Zambia Meeting 5-8-20

May 8th, 2020
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  1. Zambia Meeting 5-8-20
  3. Zambia: ++☴了, (a)Admin, I pulled your changes... I noticed a lot of changes to the front end, looks lively.
  4. Admin: +☴了
  5. ..
  6. Zambia: +✔+☴, you said if I go ahead and make a digital ocean account and droplet I can go ahead and deploy?
  7. Admin: +☴?+, ✔
  8. ...
  9. Zambia: ☴/o, I made a digital ocean account, what do I need to do to the app to deploy it there?
  10. Admin: +☴/+◯ Ah! Okay,
  11. ⚘⚘⚘ Deploying theSituation with Mup ⚘⚘⚘
  12. make a .deploy directory in the root, cd .deploy and mup init, that will generate some a mup.json and settings.json file.
  13. We are using the vulcan two repo install right now so you'll have to set the METEOR_PACKAGE_DIRS to the vulcan core packages.
  14. Once you've done that, put your server information into mup.js, username and password to login, and then change root url to hte ip of your server.
  15. After that, mup setup, it should connect to your server and set it up.
  16. If that works out, mup deploy, then you'll see theSituation
  17. ⚘⚘⚘
  18. Zambia: ✔+☴✔+, okay let me try that out, I'll let you know
  19. Admin: ☴
  20. ....
  21. Zambia: +✔_, [ NDA ], it works!
  22. ..
  23. Zambia: +☴, how I can add another situation... I don't see that option anywhere.
  24. Admin: +☴, oh I don't have that built out yet, if you want to add situations, uncomment out #backoffice and go to /backoffice, it will help you manage data if you want to add it.
  25. Zambia: ☴?+, okay... I'll try that out
  26. Zambia: [-]✔+☴+⻌, when are you going to push another commit?
  27. Admin: +☴✔+/[x], in the next hour or two.
  28. Zambia: ✔, can't wait.
  29. ..
  30. Zambia: +☴✔/[x]+, hey also Lungu asked me about cleaning up those assets for him, do you think you can get that by ++☴Sunday@Zambia[lunch], he says you'll loose all your hearme outs if you don't get it to him by then /).
  31. Admin: +☴✔, yeah sure I'll get an iteration of those assets out and clean em up a bit by Sunday, but I'm going to work on it today
  32. Zambia: _/x☴/x, I know that's a lot to ask for, but he really does appreciate it -yẽãh-
  33. Admin: -yeáh-
  34. Zambia: -yeah-
  35. Admin: -yeah-
  36. ..
  37. Zambia: +☴?[x]+, oh he asked me about some `Roar like a Lion Creative`... do you know anything about that?
  38. Admin: _☴+?☯[+], oh no lol, what's that?
  39. Zambia: /)☴?+, Something he emailed me about this morning, I'll send you the email he sent to me... I'll ask @guy about it too. No worries, though, keep focused on what you are doing now.
  40. .....
  41. Zambia: *+☴/[x]*, I messaged @guy, he said he didn't know anything about it either... let me send you this email he sent me and can you tell me what you think real quick?
  42. ...
  43. Zambia: [+]☴?x/x,did you get the email? [ redacted ] right?
  44. Admin: [_]+☴+, no, I checked spam too.
  45. Zambia: /[x]+☴/x?+, are you using つvě1CrôsôƒŤ[Shoutlöök]つ to view this?
  46. Admin: _☴, oh no, I don't have that installed.
  47. Zambia: +☴/)_+?+, you have つvě1CrūℳƝつ installed right? You should be able to use つvě1CrôsôƒŤ[Shoutlöök]つ
  48. Admin: _☴
  49. ..
  50. Admin: [_]+☴[+], hey I'm almost done with this commit, let me do a push and I'll look into this -yeah-
  51. Zambia: -yeah-
  52. .....
  53. Admin: +☴, okay go ahead and pull. Now I have the situation at /theSituation and a /operator/theSituation panel to manage yer situation needs. I tied up some loose ends on the front end, I'll admit I haven't gotten to the point where I can switch out the situations yet on the front end yet, but I can get that (a)Zambia[EOD]
  54. Admin: {☴}, as sorry pull again, I has to push a quick fix.
  55. Zambia: +☴, okay, still works...
  56. Zambia: +☴{✔[+]}, so you still think you can the switching out of situations done in 3 hours before I leave the office?
  57. Admin: ✔✔
  58. Zambia: +✔☴, okay talk to you then.
  59. .....
  60. Admin: [+]{☴}), okay I pushed! Now you can navigate back and forth on theSituation to go to other theSituations.
  61. Zambia: +☴, yup I already pulled, nice job!
  62. Admin: +☴?+[🧠?+, *I just commited 2 minutes ago*]
  63. Zambia: ☴, did you get a chance to look at Lungu's email?
  64. Admin: ☴, let me check again, one sec.
  65. ..
  66. Admin: ☴/x[✔], looks like it went into my spam folder... I tried to open it, but it says I need some -?SoundBlaster drivers?/x to open it.
  67. Zambia: [-]☴?(
  68. ..
  69. Zambia: [-]☴_, okay I asked [ redacted ] and they said he'd take care of it.
  70. Admin: ☴, *starts installing SoundBlaster drivers*
  71. Zambia: ☴, anyway, ☴ is going to show a small group of people on (a)Zambia[sunday.lunch] our work so far, I have a small list of improvements that I think are priority.
  73. =✔===✔=✔✔== t✔hat w✔ou✔ld be g✔reat =✔✔======✔=
  75. ✔ - clean up animations and timing on the S_T
  76. ✔ - add another iteration to theSituation
  78. ===✔===✔==✔==== t✔hat woul✔d b✔e g✔reat =✔====✔===✔
  80. Admin: _☴[+], ==== ✔esterda✔ ====
  81. Zambia: +☴, if you can't do it it's alright[_☴-/[x]] you better watch your 👂.
  82. Admin: [_]☴/), yes yes, I know, it's covid bruh, I ain't goin' anywhere
  83. Zambia: ✔[+]☴?x[+], so you think you'll have it done?
  84. Admin: -yeah-
  85. Admin *roars like a lion*
  87. [em]
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