Twilight's Rainbow

May 17th, 2018
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  1. >Beer and cider flowed like water, pushing the ever-rowdy crowd into an almost mass hysteria.
  2. >The deep thrumming of a bass, reverberating off a vibrating speaker, sent chills through the house.
  3. >She loved it, this after-game party that drew in the crowds of adoring fans.
  4. >Rainbow Dash basked in it, like a reptile sunning themselves.
  5. >Dozens of people approached her, congratulated her, a few even wanted an autograph.
  6. >Rainbow soaked it all in and reveled in the glorious feeling of success.
  7. >The gallons of liquor that flooded her system just left a warm haze that clouded her mind and left a tingle in its' wake.
  8. >Rainbow grinned wide as she was pulled into another photo, surrounded by her teammates.
  10. ***
  12. >The boisterous, rowdy room flew over her head.
  13. >She couldn't understand it.
  14. >The lights that constantly flashed in her eyes, the heavy bass, even that god-awful stench of liquor.
  15. >And something more, something she was sure was illegal.
  16. >She couldn't explain it to herself why she had been dragged to this party, simply that she had been.
  17. >It sucked. Bad.
  18. >The couch under her was comfortable though, and at least no one bothered her.
  19. >Who'd bother Unknown Twilight Sparkle?
  20. >No one, that's who.
  21. >That's- as a boy, inebriated to Tartarus and back, collapsed almost on top of her- how she preferred it.
  22. >Twilight pushed him off and shot him a disgusted look as she stomped off to the bathroom, thoroughly fed up with this party.
  24. ***
  26. >"Hey!"
  27. >Twilight blushed as she looked up into the fuchsia irises of the star of the party.
  28. >The golden girl of Canterlot High, to be certain.
  29. >The bathroom wasn't very big- they were standing less than a foot from each other- but it seemed massive to Twilight.
  30. >Rainbow pulled her shirt back on, hiding her impressive muscular definition that sent Twilight reeling.
  31. "O-oh I'm sorry, I didn't- I, that is, I mean-"
  32. >Twilight could feel her cheeks burn a startling red as she stammered out an explanation.
  33. >Rainbow looked her up and down, her eyebrow arched.
  34. >"What the hell are you still doing in here? Get the hell out."
  35. >Twilight squawked and scrambled for the door.
  36. >She tugged futilely at the door, still stammering and apologizing profusely.
  37. >Rainbow Dash snorted and grabbed the door knob, batting away Twilight's hand in the process.
  38. >"It's pull, loser."
  39. >Twilight ducked her head and rush out.
  40. >As she was, the dozen or so cameras aimed at the door exploded into a furry of clicking and flashing.
  41. >Twilight nearly hit the roof as she pushed back, unintentionally slamming into Rainbow Dash.
  42. >They went down in a tangle of limbs on the bathroom floor, their heads banging together.
  43. >Their LIPS banging together.
  44. >The chatter of the cameras screeched to a halt as the students peering into the bathroom, trying to get a good shot in on the star athlete, watched as she kissed another girl.
  45. >Like a maelstrom of clicking and blinding flashes, the cameras began anew.
  46. >Rainbow, repulsed, pushed Twilight off of her.
  47. >Twilight scrambled up and bolted from the room, leaving behind a room stunned into silence.
  48. >Only the furious click-clacking of cameras followed in her wake.
  50. ***
  52. >Whispers followed after her, catching her around corners as quick eyes and sharp tongues chattered together.
  53. >Twilight wasn't used to this attention- didn't like, either.
  54. >Everyone in the school was talking about it, the Nerd that was caught kissing the star athlete.
  55. >Rather, that's what everyone said, even if rumors that she had heard said it was the other way around.
  56. >That Rainbow had pulled the innocent girl into a bathroom and tried to have her wicked way.
  57. >It seemed the rumors hadn't yet reached Rainbow Dash, the athlete had no sought her out nor made a public statement about it, either that or her sycophantic followers were purposefully withholding it from her.
  58. >Twilight ducked past a giggling group of girls that looked suspiciously like they would end up drawing lewd pictures of the "kissing couple".
  59. >She made her way into the janitor's closet that had been repurposed for her laboratory.
  60. >Twilight sucked in a deep breath, thankful to get away from those damned crowds.
  61. >"What the hell, you loser."
  62. >Perhaps she had spoken too soon, as Rainbow stood up furiously from Twilight's favorite chair.
  63. >"You're making me sound like a fucking molester with that kiss."
  64. >Twilight raised her hands, placating.
  65. "I didn't start those rumors, I swear!"
  66. >Rainbow reached out and grabbed two fist fulls of Twilight's grey hoodie and pulled her forward.
  67. "Sure you didn't! Do you have any idea how badly Coach Spitfire chewed me out this morning? This is YOUR fault, you loser!"
  68. >Twilight scoffed and tried to feebly push at Rainbow.
  69. >No luck.
  70. "My fault? I wasn't the one who had those damn cameras following me around everywhere! They startled me!"
  71. >Twilight's efforts to break Rainbow's hold were becoming more futile as her face turned red from exertion.
  72. "-And I don't want any of this attention! You think I like your little groupies glaring at me? Or-or people constantly talking behind my back?"
  73. >Rainbow snorted as she towered over Twilight, teeth bared in a frightening glare.
  74. >"I'm thinking that you thought you could convince everyone in the school that I'M some sort of monster, but "accidentally" falling into me!"
  75. "What would I gain from that?"
  76. >Rainbow let Twilight slide to the floor as she rubbed at her neck.
  77. >"Fuck if I know how your eggheaded brain works. All some plot to get everyone to notice you, because you know no one gives a damn about you anyway!"
  78. >Twilight screeched in fury and lunged at Rainbow Dash, sending them both off balance.
  79. >"H-hey, what the hell-!"
  80. >As if Fate herself descended from the heavens, the door sprung open as, once again, the lips of Rainbow Dash and Twilight met.
  81. >The crowd gathered outside of the closet- called by the noise- watched as Rainbow Dash held a furiously struggling Twilight as they kissed.
  82. >Oh boy.
  84. ***
  86. >The rumors had stormed the school, and it was a massive upheaval.
  87. >Rainbow Dash had been kicked off of the Soccer team- the very one that she had been leading to victory almost single-handedly all season.
  88. >"For sexual misconduct" Vice Principal Luna had said.
  89. >At the same time she had been dropped from her clique, any "friends" she had, had ditched her as soon as she had lost her place on the team.
  90. >Of course none of them bothered to listen to Twilight, who had denied purposefully kissing Rainbow, and that it had been an accident.
  91. >A poor choice of words, or rather the student body simply didn't care, it seemed, as the rumor mill kicked into high gear.
  92. >Rainbow only avoided outright expulsion because Twilight nor her family had attempted to sue the school.
  93. >Though perhaps it was mostly because Principal Celestia was feeling merciful, as she too had one been called a molester.
  94. >That thought made Rainbow shiver.
  95. >At least that loser had left her alone, she had seen neither hide nor hair of that nerd.
  96. >A shame, she desperately wanted to beat her face in.
  97. >Rainbow sneered as a passing student gave her a wary look.
  98. >Damn nerds...
  100. ***
  102. >It seemed sympathy for the "poor, innocent nerd Twilight Sparkle" was at an all time high.
  103. >It was sickening.
  104. >She darted her eyes up and down the hall as she carefully made her way to the bathroom.
  105. >There had been more than one girl- and a few boys, too- that demanded they walk her to the bathroom.
  106. >To ward off Rainbow Dash's insatiable sexual appetite, as they had claimed.
  107. >Nonsense, Twilight though to herself.
  108. >It was doubtful Rainbow was even a lesbian, let alone interested in HER of all people.
  109. >But there it was- all day, every day, crowds of people were constantly on the lookout.
  110. >It would be touching if it wasn't so wrong.
  111. >Twilight's attempts to telling the crowds that, no, the kiss wasn't part of any attempted rape had fallen flat.
  112. >As Twilight scampered back into the sanctuary of her lab, she sat down heavily at her desk.
  113. >The bright glow of a monitor filled the room as she reread pages upon pages of data, charts, and theories.
  114. >Finally, a solution.
  115. >It had only taken-
  116. >Twilight glanced at her calendar.
  117. >A week.
  119. ***
  121. >"What do YOU want?"
  122. "Listen, I know we got off on the wrong foot-"
  123. >Rainbow snorted.
  124. >"You mean when you ruined my life?"
  125. "I did no such thing- just- listen, okay? I've got a solution. Here."
  126. >Rainbow weighed the heavy amount of pages in her hands.
  127. >"The hell is this?"
  128. "It's the solution to our problems. Read it."
  129. >Rainbow snorted, "No way in hell."
  130. >Dash attempted to walk out of the bathroom, but Twilight's voice stopped her.
  131. "Fine, if you don't want to stop being the Monster of Canterlot High, then don't read it. Assuming you want to ever not be a social pariah, you'll do yourself a favor. And. Read. It."
  132. >Rainbow looked down at the hefty essay, and sighed.
  133. >"Let's go back to your nerd hole-"
  134. "Laboratory"
  135. >"-Nerd hole, and you can explain this to me. I'm sure as hell not going to read all this crap."
  136. >Twilight rolled her shoulders, and nodded.
  137. "Fine, let's go."
  139. ***
  141. >"You're crazy."
  142. "I prefer the term, "enlightened"."
  143. >"Enlightened?"
  144. "It means-"
  145. >"I know what it means. Anyway, this will never work."
  146. >Twilight rapped her fingers smartly on the folder containing all the data, all her calculation, her theories. Everything.
  147. >All pointing to one solution.
  148. "I've been making this for a week straight. I ran the numbers."
  149. >"No wonder you smell."
  150. >Twilight blushed furiously and inconspicuously sniffed her sleeve, and gagged.
  151. >"Anyway, how is pretending to be my girlfriend supposed to help, at ALL?"
  152. "Think about it like this, the rumor mill ignores everything we're saying, right? So we need something that'll undoubtedly break through the school's embargo on information."
  153. >"And... This will help that?"
  154. "Of course. Why would I... Go out... With my abuser?"
  155. >Twilight couldn't help the blush that fought it's way up her face.
  156. >This plan was the best option- and totally had nothing to do with the fact that Rainbow, shirtless, was still imprinted in her mind.
  157. >None at all.
  158. >"Fine. Let's say this works, how long do we stay together? Frankly, I can't stand being in this room with you. Mostly because you smell."
  159. >Twilight glared at Rainbow.
  160. "It's not a picnic for me, either. But I'd rather put up with your pigheaded brutishness, but I'd do anything to stop the rape hentai of us that those weird kids draw."
  161. >"Rape... Hentai...?"
  162. "Don't ask. Anyway, I didn't hear a rejection on account of my gender."
  163. >Rainbow snorted.
  164. >"I'm gay. Whoopty doo, you figured out my big secret. You wouldn't understand."
  165. >Twilight looked away, unable to meet Rainbow's widening eyes.
  166. >"You mean you're a faggot too?"
  167. "W-well, science is my lady..."
  168. >Rainbow threw her head back as she exploded into laughter.
  169. >"That's rich. The sweet, innocent, virgin nerdy girl is actually a dyke trapped in the closet."
  170. >She looked around.
  171. >"Literally."
  172. >Rainbow bent forward, so she was as close as she could be, seated across the desk from Twilight as she was.
  173. >"So, how many chicks have you banged? Probably a lot, right? I know some girls who go for that innocent, nerdy act. I remember one time me and an old girlfriend- Gilda, you might know her- had a threesome with this totally hot school girl, and we-"
  174. "That's enough!"
  175. >Twilight was red, from head to toe.
  176. "I get it, I don't need to hear anymore. Please... Just tell me if you'll accept this proposal."
  177. >Rainbow sighed and slumped in her chair.
  178. >Is this really the only option?"
  179. "Yes."
  180. >"And you're not just trying to get me out of my pants?"
  181. "Why- what- I would- wait!"
  182. >Rainbow laughed again as Twilight floundered.
  183. >"This'll be more fun than I could've expected it to be. Alright, deals on. I'll pick you up friday, we'll go to a party."
  184. "A-a party?"
  185. >"Yes. A party where we'll be seen kissing, holding hands, and drinking a lot, together. And try not to stink too bad, dude."
  186. >Rainbow opened the closet's door, and spared one last look behind her.
  187. >"You're cute when you're flustered."
  188. "Y-you too."
  190. ***
  192. >Twilight nervously fidgeted with her fingers.
  193. >The door to her home had never looked so foreboding as it had when she was expecting a potentially volatile date.
  194. >It left a giddy sort of nervousness as the clock ticked closer and closer to seven.
  195. >Rainbow had not specified when she would be picked up, simply that she should be ready.
  196. >Twilight tugged at the oversize sweater that draped loosely over her shoulders.
  197. >Five past seven already.
  198. >She bit her lip and locked her gaze back onto the door.
  199. >Any minute now...
  200. >Just one more minute...
  201. >Ten after seven.
  202. >Twilight huffed.
  203. >Surely Rainbow wouldn't abandon the plan- they had a plan!- after she already agreed to it?
  204. >Twilight groaned as she flopped back into the chair.
  205. >The tension was killing her.
  206. >She dearly regretted not asking Rainbow for her phone number.
  207. >And avoiding her all week.
  208. >Twilight got up to walk out of the entry way and nearly crashed through the ceiling as the telltale sound of a doorbell ding-dong'd it's way into her home.
  209. >In a flash she was opening the door, ushering Rainbow Dash in and closing it behind her.
  210. "I really didn't think you were gonna come, to be honest, I was hoping but- but- huh?"
  211. >Twilight stopped her rambling as she took in Rainbow Dash's form.
  212. >Her well dressed, suit-clad form.
  213. "Why are you wearing a suit?"
  214. >"Why do you think, nerd? It's black tie."
  215. "Black tie?"
  216. >"Yes. It means-"
  217. "I know what it means! I'm just... Surprised."
  218. >Rainbow ran a hand through her close-cropped hair.
  219. >"I see you're dressed for the occasion."
  220. >Twilight blushed when she looked down, the oversized sweater, ripped jeans, and faded sneakers clashing terribly against Rainbow Dash.
  221. "I uh, I didn't know."
  222. >"Obviously. Here."
  223. >Rainbow thrust a sparkling midnight-blue dress in her hands.
  224. "What's this?"
  225. >"A dress."
  226. "Dress?"
  227. >"Yeah. You were avoiding me all week, and I didn't know your phone number, so I brought one with me."
  228. >Twilight blinked owlishly at her.
  229. >"Waiting for an invitation? Go put it on, nerd."
  230. "Right! Sorry, I'll just... I'll be going. To put this on."
  231. >Rainbow looked at her sideways.
  232. >"Right."
  233. >Twilight almost sprinted into the bathroom.
  234. >She flung her clothes off with wild abandon and shimmied into the slightly-large dress.
  235. >It was almost perfect, though.
  236. >Odd.
  237. >"I've got your shoes here. And a decent hand bag. Hurry up."
  238. >Twilight nodded.
  239. >Then realized that they were separated by a door and Rainbow Dash couldn't see her.
  240. "Okay, I'm nearly done."
  241. >She stepped out of the bathroom and slipped on the flats that Rainbow thrust at her.
  242. >"So where are your parents?"
  243. "I dunno. Off visiting my cousins or something. I'm alone a lot- Alright, I'm ready."
  244. >"Not yet, here. Dump all your stuff in there."
  245. >Twilight grabbed the matching handbag with some hesitance.
  246. "Why do I need a new purse? I've already got one."
  247. >Rainbow snorted.
  248. >"I'm not taking you to meet some of the most influential people in college sports while you're holding a bag covered in those... Cartoons."
  249. "They're not cartoons! It's a respectable Neighponese art style! You wouldn't understand."
  250. >"You're right. Here."
  251. >Rainbow grabbed Twilight's purse and dumped it in the black one.
  252. "WAIT! You can't just- I spent WEEKS organizing that- NO!"
  253. >"Whatever. Let's go."
  254. >Rainbow swept past her and started walking to the car parked out front as Twilight trailed after, hurriedly rearranging everything in her bag.
  255. >Twilight was still trying to sort everything out in the too-small bag as she scrambled into the passenger's side of the smooth black car.
  256. >It didn't all fit, and that was just The Worst.
  257. "It's not funny. I spent weeks researching how to fit everything in my purse, with additional room for potential items, using complex mathematical formulas-"
  258. >Rainbow kept snickering as she pulled her car out of the driveway.
  259. >"Blah blah blah. Keep your nerd stuff to yourself, I'd rather not kill us both because you put me to sleep."
  260. "You're infuriating."
  261. >"Says you, egghead."
  262. >Twilight looked ready to fire something back, but stopped herself.
  263. >This was a first date, they HAD to make this work.
  264. >She took in a deep breath.
  265. >Then another for good measure.
  266. "Anyway. Why are we going to a black tie event? You don't seem the type."
  267. >"Right again, Egghead. It's the only party I'm allowed to, though."
  268. "Parents?"
  269. >"You."
  270. >Twilight felt a blush of shame rise up her cheeks.
  271. >"Turns out college coaches aren't stupid enough to fall for all that molester stuff. That and they don't really give a shit."
  272. >Rainbow's grip tightened on the steering wheel.
  273. >"It might suck ass, but I'm invited to one of these every week. I'm basically paraded around like a show pony by Canterlot University."
  274. "Are you really that famous?"
  275. >She rolled her head.
  276. >"Hardly call myself that, but I'm well known among the college sports circles."
  277. >Twilight peered over at Rainbow Dash, who looked far too nice in her suit for her gaze to be purely innocent.
  278. >The blush of shame was quickly replaced.
  279. "I didn't know you could be so..."
  280. >"So...?"
  281. "Unlike your usual brain dead, egotistical persona."
  282. >"You didn't even know me before you ruined my life."
  283. >Twilight bristled at the accusation.
  284. >She took in a deep breath and was moments away from launching into a tirade, but she stopped herself.
  285. >In a way, Rainbow was right.
  286. >Twilight hadn't ever had a conversation with her, let alone knew who she was.
  287. "Sorry."
  288. >The words felt bitter in her mouth, but they had to be said.
  289. >This had to work.
  290. >The hentai demanded it.
  292. ***
  294. >Rainbow guided her by the hand into a well-lit ballroom.
  295. >High, vaulted ceilings overlooked crystal chandeliers and posh rugs, stood on be even posher people.
  296. >Twilight's head spun back and forth, trying to look at every overly-expensive and frivolous suit and dress, no doubt tailor made for the many men and women in the room.
  297. >She felt self-conscious even though no one in the room was looking at her, if they even glanced it her general direction their gaze seemed to lock onto Rainbow Dash.
  298. >Rainbow, to Twilight, looked a mask of civility and calm.
  299. >"Head forward. Calm down."
  300. "What?"
  301. >"You look nervous. Just chill, dude. These people don't care about you, not unless you're rich or you're me."
  302. >Twilight nodded and took in a deep breath.
  303. "Okay. I'm good."
  304. >As they continued to venture into the crowded room, it became ever clearer that Rainbow was receiving calculating looks from the guests.
  305. >Twilight stepped closer to Rainbow and hugged her arm.
  306. >They didn't spare her more than a passing glance, but even that was enough to make her shiver.
  307. >The guests were looking at Rainbow, as if she was a 4 year old girl in a room full of Jared Fogles.
  308. >"Rainbow Dash!"
  309. >Twilight's attention was pulled away from the crowd of hungry pedophiles by a ray of sunshine.
  310. >Rather, a man.
  311. >Pot bellied and jolly-faced, with perhaps the widest grin Twilight had ever seen on someone.
  312. >He seemed to part the crowd like Bill Cosby parted a roofied woman's legs, with ease.
  313. >The man boisterously bounced his way towards them.
  314. >When he finally did stop in front of Rainbow Dash and he grabbed her hand and gave it a good shake, it seemed every part of him kept moving.
  315. >He bounced on his heels and looked around, completely oblivious to the guests who spared him withering looks.
  316. >"And who's this? Find yourself a nice young lass?"
  317. >Twilight looked up at Rainbow, who was grinning ear to ear.
  318. >"Sure did boss. This is Twilight."
  319. >Twilight squawked when Rainbow pushed her from behind.
  320. >"Twilight? Like Twilight Sparkle?"
  321. "Y-yes sir."
  322. >The man chortled and clasped her shoulder.
  323. >"I like this one Rainbow Dash. Where'd you find her?"
  324. >The large man began to walk, and Rainbow followed him.
  325. >Twilight hurried after.
  326. >They finally came to the end of the hall that the party was being held in, where the man- who had yet to give his name- lead them into a side-office.
  327. >He ushered them in, then without comment the door was slammed shut.
  328. >Twilight looked warily at him as he proceeded to lock the door.
  329. >He pointed Rainbow to a chair, then turned towards Twilight.
  330. >"Have a seat, Miss Sparkle. I insist."
  331. >His grin was gone.
  332. "O-okay."
  333. >The man was barely taller than her, shaped like a marshmallow, yet Twilight could never remember feeling as intimidated as she did now.
  334. >The man slid around a desk and sat heavily in a chair across from them.
  335. >"So, Twilight Sparkle. The girl who tried to ruin my future star athlete."
  336. >Twilight tried to protest, but he raised his hand to stop her.
  337. >"I don't care whether you did it, why you did it, or even if you didn't mean to do it. Rainbow let me in what your plan was."
  338. >Rainbow looked distinctly uncomfortable.
  339. >It seemed she had rarely seen this side of her...
  340. >Whoever this man was to her.
  341. >"It's risky," he continued, "There's a lot that can go wrong with it."
  342. Twilight felt indignant fury burn in her at the thought.
  343. >Her, making a mistake?
  344. "Like what?"
  345. >"Like the idea that Rainbow Dash here could be forcing you into a relationship. If even one of those idiotic sheep you call fellow students get's it into their heads that you're being brainwashed and groomed, it's over!"
  346. >Twilight felt the anger evaporate as her sails lost wind.
  347. "I really didn't mean to- it was just an accident."
  348. >"Popular music was an accident, this, THIS, is a catastrophe."
  349. >"Lay off her boss, she's trying to fix things. It's not really her fault, either."
  350. >The man slumped back into his chair and sighed.
  351. >"Alright. I'm done with you two, get out. Go join the party."
  352. >Rainbow seemed a little reluctant to leave, but Twilight had no qualms when she glanced back towards the man.
  353. >He was eyeing her, a severe look on his face that made her insides twist.
  354. >"Come'on Egghead."
  355. >Twilight hooked her arm in Rainbow's as they walked out and back into the bustling party.
  356. >Music had started somewhere across the hall.
  357. >It was a soft tune, just heard over the soft murmuring of the finely-dressed crowd.
  358. >The music sounded exactly as how Twilight would imagine it- classical and elegant, refined.
  359. >Rainbow, at a glance, seemed a little distasteful of the music.
  360. >Or, perhaps it was the whispers and looks they were getting as the finely dressed party-goers noticed their approach.
  361. >Twilight looked back and forth as the crowd separated.
  362. >Rainbow trudged through, jaw clenched and back straight.
  363. >Twilight couldn't understand how she did it- the malignant whispers and sharp-eyed looks, even not directed at her, made her feel small.
  364. >The richly dressed guests seemed ten stories high to her ten inches, faceless and shadowed.
  365. >Rainbow grabbed her arm to steady her.
  366. >"You okay?"
  367. >Twilight looked up to her with a trembling lip and misty, clouded eyes.
  368. >Rainbow pulled her from the crowd none to gently and into a nearby bathroom.
  369. >The light blinded her as Rainbow pushed her against the counter.
  370. >"Hey? You okay? You look a little off."
  371. >Twilight took several deep breaths and pressed her hand to her forehead.
  372. "How do you stand it?"
  373. >"Stand what?"
  374. >Twilight bent forward a little, unintentionally resting her head on Rainbow's chest.
  375. >She wasn't adverse to that, nor the arm that wound around her waist.
  376. "The looks, the whispers, and sneers and that look like you're just a piece of meat and- and-"
  377. >"Whoa dude, just chill out."
  378. "I can't. I just can't stand it. They're all looking at you like that because of me, because of that stupid picture, because I ruined your life."
  379. >Rainbow rubbed her back soothingly.
  380. >"I'm used to it. I'm always stared at when I compete, it's not really a big deal."
  381. "I don't like it."
  382. >Rainbow's soothing hand helped her down from the counter.
  383. >She didn't separate from Twilight, but perhaps that was for the best.
  384. >Twilight was shaking from head to toe.
  385. >She resisted being brought out of the secluded bathroom.
  386. >"Come'on Twilight. Let's get outta here, the party doesn't really seem fun anymore."
  387. >Because of her was left unsaid.
  388. >Twilight felt foolish and ashamed of herself.
  389. >She had made a mess of this date.
  390. >What a stupid plan.
  391. >Rainbow was discrete and quick as she lead them out of the party, taking care to miss the large crowds.
  392. >When the cool night air stung at her exposed arms and legs, she finally looked up from being buried in Rainbow's side.
  393. >The starry night helped calm her nerves as Rainbow pulled her over towards her long, black car.
  394. >Twilight was loathe to let go, but she did long enough to climb into the leather bench seats.
  395. >Rainbow slid in besides her, and with a flick of her wrist the car rumbled to life.
  396. >It glided smoothly under the cover of night, the only light coming from occasional flashes of streetlights.
  397. >"Your house is up this way, right?"
  398. >Twilight just nodded.
  399. >Rainbow's car rolled to a stop in front of her house.
  400. >She just wanted to run to her bedroom, forget about the plan, forget about nearly collapsing in front of all those people.
  401. >Forget about their stares.
  402. >"What happened back there?"
  403. >Rainbow's strong and calloused hand rested on her forearm comfortingly.
  404. >Twilight blushed in embarrassment.
  405. "I don't like crowds. They make me antsy and short of breath."
  406. >Now that Twilight had started talking, she couldn't stop.
  407. "I'm really sorry for ruining your night Rainbow, I feel really bad. If you want to call off the plan I can just try and tell everyone what really happened."
  408. >Rainbow cut her off with a snort of amusement.
  409. >"Chill, dude. It's not a big deal, I don't even really like those parties anyway."
  410. >Twilight rubbed the back of her hand against her eyes.
  411. "Why'd you bring me to one, then?"
  412. >Rainbow looked a little uncomfortable as she answered.
  413. >"I wanted you to have a good time."
  414. >The lie was clear as day.
  415. "But I thought you said earlier that this was just the only kind of party you can get in to?"
  416. >Rainbow looked away from her and tugged at her collar.
  417. >"Well yeah. I mean not the only party, I'm still pretty popular."
  418. >Twilight continued to look up at Rainbow, waiting for an answer.
  419. >After several minutes of fidgeting, Rainbow finally complied.
  420. >"Alright, alright. I just... I wanted to impress you. Show you that I wasn't just a brain dead jock, that I had something going for me. I wanted to make this work."
  421. "Oh."
  422. >She had been giving off that impression, hadn't she?
  423. >That she thought that Rainbow Dash was a moron, ignorant to anything outside of sports.
  424. >Rainbow cleared her throat.
  425. >"Alright egghead, I gotta go."
  426. >Twilight nodded and stepped out into the cool night's air.
  427. >She watched as Rainbow sped away.
  429. ***
  431. >Rainbow Dash couldn't remember the last time people had glared at her.
  432. >That is, before the accusation of her molesting Twilight had stormed the school like Nazi Germareny had stormed Europe.
  433. >It was a little unsettling, seeing a dozen or so faces peering out at her from the gloom of the waning light with sneers and harsh whispers.
  434. >Rainbow turned away and shoved her hands into her jacket's pockets.
  435. >Her fingers met the glossy movie tickets, and the reminder of her date with Twilight tonight helped stave off the worst of the whispers that were steadily getting louder.
  436. >Rainbow felt her shoulders relax when Twilight's distinct purple hair came into view.
  437. >She stepped out of the minivan that her mother was driving and almost slammed into Rainbow Dash.
  438. >"Oh. Hello Rainbow Dash."
  439. "Hey Twilight. I've got the tickets already so..."
  440. >Twilight nodded.
  441. >Rainbow snagged Twilight's hand and she led them forward towards the brightly lit doors
  443. ***
  445. >Rainbow ignored the sneering looks tossed to her from every direction.
  446. >She could feel Twilight shrink to her side under the malicious looks.
  447. >When it looked like someone would confront her Rainbow grabbed Twilight around the waist and almost carried her through the thin crowd and into the theatre.
  448. >Twilight was panting, her face pale.
  449. >”Y-you have to deal with that… Everywhere?”
  450. “Yes.”
  451. >”I’m sorry.”
  452. “You should be.”
  453. >Twilight recoiled, as if slapped, but Rainbow steadied her with a hand on her arm.
  454. “Don’t worry about it,” Rainbow muttered, her voice low, “If your plan goes well, I won’t have to deal with it. So let’s make it convincing.”
  455. >”Convincing?”
  456. >Rainbow glanced over at the wide, glass-paneled walls.
  457. >A few of the students were still offering her dirty looks.
  458. “Convincing,” Rainbow confirmed.
  459. >Then, she pulled Twilight into a kiss.
  460. >The eyes fixed on her burned holes into the side of her head, but they seemed less… Intense.
  461. >Or maybe it was Twilight’s soft, tasteless lips that made everything seem far away, muddled.
  462. >She seemed surprised, her hands didn’t know where to go and her glasses were jabbing Rainbow in the eyebrow.
  463. >Yet, it was still nice, even if Twilight didn’t respond.
  464. >She probably didn’t know how to, Rainbow mused to herself.
  465. >Rainbow pulled away to her shocked look.
  466. >”I-I, you kissed me!”
  467. “Yeah. Don’t freak out about it.”
  468. >Twilight’s face flooded with blood, her cheeks turned rosy and her eyes misted.
  469. >”You kissed me!”
  470. >Rainbow’s eyebrow raised.
  471. >Twilight touched her lips.
  472. >”My first kiss…”
  473. >Uh oh.
  474. “That was your first kiss?”
  475. >”Well, yeah. It wasn’t yours?”
  476. >Rainbow rubbed a hand down her face, then through her hair.
  477. >She looked around at the crowded theatre then grabbed Twilight’s hand and began to pull her towards the one assigned to them.
  478. “No. I told you I’ve had a girlfriend before.”
  479. >And half the girls in school.
  480. >”Oh.”
  481. >Rainbow and Twilight glided up the darkened steps softly, sneaking past people and squeezing into seats at the very top.
  482. >The topmost row was mostly empty, so they were seated alone.
  483. >Several minutes of deliberation passed through Rainbow’s mind before she pulled the seat divider up and hugged Twilight to her side.
  484. >Twilight sighed and grabbed Rainbow’s hand.
  485. >They sunk into their seats and waited for the movie to start.
  487. ***
  489. >Twilight wasn’t sure what sort of movie Rainbow Dash had picked.
  490. >A mindless action film maybe- she seemed the type- but hopefully not.
  491. >Two hours of mindless action just didn’t appeal.
  492. >It could be a raunchy comedy that failed to land any jokes but still amused the audience, Twilight thought, but then again Rainbow didn’t seem like someone who enjoyed mindless comedy.
  493. >Maybe a thriller, action-packed and bone-chilling, gut-wrenching and terrifying.
  494. >Twilight snuggled closer to Rainbow’s warm body as the movie began rolling.
  495. >She hoped it wasn’t a documentary, as ironic as she herself found her tastes, she couldn’t stand them.
  496. >They were often boring and simply dull, any intelligence brought down for the average consumer.
  497. >The movie was starting, a low, warm drum beat echoing in the darkened theatre.
  498. >Tribal chanting and humming underscored the now fast-paced drums, until a chorus that pulled at her imagination was pounding off the walls.
  499. >The screen was black, then the chorus changed.
  500. >Subtle at first, then more noticeable, the furious beating of the drums turned into a rapid beat that sounded like the humming of an engine and the chanting simmered to a gentle rise and fall, as if waves crashing under a boat.
  501. >Then, as the music quieted, a massive metallic ship broke the glimmering stars that appeared on screen.
  502. >Science fiction, Twilight thought.
  503. >Interesting.
  505. ***
  507. >”Well?”
  508. >Twilight looked over at Rainbow.
  509. >She was fidgety and restless.
  510. “Hmm?”
  511. >”Did you like the movie?”
  512. “Yes, I suppose I did. It was very good, thank you.”
  513. >”No problem.”
  514. >The car was quiet once more.
  515. >Only the softly rumbling engine broke the silence.
  516. >A miasma of unease crossed the boundary between them, but Twilight tried not to notice.
  517. >Her mind was still on the movie, and on the kiss.
  518. >It hadn’t been unpleasant or too much, and she suspected it would have to happen for the plan to succeed, but she didn’t expect what it would make her feel.
  519. >She didn’t even know what she felt.
  520. >Whatever it was weighed heavy on her mind, her very heart ached and her stomach knotted.
  521. >Maybe she was getting sick.
  522. >That would explain it.
  523. >Or…
  524. >Twilight felt a little heat rise up in her cheeks.
  525. >She would have to conduct further studies to conclusively identify what she was feeling.
  527. ***
  529. >”We’re here Twilight.”
  530. >Twilight kept her eyes trained outside the window into the blackened streets for a moment longer before turning to Rainbow Dash.
  531. “Kiss me.”
  532. >”Goodnigh- what?”
  533. “I want you to kiss me like you did at the movie theatre.”
  534. >”Why?”
  535. ”I liked it.”
  536. >A little fib, but not far from the truth.
  537. >”Really?”
  538. “Yes.”
  539. >Rainbow sunk back into the seat and scratched her head.
  540. >Twilight was so weird, sometimes.
  541. >Then again, kissing her again would be nice.
  542. >”Okay.”
  543. >Twilight felt her cheeks heat unexpectedly at the quick reply.
  544. “O-okay?”
  545. >”Yeah. You wanted to kiss me, right? Let’s do it then.”
  546. “I’m, er, I’m not ready.”
  547. >”You’re… Not ready?”
  548. “No.”
  549. >”So you don’t want me to kiss you?”
  550. >Twilight could hear the small note of disappointment in Rainbow’s voice.
  551. “I do, just, I-”
  552. >Twilight stopped, her voice caught in her throat.
  553. >Rainbow’s lips were already on hers in a flash.
  554. >Then, as quick as they were there, they were gone.
  555. >”There. Better?”
  556. “Well yes, but…”
  557. >”But?”
  558. “Maybe… Longer?”
  559. >”Right.”
  560. >They would need more data if Twilight was to find out what she wanted to know.
  561. >A lot more data.
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