to evoke that inhospitable land as symbolic of their ability to conquer any adversity. The Mikramurka Shock Troop have a reputation for executing swift and stunning assaults, securing facilities and other targets with a minimum of collateral damage. As a result, their services are much in demand.
  161. Republic Command (presumed FW corp, HQ'd on TLF station)
  162. No desc
  164. Sanmatar Kelkoons
  165. In the ancient Minmatar Empire, the leaders of the Minmatar people were called 'Sanmatar' and their military councils staffed by officers known as 'kelkoons', an archaic Brutor word signifying a veteran warrior. The owners of the Sanmatar Kelkoons seek to play on that heritage even though their mercenaries have absolutely no connection to the present Sanmatar or the Republic military. Minmatar tribalists may consider this usage outrageous but the long history of abusing this terminology almost amounts to a tradition in itself. For their part, the Sanmatar Kelkoons continue to attract top rates for the services of their mercenary forces.
  167. Sebiestor Field Sappers
  168. Counting some of the most accomplished and innovative engineers in New Eden among their tribe, it was only natural that a Sebiestor military contracting corporation would focus on combat engineering. The Sebiestor Field Sappers offer battlefield engineering and siegecraft services to any who can pay their considerable rates. Additionally, the corporation fills in other combat roles with contracted troops and even organizes contract fulfillment on behalf of other corporations.
  170. Seykal Expeditionary Group
  171. Extreme violence and a total disregard for non-combatant casualties are the hallmarks of a mercenary outfit that would be regarded as brutal by anyone's standards, quite possibly including the feared Blood Raider Covenant. Given that the corporation was founded by members of the Seykal, a Thukker renegade clan noted for slash and burn raids on remote colonies, it is perhaps no surprise. Probably even less surprising is the willingness of many in New Eden to hire the Expeditionary Group for its 'expertise' in planetary operations.
  173. Tronhandar Free Guard
  174. The Tronhadar Free Guard claim to trace their origins back to Krusual clans who held out against the Amarr invaders in the mountains of occupied Matar. That, at least, is the branding. While it seems true that it was founded by a pair of Krusual warlords, the company displays the utter lack of scruples one would expect in a Guristas interstellar pirate, and a like appetite for profit and power. No-one is quite sure who stands behind the Free Guard today but the rumor is that the enigmatic Kolvil Eifyr has a hand in its operations.
  176. Vherokior Combat Logistics
  177. The Vherokior Tribe's talents lie away from frontline combat as such, and are more suited to organizing the complicated and often extended chains of logistics required to keep an interstellar conflict ticking over. In addition to its specialist services, Vherokior Combat Logistics also works as a brokerage house matching mercenary units to appropriate contracts, a role that gives it ample opportunity to sell access to its extensive military supply network.
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