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  1. #EveryGenMatters
  3. Rules are Smogon ORAS OU, 6v6, no myths, no legends, no megas, sleep, item, species clause ON.
  4. Round robin format, everyone plays everyone like most BOLTs.
  6. Each match against an opponent will consist of 7 games.
  8. For first game, pick 1 mon from each gen to form a team of six; any tier but Uber.
  9. The second game, replace any mon with a different gen 1 mon.
  10. For third game, replace any mon with a different gen 2 mon.
  11. Fourth, gen 3.
  12. Fifth, gen 4.
  13. Sixth, gen 5.
  14. Seventh, gen 6.
  16. Between each round, you should limit mon replacement to 2 minutes.
  17. Please be considerate of others' time in choosing, but keep up the pace of play.
  18. If someone is really taking too long, they forfeit that 1 game but still must do replacements for the forfeit round and the next round.
  20. You may remove any pokemon on your team regardless of generation.
  21. You do not have to have a mon from all 6 gens except for the first match.
  22. You must replace a pokemon every game.
  23. You cannot re-add a pokemon that you have already removed.
  24. You may not edit pokemon between games; do not adjust movesets, held items, natures between battles with the same opponent.
  26. When you play your next opponent, you do not have to do any of the same actions you did in the previous match.
  27. You can start with an entirely different 6 (1 from each gen) and use different replacement mon.
  29. Play on Pokemon Showdown simulator since this is extremely last minute.
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