Sunset Shimmer's Duality

Feb 16th, 2015
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  1. >We thought we had seen the last of her demon side… we were wrong, so very wrong
  2. >This worlds Twilight Sparkle had a crazed, yet satisfied look about her as the…what we could only assume at this point was a weapon still smoking after being fired. It looked like a bazooka, but had strange etchings all over it and at the end where the slightly green smoke was pouring from it a small red stone was fixed to it.
  3. >People were running scared and confused, the schools staff was directing them to the exits of the auditorium. The students hiking up their graduation robes so they could run faster.
  4. >”HA! This will prove to you all, that she’s still evil. EVIL I TELL YOU!!”
  5. “What the hell, Twilight?!” I exclaimed, pointing to the decimated stage, debris and collapsed wall “You just shot Sunset shimmer!”
  6. >I hurried to the stage and began digging through the huge pile of rubble; the other five were already there, trying to dig out their friend.
  7. >”Relax Anon.” She calmly starts walking towards what’s left of the stage.
  8. “Sunny?” I called out to her in hopes she would answer, “Sunny?! Answer me!”
  9. >“By the way, it didn’t kill her.” She grins, “No, we wouldn’t want that, not until I have what I need.”
  10. “You’re insane!” I continue to dig, all I was thinking was to get her out of here before that bitch got to her. I kept mumbling, “come on, come on where are you?!”
  11. >”Think of the scientific breakthroughs I’ll make studying her.” Squealing with delight, “oh,” She exclaims almost euphorically, “this is going be fun!”
  12. >She had originally shot Sunset from the back of the auditorium and now had made her way to the top of the stage’s steps.
  13. >”I must ask you to please step away from my specimen.” She points her weapon at us.
  14. >The others backed away, while I still dug. Suddenly a hand and arm shot up from the debris, grabbing my arm. She’s alive!
  16. >She bolts upright still holding my arm, “I can’t do this anymore, Nonny.”
  17. >There was something off about what she said, almost sad. Looking her over quickly, I noted she had only minor injuries, mainly scrapes. Her clothing however, not so much; Rips and holes everywhere. I saw tears streaming down her face as the sclera part of her eyes began fading to black while her skin tone started to take on a reddish hue.
  18. >She fainted as I was helping her to her feet.
  19. >”I advise you to put this on her before she regains consciousness.” Twilight explains as she tosses what looked like a collar to me.
  20. >Making no move to catch it, it clanked against the floor, landing next to my feet.
  21. I stared at her in disgust, “Why Twilight? I thought we were all friends here.”
  22. >“Who needs real friends when you have knowledge!” She pointed the weapon at the other five, “Now, put that on her or we get to test a little theory I have…” taking aim at Rainbow Dash, “It won’t be pretty.” She sang the last part with a shitfaced grin.
  23. “ALRIGHT!” I exclaimed , picking up the collar; it has similar markings on it as her weapon.
  24. >I move to put the collar around Sunny’s neck, when she wakes up and stares at me, devoid of emotion for a moment, then she grabs my wrist snarling, “You were always so pathetically weak!” and squeezes so hard that my hand goes numb, releasing the collar from my grasp, throwing me aside on top of the rubble with ease. And begins to laugh maniacally
  25. >She screams in elation as her body begins to transform, she grows proportionally taller, pointy ears, fingered claws, two giant bat-like wings erupt from her back, shredding what was left of the her clothing, and a long horse-like tail had sprouted. Even her voice had changed.
  26. >I’ve heard the story from Rainbow Dash many times, of the she-demon who almost took over the student body and was to invade Equestria, and how a Twilight Sparkle from that world not only reunited these five friends but saved Sunset from herself.
  29. >” I have no reason to hide any longer!” she begins to stretch, “Oh feels so wonderful to be free!”
  30. “Sunbun?”
  31. >”I always hated that pet name.” She began flexing her wings, making cooing noises as she began to work them.
  32. >”Damn it, Anon!” Twilight Scolded, “You had one job!” she took aim at Sunset Satan
  33. >”I suppose you’re the one who started this?” She wasn’t even batting an eye with that weapon pointed right at her.
  34. >”And I’m going to finish it!” firing it near point blank range at the demon. It had one heck of a recoil as Twilight took a couple of steps back to keep from falling.
  35. >It hit dead on, knocking her back. She was glowing. It didn’t do any damage to her otherwise.
  36. “Sunny! Twilight! Stop this!!” I had gotten back on my feet as was attempting to intervene
  37. >The girls were trying to reason with Sunset as well.
  38. >Shut up! All of you!” She shot a magic blast at their feet, “Simpletons! Did you really think a Rainbow was enough to stop me?! It only drained me of my power.”
  39. >She pointed to all of us, “I was biding my time, getting my strength back ever so slowly. But I found a magic that sped my recovery. Love!” She laughed.
  40. “What are you talking about, Sun?”
  41. >”It was YOUR love, of course! You helped me recover far more quickly than I thought!” Shuddering as she remembered, “Just the thought of touching you turns my stomach, Anonymous. I had to put up with all that love dove crap.”
  42. “That can’t be true.” I pleaded, “All those times meant nothing? Laughing together at my failure to even make hard boiled eggs for you? Us learning to ice skate? Nights at the beach, sharing each other’s warmth?
  43. >”None of it mattered to me.” What she didn’t notice was a single tear being shed from her eyes, “You were just fuel to me! Now that I’m back to full power and without all the Elements of Harmony here to stop me…” She trailed off letting our imagination to fill in the rest.
  44. I picked up the collar, “What is this supposed to do, Twilight?” I have to think of something before this goes too far.
  45. >”According to my research, the etchings I put on the collar is a “spell” that should quell the demon. Hence, why I told you to put it on her!”
  46. “Why did you shoot her in the first place?”
  47. >”I first had to expose her for what she really was. I was able to look at the situation scientifically, rather than let my emotions make me biased. I saw the evidence of the evil coming back. With all my witness testimonies and compiling the data into… why the hell am I explaining it to you? I saw her do bad things behind your guy’s back!” She started firing at Sunset again. Bracing herself before each shot.
  48. >Sunset braced herself as well, putting up a barrier, protecting her from the concussive blasts, “It’s almost cute that this Twilight wants to stop me too.”
  49. >Without the girls’ instruments, they were practically useless.
  50. >Sunset readies a magicial energy ball, “Time to rid myself of these annoying brats!” and throws at the girls.
  51. “Sunny! NO!” I yell, jumping in front of them using myself as a shield. The blast ball dissipates just before hitting me.
  52. >“You’re an idiot! Why would you protect them?!” she scoffs, “Are you having an affair with one of them?!”
  53. “Of course not! I’m not going to let you do something you’ll regret!”
  54. >“Does it look like I regret anything?”
  55. “No one is completely evil Sunny. You can do bad, even evil acts. Make poor choices in life, but everyone has to accept their demons as a part of who they are. You’re not completely evil. Otherwise you would have killed me just now.”
  56. >”Y-you’re just an energy source to me!”
  57. “Prove it Sunset. If you’re really as evil as you claim. Kill me where I stand! I won’t move. I know your good side is in there. Listening to everything that’s going on. Sunny, you’re better than this!”
  59. >”Guess I’ll have to find another food supply” shrugging, “Oh well. There’s more fish in the sea.” She made another energy ball and threw it at me.
  60. As promised, I didn’t move. Keeping my eyes locked with hers I said my final words to her, “I will always love you.”
  61. >”NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Sunset screams as the ball dissipates around me. That was HER voice this time.
  62. >I smiled as I saw one of her eyes had reverted back to normal the surrounding skin began to turn back to her normal skintone.
  63. >”What?! It can’t be! I’M IN CONTROL!!!” Satan Shimmer, was very surprised.
  64. >”I love him!”Sunset replied, “I would never hurt him!”
  65. >”You don’t love! You gave that up long ago for power. Power is all that matters to you!”
  66. >She floated down to the ground and continued to argue with herself.
  67. >”I used to be consumed by that desire!”
  68. >”What’s better than having people groveling at your feet? Them knowing you can end them at your whim?”
  69. >”Love is more powerful than hate.”
  70. > Seeing her argue with herself is very odd. The demon was still in control of the body, but here and there I could see the old shimmer breaking through. A patch of skin here and there returning to its normal hue.
  71. >“What about all the things we did? Back stabbing, sabotaging, making them all but lick our boots!”
  72. >“ I can’t take what we’ve done. My friends have shown me that there’s a better way! And you’re in my WAY!”
  73. >She started to change back to normal, “NOT WITHOUT A FIGHT, YOU LITTLE CUNT!”
  74. >Her body started changing to back to full demon form, but it was fluxing grotesquely, unsure of which form to take.
  75. “You can fight it Sunny!”
  76. >The others were cheering her on too.
  77. >“SHUT UP YOU FUCKING PUSSIES!!!” Waves of energy were thrown around, thudding against us. We had to ready ourselves, so that we wouldn't be blown back.
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