Living Doll (Sex)

Apr 6th, 2015
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  1. *****UPDATED 6/2/15*****
  3. The sun was setting amongst the trees as Dain entered the town. As he’d observed it on his way down from the hill, he could already tell town was different from the previous one he’d stayed in. The streets of that place had shown signs of life even at night. This town was… different. The buildings all looked old and unkempt, as if their owners and managers gave very little thought to how their home or place of business may look to an outsider. Flower boxes were full of weeds and thick vines grew on the sides of buildings. Windows were dirty and a few were even broken or boarded up.
  4. ‘These people must really not like being out at night.’ As he walked, he noticed what looked like an inn was missing a sizeable chunk of its roof.
  5. ‘Not staying there tonight.’ He moved on. He’d read many stories as a child of abandoned towns where all the residents had all died in Monster attacks or due to a plague.
  6. ‘Those are just stories. Made up to scare children. I’m sure I’ll meet someone soon. Maybe I just came in at the wrong place.’
  9. By now, the sun had almost completely set and light was fading fast. As he walked through the town (which, as he explored it, felt like more of a small city) he came across a tavern. “The Drunken Spider”. A wooden sign hung above the door with a picture of a fairly inebriated-looking Arachne on it. The front of the building was painted a light shade of red, or it had been at one point before most of it flaked off. Torn and ratty curtains hung in the grimy windows. They were a pale, dull pink color, but Dain guessed they had been brighter before the sun bleached all the life out of them. The decoration coupled with the lewd expression on the Arachne mascot’s face gave the place an odd, illicit aura. To Dain, it said, “You shouldn’t be here if you don’t want ‘that’ kind of company tonight.”
  10. ‘A sex hotel.’ These places were fairly common in the region although most were more far less sketchy than this one. Places like this were very popular among Incubi or heroes travelling with their wives or harems, as well as regular single males seeking a fellow creature to lie with on a lonely night. Most of these inns had their own staff of various creatures, human and Monster alike for their patrons to choose from.
  13. By now it was quite dark. Dain didn’t really want to risk what might be lurking in such an empty-feeling town at night. At the same time, this hotel felt like the last place he’d want to be at this time of night.
  14. ‘I’m going to have to give this place a try at least. Maybe someone here will know a place that’s… friendlier. I haven’t seen any sketchy people yet. Maybe that’s a good sign?’ Whoever the residents of this place were, they seemed extremely good at keeping out of sight and away from the outside.
  15. ‘Whatever is keeping these people inside must be pretty serious…’ Since he had approached the town when it was still light out, it had been hard for Dain to imagine what could possibly be lurking here.
  16. ‘It can’t be the dark they’re afraid of. I haven’t seen any lights on.’ These thoughts swirled around in Dain’s mind, constantly replaying themselves. He shook his head, trying to rid himself of the maelstrom. With a deep breath, he finally pushed the inn door open. The faint smell of incense was the first thing he noticed. He felt the smell must have been strong at one point, but had faded. By the look of the place, it didn’t seem like any had been burned recently. Usually, places like this would have special incense made from Alraune nectar burning constantly to ensnare possible customers.
  17. ‘It shouldn’t be strong enough to affect me. Besides, it’s not like there’s anyone else here.’ He peered inside, still standing on the doorstep. The tables and chairs in the bar area all looked very old and had thick, fuzzy-looking tablecloths. Everything in the place looked saggy and misshapen and as if it had been used for several years without regular maintenance.
  18. ‘This place must have been busy once. I wonder why nobody is here now…’
  21. As his eyes adjusted more to the darkness inside, he noticed a human figure standing behind the bar.
  22. ‘Finally!’ He crossed the threshold and began to make his way over towards the bar. CRASH! His foot went straight through the floorboards. Dain cried out in shock as he lost his balance. As he fell to the floor, he reached for a nearby table and gasped in surprise and frustration as his fingers sank in to the tablecloth with a sickening squishy feeling. As disgusting as it felt, the table steadied him and he was able to pull his foot out of the floor. It hadn’t been that far of a fall, and Dain was more scared and on edge than hurt. He wiped his hand on his clothes as he stood up, still feeling the sensation of the squishy filth of the table covering his fingers.
  23. “Sorry!” He called awkwardly to the person behind the bar. They made no noise. In fact, it didn’t look like they had moved at all. They were short, but their outline was wide and sort of fuzzy, almost as if a shadow was in the process of congealing itself into a corporeal form.
  24. “Sorry about the floor…” he repeated as he approached the person. “Hello?” They still hadn’t moved.
  25. ‘I can’t see shit in this place.’
  26. “You should really turn some lights on when it’s this dark.”
  27. ‘Seriously, what kind of business are they running here?’
  30. Dain took out the crystal lamp that the Shirohebi had given him. A quick thought lit the lamp and its dim, white glow lit the room. The tavern looked even eerier under the light. He could see greenish brown, moss-like mold that covered the tables now.
  31. ‘Eurgh… disgusting.’ He compulsively wiped his hand on his clothes again. As he finally approached the bar, the light reflected off the person’s eyes. It was a little girl. Now that he could see her more clearly, the girl looked very young. She was very human looking, and wore a dark colored Lolita-style dress that slightly reminded Dain of a maid’s or a waitress’s. The dress was very… big compared to the girl. Her head was framed by bunches of lace and the dress covered almost all of her body. She had two matching dark colored, frilly bows in her hair. Black gloves of an unknown material covered her hands, which rested neatly on the counter. The girl stared straight ahead, unblinking.
  32. ‘What the hell is she doing working in a place like this? Could she be some sort of monster?’ Dain’s left hand came to rest on the hilt of his knife. She couldn’t be more than ten by his judgment. Her hair was a soft, creamy gray, and very long by the looks of it. She still hadn’t moved, even though Dain had unconsciously been edging his lamp closer and closer to her.
  35. Compared to the rest of the dirty, run down tavern, this girl seemed clean and uncomfortably out of place to Dain. She looked too pristine and well cared for to be a part of this establishment.
  36. “Are you the only one who works here?” No answer. The girl’s expression remained as blank as it had been when he could first see her face clearly. It was then that he realized what was so strange about her.
  37. ‘She isn’t alive, is she…’ Although she was as stiff and lifeless as a dead person, her skin was bright; not pasty or decayed looking. In fact, she seemed to be the most alive thing in the place, aside from Dain. She may not be alive, but by the looks of it, she wasn’t dead.
  38. ‘A statue?’ He reached out cautiously and touched the girl’s face gently with his hand. She was cold. Very cold.
  39. ‘A doll maybe? Weird. Do they usually make human sized dolls?’ Dain guessed she was made of lacquered wood or porcelain, but he wasn’t sure. For a few moments, he just stood there, enraptured by the doll’s deep, gray-green eyes and fixed expression. She was painted with a faint smile, one that seemed oddly comforting to Dain. She was very beautiful.
  40. ‘Maybe this place isn’t so bad… I mean, a doll like this is probably really fragile and expensive. That has to mean something, right? At any rate, it doesn’t look like anything has happened here for a while.’
  43. After staring at her for several minutes (though it seemed like ages,) Dain came to his senses and pulled himself away from the doll.
  44. ‘That’s enough of that. Time to move on. Nobody is here. Most likely, nobody will be. I’m sure it’ll be fine if I stay here just for the night.’ The wind had picked up outside and Dain could see fallen leaves and debris being blown around through the door that he had completely forgotten to close.
  45. ‘I don’t really want to go back outside anyway.’ He sheepishly closed the door and locked it. He didn’t really know why he did, he just felt like it was the right thing to do. Like he was supposed to.
  46. ‘You can never be too sure about towns like this… I guess.’ As he walked to go up the stairs to where the sleeping rooms would likely be, Dain couldn’t help looking back at the doll. For a doll, her face was extremely detailed and lifelike. Dain could tell that a lot of time, thought and skill had gone in to making her. He couldn’t shake thoughts of her as he entered the corridor upstairs.
  49. The second floor was plain and dingy, but it was in better shape than the lower floor of the building. Dain carefully opened the first door he came to and found a large room. The room was completely empty, save for a large bed off to one side. It was more just a mattress than a bed. It didn’t have sheets or pillows or anything. The bed was big enough for two people, maybe three and it sat on a rusted metal frame that was decorated with hearts. The mattress itself was lumpy and full dust, and an odd smell lingered around it. Dain tried not to think about the smell too much. He was too tired and preoccupied to go look for blankets or pillows, instead he just stood there in the room, staring into space.
  50. ‘I feel weird…’ He was just now noticing it, but it was as if Dain’s whole body had become sluggish and stiff.
  51. ‘Maybe I’m just tired.’ The room wasn’t all that cold anyway. He didn’t particularly need blankets, especially if he was only going to be there for one night. Dain walked over and hesitantly laid his hand on the bed, which creaked loudly as he pushed down. A small cloud of dust puffed up from it.
  52. ‘Gross.’ He flipped the mattress over on its frame and a much larger cloud of dust filled the air. Coughing and slowly fanning his hand through the air, he dropped his backpack down at the side of the bed.
  53. ‘It’ll do for one night. Better than the floor I guess.’ Dain flopped down and felt a dull spring poke him in the back but he didn’t really care. It had been a long day of travel and he was looking forward to sleeping on something other than the ground.
  56. -- -- -- -- --
  59. “Hey, Mister.” Dain stirred awake. As he slowly opened his eyes, he noticed it was still dark out.
  60. ‘What a weird dream… I was sure there was somebody talking to me.’ In his dream, he had woken up to someone else being in the room with him. The person had been slightly familiar, but he couldn’t quite remember who it was. Dain looked around, still lying on his back. The stiffness form before was still there, in fact it seemed much more intense now. The moon was out, and it’s light cast faint shadows through the dirty window at the other side of the room. The light reached all the way to the bed, illuminating the faded floral pattern on the mattress.
  61. “Hey, Mister.” Dain froze. The voice from his dream called out to him, but this time it sounded all too real. He heard three soft footsteps and saw the frilly hem of a lace dress entered the moonlight out of the corner of his eye.
  62. “Are you here to love me?” the voice said. Full of dread, Dain sluggishly turned his head toward the voice.
  63. “W-what?” He croaked. The pale, startling face of the doll from downstairs stared back at him. All the blood drained from Dain’s face.
  64. ‘Oh… shit…’ The expression on the doll’s face was happy and slightly excited. Even so, the smile she wore was foreboding and the look in her eyes didn’t match the rest of her expression at all.
  67. “Are you here to love me, Mister? Do you want to play?” she asked again.
  68. “I-I don’t know what you mean…” His voice faltered.
  69. ‘How long has she been up here? Love her?’ Dain moved put his hand on his knife, but his body wouldn’t respond. The doll grinned.
  70. “You’re going to love me.” Dain tried desperately to get to his knife but he was paralyzed.
  71. ‘Fuck me, I should have been more careful. I’m screwed.’ The doll slowly walked over to him and bent over, staring directly into his eyes. Her gaze was very unnerving.
  72. ‘How old is she even?’ Monster lifespans and growth rates varied greatly form those of humans so she could be the age she looked or she could be far older. Out of the corner of his eye, Dain saw her lift her dress and bend down.
  73. ‘Is she… No. I didn’t ask for this. Come on now.’ The doll leisurely climbed on to the bed, and straddled Dain’s stomach. She was very light.
  74. “I didn’t think anyone would come, but you did…” she said as she smiled wistfully. Her voice was melodic and quiet, but steady and full of conviction. She tossed a bit of pink fabric off the side of the bed and Dain’s heart fluttered.
  75. ‘Panties. Oh God.’
  78. The doll’s gloved hands slowly caressed Dain’s chest. Her gloves were extremely smooth, silky, and maybe even a little sticky.
  79. ‘Is that… latex? That’s… odd.’ Something about the doll’s choice of glove material made Dain feel strange and… slightly aroused. His heart fluttered with excitement as she leaned down until her lips were almost touching his right ear.
  80. “You’re going to love me, Mister.” she repeated.
  81. ‘What kind of monster is this? I mean, she’s probably after my Spirit Energy. This can’t be happening. What else is she going to do? Will she kill me when she’s… done?’ Dain’s face contorted as he struggled to move and throw the doll off of him but his body wouldn’t comply.
  82. “You won’t be able to move for awhile, Mister.” She said with a devilish grin. “I’m glad you came when you did, that was the last of my incense you smelled down there.” She winked.
  83. ‘The incense? Shit.’
  86. Dain really had been a fool. He should have seen this coming. There was just something about the place that wouldn’t let him go though. Regret pulled at his mind. The doll’s latex-covered hands carefully slid further under Dain’s shirt and he gasped. Gloves aside, there was definitely something off about her hands. It felt like she was wearing wide, round rings around each of the joints on her fingers.
  87. ‘How is she able to bend her fingers then? Wouldn’t rings inhibit that?’ It was getting harder for Dain to think now. The doll’s hands danced on his torso, touching and kneading all over, distracting him from his thoughts. With another sly grin, she brushed a finger against one of his nipples. He gasped again.
  88. “That’s right, Mister… did you like that?”
  89. ‘No. Not really. Well… no, I probably shouldn’t have. Right?’ Dain’s eyes were fixed on the doll’s. He hadn’t been able to understand her expression before, but he was slowly figuring it out. It was clear to him now that her eyes were full of melancholy and sadness, despite the current situation.
  90. ‘Poor girl…’ he couldn’t help but feel a twinge of empathy for her.
  93. The doll continued to massage Dain’s chest with one hand, as the other reached behind her to his crotch.
  94. “Are you ready to love me now?” Dain felt her hand brush against his semi-erect penis and her face brightened a little. “I guess you are!” she said in a singsong voice. He had been trying to ignore it, but the doll’s occasional flick or pinch on his nipples during his massage coupled with the feeling of the smooth, black latex on his skin had roused an uncontrollable feeling in Dain. The doll removed her hands from his chest and raised herself a little, only to sit back down around Dain’s thighs. She tugged at his trousers and they slowly gave way to reveal his naked lower body.
  95. ‘Ugh…’ Dain couldn’t help but blush in embarrassment as his secrets were revealed.
  96. “Mister… I’m so hungry…” The doll’s face was more flushed now, and her expression seemed almost pleading. The mere sight of Dain’s erect member had pushed her arousal into overdrive. Dain had heard of monsters that could only survive on Spirit Energy. Maybe this girl was one of them. Carefully, with a hint of what seemed like disbelief, the doll put her little, latex-covered hand around his erect manhood. With a focused expression, she brought her head down and licked Dain’s tip ever so slightly.
  97. “You taste good, Mister…” she whispered. Her breathing had gotten heavier, and Dain could tell that she was trembling a bit. Slowly, very slowly she took him into her warm, wet mouth.
  98. ‘I’m glad she’s not cold there... at least.’
  101. The doll began to move hear head up and down, coating Dain in her warm, slippery spit. Lustful wet, slurping sounds came from her mouth as she greedily sucked on him. Her left hand moved up and down on his manhood; in rhythm with her head. Each of her movements sent waves of pleasure throughout Dain’s body. Soft moans and whimpers came from the doll; each moan and breath sent tiny vibrations down his length, adding to the pleasure. She quickened her pace rather fast, as if Dain was some sort food or drink that the doll had been deprived of for a long, long time. She made no effort to stifle the lewd gulping noises she was making. Dain’s body tensed as the pleasure built rapidly within him. At this point, she would have what she was looking for all too soon. Among the pleasure, Dain felt the doll’s other hand brush against his calf as she moved it in between her legs. He hadn’t noticed before, but there was a distinct wet feeling on his left leg as the doll slowly rubbed herself on it. It was getting harder and harder to concentrate on anything as the doll’s sucking sent wave after wave of ecstasy through Dain. The pleasure boiled to a peak as Dain came, shooting jets of hot, sticky cum deep inside the doll’s throat.
  102. ‘That was fast…’ Dain’s self-perceived lack of prowess embarrassed him a little. The doll gave a half-grunt, half-moan as she felt the warmth of his cum slide down into her belly. She greedily sucked and licked at all the drops that had spilled out of her mouth. If anything, this only seemed to increase her hunger. Uncomfortable jolts of pleasure shot through Dain as the doll brushed against his tip in her fervor.
  105. Dain was conflicted. This wasn’t what he wanted. Was it? The doll had taken advantage of him. There was no telling what would happen now. But at the same time… He put his hand to his face in frustration and froze. He could move again. He still felt a little stiff, but the relief of his orgasm had freed him. The doll didn’t seem surprised though. She made eye contact briefly, but went back to cleaning the remnants of Dain’s cum off of herself with her dainty little tongue.
  106. ‘Was… did she know it would wear off after I… after that?’ This vulnerability caught him off guard.
  107. ‘If she had known that the perfume would wear off, why did she still....?’
  110. “More… I need more…” Dain’s thoughts were interrupted again as the doll whimpered and lifted her dress up to reveal her mostly nude torso. Despite what had happened, Dain was enthralled with her. Her small, immature frame glistened slightly in the moonlight. Her pale chest rose and fell in time with her still heavy breathing. The doll’s breasts were very small; her tiny pink nipples stood up with arousal. Her smooth, slender thighs quivered and shuddered and her delicate little pussy shone with wetness. Dain’s face contorted in shock as he looked at her legs. They connected to her torso with ball joints.
  111. ‘So that’s why her fingers…’
  114. It all made sense now. This girl was a doll; of course she’d have ball joints. Despite that, her torso was much like a regular human’s. Dain guessed that her skin was made of porcelain and that she had mostly human organs. Her mouth and breath definitely seemed human.
  115. ‘I wonder if she can exist without her arms or legs…’ This odd intrusive thought crossed Dain’s mind, but he pushed it aside.
  116. Even though the implications of her body were unknown and slightly unnerving, Dain felt a lump form in his throat as he stared at the doll.
  117. “Please, Mister… more…” Her voice was desperate, she sounded almost as if she were about to cry. Another twinge of empathy tugged at Dain, greater than the first. He suddenly pulled the doll in to a tight embrace.
  118. ‘What? What am I doing?’ He had no idea what he was feeling, or why. All he knew was he felt a strong, uncontrollable urge to protect this girl. To hold her. Deep down, he knew he wanted her, no matter how much he tried to deny it. As they sat there together, Dain remembered something he had read somewhere.
  119. ‘The Demon Energy of some monsters can change the way men think, bringing them closer to the monster, making him easier to bend to her will.’ That had never sat well with Dain. He hated being controlled. That’s why he left home. That was why he started this journey. In the moment, however, he just… didn’t really care. This girl needed him. Even if his feelings were being controlled, he could deal with that later.
  120. ‘How much could she influence me, really? I’ll be fine. Hell, who’s saying that she’s even evil in the first place?’
  123. “Love… me…” she whispered, barely holding back a sob.
  124. “O-okay.” He faltered.
  125. ‘That felt weird to say.’
  126. “Only once though. Then you’re going to leave me alone.” The doll looked up at him, still tightly held to his chest. A single tear stained her pertty face but her expression had changed. The sadness seemed to have abated a little; it had been replaced by a more hopeful look. One that seemed genuinely happier. Dain softened a bit.
  127. “Here…” he said as he took her dress and pulled it up over her head. She shivered a little, but made no complaint.
  128. “That’s better.” He smiled. The doll sat there, naked on his lap. Her shoulders and elbows had ball joints too, but her head, neck and the rest of her torso were those of a normal human. Seeing her in this vulnerable state made Dain want to hold her tightly. He hugged her close to him once more. He felt her cool, porcelain skin against his chest as she snuggled closer to him.
  129. “Ready?” he asked. The doll nodded. He leaned against the wall, still holding her in his lap. In a sitting position, he lifted her and turned her to face him with her legs on either side of him.
  132. Without noticing it, Dain had grown erect again.
  133. ”Have you ever ah…” He glanced down at her still glistening pussy. She nervously shook her head.
  134. “I’ll be slow then.” Dain placed his hands just under the doll’s armpits and slowly lifted her. His thumbs pressed against her tiny, erect nipples and she squirmed slightly. Noticing this, Dain grinned and the doll blushed deeply.
  135. “Don’t worry…” he mused. He gently kneaded his thumbs into the doll’s nipples as she whimpered and squirmed harder. Even though her breasts were very small and undeveloped, she still had a distinct cleavage. Her almost pure white skin was surprisingly squishy, and Dain felt the lump in his throat grow larger. He swallowed and lifted the doll higher as he lined himself up with her soft girlhood. Slowly, he lowered her onto himself. She winced slightly and closed her eyes.
  136. “Are you okay?” he asked. A pause, and the doll nodded, her eyes still screwed shut. After a moment, Dain lowered her further until her pussy had completely swallowed him. The doll’s insides were hot and sticky. Dain could feel himself being hugged and squeezed by her tight inner walls. He couldn’t help but embrace her again. Something about the two of them being joined so intimately made him want to be as close to the doll as possible.
  139. The doll gasped softly as Dain eventually let her go and carefully lifted her again. The hot length that filled her was unlike anything she had felt before. Her body quivered and shuddered as she felt him slowly slide out of her again. He stopped before he fully removed himself, and carefully brought the doll back down again. She let out a long, deep moan, one that sent a thrill through Dain. He grinned to himself as he lifted her again, faster this time. A squeak escaped the doll’s lips as he let her slide down once more. Soon, Dain fell in to a slow rhythm of using the doll to fuck himself. Every time he slid in to her, she moaned or squeaked as pleasure enveloped her. These moans and squeaks increased in volume as Dain pushed her down harder, quickening his pace. The doll’s noises gradually became soft shrieks and screams of pleasure. Dain was repeatedly filling her with his hot shaft, making her mind go blank and her mouth hang open. Wave after wave of bliss surged through the two of them as they came closer and closer to the edge. The doll’s beautifully warm insides squeezed tightly against Dain’s penis as he continued to thrust her up and down. With one final push, he slammed the doll down on himself as orgasm overtook him. She let out a long, moaning scream as she felt herself filling with Dain’s Spirit Energy. Her walls clamped down on him, shuddering and squeezing as she came with him.
  142. For the first time in ages, the doll felt full and content. She felt Dain’s hot seed filling her belly and sighed, smiling. Even though the doll was very light, Dain’s arms felt like lead. He flopped over on his side, taking her with him. She whimpered in surprise, but didn’t resist. As their orgasms subsided, the fatigue of their intimacy set in. Dain pulled his legs up into an almost fetal position. The doll was still clutched tightly to his chest, his manhood still buried deep in her tiny pussy. She put her arms and legs around him and held him firmly as she snuggled as close to him as she could get.
  143. “Thank you, Mister…” Dain absently patted the doll’s head in reply. As the two drifted off to sleep, Dain smiled to himself. He didn’t care about any Demon Energy or magic that may be affecting his feelings about this girl. She needed him.
  144. ‘I may even need her. …I guess this wasn’t so bad.’ Dain welcomed the feelings he had fought so hard to deny during the night’s events.
  145. ‘Maybe she can stay.’ Of all the thoughts left spinning in his mind, only one was clear. This doll was his.
  148. -- -- -- -- --
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