Malcom Ellison

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  1. Name: Malcom Ellison
  2. Class: Troubador -> Valkyrie
  3. Character Specific Skill: Charisma
  4. Affinity: ---
  5. Personal Fault: Noblesse Oblige: When not providing Charisma bonuses to at least 4 allies, -15 EVA.
  6. Personal Skill: Opportunistic Instincts: +2 DMG against enemies who can't counter.
  7. Personal skill: Peerless Form: When above 50% HP, +10 HIT/EVA.
  9. Preferred stats: SPD, LCK
  11. Weapon profs: Spears (D), Lances (D), Heal (D), Staves (D)
  13. Level: 1
  14. Total Level: 1
  16. Progression spent: 335%
  18. HP: 17 (45%)
  19. STR: 4 (50%)(+1)
  20. MAG: 4 (30%)    
  21. SKL: 3 (45%)(+1)
  22. CON: 6 (+1)
  23. AID: 5 (+1)
  24. LCK: 5 (30%)
  25. DEF: 2 (40%)(+1)
  26. RES: 4 (35%)(5% here)
  27. SPD: 5 (55%)
  28. MOV: 5 (+2 Horseback)
  30. Current stats:
  32. HP: 17 (45%)
  33. STR: 5 (50%)
  34. MAG: 4 (30%)
  35. SKL: 4 (45%)
  36. CON: 7
  37. AID: 6
  38. LCK: 5 (30%)
  39. DEF: 3 (40%)
  40. RES: 4 (40%)
  41. SPD: 5 (55%)
  42. MOV: 5 (+2 Horseback)
  44. Bio: While the exact origin of the Ellison family cannot be placed near a specific historical event, they were still an old and prominent family of the Troian Empire, having clawed their way to the top through backroom deals and bribes. Due to careful planning, accepting bribes from the Reich, and finally performing a well-executed betrayal towards the end of the Empire, the Ellison's managed to maintain most of their wealth and prominence after the dissolution of the Troian Empire. However, this has all but destroyed their standing with their people. Of course, this is of little concern for the Ellisons and their ambitions. There is one little problem though, their only heir: Malcom Ellison.
  46. Unlike his kinsmen, Malcom does not engage in skullduggery behavior whenever it would suit him. Born after his family's betrayal of the Troian Empire he was raised to be an upstanding and honest noble. In other words, a pawn of his family. However, he at least views himself as a true noble and firmly believes that he has a responsibility to protect and nurture the common man. He frequently leaves the family estate and visits villages that his family has authority over, often against his family's wishes, to heal the wounded or repel raiders. Because of this, he is well liked by the common man. However, unbeknownst to him, this has sparked the jealousy of his family and they have begun planning ways to be rid of him.
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