Roof Jump

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  1. Kamijou had no time to be flabbergasted—next, Kanzaki bounded up. Again, without
  2. getting a running start, she just flew straight up there, surpassed the head of Misha who
  3. was on the first-floor roof, and touched down on the second-floor roof without a sound.
  5. Then, she continued to run to the other side of the roof, toward where the backyard-
  6. facing porch was.
  8. This was ridiculous. Unreasonable even. It was like a child had asked, “What should I do
  9. so I can run really fast?” and the completely serious answer had been, “Graft an engine
  10. onto your body.” Some basic fundamental thing was totally out of whack.
  12. - Volume 4 Chapter 2 Part 6
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