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  1. Conversation with datebaselink01 at 9/29/2010 3:48:16 PM on (yahoo)
  3. (3:48:55 PM) Michael (Yahoo): I recieved an email concerning a resume I sent in response to a job listing on for a customer service position.
  4. (3:49:10 PM) datebaselink01: Hello
  5. (3:49:13 PM) Michael (Yahoo): Hi
  6. (3:49:37 PM) datebaselink01: How are you doing today?
  7. (3:49:57 PM) Michael (Yahoo): I'm doing very well; thank you for asking. And yourself?
  8. (3:50:09 PM) datebaselink01: Great
  9. (3:50:17 PM) datebaselink01: So are you ready for the interview?
  10. (3:50:23 PM) Michael (Yahoo): Yes
  11. (3:50:59 PM) datebaselink01: Good day...Personal manager for Date Base Link , a company d escribed with great history was established in 2009 with a commitment to provide a range of computer products that would stand up to the demands of the Washington market..I am here to interview you for the position you seek with our company.Can we proceed ?
  12. (3:51:17 PM) Michael (Yahoo): Yes
  13. (3:51:19 PM) datebaselink01: What's your Fullname,Age,sex and where are you currently located ?
  14. (3:51:48 PM) Michael (Yahoo): Michael Polite, 32 - Male in San Diego, California
  15. (3:53:19 PM) datebaselink01: In order to proceed with the interview your cell number would be needed.
  16. (3:53:33 PM) Michael (Yahoo): 6199406009
  17. (3:54:32 PM) datebaselink01: A code would be sent to your cell number now just to have you registered
  18. (3:55:49 PM) Michael (Yahoo): I'm sorry, registered with what exactly?
  19. (3:56:21 PM) datebaselink01: i have to have you registered on here first
  20. (3:56:47 PM) Michael (Yahoo): Alright, when will the code come?
  21. (3:57:08 PM) datebaselink01: very soon
  22. (3:57:58 PM) datebaselink01: Why do you want this job,what do you understand by the term"pettycash" and are you currently employed ?
  23. (3:59:49 PM) Michael (Yahoo): The position I responded to asked for a person with experience in cusgtomer service. Some one with good time management skills and an ability to perform problem resolution. This describes my experience and skill set perfectly.
  24. (4:00:17 PM) Michael (Yahoo): Pettycash is a term used to define money with no set purpose except to be used as needed.
  25. (4:00:28 PM) Michael (Yahoo): No, I am not currently employed.
  26. (4:00:31 PM) datebaselink01: the code would be sent now and its a 5 digit number and i would need the number to have it activated okay.
  27. (4:00:37 PM) Michael (Yahoo): ok
  28. (4:01:02 PM) datebaselink01: the code has been sent
  29. (4:01:06 PM) datebaselink01: Got it?
  30. (4:01:19 PM) Michael (Yahoo): No, I haven't recieved anything
  31. (4:01:31 PM) datebaselink01: it has been sent to your cell phone
  32. (4:01:56 PM) datebaselink01: Got it?
  33. (4:02:17 PM) Michael (Yahoo): No, I still havent recieved anything. Is it an SMS?
  34. (4:02:23 PM) datebaselink01: yes
  35. (4:02:30 PM) Michael (Yahoo): Nothing yet.
  36. (4:02:43 PM) datebaselink01: Okay i would have to resend it
  37. (4:03:01 PM) datebaselink01: DO u know how to make use of ms excel and whats ur typing speed ?
  38. (4:03:58 PM) Michael (Yahoo): I am proficient with all of Microsofts Office suite, including Excel. I've not had my typing speed tested so any number I gave you would just be a guess.
  39. (4:06:24 PM) datebaselink01: Am i communicating?
  40. (4:06:58 PM) Michael (Yahoo): I'm sorry; I don't think I understand the question.
  41. (4:07:10 PM) Michael (Yahoo): I still haven't recieved an SMS
  42. (4:07:14 PM) datebaselink01: How would you describe your work ethics and are you comfortable with the fact that this is an online/work from home job?
  43. (4:08:58 PM) Michael (Yahoo): If i had to describe my work ethics I'd say strong. The position was'nt described as a work from home or telecommuting job - but rather one that was from a call center. I have no problem with a work from home position.
  44. (4:10:25 PM) datebaselink01: This is a work from home job where you will be doing data entry clerk(accounting related)work will be sent to you daily via emails and u are to submit work back Very well....i would like to tell you more about this job offer As a Payroll and Data Entry Clerk, you will: *Enter admission and billing data for clients and payroll information for employees into the computer system, and forward documentation to the appropriate processing center. to me at the end of the day via email...
  45. (4:10:32 PM) datebaselink01: *Maintain client/employee records, and distribute copies of compliance documentation to appropriate branch staff based on Company approved standardized paper flow.
  46. (4:10:43 PM) datebaselink01: *Ensure all client and employee files are current and complete, interface with administrative staff to gather deficient or inaccurate documents, and notify the manager when employees do not respond to requests for needed documentation And any other related data entry tasks as it may be assigned by the supervisor. I believe you can handle all of this at any giving time?
  47. (4:11:01 PM) Michael (Yahoo): Yes
  48. (4:11:36 PM) datebaselink01: Good
  49. (4:11:38 PM) datebaselink01: NEXT IS PAYROLL & WORKING SCHEDULE 1. How man hours are you willing to Work per day? ( 5hr Maximum ) 2. What time range? ( Morning Section 8am-12noon or Afternoon section 3pm-6pm ) 3. Payroll Interval? ( Weekly or Bi-weekly ) 4. Payroll Method? ( Bank transfer or Check ) We offer $19 per hour
  50. (4:13:08 PM) Michael (Yahoo): I can work 4hrs /day, and would be best in the morning. I am comfortable being paid bi-weekly and prefer Checks
  51. (4:13:51 PM) datebaselink01: the code has just been sent again
  52. (4:14:05 PM) datebaselink01: Got it?
  53. (4:14:18 PM) Michael (Yahoo): I've yet to recieve anything.
  54. (4:15:07 PM) Michael (Yahoo): Also, the job you're descibing is nothing like the ad I responded to.
  55. (4:15:33 PM) datebaselink01: Just to inform you that Date Base Link would be providing u with a mini office equipments that would be use for the data compliement. the following would be sent to you * Dell Notebook Pentium D Duo Processor 1800 mGHZ, 120 Gigg HDD, 1G Internal Memory. * All in One Printer, Scanner, Fax and Photocopier Machine. * Microsoft Office and Microsoft Operating Systems ( Service Packs 2 ) * Mini-Office Stationaries.
  56. (4:16:19 PM) Michael (Yahoo): Ok
  57. (4:16:45 PM) Michael (Yahoo): is there an alternative registration method. I don't seem to be getting your code
  58. (4:17:08 PM) datebaselink01: It would be sent to your email okay
  59. (4:17:16 PM) Michael (Yahoo): ok
  60. (4:17:23 PM) datebaselink01: funds would be sent to you for the purchase of the following softwares that will be needed during your orientation and training. * $150 For BS 1 Accounting software which is to be purchased Next week. * $150 For Peach Tree Software ( US Patent Single Users Pack ) * You deduct $200 for your self for signing Bonus ( This is to help to Multivate staff towards commencement ) * Telegram the the rest to the Shipping agent to effect Shipping Logistics for your Equipments Listed below. ( this is to be done via Western Union money Transfer or Money Gram )and the shipping agent is located at Texas.
  61. (4:19:10 PM) Michael (Yahoo): Ok
  62. (4:20:53 PM) datebaselink01: Also the accounting department would require the following information to complete your payroll and have you registered on the administrative desk......
  63. (4:20:59 PM) datebaselink01: Your Fullname......... Contact address....... Home and cell phone #..... Email address.......
  64. (4:23:12 PM) Michael (Yahoo): Is there a secure website i can use to register this personal information? I'm uncomfortbale using Yahoo for sensitive data.
  65. (4:23:40 PM) datebaselink01: Presently no
  66. (4:24:12 PM) Michael (Yahoo): I'm sorry. Whats your name?
  67. (4:24:34 PM) datebaselink01: Dr kelvin ford
  68. (4:26:04 PM) Michael (Yahoo): OK
  69. (4:26:36 PM) Michael (Yahoo): I can give you my email address and name,unfortunatly I wont be able to give you my physical address via Yahoo, since this is an unsecure connection
  70. (4:27:29 PM) datebaselink01: Could you have it sent to my email?
  71. (4:28:30 PM) Michael (Yahoo): No, I can not. Is there a phone number I can call you at?
  72. (4:29:46 PM) datebaselink01: I wont be able to receive calls at this time
  73. (4:30:44 PM) datebaselink01: This is done online because its an online position where you will be working from home
  74. (4:31:02 PM) datebaselink01: i have to register you for docunmentation
  75. (4:31:48 PM) datebaselink01: Please i hope you do understand that
  76. (4:32:57 PM) Michael (Yahoo): 91942
  77. (4:33:02 PM) Michael (Yahoo): I got teh code
  78. (4:33:07 PM) datebaselink01: Good
  79. (4:33:21 PM) datebaselink01: please you are almose done with the interview
  80. (4:34:01 PM) datebaselink01: i would need the informations to have it docunmented
  81. (4:34:54 PM) Michael (Yahoo): wait, it sent me another code 67483
  82. (4:35:53 PM) datebaselink01: it was sent to you twice but the first one has been used
  83. (4:37:20 PM) Michael (Yahoo): 43876
  84. (4:37:22 PM) Michael (Yahoo): another one
  85. (4:37:35 PM) Michael (Yahoo): how many times did you send it
  86. (4:37:46 PM) datebaselink01: Not to worry i already have you activated
  87. (4:37:50 PM) datebaselink01: it was sent 3 times
  88. (4:38:08 PM) datebaselink01: when you told me that you had not received it thats why
  89. (4:39:00 PM) Michael (Yahoo): ok can you make it stop? I've gotten 6 more and they keep coming. My cell phone is per per sms so this is starting to cost me
  90. (4:39:26 PM) datebaselink01: Okay
  91. (4:39:35 PM) Michael (Yahoo): do you want these numbers?
  92. (4:39:40 PM) Michael (Yahoo): 64847
  93. (4:39:43 PM) Michael (Yahoo): 98474
  94. (4:39:46 PM) Michael (Yahoo): 98682
  95. (4:39:53 PM) Michael (Yahoo): 29485
  96. (4:39:57 PM) Michael (Yahoo): 16372
  97. (4:40:03 PM) Michael (Yahoo): 98972
  98. (4:40:09 PM) Michael (Yahoo): 45678
  99. (4:40:12 PM) Michael (Yahoo): 90872
  100. (4:40:23 PM) Michael (Yahoo): they're still coming. what did you do?
  101. (4:40:36 PM) datebaselink01: No
  102. (4:40:55 PM) datebaselink01: i have requested it to stop
  103. (4:41:12 PM) Michael (Yahoo): 82903
  104. (4:41:16 PM) Michael (Yahoo): 00908
  105. (4:41:19 PM) Michael (Yahoo): 78391
  106. (4:41:25 PM) Michael (Yahoo): 98723
  107. (4:41:29 PM) Michael (Yahoo): 87634
  108. (4:41:32 PM) Michael (Yahoo): 79453
  109. (4:44:02 PM) datebaselink01: Hello
  110. (4:44:14 PM) Michael (Yahoo): hi, i got disconnected
  111. (4:44:21 PM) Michael (Yahoo): the sms are still coming
  112. (4:44:37 PM) datebaselink01: serious
  113. (4:44:54 PM) datebaselink01: i had stopped it from this end
  114. (4:46:10 PM) datebaselink01: has it stopped?
  115. (4:46:15 PM) Michael (Yahoo): i have gotten 63 so far, and it cost me $.15 / sms
  116. (4:46:44 PM) datebaselink01: could you switch off your cell phone and put it back on later
  117. (4:47:28 PM) Michael (Yahoo): thats not going to stop them. pllus im waiting for a call from a real job.
  118. (4:47:31 PM) Michael (Yahoo): come on son
  119. (4:47:40 PM) Michael (Yahoo): youer goign to send me money then i send you some back
  120. (4:47:46 PM) Michael (Yahoo): then your check that you sent bounces
  121. (4:47:48 PM) Michael (Yahoo): and youre gone
  122. (4:47:50 PM) Michael (Yahoo): right?
  123. (4:47:54 PM) Michael (Yahoo): thats the scam?
  124. (4:48:06 PM) datebaselink01: what do you mean
  125. (4:48:12 PM) Michael (Yahoo): ...
  126. (4:48:14 PM) Michael (Yahoo): come on doc
  127. (4:48:25 PM) Michael (Yahoo): a Dr. with no phone?
  128. (4:48:42 PM) Michael (Yahoo): a Dr. that uses "UR" in conversation
  129. (4:49:12 PM) Michael (Yahoo): The address you use is for an Attorney
  130. (4:49:34 PM) Michael (Yahoo): I'm sure he'd appreciate learning a scammer is using his place of businesses address
  131. (4:50:00 PM) Michael (Yahoo): But can i ask you something.. for real.
  132. (4:50:09 PM) Michael (Yahoo): Why scam people who are looking for work?
  133. (4:50:23 PM) Michael (Yahoo): Why waste peoples time and worse... try to steal from them.
  134. (4:50:34 PM) Michael (Yahoo): Because thats what youre trying to do... steal.
  135. (4:50:48 PM) Michael (Yahoo): Are you even in the US?
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