Changebro 3 (AiE, Spike, Changeling)

Oct 18th, 2015
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  1. >You awoke in the middle of the night, the moon shining on your face.
  2. >You forgot to close the curtains and somewhere you knew if you didn't get up and do it now, the morning sun would make a grand entrance far worse than Luna's moonlight.
  3. >With a grunt and a shove, you were off the bed and made your way to the window.
  4. >The sound of sheets tossing and mumbling came from your bed.
  5. >"mmm....come back.... it's cold..."
  6. >Oh yea, Rainbow Dash slept over.
  7. >Don't get the wrong idea, you didn't do anything R rated with her.
  8. >After the Wonderbolt Derby, she wanted to hang out more with the rest of the gang and plans were made for when you got back to Ponyville.
  9. >Full of adrenaline from the show, the four of you were all determined to be out till the break of dawn.
  10. >But after the lengthy train ride filled with story swapping and bickering over which Wonderbolt was best, nobody wanted to do much but sleep when you got back to your cottage.
  11. >Spike was out cold the second he sat down on the couch, Ditto checked out soon after, and before you could offer Dash somewhere to sleep or a walk home, she was in your bed.
  12. >You weren't about to sleep on the floor, and the bed was large enough for both of you.
  13. >So you kicked your clothing off and flopped in bed with her, Dash already snoozing.
  14. >Despite being on opposite sides of the bed when you fell asleep, when you awoke she was snuggled up to you.
  15. >Your cabin could get cold at night and you didn't have the best blankets in the world.
  16. >"...Anonnnnnn....come oooooon....I'm freezing!"
  17. >Yea, that was it, she was just cold.
  18. >Dash picked her head up and yawned, a very uncharacteristic pout on her face.
  19. >Sheesh, she sure was whiny and cute when nobody else was around...
  20. >With the shades closed and the room returned to near total darkness, you climbed back in bed.
  21. >Dash wasted no time flopping her body on your chest and closing her eyes.
  22. >"That's better...Night Anon~"
  23. >She was really soft and warm.
  24. >Like a fluffy cyan blanket with messy rainbow hair.
  25. >Sleep stole you from this world, your hand idly rubbing the smaller pony's back.
  27. * * *
  29. >Much later, close to ten, you reawakened with the sun in your face.
  30. >All alone this time, Rainbow Dash was gone.
  31. >If the empty bed wasn't a big enough hint she ditched, the wide open window was.
  32. >She had clouds to push, you figured, and couldn't afford to sleep in.
  33. >Why she didn't use the door was anyone's guess.
  34. >Grumbling about waking up exactly the way you tried to prevent last night, you stretched and pulled yourself out of bed.
  35. >When you left your bedroom, Spike was also MIA.
  36. >Your couch, however, was neater than the day you bought it.
  37. >All the pillows fluffed and the blanket folded neatly over the back.
  38. >Silly maid-dragon.
  39. >He likely ran back to Twilight's.
  40. >Which left only...
  41. >"Heya champ! Sleep well?"
  42. >Ditto
  43. >The changeling was in his bug-form and sitting on your kitchen table.
  44. >He was still wearing the cap Spike bought him.
  45. >"Soooooooo....?"
  46. >You cocked an eyebrow.
  47. "Sooooo...what?"
  48. >His wings buzzed and he looked to your bedroom.
  49. >You shook your head.
  50. "I don't think she sees me that way."
  51. >"Aw come on, she digs you, how did you not seal that deal?"
  52. "I was tired and she was asleep before I was."
  53. >You folded your arms as Ditto flew to your bedroom.
  54. >Chuckling to yourself, you opened the fridge to find breakfast for yourself.
  55. >All you had was eggs and a half full bottle of ketchup.
  56. >Plain'd kill for some bacon or sausage or something.
  57. >Or a steak...yea a nice thick--
  58. >"There's enough love in here to feed three hatchlings, you jackass!"
  59. >Ditto yelled from your bedroom and the telltale green flashes followed.
  60. >At least one of you was eating well this morning.
  61. >Gathering up the eggs, you cracked them over a pan and lit the stove.
  62. >As they began to pop and sizzle, you kept imagining laying two thick strips of bacon across the pan.
  63. >You could almost smell it, that mix of burning fat and crackling oil.
  64. >You were so lost in this fantasy you didn't notice Ditto fly back in and land on the top of the fridge.
  65. >"I told you Rainbutt liked you! You could have tapped that on the train if you wanted to!"
  66. >No answer came from you, you stared at the pan like a zombie, every so often pushing the eggs around with a spatula.
  67. >"Hey! You there, Anon?"
  68. >Ditto buzzed his wings and leaned closer.
  69. >You attempted to flip the yellow mess and it fell apart in the pan.
  70. >Ditto chittered and you sighed.
  71. "I need to go hunting, I think."
  72. >"For a mare? Good thinking, they can certainly cook better than you. Remember when Raindrops made you that Quiche?"
  73. "No, I mean for meat. I can't keep eating eggs and peanut butter."
  74. >"Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. So you're going back into Everfree Forest?"
  75. >You nod and attempt to salvage the egg mess by shoving it into a pile and smashing the yellow goop out.
  76. "Why, you wanna come?"
  77. >Ditto frowned and shook his head.
  78. >"Hell no. One month in that place is enough. Sorry bro."
  79. >That was fair, after the condition you found Ditto in it was no surprise he didn't want to go back to that place.
  80. >You dumped the eggs in a plate and moved to the table.
  81. >The salt and pepper were too far away for morning laziness.
  82. >To compensate, you poured a helping of ketchup on them and began to eat.
  83. >Ditto hopped off the fridge and floated into the opposing seat.
  84. >"How long are you gonna be gone?"
  85. "Most of tomorrow. Maybe overnight."
  86. >Ditto grimaced, his wings folding against his body.
  87. >"What am I gonna do while you're gone?"
  88. "I dunno, do changeling stuff?"
  89. >He rolled his eyes and folded his forelegs.
  90. >"I guess I can hang out with Spike, he said ponies have this thing called bowling."
  91. "Oh about that, he's coming with me."
  92. >"What? Why, he's just a kid!?"
  93. >You raised an eyebrow and Ditto fiddled with his hat.
  94. >Too cute.
  95. "Aren't you younger than him?"
  96. >"It's not the same! Three weeks after I was born I was infiltrating the Griffon Kingdom. Dragons take years to mature."
  97. "That's just it though, he's a dragon, and he was begging me to do more things together on the train ride home and when I said I was going into the woods--"
  98. >"I doubt he knows what you're going there to do."
  99. "I told him I was going hunting!"
  100. >"Does he realize you're not hunting for flowers and gems?"
  101. >Ditto had a point, it wasn't like ponies ever hunted.
  102. >Plus Spike was so bright eyed and bushy tailed he might have said yes to eating glass if it meant hanging out with you more.
  103. >That left you wondering, was going out into a dangerous forest and murdering an animal really what Spike wanted to see you do?
  104. >Probably not but once he tasted that stuff he'd be all about it.
  105. >No way a dragon could turn down free food.
  106. "He'll be fine. He needs a little toughening up anyhow. He's scared of timberwolves."
  107. >"So? Those things are nasty!"
  108. "He's a fire breathing dragon afraid of creatures made of wood."
  109. >You both stared at each other for a second as the realization of how ridiculous that was sunk in.
  110. >A moment later you two were laughing really hard.
  111. >When Ditto finally wiped a tear from his eye and recovered, he nodded.
  112. >"Alright alright, I admit Spike could use a little life experience but couldn't we try to get him a marefriend?"
  113. "I think he's a bit too young. Besides, he's only going to see Rarity like that and her 'castle gates' only open for the rich and famous."
  114. >"Tell me about it...remember last Wednesday?"
  115. "Still trying to forget. She called me something I had to look up in the dictionary."
  116. >"You earned a pity fuck from Blossomforth, it wasn't all bad."
  117. >A smirk appeared on your face.
  118. >She was very flexible to say the least.
  119. "It wasn't a pity fuck."
  120. >"It sure tasted like it the next morning."
  121. >Ditto stuck his tongue out and you flipped him off.
  122. >With the mess of eggs and ketchup eaten, you cleaned up and started your day.
  123. >You had to prepare for a trip in the woods and that meant getting some provisions together.
  124. >While Ditto shined his chitin and did whatever other weird things changelings did in the morning, you showered and changed.
  125. >Had to hit the markets and buy some food.
  126. >Plus some other things you may need out there.
  127. >The woods in Equestria are just as dangerous as back home, with the added bonus of no cars and cellphones.
  128. >Oh and instead of bears, mythological monsters who can eat you alive or turn you to stone.
  129. >Which is why you didn't make a habit of going out there unless you were really craving meat.
  130. >This was one of those times.
  131. >Once both of you were ready and Ditto donned his unicorn look, you both made the journey to town.
  132. >When you reached the market, you focused on buying dried food and some fresh fruit.
  133. >Ditto, on the other hand, was trying to hook you up with Roseluck.
  134. >Before you knew it, she had joined the two of you while you bought food and vegetables for the deer.
  135. >Ditto and her were chatting, you couldn't quite hear what about.
  136. >Then, like clockwork, after buying a new bowstring from the "Bows and Throwrugs" shop, Ditto had vanished and a blushing Roseluck was waiting for you.
  137. >"Is it true you're going into Everfree to scare off that awful Chimera?"
  138. >She waved her front hoof over the ground and peeked up at you.
  139. >Oh for god's sake, Ditto...
  140. "Umm...yea sure. I heard it spooked some ponies so going to go...tell it to screw off."
  141. >"That's so brave..."
  142. >A shy smile creeped on her lips as you shifted the weight of your satchel from one shoulder to another.
  143. >Off to the left, you saw your roommate wink and nod his head.
  144. >"I...could help you carry that stuff home...I mean, so you don't hurt yourself before tomorrow."
  145. >She licked her lips and tossed her mane slightly.
  146. >You never thought you'd see the day you sighed at the prospect of getting some.
  147. >But knowing Ditto and his magic, she wasn't going to just leave you alone.
  148. >He had to eat too, right?
  149. "I can handle this stuff, but you can walk with me if you like."
  150. >She blushed hotter and nodded her head.
  151. >The shit you do for your buddy.
  153. * * *
  155. >It was around four or five when Roseluck emerged from your bedroom, her mane a mess and her body still slightly coated with sweat.
  156. >You followed behind her, scratching behind her ears.
  157. >She let out a trembling sigh and nearly lifted her tail right there for another go.
  158. >"Heya Anon!"
  159. >Spike waved from your couch.
  160. >Him and Ditto were playing Monopoly.
  161. >The second Spike turned around to say hello, Ditto used his fake unicorn magic to snatch a few bills from the bank.
  162. >Once a spy, always a spy.
  163. >Roseluck straightened up immediately upon seeing the two of them, hooves reaching to her mane to smooth it out.
  164. >"Thanks for...umm...showing me your house, Anon. Good luck...doing that thing...tomorrow...whatever it was!"
  165. >You leaned down and gave her a quick kiss, and she whispered something that made your cock jump before she made her exit.
  166. >Spike was still smiling about seeing you, while Ditto changed back into his normal self and buzzed toward your bedroom.
  167. >"Nice job Anon, this should hold me over till you get back!"
  168. >He flew by you and the telltale green glows began to cover your bed.
  169. >"Hot damn, she really likes when you--"
  170. >You closed the door.
  171. >You shook your head and plopped on the couch, giving the board game a once over.
  172. >From the look of it, Ditto's cheating wasn't helping him.
  173. >Spike owned half of Equestria, and had settlements and castles on all his property.
  174. >"Ditto says you're going to Everfree tomorrow? He said you want me to come?"
  175. >You nodded.
  176. >Spike nearly squee-ed when you affirmed you wanted him along.
  177. >"We're really going camping!? Together?"
  178. "Not just camping, hunting."
  179. >"What for?"
  180. "Whatever we find, hoping for a deer."
  181. >He cocked his head to the side, looking a little puzzled by your answer.
  182. >But he didn't follow up, you could tell he didn't wanna give you reason to change your mind about bringing him.
  183. >"That's cool. When are we going?"
  184. "Early. Before sunrise if we can help it. We might be out there till tomorrow so make sure Twilight knows."
  185. >"I already told her! She was reading some book so she just said yes like always!"
  186. >So in other words she has no idea you're going to take her assistant into a dangerous forest to kill something.
  187. >Trip is starting off great already.
  188. >"Was one of those icky books too. Ya know the kind she doesn't let me put in the library and keeps under her bed."
  189. >You raise an eyebrow just as Ditto comes staggering back into the living room.
  190. >He flops between you and Spike and belches loudly.
  191. >"Anon, you could feed an entire swarm. Sheesh."
  192. >Spike giggled and you rolled your eyes.
  193. "So...Twilight keeps books under her bed?"
  194. >You had to know more about this.
  195. >She already fit the nerdy librarian stereotype enough as it is.
  196. >"Yea. You know the kind with the pictures of stallions all buff on sailboats and junk."
  197. >That earned a laugh from you, but Ditto sat up and blinked.
  198. >"You don't mean the 'Don't Sail Away' series, do you?"
  199. >Now it was Spike and your turn to blink.
  200. >Spike was the first to break the silence.
  201. >"Yeaaaaaaaa...........why?"
  202. >Ditto's wings chirped.
  203. "Don't tell me you read that junk."
  204. >"Whoa whoa, not me! You wouldn't believe who does though!"
  205. >Spike leaned forward.
  206. >"Princess Cadence? No too obvious...Princess Luna!"
  207. >Ditto shook his head and climbed off the couch and wandered into the kitchen.
  208. >"Prince Blueblood? The Sultan from Saddle Arabia??"
  209. >"Not even close!"
  210. >Ditto returned with a six pack of cider and a chair.
  211. >He tossed you a bottle and cracked one open for himself.
  212. >Spike hesitated to help himself but you handed him one.
  213. >He thanked you with a bright smile.
  214. >Ditto took a long swig of his drink.
  215. >"She would kill me if I told anyone."
  216. "Oh shit, you don't mean?"
  217. >He grinned and chuckled.
  218. >"Yup. Queen Chrysalis."
  219. "Bullshit."
  220. >"She has a whole library full of those kinds of books. We're talking floor to ceiling."
  221. >He finished his cider in another long gulp.
  222. "How the heck do you even know that?"
  223. >He tossed the empty bottle over his back and grabbed another.
  224. >"How do you think she gets them."
  225. "No way, come on...."
  226. >"She's scared if the main hive found out there would be a hundred would-be Queens trying to overthrow her."
  227. "...Really? Over a book?"
  228. >"Over THESE books! Plus ya know, Chrysalis is a little paranoid."
  229. >Ditto pops the cork on the bottle and moves to take another long drink.
  230. >You reach and pull it out of his hoof-holes before he has the chance.
  231. "Easy, tiger, I don't want you slurring through this."
  232. >Ditto frowned but he began his tale.
  233. >"It was two years ago, right when I got back from the Griffon Kingdom...I was still in training and my Overseer said Queen Chrysalis had a super secret mission for me."
  234. >You sip your cider and sit up.
  235. >These stories were always gold.
  238. * * *
  240. >Be young Ditto, future changeling spy.
  241. >No, future head of Chrysalis' Obsidian Elite!
  242. >Someday!
  243. >Just finished a one month training mission in the Griffon Kingdom.
  244. >It wasn't a hard mission, a little something to get my carapace wet.
  245. >I had to steal Lord Frostclaw's goblet.
  246. >You'd think it was difficult but the guy has a few hundred of them.
  247. >My Overseer thought it was funny, watching me get prepared only to find the Lord was a drunk and left goblets everywhere.
  248. >But I showed him, I stole the one he was drinking from!
  249. >It still had mead in it too!
  250. >Overseer Yggub nearly fainted!
  251. >Mission success!
  252. >Record time too, I found out later this was a normal initiation mission!
  253. >So we went back to the hive, and not a day later Queen Chrysalis was summoning me to her chambers.
  254. >I couldn't believe it, I was hardly two months old and I was meeting with the Queen herself!
  255. >I barely had time to get myself all buffed and polished before I had to go to her chambers.
  256. >I remember being so excited, it was taking all my energy not to start chirping while I waited hallway.
  257. >Yea yea, we chirp when we get happy and what have you.
  258. >Don't laugh.
  259. >Anyhow, one of the big guards said to go in and was all threatening me if I did something stupid.
  260. >Ya know, usual big guard talk, head up my thorax, that sort of thing.
  261. >Whatever, I'm not about to mess up my first time meeting the Queen herself.
  262. >So I head into Queen Chrysalis' audience chamber and there she is!
  263. >Sitting on her throne of gnarled tree roots and ichor.
  264. >I didn't notice it at the time but she was kinda sprawled out and looked bored.
  265. >I bowed my head and she spoke to me.
  266. >"Ahh there you are, my little rising star, back from the Griffon Lands already?"
  267. >She smirked and climbed off her throne
  268. >Her wings fluttered to life right when I thought she'd touch the ground
  269. >"Overseer Yggub told me you stole the goblet right from Lord Frostclaw's talons? My my, how did you do that?"
  270. >She ran her foreleg under my chin and my wings quivered.
  271. >I can't even begin to describe the euphoria of being so close to her.
  272. >Imagine kissing all those mares all at once and they all are rubbing you down head to toe.
  273. >Needless to say, I would do anything she says at this point.
  274. >My legs trembled and I closed my eyes as she rubbed the top of my head.
  275. "I swapped it with a red plastic cup, my Queen. He was too drunk to notice."
  276. >"Clever boy, I'm proud of you. Most wouldn't dare be so bold."
  277. >She said she was proud of me, and that I was clever!
  278. >She was so close to me too...
  279. >I could feel her hot breath and silky tongue tease the very tip of my ear.
  280. >My bones turned to jelly and I swear I melted into a puddle right then and there.
  281. >She giggled, a melody of low and high tones that was so....
  282. >Well, you had to be there.
  283. >"Do you think you're ready for something a little more challenging?"
  284. >Her hoof traced up my neck and stopped at my chin, lifting my head so I could look her in the eyes.
  285. >I tried to say yes, but the moment my eyes met hers I couldn't speak.
  286. >My very being froze, my mind flooded with the desire to obey and please my Queen.
  287. >I don't know how else to describe it, you're just...compelled.
  288. >Kinda like Spike is when Rarity gives him that look!
  289. >You know the one, when she--
  290. >Alright alright, moving along!
  291. >My trance and hypnotized smile must have been all the answer she needed, because she giggled and stroked my cheek with her leg.
  292. >My limp body nearly fell to the ground as she moved away, my wings saving me from plopping onto the stone floor.
  293. >"You will journey to the land of Equestria. Canterlot to be precise. How well can you imitate a unicorn?"
  294. "As well as you desire, your Grace."
  295. >Sheesh, I can't believe I talked like that.
  296. >Whatever magic she has, it's powerful alright.
  297. >"I desire perfection. Always."
  298. >She flashed her fangs at me as she smiled, and I felt my legs quiver with fear and delight.
  299. >I couldn't even imagine the mission.
  300. >Deep into Canterlot on my second assignment?
  301. >It had to be important, I knew it!
  302. >Maybe I was to assume the form of some high ranking--
  303. >"Your target is a bookstore. You will obtain a copy of the latest novel of the "Don't Sail Away" series. Then you will get the author to sign it. I do not know which day she is there but if you fail to get the signature, don't bother coming back. Is that clear?"
  304. >I buzzed my wings, nearly lifting off the ground with excitement.
  305. >Sure it wasn't exactly what I pictured but, I'm still doing an important..
  306. >Umm...
  307. >...was I running an errand?
  308. "Is this book really--"
  309. >"You are NOT to read the book! The information inside is far too....sensitive for the likes of you!"
  310. >I cringed when her mood shifted and she started yelling.
  311. >I think I finally understood.
  312. >The book must be a cover for something
  313. >Maybe the author is a changeling sympathizer!
  314. >Least, that's what I thought at the time.
  315. >Regardless, I nodded really fast and she dismissed me.
  316. >I was trotting out of her chambers and the big guard gave me another dirty look.
  317. >He probably heard how happy Queen Chrysalis was with me and he was all kinds of jealous!
  318. >With a buzz and a chirp, I flew to my cave to get some rations for the trip!
  319. >Tomorrow morning I went on the most important mission yet!
  320. * * *
  322. "So how did the 'most important mission' go?"
  323. >Spike snickered and Ditto stuck his tongue out.
  324. >"I spent all night making the perfect pony disguise. Then in the morning I flew to the nearest train station, went to Canterlot, and bought her book. Then I stood in line all day to get the author to sign it."
  325. >Spike was beginning to choke on his drink.
  326. "What was your disguise?"
  327. >"Ahhhh heh-heh....w-well--"
  328. "Come on, show us."
  329. >Ditto groaned and he used his magic to shapeshift.
  330. >What took his place was exactly the type of pony you'd expect to see at a Canterlot booksigning.
  331. >An aqua blue unicorn with golden mane and a pile of books for a cutie mark.
  332. >A mare at that, complete with nerdy glasses and neckerchief.
  333. >You and Spike were crying from laughter.
  334. >"Shut up, I had to blend in!!"
  335. >Ditto forgot to revert back before he yelled, so that was a very squeaky, very feminine voice that scolded the two of you.
  336. >Spike fell off the couch he was laughing so hard.
  337. "I never knew I lived with such a cute mare, why do I even bother sleeping with all those hussies?"
  338. >Ditto was still cursing Spike out as you left, but that voice wasn't helping.
  339. >By the time you got back with water, Ditto was back to normal and Spike was trying his best not to burst into another fit of laughter.
  340. "What happened when you got back?"
  341. >You asked, trying to resist snickering yourself.
  342. >"Huh...oh right, the book!"
  343. >Ditto grabbed the cider from early and drank a little.
  344. >"I got it back to the hive and...well..."
  346. * * *
  348. >Ya know, when you leave on a top secret mission and come back with a book titled "Seafoam and Secrets", you feel a little cheated.
  349. >It was exactly what Chrysalis wanted, no creases or stubbed corners.
  350. >Signed by the author to "Chryssi".
  351. >Despite her warning, however, I couldn't resist peeking inside.
  352. >Expecting to see something in code or..anything from the author that made this mission more rewarding than getting a book.
  353. >But alas, nothing.
  354. >When I read a little into the novel though, I nearly coughed up a glob of slime on it.
  355. >What in the heck is Chrysalis thinking reading this junk?
  356. >The fact I didn't feel the need to call her 'Queen' anymore wasn't lost on me, either.
  357. >The same thing happened when I went to the griffon kingdom on my first mission.
  358. >Everything I was so excited about seemed less and less important.
  359. >Heck, I was quite close to sweet-talking a snowy looking griffon while I was there.
  360. >Miranda or something, her name escaped me now but there was something so familiar about her I couldn't quite place it.
  361. >It was her eyes, they were the most gorgeous shade of blue...
  362. >That's about when the whistle to the train sounded.
  363. >It was my stop so I stuffed the book securely in my satchel and got myself a good distance away.
  364. >Once I was sure there were no more prying eyes, I shifted from the dorky unicorn to a more generic pegasus.
  365. >This would get me the rest of the way back, and I took to the sky.
  366. >A few times on the journey back I thought about flying back to the griffon lands.
  367. >Taking that griffon form and trying to find that snow griffon.
  368. >She had the most amazing blue eyes...
  369. >'No, come on Ditto', I told myself.
  370. >'Any mission for the Queen is an important mission!'
  371. >The closer I got to the hive, the more I believed that.
  372. >That the book in my satchel was more than just a gross romance novel, but part of some master plan I was too low on the food chain to understand.
  373. >Yea, and I'll get a reward too!
  374. >As I reached the mouth of the hive entrance, I was filled with the same excitement I had when I left.
  375. >At the time I thought the earlier feelings were just blues from being away so long.
  376. >I'll get back to that.
  377. >I reverted to my base form and flew inside.
  378. >The guards saw me and waved me through.
  379. >Overseer Yggub was waiting, and yelled that the Queen was waiting and she was extremely eager to see me.
  380. >I felt my chest well up with pride and I practically hugged my satchel.
  381. >Inside was precious cargo afterall!
  382. >My wings found their second wind, and I nearly knocked another chamber guard over as I rushed to the Queen's throne.
  383. >Once inside, she was practically where I left her.
  384. >Waiting on her throne, and her eyes lit up with joy when she saw me.
  385. >Joy, actual joy!
  386. >"There you are, my little minion!"
  387. >I landed at the base of her throne and removed the satchel with her book.
  388. >"And you got it, yes?"
  389. >I nodded eagerly, eyes averted to the ground.
  390. >Her magic lifted the book from it's container, and flipped to the first page.
  391. >She squee-ed slightly, then cleared her throat.
  392. >"You completed your task with the skill I expect only from my best operatives."
  393. >She was doing that thing again where she ran her hoof around my body and made me chirp like a larvae.
  394. >I couldn't believe I was actually thinking about going AWOL a few hours ago.
  395. >Why would I ever leave her?
  396. >My perfect Queen~
  397. >"You'll be part of Operation Honeymoon soon"
  398. >She leaned closer and whispered into my ear.
  399. >I swear, I could feel her breath touching every little nerve ending and every second seemed to take a lifetime.
  400. >"I will send you deep undercover, you will ensure our victory, young one. We will feast on the purest of love in Canterlot's throne room~"
  401. >I nearly fainted.
  402. >My whole body felt like...
  403. >Ehhh, Spike is here, I'll tell you later.
  405. * * *
  407. >Spike crossed his arms and Ditto stuck his tongue at him.
  408. "What happened after?"
  409. >"I was sent to a relay station in Canterlot a few months later. When the shield fell, I was one of the changelings who shut down the rail network."
  410. >"So that's why none of the guard could get back to the capital in time!"
  411. >"Basically. We shut down the rails, another group disguised as guards and gave out all kinds of misinformation. Everything was going smoothly up till we got hit by a big energy ball."
  412. >He chuckled but Spike looked a little uneasy.
  413. >"Hey said when the Queen is around you get all...ya know, you can't tell her no?"
  414. >"Yea, so?"
  415. >"What if she comes back? What's stopping you from going back to being a spy for her!?"
  416. >Ditto raised his hoof to reply, then lowered it and buzzed his wings.
  417. >He was clearly bothered by the question and he started to flick at his fangs with his tongue.
  418. >"Sorry I didn't mean--"
  419. "It's alright, Spike, why don't we call it a night?"
  420. >"Yea, good idea."
  421. >Spike hopped off the couch and darted off to your room with his sleeping bag and a pillow.
  422. >Kinda weird he wanted to sleep at the foot of your bed but at least he didn't bring his basket from Twilight's place.
  423. >"Hey...Anon?"
  424. >As you were getting up, Ditto touched your arm with his hoof.
  425. >He looked up to you with his big blue eyes and his wings buzzed again.
  426. >"He's right. If Chrysalis ever came looking for me...I'm worried I wouldn't be able to stop myself from doing what she said."
  427. >He looked away, sighing and lifting a bottle to his lips with his magic.
  428. >"If that ever have to promise."
  429. "Promise?"
  430. >"Yea...ya know, promise you'll stop me. You're the only one I trust can do it. I don't know, lock me up or something. Just don't let me go back to being her little drone."
  431. >You reached down and rubbed the top of Ditto's head.
  432. >He closed his eyes and chirped a little.
  433. "You're my best friend. I won't let that happen, I promise."
  434. >"Thank's Anon, I don't ever wanna go back to that. It so strange...when you're there you think it's the only thing you ever want to do, but the longer you stay away the more you see how horrible it is. I was hungry all the time and we did terrible things."
  435. >You gave the back of his little ears a scratch.
  436. >The tiny bug continued to chirp, nuzzling into your hand.
  437. >"I realized at the stadium that we don't have to live that way. It was Chrysalis who wouldn't let us go. If only I could see it then I would have never--"
  438. "Don't think about it. You paid your dues in Everfree, far as I'm concerned. If any pony finds out you're here they'll have me to deal with."
  439. >"Me too."
  440. >You both looked up and saw Spike standing in the doorway to your bedroom.
  441. >Wonder how long he'd been there.
  442. >His toeclaws clicked on the hardwood floor as the little dragon hugged the both of you.
  443. >Ditto made room for him and the three of you had a group hug in the middle of your living room.
  444. >"Thank you...both of you."
  445. >Ditto buzzed his wings and the embrace ended as quickly as it began.
  446. >He looked back and forth between the two of you and suddenly became very serious.
  447. >"If either of you tell anyone about this, I'll put you in a cocoon."
  448. >Spike gasped but you laughed, and Ditto joined you.
  449. >The dragon followed suit, and one more bottle of cider was shared among the three of you before you all went to bed.
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