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Crab-Locked Accounts: Rules, Guidelines, & Explanation

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Jul 27th, 2022
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  1. Crab-locked means (tentatively):
  4. General rules:
  5. 1) Melee attacks must always be "crab-like" (crush-style or Claws)
  6. 2) Range, att, str, def, and hp xp may only be acquired via combat with crabs. No lamping here. No quest rewards here (sans potential exceptions - see section below).
  7. 3) No NPCs, besides crabs, may be attacked, killed, or otherwise harmed by my hand - No recoil damage. No poison damage. No damage.
  8. 4) Magic xp may not be lamped, quested, or gained via non-crab combat. No splashing.
  9. -----"Skilling" magic (alching, teleporting, etc) is fine - but don't overdo it. Most magic xp should come from fighting crabs.
  10. 5) No items whatsoever (besides pure cosmetics) may be obtained through LMS, Soul Wars, or "skilling" bosses.
  11. -----Skilling bosses and minigames are otherwise allowed.
  13. Exceptions -- Attacking non-crabs is allowed if and only if:
  14. 1) One is participating in content which features crabs (Yes, CoX is on the table - so long as the raid includes crabs).
  15. 2) One is directly working on unlocking more crab content (e.g., this rule permits completion of Priest in Peril for Swamp Crabs, Fremennik Trials to exchange crab parts for rock-shell armor, RfD: Saving Pirate Pete for Crab Helmet + Crab Claw, and Cabin Fever + prerequisites for Crabclaw Hook).
  16. 3) One is engaging in PvP (you're allowed to fight other players).
  18. Sidenotes:
  19. 1) Generally speaking, "non-traditional" reward shop interfaces are allowed.
  20. --Examples:
  21. -----Brimhaven Agility Arena rewards.
  22. -----Trading in crab parts + gp for Rock-Shell armor.
  23. 2) Prayer and slayer training are unrestricted - so long as one does not attack/kill/deal damage to any non-crab NPCs to do so.
  24. 3) I haven't done any rooftop agility courses, and I don't intend to. This restriction, admittedly, is completely arbitrary.
  26. The point of crab-locked isn't strategy. The point is a e s t h e t i c s
  27. This is my surrealist pastiche of restricted game-modes. First and foremost, it's my weird art project - but it's also a legitimately restricted account. That's the whole point :^)
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